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This is my first post and I’m not quite sure what my point is, please be gentle with me 🙂

But has anyone else noticed that the whole explanation of Sawyer taking on the con man who conned his parents’ name a little weak? Also would you become who destroyed your family?

I have a feeling that for some strange Lost-esque reason, Sawyer was able to go back in time, maybe season 6 and become this conman. Maybe the time-line was altered in such a way that he had to go back and make sure this occurred, hence resulting in some shifty timeloop.

I understand that Cooper admits to conning his parents, but this all seems a bit…convienient??

Another very unlikely thing. At one point in his flashbacks Sawyer was seeing a lady called Mary Jo. His mothers name was Mary. Had he conned her then causing her to be killed by…Sawyer’s dad? This is too incestrous and confusing even for me but hey I had fun with it 🙂

Please feel free to debunk to your hearts content 🙂

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