Maharishi mahesh Yogi introduced his program of Transendental Meditation to the world by injecting a sciencfically-proven unified field in order to create peace, presperity and invicibility to the nation.

As we can see, from the continous failure of human governments to create peace in thier respective nations, this unique and sciencetifically advanced approach would untilize this “unified field” which would be a field of consciouness in order to tap into the technology of transendental medidation. The result of which would create a coherent and harmonious national consciousness, create a cooperative global enviornment and ensure lasting peace, security and economic stability.

The unified field is a field of intelligence at the basis of all forms of life in the universe, beginning at the most microscopic, and anatomic levels. being so, it is extremely powerful and able to overcome larger levels of nature. its exsists in everything found in nature, and thus would be an excellent source to unify it. being a field of consciousness, it would be defined by the fundemental qualities of the consciouness-intelligence, dynamism, and self-awareness.

the means to this field, is as mentioned before, the method of transendental meditaion, which would result in this new forth state of consciouness, phisiologically distinct from waking, sleep and dreaming. it would be even three times deeper than the stae of sleep, thus the brain activity involved would be one of increased alpha-power and coherence, and possibly suggesting the use of the total human brain.

results of using this meditation technology of brain, physical and quantum gravity sciences would not only relieve stress on indivisual levels of use, but reduce sickness such as stress-related illnesses. as a direct result of this stress-relief taking place on a larger scale, would cause the decrease of crime and violence which would no doubt increase peace throughout the community.

the scientist who work with this theory have carried out many resaecrch studies where they create a specific enviornment, and select a group of controlled indivisuals in and isolated area. these indivuals are only a select few who practice tranindental meditation and are to act as enlightented leaders of their society. these studies have shown that this method is an effective way to create a “collective consciousness” of peace in this forth state of consciousness where all are hormonious in thought and action.

in the quantum physics of superconductors, the coherent collective functioning of electrons spontaneously expels external magnetic fields, as a form of protection. this is how the invicilibilty system of the unified consciousness would work in a nation, based on the fact that this feild can be tapped into using the tranendental meditation by a nations inhabitants. quantum gravity is a major factor in this system, being that it is the only level from which conventional gravity can be controlled.

is any of this theory possible in real life? who knows, but this is a real scientific method that has indeed been tested as a way to unify a community toward a common goal. i know that this is confusing and sounds like science-fiction, but it is plausable in my mind with many of the inconsistencies of this television show.

LOST could be depicting a large, experiment in the transendental medidation method for peace in a nation. obviously, the canidates of this scientific study are unaware, but in this case, they may jump in and out of this forth state of consciousness, which is unique from the state of dreaming, and as mentioned before, would be a much deeper state. this may be why our passengers may find the lines between realtiy so blurred with unlikely visions, and happenings while on and off the “island” i think, the island is indeed a real, esisting place, which is being used by this group of radical scientists because of is phenominal scienctific properties, being it is ideal for this experiment. the experiment would be to challenge this theory and see that if in a controlled enviornment of stress, and need for a collective problem-solving, that this method of collective consciousness would be a successful on a creating peace. the phrase we have heard so many times that it annoys us “live together or die alone” in my mind referrs to this usage of a collective consiousness through the unified field of consicousness as tapped into through a cooperative tranendental mediation. this method would unfiy the group or comminuty, which as we have seen through past human expierence, traditional goverments have all tended toward violence and failure. i think that this is what is trying to be proven by the long, twisted sting of events in this story. it starts at the core of each participant and deals with issues of community, leadership, morals and perception.

the group of “passengers” are indeed indivisuals who vary greatly in background and cultures, and it seems they have all faced some sort of disturbing effects of human nature gone awry. all of these problems they have experienced are core matters, which create a rippling effect of disunity in society. they are chosen because they make the ideal test subjects for this research. there are natives or other communities always present on this island, just like every nation has others to contend with. this theory has to do with the human brain at its very core and how if we accomplish an indivisual inner-piece as a group, we can influence an entire nation toward invincibility.

this method of “national invincibility” is not something i have made up, its a real idea that has apparently really being tested. i think that it would be a fascinating basis for the show, and i believe that with much thought, and scrutiny we may be able to connect all sorts of seeming inconsistinsies in the show. please, dig in!

*note-i was always most interested in the theories of collective-consciousness in reguards to the show. the theory i read suggested that the collective consciousness was something being used be scientists as operative to control these people, but it said that these chosen people were to repopulate the earth because of a cataclysmic event which was about to occur. i was inspired by this highly-scientific theory and moved to explore the reality of collective consciousness and i can across the information at…that is where all the basic info backing my theory comes from. i summed it up in the beginning of mine, but its still worth checking out if you doubt me.

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