Egypt/Greek Mythology applies

Ok, so after seeing the huge Egyptian statue, I’m convinced that Jacob is some sort of spirit/god/protector/etc. of the afterlife. One would have to brush up on their Egypt and Greek mythology to wrap this around their brain. I’ll show how Egyptian mythology has it’s influence followed by ties with Greek mythology in 2 ways…

1. Richard and Horace.
So in the 70s the DI and Hostiles had been in conflict for years and eventually formed a truce. The leaders of the groups are Richard and Horace. To understand the Egyptian mythology tie-in, look at the story of Set and Horus (ring a bell?)…

Horus = Patron of: the living Pharaoh, rulers, law, war, young men, light, the sun, many others depending on the particular variant, Lower Egypt. This is DI leader Horace (duh).

Set = Patron of: winds, storms, chaos, evil, darkness, strength, war, conflict, Upper Egypt. This is Hostile leader/consigliere/spokesman Richard Alpert.

The conflict: In the Legend of Osiris, Set kills Osiris and scatters his body, then claims the throne of the gods for his own. He is later struck down by Horus, the son of Osiris, who restores order to the world and sets up the pharaohs as the guardians of Maat. Set and Horus continue to battle for control of the world (the Island), setting up an epic conflict of good versus evil.

2. Jacob and Horace
Think back to last season, when we first meet Horace. Locke stumbles upon Horace while looking for Jacob’s cabin. Horace is already deceased, but is cutting down a tree, over and over and over again. Kind of like the Greek myth of Sisyphus. According to Locke, Horace is the one that built Jacob’s cabin (evident by the blueprints found on his corpse later on). Why did Horace build Jacob’s cabin????? The answer lies in the giant Egyptian statue we saw in last night’s episode. I think, like many others, that this is the statue of the Egyptian god Anubis. Could this be what Jacob is?
Egyptian mythology: Jacob = Anubis = Patron of: mummification, and the dead on their path through the underworld
Greek mythology: Jacob = Hades = Ruler of the Underworld

So how does that relate to Horace and the Cabin??? Here is the story of Sisyphus and the reason why he was condemned to do a laboring task over and over again….

“He was notorious as the most cunning knave on earth. His greatest triumph came at the end of his life, when the god Hades came to claim him personally for the kingdom of the dead. Hades had brought along a pair of handcuffs, a comparative novelty, and Sisyphus expressed such an interest that Hades was persuaded to demonstrate their use – on himself.
And so it came about that the high lord of the Underworld was kept locked up in a closet at Sisyphus’s house for many a day, a circumstance which put the great chain of being seriously out of whack. Nobody could die. A soldier might be chopped to bits in battle and still show up at camp for dinner. Finally Hades was released and Sisyphus was ordered summarily to report to the Underworld for his eternal assignment.”

Does Horace ‘imprison’ Jacob in the Cabin? Is this why some people don’t stay dead on the island? Was Horace punished by Jacob for imprisoning him much like Sisyphus was by Hades – only in this case – chopping a tree over and over and over? There is more to come about Horace’s role on the island…

Boom! Egyptian and Greek mythology applied!

Sawyer and Juliet

I knew all along that this romance would happen. As for the romance between Sawyer and Kate, I think that is over. Yes after 3 years he sees Kate again. Yes he cares for her. But I’m pretty sure that he’s not IN LOVE with her. I’m sure he is telling the truth to Horace when he says that 3 years is enough to get over someone. I say this because Sawyer always knew that one day Locke and the rest would come back. He always knew this. Why else would he wait 3 years on the Island and convince Miles and Juliet to stay with him? If I was still in love with Kate and knew in my heart that she was coming back, I wouldn’t fall for another woman. He falls for Juliet because he knows that she won’t go running to another man. He trusts Juliet. Can’t say the same for Kate (who continually flip-flopped between Jack and Sawyer). What’s next for this new couple? I say a battle with Ben (who’s shown obsessive aggresion when it comes to Juliet) and maybe a pregnancy? We’ll have to wait and see.

The Baby

Last night’s episode got me wondering, what’s the name of the baby? After seeing questions on who the baby is, I’ve come to a theory that the baby is one of Ben’s future ‘Others’ on the compound. This could possibly mean Ethan or the other guy that Juliet first liked (can’t remember the name). I’m leaning towards Ethan.
Some think maybe the baby is Jacob, but that’s impossible since Richard had been taking orders from Jacob since at least the 1950s. But back to the reason why I think it’s a ‘Ben Other’.
Eventually all the babies and children will be taken by the ‘Hostiles’ before the Purge. I’m pretty sure there were no dead children shown after the Purge.

Vincent the Dog

It has been a while since we’ve seen Walt’s dog, Vincent. So it got me thinking, does the dog have a connection to Jacob? There was a painting of a golden retriever in Jacob’s cabin. Possibly this was a clue that the spirit of Jacob travels around the island in the body of Vincent…to be around man…in diguise as ‘man’s best friend? haha. I could be reaching out pretty far with this idea because I’m a sucker for dogs.

Who’s on what side in “The War”?

As far as we know, there are 2 definite sides to the war – John’s people and Ben’s people. The problem is that we aren’t sure who is a member of each side. Here’s my take on Eloise, Richard, and Widmore…
Many believe Eloise is on Ben’s side, but do we know that for sure? Why would she tell Jack to give something of Christian’s to Locke? Did she know that doing this would also cause Locke to come back to life? How did she get a hold of John’s suicide note after Ben was NOT shown finding it in last week’s episode? Is she simply being used as a pawn by Ben to get back to the Island, and is she secretly working with Widmore? I think she is on Widmore’s side, but does not know of Ben’s intentions. Eventually we will find out what side she is on when Desmond must return to the Island (see my theory on Desmond’s Return to the Island).
Another question is what side is Richard Alpert on? He appears to be an avid Jacob follower. Anything Jacob says goes. He tells John he’s going to die, but Widmore says “why would he say that?”. I believe he will be on John’s side due to his devout Jacob following. But his mysterious past still puts some doubt in my mind. We don’t even know how old this guy is and how he’s managed NOT to become leader. It’s as if he’s permanently the trainer of ALL past and future leaders. What’s up with that?!
And finally, what side is Widmore on? Yes he tells John his side of the story, but there seems to be something peculiar about how he answered “why would he say that” after Locke told him he was going to die. Does that mean he’s an enemy of Richard Alpert? I think he is trying to protect the island, but has lost faith in Jacob and his followers. I’m still waiting for Widmore’s flashback episode, maybe then I can figure this out.

If anyone has any other ideas, I’d like to read them 🙂

The Pregnancy Problem Fixed

After thinking about the recurring pregnancy problem on the island, and watching this season up to now, I’ve come to a theory that the pregnancy death issue might be over. Here’s my take on it…

We have seen that the only way a person can give birth on the island is by either conceiving outside and THEN deliver on the Island, or conceive on the island and then deliver outside. This is possibly due to the ‘course correcting’ that many have theorized in the past. HOWEVER, due to the Island and it’s inhabitants being displaced in time, this problem was fixed. I say this because ‘course correcting’ only occurred to people that came to the Island during the good ol’ button pushing days (when time was frozen – assuming the Button was a time-freezing device that froze the Island in it’s place in time in 108 minute intervals). I will explain this theory later if you haven’t heard it before.
Fast forward to this season, when the Island went ‘skipping’ through time, the people on the Island are no longer considered from their original times (off the island). It’s as if everyone on the island had their ‘present-time’ positions reset to the Island’s ‘present-time’ (Dharma 70s/80s). They should have no trouble reproducing now that ‘course correcting’ doesn’t apply to them. They are where they were meant to be at that point in there lives. By ‘they’, I mean the remaining 815 survivors, Miles, Daniel, and Juliet (not the Dharma people). Don’t be surprised to see someone get pregnant and actually successfully deliver on the Island now. (Maybe Sawyer and Juliet? – that’s the next romance I think will happen.)

Desmond coming back to the Island

After my last theory on why Ben was beat up, I’ve come to this theory on how Desmond will return to the island…

I think we all know that the Island isn’t done with Desmond. Whether he returns to avenge the death or assault of Penny by Ben we won’t know until later. But I believe he’ll be motivated to return somehow. Eventually he will return to the locating station and find out his ‘window’ of return to the island. The O6 had their own ‘window’ they had to fly through. Desmond will have his own ‘window’, but he’ll have to SAIL through it. Remember, he reaches the island by boat. Now he must do this alone to replicate the circumstances he was in when he first landed on the island. Does he go alone and leave Penny safe from Ben’s wrath? Or is he alone because Penny is dead? Or maybe he brings Penny’s dead body on the Island to ‘resurrect’ her like John Locke and Christian Shepard? (thanks Rhino) Or maybe Penny and their son, Charlie, go with him? I would bet that’s how Desmond comes back. Any takers? LOL.

Why was Ben beat up?

I don’t know if anyone posted a similar theory, but here goes…

In last week’s episode, Ben tells Jack that he has to keep a promise to an old friend. The next time we see Ben, he’s obviously been roughed up and is almost scared for his life. I believe he tried to keep his promise to Widmore that he was going to kill Penny. Notice that he was soaking wet and making a call from the Marina. Desmond and Penny were obviously in Los Angeles, so why not fulfill his threat? The only problem is that we’re not sure if he succeeded or not. The wounds to his face looked like scratch marks, and the arm in a sling? Seems like he paid a price for attempting/succeeding in killing Penny. Desmond did leave the church/station before Ben. Maybe Desmond caught Ben in the act and whooped him good, but Ben escaped overboard before Desmond could do worse to him. If Penny were killed or hurt, that would be all the motivation Desmond needs to follow Ben to the island and kill him. Remember, Faraday’s mother said “The island isn’t done with you Desmond.” Looks like that will come true. This will bring me to another theory…How does Desmond get back to the island? Coming soon!

When is the Island now?

A buddy of mine read my theory, ‘The Incident’, and brought up the question of “Where does Faraday’s flashback (of him working on the construction of the Orchid station) fit in all this?” Note that the scientist, Dr. Pierre Chang, makes an appearance during this flashback, dating it sometime in the late 70s early 80s (evident by comment of Andre7 on ‘The Incident’ theory).

On a side note, Faraday’s flashback also supports my theory on the remaining Losties disguising themselves as Dharma employees (see ‘Jin in a Dharma Suit?’). But back to the question of ‘When is the island?’

My buddy also pointed out that young Widmore was working in the Orchid tunnel as well. So sometime during the discovery of the Frozen Donkey Wheel and ‘The Incident’, Widmore leaves the Island (willingly or forcefully we don’t know yet). Assuming Widmore is in his mid to late 20s, and he leaves the island by 1981 (before the Dharma initiation films are copyrighted), this puts his age in the late 50s. Remember, Widmore does not age from the 1950s to the time he leaves the island because the island stops your aging (see ‘Who is Richard Alpert’). 28-30 years is plenty of time to have a grown daughter and become filthy rich. So the time period of late 70s and early 80s sounds about right.

The Incident

This short theory is inspired by a comment by Andre7 on my ‘Jin in a Dharma Suit?’ theory. If the bomb was buried sometime in the 50s where the hatch is (see my theory called ‘Origin of the Hatch and Failsafe Switch’), and the incident took place sometime in the 80s, MAYBE someone stopped pressing the button. This could cause that uncontrollable magnetism to occur (like when Locke broke the button). MAYBE this caused that tear in the entrance that Jack passed by and attracted the key around his neck. Notice that the wall was concreted and reinforced with steel beams (like a repair job). In addition to causing that damage to the wall, MAYBE some of the radiation of the atomic bomb was leaked out and required more concrete to be poured in the 80s (thanks Andre7). During that time, MAYBE they installed the failsafe switch to ever prevent ‘The Incident’ from happening again. Then again, these are all MAYBEs 🙂

Jin in a Dharma Suit?

After watching last night’s episode, I’ve come to the conclusion that the island has stopped jumping through time. When Locke turned the wheel, he stopped the island from ‘skipping’ through time. In this case, it stopped the island sometime in the 70s during the Dharma Initiative. The remaining people (Sawyer, Jin, Juliet, Miles, etc.) were then stuck in the 70s. Obviously, the remaining ‘Losties’ had to blend in, so they assumed disguises as Dharma workers. This probably didn’t happen overnight, but it had to have been more than a couple of months to be able to assimilate and become believable Dharma employees. The key to this is that Jin was driving the Dharma VW Bus AND had access to guns, maybe on one of his security runs as an employee. According to the previews for next weeks episode, we find out what Locke does when he leaves the island. Notice the cast he had on his leg. Off the island, broken bones normally take about 3 months to fully heal. At least 3 months have passed from when he left the island to when he dies. And since he has stopped the island from skipping time, it has also been 3 months passed on the island, more than enough time to blend in and secretly become a Dharma employee.

The island is now moving forward in time beginning from the 1970s. Also, The Hatch is once again back and the button is once again being pushed every 108 minutes. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the ‘incident’ that the doctor in the training video kept talking about.

Origin of the Hatch and the Failsafe Switch.

After the last 2 episodes, I’ve come to believe that the hatch served 2 purposes. 1: to reset the island in the past 108 minutes at a time (from theories on other sites). 2: to serve as the place to bury the leaky atomic bomb. The Hatch is located on a very special spot on the island where electromagnetism is concentrated. This location was picked for not only that reason, but it was probably the perfect place to contain the unstable atomic bomb Faraday suggested to bury using lots of concrete. Remember in season 2 when Sayid and Jack investigate the pipes under the hatch and they came across a massive amount of concrete? Could this be where the leaking atomic bomb was buried? Remember, Sayid said “the last time this much concrete was poured…Chernobl”. Once this bomb had been buried, it’s radiation was further contained by the magnetic properties of the site. This brought me to a second conclusion regarding the ‘failsafe’ switch Desmond turned.

The failsafe was actually the trigger to the atomic bomb. When Desmond turned the key, the Hatch was blown to smithereens, but the blast was contained by the magnetism, resulting in the sky turning a weird color (probably from the release of the radiation/magnetism) and Desmond’s clothes missing because they were burned off. The reason Desmond didn’t die (nor did anyone else) is because the island protected him (see my theory on Richard Alpert about immortilization by the island).

Who is Richard Alpert

One question that has popped up for the past 2-3 seasons is “Who is Richard Alpert?” Here’s my theory on him (if it doesn’t exist here already)…

Richard Alpert apparently does not age due to being on the island for a long time. I ran into this part of my theory on other Lost theory websites. Let me explain…the island has ‘magical’ or ‘miraculous’ healing properties from healing John, a paralyzed man, to curing cancer in Rose. However, this healing doesn’t apply to everyone ALL the time. Case in point, Ben having a tumor on his spine. The Island selectively heals and even immortalizes people that have some purpose to serve for the Island. This explains why Michael couldn’t commit suicide, while a number of seemingly useless characters are killed off (or selectively allowed to die). This brings me back to Richard. How is it that he seems to not age? He is a tool the Island is using to bring back order. So he is being kept alive by the Island. For how long?
My guess is that he was a survivor of the Black Rock pirate ship disappearance back in the 18th century. If you notice in the epsiode of Ben’s childhood flashback and how he joins the ‘Others’, he meets Richard (unaged again), but wearing extremely old clothing, almost like what a sailor or pirate would wear back in the 1700s or 1600s. Also he has a long ponytail. Stereotypical pirate look no? All that was missing was an eyepatch, sword, peg-leg, and horrible British accent. So that’s my answer to “Who is Richard Alpert?”.