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Help me make a list of all the unanswered questions you wanted answers to.
Here’s a bunch I can think of off the top of my head

Statue origin.
Temple Origin.
Dharma’s purpose/goal.
Pregnancy issue cause.
Why Tunisia?
How does Eloise know EVERYTHING all the time.
Why/how was walt special

Please add

Desmond will see “The Light”

I wrote a theory when Desmond was first thrown in the well (called well well well…) and while I was wrong that Desmond would use that well to get to the source of electromagnetism, I believe I was right in thinking that he will go there. I stated that all the wells have a common source, which we no know to be “The Light”.

Desmond is special (but who isn’t these days on lost?). But his specialness(specialtude? ok i’ll stop with the parentheses) has to do with electromagnetism, something obviously related intricately with the light.

Jacob throwing his brother into the light cave was very reminiscent of Flocke throwing Desmond in the well. I believe Desmond will reach the source of the light (revealing the hidden secret of the island) but will not be affected the way jacob’s brother was. It is there he will make his sacrifice, and perhaps stop smokies powers (which are obviously electromagnetically based).


Ok. This is under just for fun because it has nothing to do with the actual show but…

I have dreamed about lost many times. In one of them I saw jack sleeping with kate in a bed right before the episode where you find out they are living together in the flash forward. But most of the other stuff I’ve dreamed is more ridiculous and never happened (like me and Mikhail infiltrating a cruise ship that crashed into the island). Anyways…

Last night my dream took place in both the flash sideways and the island. I was Jack, but my friends took the place of the lost characters. The most interesting thing was on the island, where Flocke was instead in the form of Titus Welliver (or however you spell his name, the dude who plays smokie when you meet him and jacob on the beach). We kept him away from us using parts of a tree we cut down, but my friend who got infected (and had a huge, creepy smile on when i found out) sabotaged us. I tackled him and was drowning him in the ocean when smokie comes over and stabs my friend to finish him off.

He wipes the blood off his blade on my shirt and pointing the knife casually at me says: “You can ask me one question before I kill you”. There is a beeping noise as he looks around frantically, and I wake up to my alarm clock. I woke up trying to think of what I would have asked him…

Well well well…

There are many wells on the island… interesting. They all make the compass spin, so they must have similar energies housed within. I doubt that they all control time, and others may have wheels as well. Maybe one of the wells (I’m hinting at the one Desmond is currently falling down) has a wheel that can flash the island between realities.

An idea I like better is that Desmond can get to the “center” of the island while no one else can. There are many pockets of electromagnetism on the island, but these are just places that have electromagnetism leaking from the true center of the island. That is why the people digging didn’t find what they are looking for, they couldn’t dig deep enough. They were exposed to energy and died like the Dharma worker when they were building the hatch. Desmond can survive this electromagnetism, and get to somewhere special.

But what could be down there? It is obviously important and will help answer what the island is…but I can’t quite tell what the puzzle picture is. Missing a few important pieces….Anyone have any ideas?

VALIS and happily ever after

Hey, this is kind of dick to do but I’m kinda busy at work for once and I don’t have time to write it out. VALIS was given to Ben by Locke in season 4. When Ben said he had already read it, Locke told him to read it again, because he might have missed something.

But the book VALIS seems to hold some great ideas to explain the alt timeline. can anyone who’s read it connect it well so people who haven’t read it understand it? I was thinking along the lines of the alt universe being the black iron prison (controlled by MIB) and the jesus fish Horselover Fat sees being the catalyst that frees him from the prison and allows him to see other memories, like what happened in this episode.

boo me.

Morality and Magnetic Fields

This is an article I came accross today in Popular Science, and of course, I immediately thought of lost. Probably wasn’t in the writers minds, but interesting nonetheless…

x(4 + 8 + 15 + 16 + 23 + 42) = ?

(Don’t write that the equation = 108x. It’s just a title for the theory)

The variable has returned.

Faraday was wrong, the losties were not variables. Only Desmond was, because the rules do not apply to him. The losties are the constants. Any number is a constant, as the numbers in the title, and Jacob’s given numbers for the losties. The x is Desmond, and he is the ultimate factor in balancing the equation.

Since the candidates are constants, who are they constants for? I keep see-sawing between two possibilities.

1)The island. They have all time travelled (I’m assuming Jin is the candidate due to this line of thinking). And so they keep the island steady, and the one who takes over Jacob’s role becomes the main constant for the island and therefore stops ageing. They ensure the island’s safety and well being. So Flocke kills the constants, destroys the island and is free to infect the world.

2) Flocke – perhaps he is not lying and needs the candidates in order to make a safe transition off island. Without these constants he will not be able to survive on the outside world.

I’m leaning towards one. And I want to add that after getting my frustrations off my chest last week I was able to enjoy this episode without trying to be too critical. Hope I watch every episode in the mood I watched last night’s.

The writer’s have contributed to this website’s decline…

Hey, so with the lack of new mysteries and new answers this site has been crawling along as we watch the snails honking as they pass us. The glory days of this site had hundreds of comments on one post because there was so much to discuss. But there is no new material. I really enjoyed the last episode, but this season has been weak on the mystery front. Sigh…

MIB is infected, but not himself “evil”

I will start out as I always do, by thanking people who have inspired me and apologizing to those who have said this before and whose theories I am unaware of. I don’t read all the theories on here (half, at most).

There has been a lot of talk recently on the evil not being let off the island being connected to the infection, rather than just MIB. I was thinking along the same lines. I also think that MIB is infected, and has been infected now for a VERY long time.

Jacob and MIB were once close friends. I’m not sure how they got to the island, or their backstory, but upon reaching the island his friend either dies, or gets infected with the evil. Jacob is told by his predecessor (former island protector) that he must kill his friend, but can not do it. He still thinks there is good inside of his friend (similar to how Luke believed his father Darth Vader, had a little bit of good in him left as well). Jacob knows that although he doesn’t want to kill his friend, he can not let him leave the island in order to protect the world from the evil that will spread. So instead he keeps his friend around, trying to convince him that people are good deep down (and therefore so is he).

The friend might also be following an older person inhabited by the evil, but now is the “main” infected person. Being the island’s protector gives you power’s (Jacob’s healing, eternal life giving, etc.) as does being the main evil person (turning into smoke, taking on other people’s forms). The person on the island infected the longest is this main evil person.

Jacob has had a near impossible time convincing his friend, who manipulates and kills the people Jacob brings to try and convince him of the good. So Richard shows up, and convinces Jacob to be a bit more hands on. Everything in the show stems from this.

Jacob feels a bit guilty about his friend, and is willing to die to try and make his friend see the good, or maybe even drive the evil from him. This is why Jacob is never angry at MIB, even when he wants to kill him (and does). He is a friend and Jacob feels partly responsible for his situation.

In the end I believe the evil will be released from Flocke, but not from the island, as Sayid becomes the new main evil guy (I think Claire will die soon) and probably Jack becomes the new Jacob. But I’m not sure about Jack.

Scraggly Ricardo and Ben’s Mom

Did you see Ricardo’s outfit and scraggly beard/long hair? That is exactly how he looks when little Ben runs into the jungle after his mom and finds Ricardo. Interesting….any thoughts on this? I haven’t been able to formulate a theory yet…

Also in the same episode Ben sees his dead mom which is why he runs into the jungle in the first place. He runs conveniently right into Richard…and Richard sort of smiles when he hears that Ben was following the ghost of his mom. This is weird. Seems like theres a smokie connection here….

Momma’s Boy

Recon was a very enjoyable episode. Again not as many answers as I would have liked (were there any?). I guess if you believe Widmore than someone else brought the frieghter…but that doesn’t make sense since we see Abaddon working for Widmore and debriefing Naomi.

So I guess the only thing we learned is that Not Locke (I think I’m gonna call him this now because Jin said: That is not Locke! and Sawyer says I KNOW it’s not Locke) has mommy issues. Family is coming up again and I think the idea that Jacob and Not Locke are brothers is gaining a little steam.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one but when Not Locke tells Kate that his mom was crazy, I detected some jealousy and resentment in his voice (good acting Terry) which lead me to believe that she favored Jacob and/or disliked Not Locke. I guess being evil incarnate is easy if your mamma don’t love you.

Also, Claire apologizing and hugging Kate and NOT trying to stab her in the back while she hugged her was a real surprise. So is she infected or just crazy? This episode asked much more questions than it answered (like what’s in Widmore’s Box? My money is on Desmond).

I really liked the flash sideways this week. But I’d be pretty happy if its abandoned in the Richard episode next week. I want to see his history.

They didn’t sink the Island. They saved it from sinking.

Ok. This just came to me. I might have read it somewhere else and it lodged deep into my subconscious only to be uncovered now, but I hope it is an original thought. If you thought of this before take the credit. Don’t want people getting angry 🙂

SO… In the alternate time line the island is underwater and the losties never crashed. We know from last nights episode that dharma was on the island in this alt timeline. However, since the losties never crashed, they were never around on the island in order to travel back in time and detonate jughead to negate the energy at the swan station. Without this energy having been negated, it causes the island to sink and it builds up (not exactly sure about the science behind it, but lost is a bit iffy on the science anyways).

In the regular timeline we all know what happened…they DO detonate jughead, negate the energy and save the island! This is one of the reasons they are so important. Maybe even Faraday knew this to be true, and in order to make the losties help him, he told them it would reset everything.

Perhaps Juliet says: “It worked” because it saved the island. Just maybe.

Widmore and Dharma

Widmore must still be connected to what is left of the Dharma Initiative. Dharma went to and from the Island in the submarine…and Ben was pretty sure he couldn’t find the island. So perhaps he met up with the Degroots and they helped him get to the island the old-fashioned, non-plane crash way.

Question is…what took him so long? He seemed to be connected to dharma for a while now (his companies pregnancy test on the food drops, if i remember correctly, as well as being connected to Paik, etc.) Maybe, like ben, he couldn’t find the island alone, and needed a bunch of special people to come with him…(Desmond, WALT, kids?)

expand! argue! detract! love!

Light(house) vs. Dark(cave)

Jacob has written the names of candidates on each degree at his “lighthouse” (makes it seem like there is a max of 360 candidates, but that is irrelevant). These same names are written in a cave. I believe that the lighthouse is where Jacob investigated, watched and help guide the candidates. A lighthouse is a tool for guidance.

The cave is where MIB/flocke writes these same names. His goal is to eliminate these candidates (although he can not kill them directly). The cave is dark, where light does not enter, where the candidates’ souls are extinguished. Flocke seemed to enjoy crossing Locke off the wall.

Light vs dark has been a central theme in Lost, and I believe it is starting to be confirmed that indeed Jacob is good and Flocke evil. They are playing a game with the souls of a select few. When all the candidates are gone, Flocke will have won the game, and get to go “home”. However, these candidates are the only ones that can kill Flocke (which is why Jacob’s bodyguards had no effect).

The light in the island is diminishing, as Flocke slowly consumes the Island in darkness. Next week’s episode is called Sundown. Let’s hope there is a Sunrise to come after

Jacob in a nutshell

Hi, I’m Jacob. I am inside a large nut. I am stuck in this nushell, but I knew this was going to happen even if it didn’t look like I did. It is all part of my master plan. I know why it exists, and how the island made it exist, but I won’t tell you anything about me and my nutshell.

Smokie can only kill non-candidates

Let’s go through the list of people killed by smokie:

Eko, the pilot (seth norris i think), the mercenaries, Jacob’s bodyguards and I’m assuming Rousseau’s team.

None of those people were candidates. Candidates who have died have died for other reasons.

Maybe this is one of the rules the little boy was talking about to Flocke. “you can’t kill him” because he is a candidate.

Things Will Be Different Once Jacob is Gone

This is a mini-theory, one that just popped into my head and is not refined yet, so take it apart if it needs to be taken apart. Perhaps now that Jacob is dead, the water is muddy. But perhaps the infection ir “claiming” is different now too. Maybe it isn’t a darkness that infects, but a light. So sayid is in fact good and Jack did the right thing (for once) in not giving him the pill. I mean if Claire is infected, why did she save Jin? Rousseau’s infected team tried to kill her, not save her.