Ben as leader

I’m sure its been brought up before but has anyone ever theorized who Ben was actually getting his orders from? Since his leadership ,he has admitted that he never actually talked to Jacob.So who was he getting his direction from?Miles said Jacob  had hoped he was wrong about Ben.This would lead me to belive that if Ben had been a candidate that he would not have been chosen by Jacob.Ben always says he was following orders.So who gave the orders ? This was all brought to mind by his moving confession this week.I don’t know , I’ve seen every episode at least twice and I can’t remember feeling more moved by a single scene.I really hope his decision to stay with Ilana is real and he’s not just being the same old Ben we’ve seen in the past.

strange noise

Has anyone else noticed the strange sound that they play every time they switch from the different realities? It reminds me of the noise that was made when the donkey wheel was stuck and they were skipping thru time. Except this time its more controled. Also may be nothhing but it seems like Jack is always disoriented when they show him after the switch. any ideas?

Free will

After watching this weeks episode I finally got at least one question answered,why people are on the island and why some people follow without questioning orders.After Dogan and Sayids’ conversation on how Dogan came to the island it dawned on me that the others seem to be brainwashed into following the leaders orders without question.Dogan said he had caused his sons death and Jacob came to him and offered to give his son his life back ,but he would have to leave and go to the island and never see his son again.This seems like a good exchange, a choice I myself would make to save my childs life.This is where I believe the reference Locke used to the chains Richard is out of comes into play.People want to believe Jacob is good ,which may be true,but when hes uses his ability to give life for a trade of ones ‘slavery’ does’ nt seem like a good deed afterall.It makes me wonder how many people are there on their own free will.Not that I think that these deals make Jacob bad I am just waiting for the twist and think this will be it .That those who follow Jacob are doing so because they are inslaved to him for him helping them and that he will have some evil purpose.

What will happen to Dogen?

I was just sittin here thinking about the show last night and I began to realize we might see Dogan again along with his hippy sidekick. Although it was pretty clear that Sayid killed both of them, they were both left in the water that gives life,so……… anybody got any ideas?I would think that if they did’nt come back to life that would be a pretty big oversight in the plot.

Jacob and who’s coming to the island

I went back to revisit the season 5 finalle and after Ben stabs Jacob he falls to his knees and says”they’re coming”. This I would think would rule out any single character and would have to be two or more people who know each other off island.Unless fate is bringing them back individually but arriving together.Kinda like a plane crash ,but thats already been done 3 times so something similar.Also they have to be of great importance for this to be Jacobs final words.Almost as a warning to MIB or as a suggestion that you may have found your loop hole but guess what “they’re coming”.As thou kIlling Jacob was not yet time for celebration for ole’ smokie because whoever is coming is something he has to prepare for.So maybe Jacob and MIB are neither bad or good maybe they are two individuuals preparing seperatly to due battle against a common foe.The only other time we see the two together is when they are casually sitting on the beach talking about the ship.Seems like to me if they were enemies they would’nt have been just chillin together like that.Sure you have the whole MIB getting Ben to kill Jacob thing but how do we really know Jacob is dead? Just because we saw what we saw and have heard what we’ve heard about Jacob dying. It all seems real but let me remind you we’ve seen a lot of smoke and mirrors in this show. I mean this is a person that can ,lets see, travel thru time,does’nt seem to ever age,and brings people back to life with a touch after fallin out a really high window.So i ask again, how do we know he is really dead? He appears to Hurley like he’s dead but he tells Hurly he’s dead so Hurly tells people he’s dead.But just because he can fool Hurly does’nt mean he’s dead. Maybe the title of guardian of the island is split between ole’ smokie and Jacob and they are being challenged to see who can protect the island best. I know this does’nt mean anything but when asked what ole’ smokie was Ben told someone it was a kind of security system for the island. Of course Bens a liar and who can believe anything he says.It just would not surprise me to find out Jacob is still alive and waiting for something before he shows up again. After all we went 5 seasons hearing about him and never seeing him. I bet he’s still there pulling strings like he always has been.

Hurley will replace Jacob!?

I know this will be an unpopular post because it seems like everyone is rooting for Jack, but please give me a minute to make my case. I can’t help to notice how Hurly’s personality changed in the alternate time line. He’s gone from being cursed to being the luckiest man alive. These are both self described. He is also the only person of the remaining candidates who already has a supernatural ability-he can see and talk to dead people. I think this makes him more qualified than Jack and anybody else for that matter. I mean what would be the reason for carrying a character like Hurly thru 6 seasons if your not going to use him as a surprise in the end? Don’t get me wrong I like the Hugo character but truth be told the most he’s contributed in 6 seasons is making a golf couse and finding the DI minivan. Look he’s honest, kind and good hearted. I think that makes him the best candidate of all. All the others might be good candidates to replace the MIB and call me crazy but I think Jacobs replacement is Hurly.