Is Sun dead?

She took a pretty bad fall and was brought round by Ben. Maybe she will become infected? After all, they are supposedly never meant to be together (Sun and Jin). And she went a bit weird afterwards and miles looked at her weirdly. But she had to make a choice and chose Jack/future Jacobs side.

What do you guys think?

Origin of the Temple

Hi Guys

I just wanted to point out (I might have before, but i honestly cannot remember) that the temple does not resemble ancient Egyptian temples at all. It looks like a temple from the height of Mesopotamia or from a south American culture. So, I propose that other cultures were brought to the island, not just ancient Egyptian.

some like iT HOTH

The It Hoth in the title is interesting, as Thoth is the Scribal Egyptian God. He is also a part of the death rituals and can be seen in The Book of the Dead, writing down people’s testimonies regarding their worthiness to enter the underworld. He is depicted in that manifestation as an Ibis, and in other cases as a Baboon.

I saw on the blackboard in the classroom, that they were teaching about ‘Old’ and ‘Middle Egyptian.’ These are terms we would use ONLY when refering to styles of language and grammar in Egyptian language.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see what was written on the left, other than the determinative sign for ‘God.’ (In Middle Egyptian, if anyone is interested.

Anubis panel inside the temple

I haven’t had any time to work on Lost stuff this last few weeks, but when the picture of the Anubis panel inside the temple flashed on screen, I noticed the fertility god Min on the bottom left. Anyone who is able to look at the panel can notice him (tee hee.) He is the god I thought would be most likely to be the statue, but decided against it, because of obvious family/modesty tv show reasons. Now I think it will be Richard or Locke.

Hieroglyphs translation for temple


I just got home and saw the pics of the hieroglyphs on the temple.

Unfortunately, they are not sentences, but you will be excited I’m sure at their meanings.

The one on the top left (rattle/arm/bird/circle) means ‘a lifetime’.

The one on the top left (oblong/cup/circle) means ‘time’ – of kings or of the ancients etc).

The one with the spiral then 2 types of bird and knotted bar with 3 vertical lines means ‘long period of time’ as an adjective (but there is nothing for it to be an adjective to in the picture, so I’m guessing they aren’t too worried about grammar, just concepts.)

The one directly below that with the 3 signs is a bit hard, because the last sign (determinative) could be two different things.