Did anyone notice

Sun is being chased by Flocke, she hits her head on the branch and as she wakes in her sideways she is laying on a pillow filled with what? Branches and flowers? Thats right. So at this point does Flocke approach her and maybe do something? OR did he just leave?

Interesting idea

So we know the new season is supposed to be a totally different storyline, like back to basics but at the same time something they havent done yet.

We should remember that Sarah I do believe her name was, left Jack, on the day he kissed that other girl. He didn’t mean to and even told her. Trying to fix everything of course. She left Jack and later on was with another man, after he’d gotten back from the island. We couldn’t see the other man, at least not clearly. We have no idea who that was. It was for some reason important enough to add, to even have the man in the same shot as them. What if that man was Jack?

All the losties know their lives better than anyone. So who better to manipulate the chess board, than themselves? The pieces(Jack, Kate, Sawyer…etc…etc..) are picked at random, then introduced into an ultimatum(kill or be killed) so they manipulate the game. They intersect with their lives introducing new alternate realities in which the game would end in their favor.

Alt Jack goes to Sarah telling her to meet him at wherever and she sees him kiss that girl, the original jack comes home getting left. Later on Alt Jack meets up with Sarah again winning her back but then having to reveal the truth after the crash.

This probably happened to them all. In same way at least. Anywho….thought it might be possible. Also read a spoiler that might help give this theory some certainty. I don’t want to mention that spoiler though, but it is recent in the dark ufo website. Under the hangman portion that was recently solved…about christian being a grandfather…?

Just wanted to get this out there

Just so everyones on the same page about Jacob. We all did realize in the incident that when Jacob speaks to Illana he says “sorry I couldn’t get to you sooner” this would more than likely mean he is not a time traveler. He can not go to and from when and where he wants at any given time. Maybe this is why he comes to all the kids and Jack and Sayid and Hurley at different times.
Like it could explain the after and before 815 deal.

So for anyone thinking hes all powerful maybe hes not. Just ageless for some reason?

I dunno just really wanted to know if anyone felt this way as well?

If anyone has any better ideas please let me know. I love feedback even if it somehow disproves me.

The guitar case again.

I rewatched the incident, and for anyone guessing what is still in the guitar case it might of simply been answered without anyone really noticing it.

Hurley says to Jacob as he is leaving “dude you forgot your guitar” and jacob says back “its not my guitar” so…obviously its just got a guitar in it. But now that raises the question why?

Why leave him a guitar? Why does Hurley take it with him? He wasn’t instructed to. He had no idea he needed to recreate the plane crash by having a guitar case.

I just really would like to know.

Also anyone notice the importance of this? Jacob called Hurley, Hugo? Know who else does that? Locke. He has always called everyone by their proper name. Same with Sawyer. He called him James when he met him at the church to give him the pen. Same with Kate I guess, he called her Katie. He didn’t call Jack anything. Or Sayid.

And also know what else is funny? The question what lies in the shadow of the statue. We know jacob is under the statue but that doesnt mean hes in the shadow. Ever wonder in the opening scene of the incident where MIB comes from? He walks up from behind the statue and walks away back behind the statue. Which is also in the shadow.

This show

So someone posted something on here about this show “The Prisoner” and it instantly has qualities not much unlike Lost. Theres lots of things within the first episode that almost seem to give it away though.

Now I’ve only watched the first one and about halfway through the main character is in a confused situation where he stares at this overhanging lamp that looks much like a “flying saucer”.

Also all the rooms, at least the main ones like headquarters to number 2 and certain offices just seem similar to the inside of a spaceship. In one room theres a backdrop with star charts for no apparent reason. Lots of the technology just seems beyond that of anything they’d have in 1968 even for spies or head of governments in that year.

Now I plan on watching the rest. I don’t claim my theory of him being put onto a virtual oasis on a spaceship to be the correct one but again its just a theory. There were lots of odd things just in the first episode. Deffinitely worth watching if you can stand the 1960s feel and look of a tv show.


Ok so some of this I can’t explain. It’s mostly just hopeful wishing.

What if Charlie didn’t die in the Looking glass station? I mean it certainly looked like he died. That guy mikhail kept dying though and coming back. So it’s very possible he doesn’t die. What if Mikhail didn’t die from the explosion and he actually brought charlie up to the shore at some point or back into the looking glass somehow.

You see what makes me say this is that during part 2 of through the looking glass as the girl who lays dying tells Charlie the code. It’s the song Good Vibrations and that it was coded by a musician. She didn’t say who. So Charlie appears dead, mikhail saves him, the island skips through time and lets just say the looking glass was obviously built before the swann? So charlie arrives in the looking glass back in 72. Right? that was the year i believe.

Now who else would code it but charlie?

Anyway. silly but slightly possible, and hopeful.

rouseaus kid

So I just realized a way to maybe close the timeline in on when the statue gets destroyed. Depending on if thats what caused the infertility issue. Rouseau had her child in 1988 right? So the statue wasn’t possibly destryoed untill after this. So now we have 16 years til this would of happened. But we can close that more. We know Julliette came to the island 3 years before the 815 crash in 2004 because of the fertility problem. So now we have a 13 year gap. So what could of happened in 13 years that would of caused this problem?

Rose and Bernard

So I just read over another theory and it struck me odd about those two. In the season finale we see Rose and Bernard living on their own in the jungle by the beach. Now how did they get there? Where are the other like 60 people that flashed through different times and stuff? Did anyone notice the similarities they had between Jacob and MIB? Rose talk about all “they” did was blow stuff up. Like man in black, and Bernard offered Juliet a choice to stay instead of going off to her doom just like Jacob did ya know? Always giving choices. Maybe it wasn’t really rose and bernard just jacob and mib? I mean that would explain a lot. Them not being seen for three years and all the dharma food that shouldn’t of been there.

Just a quick question

Does anyone know which episode Locke was like the leader of a weed farm, or something like that? He brought that guy in who worked for the FBI and everything? I mean what ever happened with all that? Its been bugging me forever now. Please someone know what I’m talking about and give me some feedback.

Does anyone remember….?

Yes the Nikki and Paulo experiment lost had? It’s almost safe to assume it was the most unnecessary thing to happen in Lost history. What if we were wrong though? What if it was the most telling story in the show? They both wanted something from eachother, neither one killed each other, they were buried alive. And do we remember Cobra? I believe thats what the show was called. It involved some type of charlies angels approach to it that had the main guy actually behind the scenes as the enemy. Plotting against everyone while handing out things for the to do. Sound like anyone we know? Thats right Jacob. And the show has had recurring spots during flash backs and during present time episodes.

Well thats just a thought. Couldn’t help but notice the odd similarity between that and whats going on. Considering that was all happening during like season 2 of lost, what? 4 years ago? not sure.

Hurleys guitar *maybe a spoiler?

We all remember charlie lost his guitar in the plane crash. The only reason things went as they were supposed to was because of charlie, he was the variable in that time. He found his guitar because of locke who seemed to know it was up in that tree or whatever. So the best idea i can come up with is he told hurley to bring his guitar back(who knows how he got it, maybe the others sent it to him) and make sure it was in that tree so that everything would go as scheduled.