How is everyone doing? I’ve been thinking about this one for a while now, I just haven’t wanted to take the time to try and write it out because inevitably I will forget something I wanted to point out. And maybe this idea or some like it have been posted before, if so, I apologize.

Go ahead and laugh. I started making my way through the episodes again. I started with season 2 this time. My first time through, this is where I kind of got lost. Who are The Others? Desmond, Penny, Michael, what the hell?

Anyways, I’ve always been a big proponent of that we are seeing cycles, repetitive situations, people, characteristics. I know I ‘ve mentioned that before, some of you may be sick of it. I think that Desmond and Sayid are similar, and that Ilana and Kate, or Danielle and Claire. I just think they are diffeent versions or maybe reincarnations of one another. Locke and Eko maybe as well.

Now on to the button…

Metaphorically, I think the button represents faith. Either press it or don’t. You either take someone’s word for it that you are saving the world or you don’t believe them and don’t press it. I think it is this struggle that we are supposed to debate. And back to the cycles thing, I think this struggle is what has been fought over on the island this entire time. Among other things. But this is the battle referred to I think when MIB and Jacob are on the beach and the line about “they come, they fight, they destroy…”

The battle of faith between pressing the button, harnessing the light and water, trying to leave, etc.

And as far as the characters go, we were told they were brought there for a reason right?

I wonder if they were all brought there each one for their own singular reason. I just finished up the episodes where Michael basically screws everyone to save Walt. I’m thinking that maybe that is Michael’s “curse.”

That Michael will choose being with his son over everything else in the world. And that is why he was brought to the island. And it was proven that he would choose Walt over most things. And since he failed this test during his time on the island, this was why when he wwent back to the city, that one guy told him the island wasn’t through with him yet.

These are some of my thoughts on the tests the Losties had to face and why they were brought there.

Jack – always has to save or rescue.
Kate – has to either steal or run.
Sawyer – to con.
Sayid – will always sacrifice to save a woman.
Desmond – same as Sayid
Charlie – drugs/temptation/willpower
Michael – will always choose Walt

Any others?

I’m thinking in order for them to be finished with the island they need to come to terms with their one weakness.

And then others, maybe like Locke and Rose, were supposed to be there. They had no weakness or whatever to rectify so their business was finished. This is why the island healed them.

Let me know your thoughts.

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What is shaking everybody? This isn’t so much a theory on Lost but it can be applied. Plus I don’t belong to any other forums where ideas and concepts are discussed like here. And you guys are good people. Good people.

Anyways, I watched Fringe this morning when I got home from work. If you aren’t up to speed – a couple episodes ago Peter got his hands on some technology from The Observers. A little device that burrowed into your brain, implanted itself, and as we found out, modified your cerebral cortex. It basically gave them and now him, the ability for more logical thought and calculations.

It gave Peter the ability to “run futures” as one Observer said. Then later Olivia even said the future was all about math, The Observers are just better at math than us.

Which got me thinking. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement or idea? Not the logistics of it which would be mindboggling, but the actual facts or statistics behind it.

It is this: that there actually is a finite number of possible futures?

Like let’s say we did have this machine or our brains that had the capacity to run all possible futures. From every single decision people make and potential outcomes and ripples from them? Like instead of turning left to get to work one day I make a right. And then by me making a right, I cause someone to jam on their brakes which spills their coffee, shorting out their laptop.

So if there was a computer that could run all of those scenarios, and determine probabilities, isn’t there deep down, at the bottom of it all, a finite number of possible outcomes? To everything?

And then let’s say the the world population dwindled down, those possible futures would also decrease making it even easier to narrow them down.

Seems crazy but I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

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Wow, look at the hustle and bustle of activity here. Hello there Bob. It appears as though you are the only consistent poster here, I come back and check every so often to see if there is anything new.

1) I have begun re-watching season 6 this week.
2) I was/am one of those people who was disappointed in the finale, and the lack of answers provided (to the questions that most interested me.)
3) I believe I liked the time travel aspect and the island mysteries the most.

So as I am watching the episodes I still can’t shake one specific idea or topic about these characters or this show.

Reincarnation. It also bothers me that there probably will never be an answer or resolution to this either but…

So I have had the idea that the characters have always been intertwined and that there was something more there, I believe I may have even created threads in the past about it, or posted to those threads.

One thing that has stuck with me, well everything has, I have watched the damned series like 5x, was that book Jacob was carrying upon touching Locke, something like ‘Everything that Rises must Converge.’ I always imagined this as something, a spirit, aura, person floating upwards towards a conical peak where everyone converges. I never thought out if it was a spiral towards the top, or timelines or whatever, that part wasn’t important. It was more like, all of these reincarnations of people are now meeting near the top, the island, to protect it, destroy it, leave it.

And we have the Rainier-Canton van clue…

Anyways, I think the characters we know are simply reincarnations, or different versions. Perhaps this is how the numbers come into play, another time and discussion maybe. But to be brief and to the point here is what I think:

I think if you look at the characteristics of the people, what they stand for, you can see similarities between them. I also think there are slight physical similarities too but that is not what I base this on, but it helps.

Sayid and Desmond – both have long lost loves that they are almost constantly striving to re-connect with.

Kate, Ilana, and perhaps Juliet – strong independent women, self sufficient.

Walt and Michael (together) and Ben and Roger (together)- both boys were shot by people, both fathers struggled to protect/raise their children.

Claire and Rousseau – babies taken away from each, left alone on the island.

Sawyer and Lapidus – outspoken, strong willed, kind of sarcastic.

I think the list and comparisons could go on and on, Dogen and Jack for example. So there it is, the first theory in a while, let me know what you think. Bob T. Maybe list examples of similarities between characters that you see.

Christian? Richard?

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In this last episode, What They Died For, when Jack, Kate, Hugo, and Sawyer are sitting around the campfire with Jacob, Kate asks “what if no one chooses?” Shortly after Jack stands up and takes the role.

Going back to White Rabbit, I find that episode intriguing, a young Jack is with Christian in the den getting scolded about the schoolyard fight. Christian relates a story of how as a surgeon he is able to make tough decisions, wash his hands of the grim situation, and walk away. He then tells Jack that he doesn’t have what it takes, and not to choose, because at the end of the day, when he fails, he won’t be able to handle it.

I think this is related to what we are currently seeing and perhaps Christian already knew that Jack would be faced with this decision (of becoming the island protector) some 20+ years in the future. Perhaps also, he knows that Jack fails at that role in the future and causes something bad to occur such as MIB leaving the island or the island being destroyed.

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Mods- Please delete this thread as I have basically re-created a thread that I wrote before. No wonder I thought it sounded plausible.

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Didn’t like the latest episode at first, then I watched it again and started to come around but now…

Can someone do their best and please try to answer the questions below for me?

1) Did MIB getting thrown into the cave of light “release” the smoke monster? Or was the smoke monster simply pissed that some corpse came floating into his chamber?

2) Using your answer from above, when MIB as a teen saw his mother Claudia, was that the smoke monster?

There must be more than one smoke monster on the island. I wonder if each time an individual dies on the island, a new smoke monster is hatched. I wonder if the once your “light” is extinguished, that energy becomes a smoke monster.

3) Adam and Eve: They are supposed to be MIB and crazy mother right? Weren’t they found by our Losties wearing DI uniforms? Who dressed them? Why? When? Different bodies perhaps?

How many more episodes do they have to answer this stuff?

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Reading Joe’s post, he mentioned about how we will more than likely not ever find out why Ilana was in bandages when Jacob made a visit.

I wonder if Ilana was recovering from an event that was similar to Juliet trying to detonate mini-Jug. I mean Juliet was fairly injured, she told Sawyer, via Miles, that it worked. What if upon detonation she was transported to an exit point, a la Tunisia and Ben and Locke, and “rescued?” I can imagine an injured Ilana appearing in a far off land and being taken to a hospital to recover.

And no, I am not being serious about Juliet becoming a mummy. I meant perhaps we will soon see her wrapped in bandages in a bed, being paid a visit.

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I am like a crack dealer that deals in Lost. I give acquaintances who haven’t yet been exposed to Lost little tastes in hopes they come back and continue watching it. I need somebody local to get all analytical with rather than you people that probably don’t even exist. My girlfriend, well ex as of today, enjoyed the show, but wasn’t “into” it. When we would watch the show and I would pause it to note something mentally to myself, or to her, I could see her rolling her eyes as though to say “Just watch the show crack dealer.” But I have always felt like she never truly paid enough attention. Like most people not addicted to crack.

So while at work I call up episodes and try to get people to watch them. Last night we watched Cabin Fever, for some reason I am intrigued by Richard, and him visiting Locke with Island items. In that episode, Locke is rehabbing in the hospital after his test flight and Abaddon (another person I am intrigued with) mentions how it is a miracle that Locke survived that fall.

Which led me to think about this question… Is what is happening to some of the Losties, or Others, or whoever, actually miracles or curses?

Locke surviving the fall? Miracle.
Locke meeting his alleged father who is a conman that takes a kidney and shoves him out a window? Curse.

Ben getting a tumor on his spine? Curse.
A plane crashing with a spinal surgeon that removes the tumor? Miracle.

Charlie being standed on an island where he would have to kick his smack habit due to dwindling supplies? Miracle, or maybe good luck, miracle is a strong word.
A Beechcraft plane crashing with statues filled with heroin on the island? Curse.

Anyone have other examples?

As I list this out, I think I noticed a pattern. Locke’s miracle/curse, in this particular instance, happened off island whereas both of Ben’s occurred on island.

Curious to hear what you all have to say.

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After watching the latest episode, this is the conclusion I have come to about the team selection and potential replacements.

There are obviously teams. What divisions, we don’t know. I think the two island dwellers, well Jacob at least, see out good for group individuals. Like, who will sacrifice for the betterment of the group. Jack is one of these candidates. For example, I think Jack is wired (not literally) to always try to do what is beneficial to the group. Jack thinks he can always fix things. I think Jacob recognizes this and is why Jack is a candidate. I think Christian was perhaps in the individual group and because of this is why the two, Jack and Christian, had such differing viewpoints and opinions. If you recall in the episode White Rabbit, after Jack returns home as a young boy with a shiner, Christian tells him not to choose, he doesn’t have what it takes. And yet, he continues to choose throughout his life.

It is for this reason that I think the ‘Kwon’ scribbled in the cave and on the lighthouse dial is for Jin and not Sun. Jin is a “group” thinker whereas Sun strikes me as selfish and would be on the other team. Then again I am not sure who claimed the lighthouse or who claimed the cave as their own.

The other team, or MIB’s, is the individuals group. The group that will always look out for numero uno first and foremost, the Sawyer’s and Kate’s. These people make up the candidates for MIB replacements. However someone like Kate, who tried to save Aaron then tried to reunite the two, isn’t exactly a clear cut candidate for being an individual. But she is close.

I also have been thinking about that whole scales thing with the two rocks… I wonder if the light and dark stones represent the amount of goodness and evilness currently present inside an individuals soul at that moment. Now whichever way that scale is tipping when you abruptly run into Smoke Monster is how you are judged. I am one of those people who isn’t sold that Jacob is “good” because of his attire or that MIB is the “evil” one because he wants to kill Jacob. I do think though that these two men play a role in determining how the scale for each individual rests. I am not even sure if Jacob and MIB are real people but rather a representation of what those two little people, like we used to see in Daffy Duck cartoons, on your shoulders are whispering in your ear, one telling you to do good, the other instructing you to do bad. I think maybe Jacob and MIB are the opposing good/evil forces inside all of the Losties heads. Ours too. Pulling and tugging in both directions until you finally meet up with Smokie.

Walt – I think Walt is a beacon, or magnet, to the island. I think perhaps he was born there and due to this, has become island magnetized. Like Charlotte. Like Aaron. I think these beacon individuals can be used to return, maybe even find, the island. Which is why Aaron had to be raised there, so that no one from the outside world could use him to get to the island.

On a humorous (to me anyways) side note, almost every time I type the word ‘Jacob’, I either miss hitting the shift key with the J so it comes out lowercase or I type Jacon instead of Jacob. So it is either going to be jacob or Jacon from here on out.

Hope to hear many nice, kind, civil thoughts.

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So this post is about the alleged father of John Locke, Anthony Cooper. I had always been perplexed as to how they had managed to abduct him and get him to the island, bear with me the episode which I have only seen twice is a little fuzzy in my head. I recall seeing him chained up and Ben stating something to the effect of how the island is a magical box, you just wish something and here it is. I think I am on track so far…

What if that wasn’t Anthony Cooper at all? What if, in order to manipulate John, or at least they tried to, MIB, or Smokie I guess (whoever does the impersonating) was simply posing as Cooper? It seems more plausible now, rather than capturing some dude back in the real world, seven stangers picked to, and transporting him back to the island.

And now as I type this, something else has popped into my head. That scene with John, Cooper, and Ben was semi-similar to the one with John, Jacob, and Ben. Ben wanted Locke to kill Cooper, MIB wanted Ben to kill Jacob. Ben did, John didn’t. Just like the frozen donkey wheel. Wonder if Locke and Ben are rep’s of Jacob and MIB. I had always imagined bigger and better things for Jack, not Ben.

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1) First – can anyone please tell me what episode do we get Rousseau’s back story, I am in the middle of “The Little Prince” but haven’t seen anything yet. Thank you in advance.

2) Spawnage – no real meaning here, just wanted a catchy title to get you in here. As I am watching “The Little Prince” I began to wonder about Aaron, Christian, Ms. Littleton, and being “claimed.” So is it for certain that Christian has been claimed? I can’t recall if Jack was told that both Claire and his father were infected. Anyway, please prove, disprove, agree or disagree with the following. What if Christian had already been claimed before bedding Ms. Littleton? That would then make Aaron a descendent of whoever or whatever was doing the claiming, be it Jacob, MIB, or some other essence. Wonder if that is why Claire had to keep him, or why the psychic, imo, purposely assisted Claire in getting to the island.

Other notes seeking feedback on:

3) Something is up with both Juliet and Kate. They are both too badass to be regular women, not to be sexist but I am allegedly a man and can’t track people through the wilderness, speak Latin, disarm gun toting enemies, or perform combat first aid. Well maybe I could handle the first aid part. I am beginning to think that Juliet and Kate are unknowingly the female counterparts to Jacob and MIB.

4) Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that the one picture of Desmond and Penny sure seems to pop up a lot with other characters? I don’t mean the actual Des/Penny one but a similar photo with the subjects posed in the same manner. I think the monk in charge of the winery where Des worked had one, could have been Eloise in the photo. I think Jack had one with Sarah at some point. It’s weird, now that I am trying to cite examples I can’t remember that many instances. In any case, there are a lot of relationships on the show that seem to be similar. Or love triangles for that matter. Wouldn’t it be odd if Jacob and MIB were pining over Juliet since the dawn of time? We have Jack and Sawyer competing for Kate. Locke misses Helen, Sayid & Nadia, Hurley & Libby, there are probably more.

5) What brought Desmond to the island? Going out there, I wonder if Widmore has the same power of touch and was able to recognize Desmond’s ability to interchange timelines. He could then use Des to pinpoint the location of the island.

6) Jack’s tattoo vs. Juliet’s branding – do they serve the same purpose? To denote to whoever whatever significance they may have…

7) I need answers re. the following: Walt, the numbers, and Lapidus. What the hell is Lapidus’ story? I think he is a different version of Desmond, he seems to have an uncanny ability to find the island, perhaps they are magnetic and are drawn to it. Maybe Lapidus has flown too close to the sun over all these years and has become magnetized hence being drawn there.

8) What is the deal with Montand (?) losing his arm and the Australian fellow who helped/screwed Kate missing an arm? Has this been discussed in another thread?

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I am fascinated by the time travel aspect of Lost and am perplexed by both the arrival and location of the Black Rock.

By chance, I went to watch Cabin Fever again, the episode where a mini-biography of Locke is shown. As the first shot of the freighter appeared I got to thinking…

Any given any thought to if both the Black Rock and the Kahana were headed towards the island for the same purpose? Albeit a few hundred years apart but simply what if? We know there were shackles and chains aboard the Black Rock which have led some to speculate that it was a slave trading vessel but remember that Michael too was handcuffed to the bed. What if the people aboard the Black Rock were seeking the island for whatever reason and didn’t simply happen upon it by chance? MIB did state to Jacob, “You brought them here.”

On a side note, everyone remember that teacher that tried to convince Locke to go to camp? I wonder if he was an Other or a recruiter for The Others. He has that dark look about him. Anyone agree?

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Has anyone posed the thought that perhaps the island isn’t actually an island? Or that it may not have a geographical location say on Earth?

What if the island is simply a point in space, out in the ether, where all of these different timelines converge? What if the island were this point that encapsulated the intersections of these timelines? And that whoever is stuck in this capsule is no longer moving on their respective timeline is indeed “Lost”?

Anyone think that the title of Jacob’s book when he touched John signifies anything, something like “Everything that Rises Must Converge.”

What if this capsule is what was knocked off the track when Locke was instructed to advance the FDW? He was instructed to do so because the spokes (the different timelines) were no longer lined up properly with the hub of the wheel? And maybe this is why the Losties are ending up in different times, because they are exiting on different spokes than what they came in on.

What if the numbers were timelines that hadn’t been used yet? Or if they were timelines that had been mapped out already? As in “Yep, timeline #4 is good, that exit point is in Tunisia. Timeline #8 is almost done…” You get the idea.

Or how about we don’t necessarily have Locke and Flocke running around, well we do but Flocke isn’t embodied by MIB or Smokie, but rather is a Locke from another timeline that has entered this capsule.

I am trying to find a graphic representation of what I am trying to describe in regards to the capsule of timelines and being off kilter with the spokes. I can’t find one but imagine a simple circle with say 5 spokes inside of it that all intersect in the very center of this circle (the capsule, or island). Then on the outside of the circle we have another 10 lines (different timelines) that hit the outer edge of the capsule and could perfectly line up with their respective timelines and pass through. When the FDW was misaligned, these spokes were no longer in alignment with the timelines that passed neatly through the island.

Hope this makes sense to at least one person. I hate reading a theory whose title I am pumped up about and then as I proceed through the theory I am lost about halfway through the 1st paragraph and just give up. Someone please let me know they at least get what I am trying to describe, not necessarily agree, but just comprehend.

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Has anyone on the site, who is extensively familiar with how to play backgammon, investigated if this is a possibility? What I mean is, would it be plausible to think that there are two ultimate people, namely Jacob and MIB, are playing a game of backgammon using the Losties as the “stones?” I do not play backgammon but tried to look up simple game play.

1) I noticed that there are 24 “pipes” which could correspond to the numbers except for 42.
2) A single stone by itself can be attacked by the opposing others.
3) When attacked or captured a stone gets placed on the bar and can only come back when there is an opening to do so.
4) The whole light vs. dark thing – Aside from backgammon I think there are “teams.” I think there is a dark team and a light team which can almost be divided by hair color, skin tone, eye color, etc. Sounds basic I know but there just seems to be a division to me. I think the actual physical appearance covertly defines their character too. Some light examples would be Locke, Juliet, and Claire. Dark: Jack, Kate, maybe Sayid.
5) I can’t recall the episode but while watching it I was hit by this revelation that two “teams” were converging at the same point at the same time. It was almost as if there were two versions or reincarnations meeting. It was the scene on Penny’s boat after rescue before some went on their separate ways. We had Jack to Desmond, Kate to Juliet, Sayid to Hurley, and perhaps Sun, and Frank(?). At this point the custody of Aaron shifted hands and I thought that was intruiging as well.

My question is this to someone with backgammon experience: could it be that Jacob/MIB are playing a godlike game of backgammon, the oldest game known to man, using the Lost characters as the stones?

On a damned Flashforward related note, in the episode entitled “Playing Cards with Coyote”, “Charlie,” while playing poker to determine if he and a cohort fess up to killing 20 million people, states something to his cohort along the lines of “hurry up, god knows how long you took last time during a game like this.” This comment is what made me think of the backgammon connection.

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Okay, so I hate Lost because now that I have been watching Flashforward I watch so intently for clues that I cannot enjoy the show. Every license plate that goes by, every exact character name.

Anyways, to start an idea I had regarding the bird/Walt, in the new show Flashforward a bird similarly runs into a window just like when it happened to Walt. Also in the show, a bunch of crows die unexplained. I have an idea which then leads to another.

First, I believe that in both cases, Lost and Flashforward, magnetic north has shifted instantly thus causing the two window smacking birds to be “lost.” They must have some evolutionary GPS programmed anyways but then I read on Lostpedia about Magnetite (I think). So if magnetic north all of a sudden shifts due to Walt (or Locke, more below) the birds are like what the hell? Bam! Windex time.

So then I got to thinking about magnetic north and south poles. What if Locke were one pole and Walt the other? Also the whole light and dark thing but I don’t know how that would tie in..

So if Locke were one pole theoretically would that have thrown off the compass, the one he handed off to Sayid and declared he didn’t need anymore? The one where Sayid states something along the lines of how north seems to have shifted, and if Locke where standing nearby, like a magnet, he would throw off the accuracy of the compass.

Just some thoughts.

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So here we go, I wonder if this is how many of you feel when you think you have had a major revelation about what is going on… I am so excited. Seriously. These musings makes so much sense to me I hope it is accurate, otherwise I come across as insane. Oh well, you people are more insane than me, you’re reading it.

I am not much of a writer so I will simply list ideas in numerical order. I am anxious to hear your comments. And by no means I am claiming to have solved everything or even anything major for that matter, just perhaps some answers.

1. The island is some sort of game between Jacon and MIB, or challenge between them regarding freewill vs. fate. I didn’t like that idea at first but it has grown on me. If you are touched by Jacob out in the real world you are on his team. If he doesn’t touch you, i.e. Hugo and someone else, you are a “ghost (I will explain later).” Sort of a stretch here but perhaps if you die, you automatically are re-assigned to MIB’s team, i.e. Locke.

2. Jack is MIB, or a direct representative of him, being embodied even. Jack controls what occurs as far as events go throughout the series. It is sort of like Sawyer’s long con, Jack gets people to think things are their ideas so that his ultimate plans are aligned. An example of this would be assisting Michael with getting Walt back, Jack ensured everything went according to Michael’s plan, because that was his plan.

Also, in the pilot Jacks wakes and doesn’t seem too started to wake up where he is. Like in a “Okay, I’m back” type of manner. I think he hustles to the plane to make sure the people he needs are safe.

3. Apollo bars are on the island because they are for Jack/MIB’s sweet tooth, why else only non-dharma food? Can’t recall what was said at the hospital between Jack and Jacob in the finale about the bars in the vending machine but to have them together in the real world and have an incident with the same candy bar…

4. Libby is an intermediate, or “ghost.” She met both Hurley and Desmond in the real world. Perhaps she owes Jack/MIB.

5. Faraday and similar folk are paranormal reseachers trying to comprehend the other concepts re. the island, time travel, the ghosts, Miles is maybe alive and assists the actual paranormal research team.

7. The Others are some sort of intermediary pool that can be used for the island game between Jacob and MIB.

8. Hurley and Desmond, at least, are in some sort of limbo state, or “ghosts.” Season 2 finale when Penny meets Desmond at the stadium, she arrives after Jack does to run stairs. Jack has orchestrated this meeting in limbo between Penny and Desmond. She sounds surprised to hear Desmond say he has been in prison. She sounds surprised to hear that he hasn’t read his last Charles Dickens novel. She states with enough money, you can find anyone. She is researching to find the limbo Desmond. Hurley, I don’t know. Charlie too is a ghost I think. When your use is no longer needed on island as a ghost, you die, Ana Lucia, Libby, Charlie.

9. As far as time travel goes, I like the record on a record player analogy but without the skipping. Maybe. But think of a nice record loop that goes smoothly around in a circle. Where the Losties are is in this sort of pod that juts out at 90 degrees from the nice smooth loop that is normal time, you and I. They are out in this pod, like your side mirror on your car, it is outside your vehicle but it is moving at the same speed as you. Pretend your record loop, or time loop, holy shit I am high, is made up of these “side mirrors”, or a metal loop. That is magnetized. Somehow this pod detaches from the normal metal, record player loop time band, and juts out at whatever time that loop became de-magnetized. It remains either magnetized, attached the the normal loop, or de-magenetized, out in whatever year it occurred, depending on the pressing of the button. When the island enters or exits normal time is when accidents occur, i.e. flight 815 was in the way. Since the pod juts out at 90 degrees from the normal time loop, it has one connecting strand. This strand is the 325 bearing that allows passage back and forth.

10. The button was installed by the paranormal people, probably DI, to control when the pod entered and exited normal time.

I suggest re-watching the Season 2 last few episodes, like 22-24, with my ideas in mind. If you don’t see what I have described as being plausible, let me know. Well I feel like I have been typing forever. Let me know your thoughts, I hope this hits home with someone other than me and all of the other voices inside my head. Sweet.

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Alright, so I was reading a post on here about how the producers had hinted that there was a major clue in the first episode. The poster stated that they thought it might have to do with pieces of the airplane wreckage that Jack seemed to focus on for an extended length of time. So I was curious…

So I watched the episode again for like the 25th time, actually 3rd, and noticed something about the opening eye scene. I have tried to see what the reflection was in Jack’s eye multiple times but to no avail. Viewing that scene this time sparked a different thought. In regards to that sound that occurs either right before or as Jack open his eyes, it seems that it is milliseconds before his eyes open. The sound sounds like the plane crashing, or at least a large part of it. So does the noise cause Jake to wake? The noise seems to be too significant to just be an indicator that he has opened his eyes. And if so, wouldn’t that signify that Jack was already there, on the island, to be woken by the plane crashing?

Well, what say you?

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Anyone else notice the fake names (aliases for Abrams, ha ha) that Christian and Ana Lucia gave one another in the airport when they first met? Sarah, Jack’s ex but not sure if she was at the time (I get lost in the year to year shuffle, the time travel portion isn’t my obsession) and Tom, the boy/man Kate seemed to always pine for. Thought that was intriguing.

Another name connection which I don’t think signifies anything: Jason – the name of the dude that Kate tricks into robbing the bank for her and the name of the dude that Ana Lucia kills in the alley as payback for shooting her.

I am feeling as though a portion of the show revolves around lost loves. Sayid and Nadia or Shannon, Locke and Helen, Jack and Sarah or Kate, Sawyer and Kate or Juliet, Desmond and Penny, Boone and Shannon albeit one way love, Sun and Jin, Hurley and Libby, Charlie and Claire perhaps another unrequited love, and then Rose and Bernard who finally seem content to just be, maybe that’s the secret. Or the producers/writers threw the love junk in there as an audience grabber.

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Has anyone else heard sounds during the show that sound eerily similar to the sound that the Smoke Monster makes when on screen? The specific examples I have are from Season 1. There is another time when Rose makes a statement to the effect of “that reminds me of the Bronx.” I either read that somewhere or made a mental note of it. To the specific examples, and please let me know your thoughts. Is it a reincarnation of the characters largest fear? Biggest sin? Something else?

1) Season 1 – Episode 2 Walkabout – around 9:45
When Locke basically gets told to get to work, he starts performing calculations on an old paper roller calculator. The printing of the paper sounds a lot like the Monster.

2) Season 1 – Episode 2 Whatever the Case May Be – around 5:15
Around the time Kate swims underwater to retrieve the Halliburton case.

3) Season 1 – Episode 2 same as above – around 35:00
When Kate opens the safe deposit box, the sound occurs.

Anyways, curious to hear what others think.

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Written on 15th May 2009

Think the title states it all. Has this been discussed already? If so, sorry. If not, why not? Who is Penny’s mother? Could be full siblings I guess. Perhaps Widmore isn’t really her father.

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