Observations/Questions/Thoughts to spark the debate:

Michael prolonged the detonation of the C4 on the freighter by freezing it.
Is someone/thing freezing the wheel/chamber?
What happens when the wheel isn’t frozen?

Haliwax revealed that the energy below the Orchid could be used to manipulate time.
We know this is true because the wheel being off kilter caused the time flashes.
We also know that Haliwax eventually explored the chamber – as evidenced by his parka.
Was it already frozen?

Who or what turned the wheel for the first time after Dharma’s discovery of it?

Maybe the wheel – in its original design – is meant to always be turning.
Maybe when Dharma first discovered it – it was functioning normally.
Maybe the only way to manipulate the control, ie. stopping it from turning, was to freeze it.

When the liquid nitrogen ran out – the C4 exploded.
WTF happens when the wheel unfreezes?

Why was the chamber less frozen when Locke turned the wheel?
Why was the floor of the chamber covered in rabbit poop when Ben turned the wheel – when we didn’t see a live rabbit or even the bones of a rabbit?

The result of manually turning the wheel is that you end up in Tunisia in the future.
The polar bear in Tunisia certainly suggests that it might have been involved in turning the wheel, but we’ve seen no evidence of an entrance to the chamber that is big enough for a full grown polar bear to fit through.

What is on the other side of the wheel wall?
How does the Orchid energy relate/compare to the Swan energy?

Was pushing the button accomplishing the same thing as freezing the wheel? (Delaying an eventual explosion of energy?) Did the wheel used to have to be turned every 108 minutes until somebody froze it? Ha.


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What do you think: are they just a mysterious force that binds the Universe together and will never be explained at all? Or will they end up having some kind of explanation, be it a natural one or supernatural one?

Personally, I’m fine with never getting an explanation. But I also liked The Force in Star Wars better before mitichlorians (something Damon Lindelof once alluded to).

If we get an explanation, my money’s on this long shot: they’re just random lottery numbers that got caught up in a time loop. Everyone got obsessed with their supposed good or bad luck, and self-fulfilled their own prophecies (“made their own luck”).

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All right, let’s really test this new section out. Which Lost character is the Best Dressed?

I’ll start things off by saying Richard. With the exception of one moment he’s always in neat clothes and jus the right amount of make -up.

All right everyone, let loose with what you think.

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Let’s see if this works!

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