A LOST Revival in the making?

Hey guys and gals! How are we all doing? It’s been a long time since I last posted here, but wanted to share something with you that I read a couple of days ago about the potential for a LOST revival.

A post I saw at Nerdist discusses the possibility of there being a LOST revival at some point in the future.

They mention three different types of story that could be told LOST were to come back:

One: “A full reboot that would jettison everything from the first series, save perhaps for the island and some of the mythology.”

Two: “A revival with the surviving characters, but it would be hard to pull off since the cast has long since moved on.”

Three: “The most enticing choice would be a sequel series that would focus on new characters on the island while allowing some of the older characters to potentially reprise their roles as well.”

What do you think? I love the idea of a sequel series bringing in a whole new cast but with the potential of old favourites returning (Ben, Desmond, Hurley etc.). It would be a great opportunity to tie up some of the mysteries that remain unsolved whilst unraveling new mysteries that we could sink our teeth in to! As long as they do it right, I think it could be great!

I remember when LOST ended there were fans discussing the potential of some spin off shows: Ben and Hurley on the Island, The Dharma Initiative etc. which at the time would have been great, but I think now a sequel series would be more appropriate.

I have no idea if there will be a LOST revival in the future but knowing that it’s being talked is promising!

What do you think? Do you think a LOST revival is a good idea, or do you think it should be left well alone? 🙂

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After nearly 4 years I recently re-watched the whole series over the course of about 3 months and saw a lot of things differently this time around. Am I the only one who kind of wants to see more LOST? not in another TV series and definitely not as a movie, but maybe some books that tell us a little more of the story and the island history; maybe even a series of graphic novels?

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Another idea… we could create a chain story: written collectively by us. Take a list of who would be interested in writing new mini-episodes/chapters in the Lost world, and then the submission order. For instance, Admin could get us kicked off, and then Bob, A.E.S., Wolfx, etc., and onwards through the list of interested partipants… each of us writing a section (e.g. mini-episode) that is “handed off” from the previous chapter/mini-episode. Perhaps one every two weeks (or maybe one per month, depending on schedules). This way all are involved… length could be up to the writer, it just has to have a beginning and an end that the next writer can pick up from. And of course elements of the mysterious Lost world…

So, just throwing it out there, I’d be willing to do it if we got interest…
Not sure where we would start off… that could be discussed. Is it 30 years later, and Richard is a Catholic priest? For some inexplicable reason he suddenly feels compelled to return to the island? Or perhaps Aaron, now a grown man, having recently been told the truth of his birth by Claire, sets out on a journey to find this mysterious island, to which he is drawn? Coincidences abound… Or it could be something from the past…. anything, really. The first writer would kick it off and we’d go from there.


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Hey all,
I see very few checking in lately..Again, big thanks to everyone who read and commented on my story (meatwadjm, Achalli, emzi, wehav2goback..you know who you are!)..
I’m writing another Lost Fanfiction story on the Lost Fanfiction website.
It’s titled “After the Incident”
It’s similar to the beginning of my other story, but much better since it’s creative writing, not scripting. I made a bunch of changes in the details and plot also..
If you’re interested, please read and comment..Enjoy! -bobt

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Whoa long time no post…I miss LOST…and this awesome website.  Well I felt inspired by my LOST dvd collection to sit down and write a song about LOST.  This is the first song I ever posted on Youtube, so I’m still working on some bugs.  But check out this song and tell yo friends!

“Constant Tonight”


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Here’s a Christmas present for everyone here, a Lost version of the Twelve Days of Christmas. Enjoy!

On the first day of Lostmas the Island sent to me Naomi hanging in a tree.

On the second day of Lostmas the Island sent to me two polar bears and Naomi hanging in a tree.

On the third day of Lostmas the Island sent to me three frenchmen, two polar bears and Naomi hanging in a tree.

On the fourth day of Lostmas the Island sent to me four Hurley birds, three frenchmen, two polar bears and Naomi hanging in a tree.

On the fifth day of Lostmas the Island sent to me five Smoke Monsters, four Hurley birds, three frenchmen, two polar bears and Naomi hanging in a tree.

On the sixth day of Lostmas the Island sent to me six Bens-a-lying, five Smoke Monsters, four Hurley birds, three frenchmen, two polar bears and Naomi hanging in a tree.

On the seventh day of Lostmas the Island sent to me seven DHARMA hatches, six Bens-a-lying, five Smoke Monsters, four Hurley birds, three frenchmen, two polar bears and Naomi hanging in a tree.

On the eighth day of Lostmas the Island sent to me eight Sawyerisms, seven DHARMA hatches, six Bens-a-lying, five Smoke Monsters, four Hurley birds, three frenchmen, two polar bears and Naomi hanging in a tree.

On the ninth day of Lostmas the Island sent to me nine Charlies singing, eight Sawyerisms, seven DHARMA hatches, six Bens-a-lying, five Smoke Monsters, four Hurley birds, three frenchmen, two polar bears and Naomi hanging in a tree.

On the tenth day of Lostmas the Island sent to me ten Kates-a-stealing, nine Charlies singing, eight Sawyerisms, seven DHARMA hatches, six Bens-a-lying, five Smoke Monsters, four Hurley birds, three frenchmen, two polar bears and Naomi hanging in a tree.

On the eleventh day of Lostmas the Island sent to me eleven Lockes-a-doing, ten Kates-a-stealing, nine Charlies singing, eight Sawyerisms, seven DHARMA hatches, six Bens-a-lying, five Smoke Monsters, four Hurley birds, three frenchmen, two polar bears and Naomi hanging in a tree.

On the twelfth day of Lostmas the Island sent to me twelve Jacks-a-fixing, eleven Lockes-a-doing, ten Kates-a-stealing, nine Charlies singing, eight Sawyerisms, seven DHARMA hatches, six Bens-a-lying, five Smoke Monsters, four Hurley birds, three frenchmen, two polar bears and Naomi hanging in a tree.

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Meanwhile, back at the Ranch, just to say I think that it is very admirable the remaining dedicated ‘Losties’ have kept writing here and many others are participating in some fashion.

The series was outstanding; it was one of the most interesting and certainly one of the most addictive. Obviously I haven’t kicked mine! Too bad the producers (thus far) have not proven themselves to have any more substance save that 12 minute video entitled “The New Man”. The producers may be (in my thoughts) stars but just ordinary ones. They did not go that extra mile which may have propelled them to the higher ranks. 12 minutes makes not a mile unless you are walking really fast (ha) And if you want some proof of what were saying just check the 2010 Emmys results. Zero awards for Lost and associates.
However, complaining about the end is not in intent of this essay although anytime I can I will take a few swipes. We can now apparently answer a great many of the mysteries ourselves which is precisely why the true super stars are the folks that have contributed to this site and others like it. Thanks to this site, I’ve been gratified by reading other members supplemental stories, thoughts and feelings about the series. They (the TOL contributors) have had the talent and capacity to write version sets that represent to me, more than missing puzzle pieces but entire quadrants of it. These folks have a zillion times more imagination than the Lost producers ever had. If the folks on this site had written for the series it would be either still be airing entertaining the masses or it would have ended with nothing to complain about wrt satisfactory answers to the mysteries.
But…back to reality and off my soap box, we are just talking about TV. Or should I shall I approach entertainment in general. To take one more jab, I’d say the Lost ending was as satisfactory as the ending for the Oscar winning movie entitled “No Country for Old Men”. I felt spiritually gratified with that ending…NOT! Were these two shows written by the same people? However, it was a good movie — I see a comparison. Could these be examples of what is becoming a signpost for our contribution to this virtual world? Hold that thought (sudden shift) – I think…this brings to mind a past show…a show that represented a future Utopian..the…a…The Next Generation. I think we’re on that Donkey wheel (going round and round). Such as life! The fact TNG was a previous generation’s product is irrelevant; I’m just lookin’ at past examples of TV fan abandonment that ended in long term success.

Ok then, let’s revisit that spin off argument. This time there’s Monopoly money where my mouth is – empirical proof, for your consideration;

Trekie$ = Lostie$ 2

-> (the following is pronounced like the star of the TV series, Paranormal State, while he’s narrating or maybe more like Stephen Hawking while he’s just talking) – Math is in theory a subjective expression medium but at the same time a universally accepted method of (end of sounding like those guys)….Got to go, The Event is about to come on the tele in this time zone!

Oh, and one more thing Ma’am – The best of the season to all and to all a good night 🙂

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“Thank you for flying Oceanic…We hope you enjoy the ride…”
“We cannot express the importance of you understanding how important airline safety is to hgdjhs…”
“jdbsjhb”… static “kjdsjgc”… static
“If you would please fasten your seatbelts, and position your seats to their full upright positions…”

Man outside the cabin: “Knock knock”
Man inside the cabin: “Who’s there?”
Man outside the cabin: “Anyone you want me to be…”

From Lostpedia…”According to Locke’s dream in “Cabin Fever”, Horace died 12 years before 2004, in 1992. Other evidence supports this date for the Purge. Kelvin Inman, who served in the Gulf War (1990-1991), joined the Initiative, presumably before the Purge. (“Live Together, Die Alone”) When Danielle arrived in 1988, the Others had apparently not yet moved to the Barracks. ”

We know that the ring of ash surrounding something, in this case the cabin, is used to keep the monster at bay, whether in or out. We also know that Dogan was at least one of the people who was capable of creating the ash (or poison, as I believe it is the same as what was in the pill he tried to make Lennon try to make, Jack try to make…Sayid take). I assume that since Ilana and Bram came on the “316”, and were in possession of the ash…other ‘Others’ had the knowledge of it as well…making it nearly impossible to learn who actually surrounded the cabin with the eventual “broken ash ring”. But we will give it a go anyway…

In the Losties time frame, meaning excluding the monsters appearances in “Across the Sea”, when is the earliest we have actually seen the monster?

I believe we see the monster in the early 70s posing as Ben’s mother (considering the fact that they were on opposite sides of the fence), but due to the fact that Richard Alpert makes a comment about “fences keeping other things out, but not us”, referring to ‘us’ as the others, makes the thought that the monster was very much around in Lafleur and earlier extremely likely. (actually, I think Bens scene with “Mom” comes before “Lafleur” on the timeline)

Basically, we know the monster was a concern and known to the Dharma Initiative before the Losties travelled through time.

“jhsgckusd” …static… “hjsgcjh”
“Everything is not as it seems folks, no worries when flying Ocejkbdsn…idcixkjnc”….static
“Be sure to visit our sister company, Ajirwiuhdi…hgdcs”…static…

Like Jacob, I think MIBs view is not limited by the normal universal space/time rules… I think he knew of things in the future the same way Jacob did. Im not going to get into the old “there are no coincidences on Lost”…but Jacobs final candidates are the same people who travel back in time…
Meaning Jacob and MIB saw outside the metaphorical box.
The game for the Island Brothers began officially not upon Richards arrival, but upon the Losties travelling in time. Richard simply took Jacobs place behind the game board…getting helpful hints from the rule maker himself when necessary.

Its not so much the cabins inhabitant that is the true mystery…its who built the cabin that tells the tale.

“Please keep your seatbelts fastened…we may hit a little turbulance along the way…but we should all be used to that by now…jdhbcjds”…static…

I believe the cabin is built sometime after Ethan’s birth, because in Locke’s dream Horace tells Locke he is building the cabin for his wife and son. Before you assume that the monster was simply lying to and manipulating Locke…understand that I am aware of this.

The monster was very much lying and manipulating…but I think as many good stories are…it is also based on fact. Because when John woke up and went to where the Dharma Initiative were “laid to rest”, he found the map in Horace’s pocket.

What MIB does best is use not only emotions as weapons against its victims while posing as the deceased, it also uses the knowledge of the dead as well.
As John Locke, his spoken knowledge to Ben about being in the hatch together was something that helped him keep Ben on his side long enough to get him to kill Jacob for him.

I know, they knew each other, so that doesn’t count…so here’s another example more along the lines of what happens with Horace and (a very gullible) John Locke…
Christian had no emotional ties to John, but in the wheel chamber, his words about “my son” were enough to convince Locke (and Jack) that it was indeed Christian Shepard, and Johns following of his instructions seemed more logical knowing(believing) that Christian was indeed Jacks father.
MIBs resources run deep…
Maybe him getting off the island wouldnt be so bad…yep…I could definitely see Smokey as a politician…

“Please wrap the band around the back of your head and place the mask over your nose and moujhcbjh”…static…
“Remember to breathe, it will be ok…we are experiencing a loss in cabin pressure at the momenjbdj”…static…

I believe that MIB found Horace out in the woods a short time after Amy has Ethan. Going on the logic of MIB using emotions AND knowledge to trick someone into doing his deeds, he most likely assumed the form of Paul, Amys ex who was killed by the Others in “LaFleur”.
Just as he appeared as Christian to get Jack to the water/cave, John in the wheel chamber, and whoever else. MIB was doing nothing but setting in stone the circumstances he knew had to take place to make his dream come true…leaving that god-forsaken island.

I am left to assume from this that Ethan being abducted by the Others came possibly at some time before the purge…maybe at the cabin that Horace built in the woods for him and his family.
Like many of the other small things that happen in the past, certain things, no matter how miniscule, had to take place, and MIB knew that it could never happen without Ethan being an Other.
Ethan HAD to shoot John in the leg. Ethan had to help get Juliet to the island. Ethan HAD to infiltrate the Losties camp. And most importantly…Ethan HAD to be the others surgeon until…another one “fell out of the sky”…then his work was done.
Has to make you wonder if he was ever told “You can go now” by an invisible dead person right before he died…maybe his father told him.

We know Horace dies in the purge between 1988 and 1992, and Ben takes Alex in this time as well. Considering that Danielle had the baby seven months after arriving, it would have been 1989 when Ben took Alex…and leaving us with a three year period (1989-1992) when Horace could have actually built the cabin, and making this theory relevant…at least in terms of who built the cabin, why he built the cabin, and why MIB wanted him to build the cabin…all over little Ethan Rom.
But there is more to it in the long run…

“We may have been wrong about a few things. We need you to prepare for the worst ladies and gentlemen. Oceanic apologizes for the situation…and again..tjsad”…static…

This leads us to the last mystery of the cabin…WHY was the ash ring there?
My original thought was to imprison MIB in the cabin. Makes sense right? How do you stop a monster from running amok…put it in a cage…but due to the history we know of the ash, it has ONLY been used in keeping the monster out…logical, vs my imagination…lets try both…

The most logical choice would be to keep the monster out right? (wink at Emzi) Which makes sense because the ONLY time we see the ring of ash is to keep the monster out…never for imprisonment.

So why would jacob want to keep the monster out of the cabin?
Because the monster is Jacobs brother…and Jacob understands how he thinks, and more importantly how he plays his game.

MIB NEEDS to have a person alone to truly convince them of who he is. He needs to get a person in a situation where they are not thinking about anything else…where he can put pressure on without interference from Jacob or his “candidates/protectors”. The cabin was the perfect place to apply the pressure.
When the words “Help me” were spoken to John, he never for a second assumed that the voice came from anywhere outside the cabin…and even though he questioned him, he KNEW it was not Ben.

The cabin is where I believe MIB spoke to Ben long ago(maybe what Ben meant by “I thought I was summoning the monster, when I realized it was summoning me”), possibly again as his mother and how Ben was able to find it originally. This helps with another mystery…

MIB moves the cabin with each person he seduces and manipulates in his romance of achieving his dream of a brick house and a picket fence “Across the Sea”.
This is why nobody can find it UNTIL IT IS THEIR TURN to have MIBs pressure applied inside of his cabin. But we know this…even if we don’t want to admit it yet…

We know MIB was Christian Shepard. He said it, Claire said it, Jack knows it…and even the writers have spoken up and said that MIB was indeed Christian on the island.
That is why I say its not the inhabitant now that matters, its the person who built the cabin that is the key.

“Hold on folks, we seem to be stabilizing pressure…”…”Oceanic wants you to hjbcjhds”…static…
“What was that flash?”

That is why I lean more towards the ash imprisoning MIB…

We know that sometime before the purge/Rousseau having Alex taken, the cabin is built. And somewhere after that, but before September 23 2004, MIB is imprisoned. Roughly 1988 at the earliest…and 1992 at the latest…based on island events that we are aware of.

We know that the monster was on the island roaming in 2004 when the losties crashed. We also see someone else that same day…that should not be there as he is…Christian Shepard.
The monster was free, therefor the ash ring was broken.

So lets go back to poor Mr. Goodspeed and his lovely family.
I think there is a possibility that Ethan was not just taken, but saved by none other than Mrs. Goodspeed, or Amy…or Amelia…the Other that was in Juliets house before the bookclub meeting the day of the 815 crash. (See ANY of my “Amy…” theories as a reference for my reasoning behind believing Amy is Amelia)

I believe that Horace, Amy, and young Ethan were in the cabin that Paul, Amy’s dead exhusband/lover/spouse/(MIB) told Horace to build.
I believe that MIB appeared at the cabin as Paul, and told them Ethan had to go to the Others, to which they believed him and did so in an effort to save Ethans life…which they did…because Ethan HAD to live to do the things that he did.

Horace then took Amy and Ethan to the “Others”, and told them what was happening.
The Others forcibly take Amy with them against her will, even though Horace knows it will save her life as well…maybe even at Horaces request. They gave Horace the Ash and told him to go to the cabin, explaining its ability and what his friend giving him advice really is. Horace makes his way back to the cabin, and surrounds it with the ash trapping MIB inside.

Then, Horace goes back to Dharmaville AWARE of the news about the purge that is coming, but can rest peacefully knowing that his wife and son are safe…so he finds a nice seat on a bench alone…and waits peacefully for the inevitable.
The others, knowing now that the DI leader is all but out of commission…intelligently strike at the perfect time…

As easy as the purge was, it takes the Others quite a while to make Amy come around and realize that she and Horace did what is best for their son. She plays the game, but also remembers seeing her dead husband, and knowing Horace’s fate…makes her way back to the cabin after gaining the Others trust a few years later…but Amy didn’t realize that she, like Ben was actually being summoned by someone.

Having NO trouble finding the cabin, Amy arrives and speaks to the Man in Black…who looks again like Paul, or maybe even Horace.
He tells her that they can be a family again…tells her that they can live together on the island forever…
He tells her she can have whatever she wants most in the world…all she has to do is one thing for him…break the ash ring so he is able to leave.

This all leads to Ilana and Bram arriving at the cabin. Their words before the cabin was torched were possibly misinterpreted by us all at the time. I dont believe that she would be looking for Jacob there, because he is at the staue, and gave her instructions during his off island visit when she was wounded. Ilana, if anyone, knew where to find Jacob. They had Johns body and were trying to show the face of the enemy to everyone, and trying to kill or possibly even trap MIB…

“He is not here”…meaning MIB…
“Someone else has been using it”…meaning whoever he was at the time…Christian, Paul, Horace….

Ilana ordered the cabin to be burned because she knew what MIB used it for…maybe she was even tricked there herself. I actually think that it may be possible that the cabin itself was the key or energy source for MIB changing forms. Remember…her answer to why MIB wont change forms was “because he can’t anymore”, not because Jacob was dead…that was simply an assumption.

“Well folks, I don’t think you’ll be needing those masks…there is a bigger problem now…”

Whether you’re in the cabin on an Oceanic flight, or the cabin in the woods of the Lost Island, chances are you will experience a false sense of security…a drastic change in cabin pressure…and then it will crash and burn around you…

“Thank you all for flying Oceanic…this is your pilot, A.E.S. speaking…Have a nice day…”

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So there I was, settling in to watch my second favorite TV show–House–the other night. It starts out with an old fashioned 18th century ship in a storm on the sea. What? This isn’t Princeton, New Jersey! Cut to the inside of the hull, where overcrowded slaves are in chains moaning and groaning and getting seasick. (The Black Rock, anyone?) The evil captain comes down and drags one of them above to be thrown overboard, as he frantically says good-bye to his son. After this, a flash of light and a “whooshing” sound bring the scene to a calm sea in 2010 where a family is vacationing on their cabin cruiser (which is very reminiscent of Desmond’s and Penny’s boat, “Our Mutual Friend.”) Add this to the recent addition of Cynthia Watros to the cast of House, and I wondered if this episode wasn’t a nod to Lost. So did anyone else catch it?

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As suggested by wolfx I’ve decided to extend October 2010’s Theory contest til the end of November, so it’ll be the Oct/Nov 2010 Theory contest.

I hope this is ok with everyone. Let me know if you have any ideas for future contests 🙂

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This is a post from Emzis TVUNCUT site voicing my opinion of the first two episodes of “The Event”…all comments can be found in the link…http://forum.tvuncut.net/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=2182

The pilot was good, not great. The one flaw of the episode was that it was obvious that the plane was not going to crash and kill every main character in the first episode…it would have been awesome…but it wasnt happening.
The second episode was miles above the pilot episode, it really should have been a two part premier. They had me for the first time having a sense of concern for the characters well being.

The fact that they actually killed all the other passengers was, in my opinion, a bold move from a network prime-time storytelling perspective in the second episode (maybe it was just the scene of bodies). I very much enjoyed that part. It also let us know that large unexpected deaths are very much in the realm of possibility on the show as well.

I liked the idea of the plane disappearing, and let it be known as I called out “wormhole”, immediately after the event took place, and although I blushed at the obvious…the show leaves me with that thought that it could be…something different…although…

The admittance to electromagnetic energy being involved early on was pushing the envelope of a wormhole…and a “Lost comparison”… and involving a plane doesnt help matters for “what would happen if Lost and 24 had a baby”, otherwise known as The Event…but I must say…so far it has delivered.

Im interested to see the way they take this…not so much the storyline, but how long the average viewer can take a show with many questions and little answers.
Im even more interested to see if it can keep myself and other former Lost viewers guessing and watching…or if we have already been there and done that, regardless of the reward…Im going to try and stick it out.

I said to a friend after the pilot that although I was interested, I wasnt 100% hooked.
When the opening scene of Lost began, I knew I was in for something special, and they had me GLUED to the screen for the episode. By the time the episode was over, I knew I would watch the season no matter what happened. But it wasnt until “Walkabout” that they had me forever. I knew when that episode was done that I would watch every single last scene of Lost until it was off the air.

The Event is not LOST, although it has the potential to be “THE EVENT!!!”. But it needs its “Walkabout” episode. ALL shows of this nature need a “walkabout” episode. A single moment, a single character that will make you stick through the rough patches of a long-lived show. None of my forever dramas survive without a “walkabout” episode. It needs something that no matter what happens, an event in a single characters life is more important than that plane disappearing.
Kidnapping wont cut it. Mass slaughter wont cut it.

But what…or should I say who may cut it is Sophia. (Laura Innes, wonderful actress, actually suprised she never cameoed on Lost)
Her story COULD be the one that makes me love The Event, if its done well…

As for what our “Event Others” are…

I will not believe it is aliens until they blatantly say so on the show…for the moment, I’ll lean on an alternate universe or parallel dimensional race from none other than Earth.
My final answer…

They are human. Maybe from a parallel/alternate universe…but Im going to go with people from the future of earth (yes Im calling time travel)…maybe the last of the people of earth before it is destroyed…evolved, as everything does over time into better humans…humans 2.0 if you will…

Im not sure the cause, or reasoning for their return, or the end of the world…but I would imagine more humans and advanced science have something to do with it.

Good start, has my attention…now it just has to get up and “walkabout”…

4/5**** so far…let me know your thoughts…

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Hey everyone! Here is the subject for this months theory contest. As it’s the month of Halloween I thought I’d come up with a subject that is kinda “spooky” (at least it seemed that way when we were first introduced to it!). Yup, I’m talking about “The Cabin”. (This was also suggested by shephards_flocke last month) 🙂

So, basically, explain the whole story behind the cabin. Who was there the first time Locke and Ben went there? Why/how does it move? Who’s eye did Hurley see? What’s with the ash ring? Is it protecting the outside or inside etc. etc. Loads of things happened with this cabin but when trying to fit the pieces together with what we know about Jacob and MIB, it just doesn’t all add up.

So you have to come up with a theory that explains most of its mystery and tie it all together.

– Enjoy! xx

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I would like to comment that the theories presented in this round were as valid as any other, in my opinion. Great stuff all. I don’t think one could pick and choose a theory just because it is the one (sounds sort of Matrix like doesn’t it?) as opposed to; it feels like it’s a better fit for me. The latter thought probably reflecting an essence of the Lost drama…interpretation, perception and democracy. Why I’m here! No…I am not pushing the Democrats.
Now on a business note, I would like to request my submission be declared void http://www.theoriesonlost.com/2010/09/who-is-the-good-guy-anyway-theories-contest/ wrt this month’s gala as stated in my theory string, not to be confused with String Theory or Big Bang Theory, the TV show not…OK, I stop rambling now. If you want more TV WEB discussion maybe Admin knows where, admins know stuff. In addition, it would be less than honest if I were to say I was worried there was a chance to prevail.
Although, I believe the theory to be valid, it flounders by attacking one of the show’s fundamentals wrt the idea of Good vs Evil. The theory basically says, Good and Evil are interchangeable. And it goes on to say; Good and Evil being unnecessary discrete states why shall they be considered apart. At least that’s what I say now ha..ha. Unintentional as it was, it was an off-the-cuff thought and based on opinion of real reality (can that be said?) inversely related to .. what else, Lost, but in retrospect — morbidly boring TV commentary indeed. Elaborating, ‘not what you call a prime time winning composition’. Yes, I do owe you one after this!.
Besides, not that it is important, I don’t think the producers were on that track. Their version would have been more like Good and Evil are distinct states arrived at by situational events as opposed to preexisting states that require occupancy; a chicken and egg thing, this of course debatable as well.
I will say submissions from this camp for the competition of the month future, will not be consistent with this one’s. ie I intend not to revoke any future offerings (that’s what I say now ha…ha). Didn’t think it was ‘proper’ to ask to delete the particular entry after the amount of elapsed time since submission. There is such a thing called IT Etiquette, you know.
Thanks to Admin for this and the idea of hosting this debate as well as allowing thoughts to be shared, or if you wish me to speak for myself…mine.
Without the series airing anymore, this forum has been a great continuance. Good fun! Hope it goes on and on.
Looking forward to the next Theory of the Month!

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Hey everyone! Thanks to everyone who submitted an theory to the September 2010 Theory Contest. They all were fab! Now it’s time to vote! Use the following form to submit your vote. You are able to vote for yourself, but it’d be nice if you didn’t 🙂

[poll id=”2″]

As a recap, here are the links to the theories:

To keep us watching (Sept comp) by Tas

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September Theory Contest by Clairespeanutbutter

September Theory Contest [Seth Norris’ Death] by Inquisitor

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Sept2010Contest- Standing up to the Monster by bobt

Wrong Place, Wrong Time. Sept. theory contest entry. by Achalli

Who is the good guy anyway – Theories Contest ? by wolfx

Voting is open until 31st October 2010. The Theory Contest for October 2010 will be up in a couple of days! Have fun! x

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For suspense and to get us to tune in next week. I don’t think there was any other motive (when written and aired) than as a set piece to up the stakes as such. They are on an adventure to find the cockpit for the radio. Wow, pilot is alive, great, brilliant, oh crap weird smoke thing just grabbed him and ripped him to pieces. As AES said, for both the viewers and characters, how does that happen? It also provides an element of suspense rather than surprise over the smoke monster (when you know what could happen, all encounters are more suspensful). It changes the scene from an adventure to a thriller, and for the viewers, lets us know early on that this isn’t an ordinary ‘people crash landed on a deserted island’ story, something else is going on here and it’s weird, supernatural, mean and scary.
I think that later on as the story developed and other characters were introduced, the writers came back to Seth to add depth to the story, for eg. how do we connect Lapidus to the losties? what if he was meant to be there, how? lets make him the original pilot, it also helps to question Widmore’s fake.
They were going to kill someone in that episode before even the major characters and storylines were hashed out, Jack was an option which means that his character arc and massive importance to the ending wasn’t anywhere near thought of or developed. This is why I don’t think there was any pre awareness or meaning behind his death other than to get us to keep watching and to scare the losties, to give them some knowledge of what they were up against.

I know this theory has come from a bit of a different perspective as some of the others. I don’t feel I can see Lost as a piece that was complete when it was started, if that makes sense. I don’t think they had many of the details sorted out at all until they got there, so I’m looking at this from the what did it mean as they wrote it perspective, how did it progress the story then and there.

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A.E.S.’ wonderful (as always) entry post really brought a unique perspective to the purpose of Smokie’s scan. [Please read it first as it deserves no spoiling.]

{scroll down – but not much to continue this exercise}

So, who are all the people we know Smokie scanned – and was there a manifestation of a painful memory apparition in response. (And, I don’t mean ‘painful’ in the Nikki bit by a spider way – though it would be interesting to include/consider those as well – like Kate’s horse …)

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I think the Oceanic 815 Pilot was killed by Jacob although it was MIB that appeared to have performed the evil deed simply because Jacob didn’t want the candidates to have exit capabilities off the Island once they became captives.
Jacob was also responsible for blowing up the freighter in S4 (I think) and well as killing the Ajira flight pilot in 5 for similar reason. I believe Christian; who appeared to Michael before he died or got blown to pieces to be precise, while on the freightor, was Jacob because we now know the MIB could not “fly” over water. And who else had that supernatural ability to perform as such at that time?
Also I think Jacob and MIB did not kill Frank because he was a candidate. Remember, Frank was originally to be the 815 pilot but was replaced suspiciously beforehand.
My theory folks!

September 2010 Theory Contest

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Hey everyone! Welcome to the first theory contest! Let’s see how this goes 🙂

So, as it’s September, I thought it would be a good idea to have this months contest be about The Pilot. It’s been nearly 6 whole years since The Pilot and I don’t think we ever got a reasonable answer as to why the pilot of Oceanic 815 was killed by the monster.

Was he a candidate? Was “Smokey” expecting it to be Frank? Was “Smokey” just in a bad mood that day?

Post your theories in the normal way but please make a note in the title or the post itself that it’s a contest entry, and then post a link to it in the comments section of this post 🙂

Have fun! I’m going to enjoy reading your theories!

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Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since I last posted anything here. I’m really pleased that some of you still take the time to post stuff here even after Lost has ended 🙂

I wanted to get your opinion on something. I was thinking that every month we could have a Theory Contest where I select a mystery that was unexplained on the show, and you have to submit a theory to explain it. Then at the end of the month there’s a vote on which theory is the best. Obviously, I’m unable to give away real prizes, it’s more just for fun and a way to keep the site more active.

I know most of you probably don’t want to think about Lost now that it’s over, but I know some of you may enjoy the idea. So, let me know what you think, if you’d be willing to join in etc. If it’s a bad idea feel free to let me know 🙂

Namaste x

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Hey did anyone ever suggest that Jack would be the new smoke monster? Cus it makes sense in a lot of ways.

– MIB was more trustworthy of science as Jack was, where the new leader of the island Hurley is probably more of a faith guy, like Jacob.

– he woke up in the same place, or at least in the same body position, as MIB after entering the light cave thingy.

– in purgatory Kate said she waited for Jack so long, like at the time I took it as she just had to wait her whole life until she died, but maybe she had to wait til however long Jack’s spirit as the smoke monster got off the island as well. It explains why removing the cork made MIB mortal, so he was able to die and pass on. The same has to happen for Jack to pass on perhaps?

– it be pretty cool.

Thinking about this even more, perhaps anybody who enters the light who is not “permitted” like say Desmond was, turns into the smoke monster. But I dont think turning into the smoke monster necessarily means that person is going to be evil or have a grudge against the protector of the island. That gives more reason to why the writers would characterize MIB so much, he had a single, human motivation. Perhaps it wasn’t his destiny or assignment to be against Jacob, he just chose to be.

So maybe while Hurley and Ben were running things, they talked to a very nice and accommodating Smokie Jack and they just had to find Desmond again so they could let Jack pass on. But knowing Jack, perhaps he pushed that off for awhile, and lent Hurley and Ben a hand on the island. I mean, we know smokie can move a lot of shit, plus Jack would be a good leader while Hurley and Ben were off island.

The writers said the show was about the characters, and it was, and all the shit that the Losties went through were result of Jacob’s and MIB’s character. MIB was pissed (who wouldn’t be, his life wasn’t that great, psycho mom and all) so a lot of shit happened. And perhaps Jacob could have easily went over seas and just gave a few people a job application to take over the island, but he and his brother liked to play games, so they did.  they both got a God complex or something. And you know what? Thank goodness cus there wouldn’t have been much of a show if the two of them just hugged it out and got along.

Oh and another thing…

…like the mysterious Mom of Jacob and MIB, she was probably both the protector and the smoke monster. Like why not be both? But then if the same procedure had to happen with the cork being removed to make smokie mortal, how she was killed so easily? My answer, it’s fricken LOST and there was probably a loophole or exception that really doesn’t have much logic behind it, but you just have to go with it.

Like maybe because she was both smokie and the light protector allowed her death to be easier, or honestly the fact she didn’t get first word in, or maybe just because the rules don’t apply to her as much. It’s LOST, if the show ever had a straight set of definitive rules the show would have been called FOUND.

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