I was reading a theory earlier, I’m not sure which one it was (sorry), but in the comments someone mentioned when Juliet had a meeting with Richard before coming to the Island – he showed Juliet an x-ray of what appeared to be a 70-year-old woman, but Richard said it was in fact a 26-year-old woman.

So, we know Richard hasn’t aged a day since meeting Ben (if that was in fact Richard).

So what if the rest of The Others are like that too?

If the women aren’t ageing a day like Richard, then perhaps they’re still thought of as ’26-year-olds’ (and still look like ’26-year-olds’), but are actually 70-year-olds, and their bodies are ageing inside rather than outside?

What if in fact, the x-ray Juliette saw was really that of a 70-year-old?

It’s obvious the x-ray belonged to an Other on the Island, and that’s why Richard wanted Juliette to come to the Island to investigate.

But if all the ’26-year-olds’ are actually 70-year-olds, then that explains alot why most women die during pregnancy.

Maybe that’s why Claire was successful in having a healthy baby, and I believe that Sun won’t die either.

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I haven’t posted a theory on this site in a while, but that’s mainly because I can never think of anything good or interesting. I think now though, I have. I apologise if this has been posted on a similar level already. Feel free to let me know of any similar theories to this. 🙂

I think the events that are happening with Desmond and his going from 2004-1996, are very similar to those in the film, The Butterfly Effect (one of my favourite films!).

I think that when Desmond went back to 1996 those events did actually already happen, but like Evan in The Butterfly Effect he’d suffer ‘blackouts’ at a certain point when he was coming back from the future.

So, the whole story of Desmond going to see Daniel in 1996, going to see Penny’s father, going to see Penny herself, all those events I think did happen anyway, it’s just that Desmond suffered ‘blackouts’ whilst these events happened.

Isn’t it true that Desmond got kicked out of the Army? Could it be because he’d suffered these ‘blackouts’ and couldn’t remember what had happened to him, therefore the Army saw him as unfit to carry out his duties?

It does also explain why Penny has been looking for Desmond for 3 years! (We already know Penny was looking for him before he went back to 1996).

And the reason Daniel may have forgotten his encounter with Desmond is because of all the radiation his head has been exposed to – it’s bound to have some sort of effect on him (i.e. forgetfulness!)

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As much as I’m against the whole ‘Time Travel’ theories going around (not because they’re not plausible in any way, just because I don’t want time travel to be a factor in Lost) – I have to say that there is a clue in the first season of Lost that could be viable to the ‘Time Travel Phenomenon’.

Well, actually, not ‘Time Travel’ as such, but re-living moments over and over again until you get them right (in a Ground Hog day kindof sense).

In one of the earlier episodes of Season One (episode 4 I think), Jack is speaking to Rose. They have a conversation about how they were sat near each other on the plane, and Jack mentions that his seat was 23A.

In the finale episodes, there is a flash back to Jack at the airport and he’s speaking with Ana Lucia at the bar, and they discuss their seat numbers. Jack looks at his ticket and he tells her he’s sat in 23B.

Ok, we know from the Pilot that Jack was originally sat in 23A, and when he moves out of his seat to, presumably go to the bathroom, the turbulance hits and he ends up sitting in 23C.

When they’re burning the bodies from the fuselage, Claire is reading out names of the people that died, and she mentions someone sat in 23C (I didn’t hear any name, so who knows what she was refering to).

Anyway, ignore that for a second.

So we know that Jacks seat was 23A in the Pilot. In the flash back of him talking to Ana Lucia, he tells her his seat is 23B.


Maybe they’re reliving the crash over and over again until they get the outcome right. Perhaps the Pilot was the original crash, and then the scene with Ana Lucia was perhaps them reliving the crash again – but something changed slightly in events for him to get seat 23B instead of 23A.

Or am I making a mountain out of a mole hill and this was just a simple mistake by the writers? It seems to big a mistake to make though, I mean, how hard would it have been to go back to the episode with Jack telling Rose he’s sat in 23A and make sure that’s what he tells Ana Lucia?

Could it be that the writers did it on purpose and that it’s supposed to be a huge clue as to what’s happening?

Could the flash forward in the Season 3 Finale just be one of the many outcomes that has happened because the Losties didn’t do the course of events correctly?

Could it be that I’m just completely mad? 🙂

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Ok, I read this theory last night: http://lost-theories.com/theories/2008/aug/01/shape-macro-theories-come/

It was mentioned that Daniel Faraday was the voice heard in the new Orientation Video that’s come to light (at Comic Con) and that he was there with Peter Cheng 30 years ago. And I am inclined to believe that.

It was mentioned that Daniel Faraday was the voice heard in the new Orientation Video that’s come to light (at Comic Con) and that he was there with Peter Cheng 30 years ago. And I am inclined to believe that.

What if, when the Island dissapeared, Daniel and the rest of the boat went with the Island, but to the Island 30 years ago?

He met Peter Cheng there and told him where he’s come from and what’s happened to the Island in those 30 years. That’s how Peter Cheng new of the purge and who the president of the USA is.

What if Daniel recorded that message and put in a place where Charlotte or another Lostie would find it in the future? What if it’s a message to them to let them know that Daniel is now stuck 30 years in the past and they need to find a way to get him back?

And if they don’t find a way of getting him back from the past – could there be a much older Daniel on the Island somewhere? Could he have died in the purge’ or could he be Jacob?

Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but there’s alot of theories on here to go through. 🙂

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