I just thought of the following. I don’t know if anyone noticed this before.

First, let’s recall the scene where Locke tells Richard that he’ll find himself bleeding with a bullet in his foot. He told him to extract his bullet and tell him that he needs to die in order for everyone to return to the island. Richard goes and does as Locke told him to do…

…or does he? Richard actually did more than this.

If we recall the scene from the point of view of bleeding Locke time-flashing (first episode of Season 5), he sees Richard appear out of nowhere with a torch. After Richard removes the bullet from Locke’s leg, he gives him a compass and tells him to give it to himself the next time he sees him, and that Richard himself won’t know who he is when he does: “I’m not going to recognise you”. Then he tells Locke that he needs to bring everyone back, and that, in order to do this, John has to die (as the other Locke told him to tell him).

However, the compass thing was something that the other Locke didn’t tell him to do… yet Richard did it. Not only that, he somehow knew exactly where Locke was going to time-flash next. This makes me suspect that Richard knows more about the island than we think. Maybe he can somehow manipulate time, and maybe that’s the reason why he appears not to age?

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Hi all. First post here. 🙂

I’ve been following the theories posted here, especially those pertaining to Richard Alpert. I don’t quite agree that this guy does not age. Rather, I believe that Richard ages normally like all the other people, and it is due to time travelling that he appears not to age. After all, when Charles Widmore ‘rescued’ Locke after he emerged in Tunisia when he exited the island, he told him that he hadn’t changed at all after around 50 years of not seeing him. And we actually do see a different Richard Alpert in one episode: when he talks to boy Ben about his mother and about maybe joining them. There, Richard looked very different.

Also, when Locke tells Richard “I’ve never seen someone who doesn’t age… it doesn’t mean it can’t happen”, Richard tells him “I’m this way because of Jacob”. That doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t age! He just says that his appearance is that way because of Jacob. Maybe Jacob allows Richard to time-travel a lot… who knows?

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Matthew explained to Locke that he advises people on what paths to take in life and Ben explained to Sun that Richard is an adviser. My theory is that Matthew was the advisor off the Island and Richard is the advisor on the Island. Hopefully Matthew will come back in season 6 and explain what was the miracle that happen on his walkabout. The miracle which he talked about I think is, Jacob saved his life and maybe gave him eternal youth like Alpert. Although it’s too hard to tell about the eternal youth part.

As I’m a little confused about the eternal youth that appears on the show, can those who posses it die by being harmed physically not biologically?

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Written on 10th April

Ok so i started off thinking about the 4 toed statue today and i started looking to possible egyptians gods it could be. I thought anubis, hmm

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Stating the obvious perhaps. Here’s the evidence:

When Ben was resurrected he was purged of his innocence, knowing that time and fate is in control of humanity and humanity is NOT in control of time and fate. Ben had to kill his father to become an Other like Locke – he did finally after the purge. He wouldn’t of if he didn’t have to, but I am sure he had little remorse in doing so as he was so abusive. It is also clear that Ben’s girl, Annie had a real relationship with Ben, and Ben truly loved her. She may have died or had to leave – he was still holding the doll in ‘Man behind the Curtain’, we will hear from her again now the Losties are in the Past, up until the Incident ‘1985’. en showed signs of remorse after taking part in the purge, when he closed Horaces’ eyes, an individual he obviously loved. I believe, given the circumstances, Linus is relatively a good Other.

He has lost his innocence and will, like all the Others do what is necessary to protect the Island, which he is loyal to. However the last scene when he closed Horaces’ eyes really did it for me, I do believe Ben has become ‘unconcerned of whom he hurts’ because he understands fate, and that it would not make a difference – and therefore he has lost his innocence, and can never from our perspective be seen as Good. But before he was Good, and he is still Good in a different way. Sure he’s killed people, but they were going to die anyway – that’s the nature of the show – fate. In real life fate for me cannot be percieved therefore I wouldn’t condone violence – but in the show, why not. Ben Is Good – If you knew 1,000,000 lives will be jeaprodised in the long run – would you kill 1,000 to stop it? Ben’s innocent good side still shows, and I hope he reverts back to it at the end of the show and reunites with Annie, because you may aswell be good and innocent if fate needs no accomplice.


In order to join the others properly, Locke had to kill his own Father just like Ben had to. His father did not appreciate Locke at all for himself. It is questionable whether this was his real father as his mother said he was immaculately concieved like Jesus. Anyway, that’s a bit off topic – please see my other theory on Locke.

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John Locke became an Other by himself, out of his own ‘free will’, with no direct convincing or interaction. He could see Jacob without resurrection, Jacob also clearly only speaks to one at a time, Ben is also trying to control Jacob, ‘You can stop your games now!’.

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Ok, so after watching this Onion News video today about the Pervertasuarus, and then discussing lost theories with my friend, I have come to a terrifying conclusion on the part that children play on the island and why they are a reocurring theme and a vital point in the series, yet seem to appear so sparingly.

The Lost island and it’s consituents are part of the super adventure club. They worked closely with it’s creator, and discovered that children contain something called metachlorians (sp?). Metachlorians make humans immortal, and are contained in the body of children (so says the creator of the super adventure club). Why is Richard Alpert ageless? Why is it that Christiand and Locke have new life, and seem to be immortal? They have been buggering kids. That is why the hostiles seemed to kidnap all of the children from the airplane, and seemed to take ethan and Benjamin, assumably among other kids. They gave them to Richard so he could be immortal. Not only this, but why did Christian take Claire in the night? And where the heck did she go. She must be buggered out of her mind by now, and needs some alone time. Thats why Christian shows up everywhere and never goes away, he’s the abnoxcious kind of immortal thanks to innocent claire.

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I have a strange feeling that Daniel Faraday is the son of Richard Alpert.

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So, watching the first two episodes again, I was thinking…..

Remember when Richard was dissapointed John Locke didn’t pick the compass as one of his items, and instead picked the knife.

In the first episode of season 5, we now have this conversation:

RICHARD: Second thing–no, no, pay attention. Next time we see each other, I’m not gonna recognize you. All right? You give me this. All right?

(Richard hands Locke something small, something we’ve seen before.)

LOCKE: What is this?

RICHARD: It’s a compass.

LOCKE: What does it do?

RICHARD: It points north,

I am thinking now the Compass is a sort of identification and notification system set up by the OTHERS, or HOSTILES or whatever to ensure safety from there own people. Obviously the time element is all over the place, so I am guessing Richard (and his people) were at a point where they make an agreement to trust anyone who has the COMPASS.

Now thinking back to the test, by Locke not picking the compass, Richard knows John’s not ready to be the leader….or further more, the Frozen Donkey wheel has not yet been moved.

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