I’ll say it again just incase, Do not read this if you have not seen the Lost finale and/or the epilogue included on the Lost Season 6 DVD

Anyway, if you have seen the epilogue, does anyone know what Hurley meant by the “job” for Walt? In a way I think the whole epilogue kind of left viewers guessing than answering some questions, but my guess was for Walt to take over as the ‘Man in charge’, and Walt was the ‘New’ leader.

The Dharma Initiative was explained as to why the islander’s were still getting food drops, but other than that I can’t think of anything that was answered.

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Hey did anyone ever suggest that Jack would be the new smoke monster? Cus it makes sense in a lot of ways.

– MIB was more trustworthy of science as Jack was, where the new leader of the island Hurley is probably more of a faith guy, like Jacob.

– he woke up in the same place, or at least in the same body position, as MIB after entering the light cave thingy.

– in purgatory Kate said she waited for Jack so long, like at the time I took it as she just had to wait her whole life until she died, but maybe she had to wait til however long Jack’s spirit as the smoke monster got off the island as well. It explains why removing the cork made MIB mortal, so he was able to die and pass on. The same has to happen for Jack to pass on perhaps?

– it be pretty cool.

Thinking about this even more, perhaps anybody who enters the light who is not “permitted” like say Desmond was, turns into the smoke monster. But I dont think turning into the smoke monster necessarily means that person is going to be evil or have a grudge against the protector of the island. That gives more reason to why the writers would characterize MIB so much, he had a single, human motivation. Perhaps it wasn’t his destiny or assignment to be against Jacob, he just chose to be.

So maybe while Hurley and Ben were running things, they talked to a very nice and accommodating Smokie Jack and they just had to find Desmond again so they could let Jack pass on. But knowing Jack, perhaps he pushed that off for awhile, and lent Hurley and Ben a hand on the island. I mean, we know smokie can move a lot of shit, plus Jack would be a good leader while Hurley and Ben were off island.

The writers said the show was about the characters, and it was, and all the shit that the Losties went through were result of Jacob’s and MIB’s character. MIB was pissed (who wouldn’t be, his life wasn’t that great, psycho mom and all) so a lot of shit happened. And perhaps Jacob could have easily went over seas and just gave a few people a job application to take over the island, but he and his brother liked to play games, so they did.  they both got a God complex or something. And you know what? Thank goodness cus there wouldn’t have been much of a show if the two of them just hugged it out and got along.

Oh and another thing…

…like the mysterious Mom of Jacob and MIB, she was probably both the protector and the smoke monster. Like why not be both? But then if the same procedure had to happen with the cork being removed to make smokie mortal, how she was killed so easily? My answer, it’s fricken LOST and there was probably a loophole or exception that really doesn’t have much logic behind it, but you just have to go with it.

Like maybe because she was both smokie and the light protector allowed her death to be easier, or honestly the fact she didn’t get first word in, or maybe just because the rules don’t apply to her as much. It’s LOST, if the show ever had a straight set of definitive rules the show would have been called FOUND.

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Ben killed Widmore as Charles whispered something important to Flocke.

In the first scene we saw Ben and Charles together way back (season 4?), Ben had creeped into his bedroom off island and they had that ambiguous conversation which shed a little light on the rules.
Ben could have just as easily exacted his revenge for Alex’s death then and there, but couldn’t, as the rules wouldn’t allow it.
What changed the rules for Ben?
It reminded me of the scene where Locke was on the verge of commiting suicide until Ben saved him at the last second. As soon as John mentioned Ms Hawkings name, Linus mercilessly strangled him. Why?

It made me realize, we still aren’t certain of Ben motives, maybe he is still on some mission that he is keeping well hidden. Ben always seems to know more than he has let on, what does he know and what has he been up to?

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I just remembered this morning, what happened to that package Ben had hidden in the hotel air vent back in season 5 (i think it was 5)? We saw him take it with him as he and Jack prepared for the Ajira flight. Is it like the timeflashing outrigger gunfight, an idea that was eventually scrapped so will not be resolved, or do you think it will come up in the finale?

If it does it seems sneaky little Ben might still have some tricks up his sleeve, maybe hes pulling a Sawyer-esque con on Flocke, that will lead to his redemption. With 2 1/2 hours to go, anyone have any ideas what that is or do you think thats the last we’ve seen of it?

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The key to the series was Season Five’s 16th episode, The Incident. This is how the show is going to end. Just like MIB can be numerous people (MIB, Locke, etc.) so can Jacob. So at the end of the series, I am unsure of how they will exactly get there, it is going to be new Jacob portrayed as Jack and new MIB portrayed as Locke. The two will be sitting on the beach just like in the episode, The Incident, and a new boat, plane, train or taxi filled with new people will be on their way to the island to start the process all over again.

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This is my big theory. It will contain everything I believe about LOST so far. Based on last night’s episode, I think this will be good.

Background Information
The Island – The Island itself is an amazing place. It holds down an immense store of evil, preventing it from unleasing Hell on earth and destroying the good in everyone. This evil is burried under the Island, and is held back by two massive stores of energy. The Island moves and hides to prevent anyone from unleashing the evil upon an unsuspecting world.
The Protector – The Protector of the Island has one job: make sure the evil stays on the Island. To do this, he has special powers, such as natural immortality (I use this term to distinguish it from absolute immortality. Natural immortality prevents a natural death, while absolute immortality prevents both natural and man-caused death), healing, the ability to influence people’s thoughts, and the Touch are all I’m sure of.
The Touch – What is the Touch? The Touch is the ability of the Protector to gift others to aid in protecting the Island. This gift can come in different forms, depending on the person it is given to and the person giving it.
The Story of Jacob and Flocke
Jacob is the son of a previous Protector, but not the oldest. His older brother, Flocke, was to become the next Protector. (Alt. version: Jacob is the Protector’s nephew, and Flocke is the Protector’s son) His mother, however, distrusted Flocke. She thought that he shouldn’t become the next Protector, and set out to give that title to Jacob (either her younger son or nephew). She tricked Jacob and Flocke into going to play down by the Frozen Donkey Wheel (it was made ages before as a “faucet” for one of the energy pockets). Not knowing that is was connected to one of the energy pockets trapping the evil, Flocke turned it. This let out an enormous amount of energy, giving the Island its special properties, but also letting out the evil from beneath the Island.
This evil came out in the form of black smoke, and killed Flocke. With Flocke dead, his mother quickly pushed for Jacob to become the next Protector. The title was granted, and Jacob inherited his powers. Unfortunately, they soon found that Flocke had returned. The evil had revived Flocke’s body and taken it. The new, evil Flocke awoke to find that his “crazy” mother had helped set up his brother/cousin as the new Protector. This made him furious. He turned into the Smoke Monster and killed everyone but Jacob. Because Jacob was the Protector, Flocke was not allowed to kill him. In Flocke’s eyes, Jacob had something to do with the scheme his mother has devised, and thus he felt betrayed. The evil in him gave him a more important resolve, though, and that was to escape the Island and corrupt the world.
Jacob quickly discovered what had happened, and decided to hold Flocke on the Island. When he realized the plot made by Flocke’s mother, he was appalled. Unfortunately, he couldn’t give the title back to Flocke, him being evil. From that point on, Jacob and Flocke were locked in a strong disagreement. Flocke, being evil itself, felt that all man was inherently evil and would ultimately live a life of sin. I want to clarify here that the belief isn’t evil, and doesn’t make one evil. However, it is like the liar’s suspicion. If one lies a lot, he distrusts everyone. In the same way, if one is evil, he feels that others are also evil. Jacob believed that, even though man did wrong, he was ultimately capable of rising above and being good. This caused Jacob to begin bringing men to the Island so as to prove man’s goodness, possibly holding Flocke back and decreasing his power. Finally, we reach the season five finale scene. The Black Rock lands, and Flocke’s escape plan begins.
The First Candidate
When Richard comes to the Island, Flocke believes he has found a loophole. He attempts to manipulate Richard into killing Jacob, which fails. At this point, Jacob realizes that he can’t stop Flocke forever. He decided he needs to be ready in case he dies. By offering Richard the job and by Touching (not just touching, such as the fight, but the Touch after Richard’s request) him, he nominated Richard as the first candidate to replace him.
Flocke’s Plan
Later, Flocke’s form became too old. Having died, it wasn’t exactly in shape to live forever. Thus, he decided to find a new form. Having gained his body-cloning powers by being the Smoke Monster, he looked for a new body. He tried many, such as some from the Black Rock and eventually DHARMA, he was not satisfied. He wanted one he knew he could use to make his loophole. Finally, he saw Locke. Locke had just flashed when Flocke saw him. He began following, and took the form of a dead Other to watch. Eventually, he ssaw Locke’s conversation with Richard, telling him to see him once he’s born. Flocke decided that Locke was his target. So he begins scheming. Jacob also saw Locke, but took little interest.
The Losties
In 1974, Jacob found the time-travelling Losties in DHARMA. He realized at that moment that something was going on. He knew that the FDW would be pushed one day, and that the only person who could be behind such a thing would be Flocke. Pushing the FDW again would allow Flocke to grow to full strength, dispel some of the Island’s ability to protect itself, and ultimately allow the death of Jacob. Jacob left the Island and began Touching people, based on their situation. In ’77, he Touched some more people.
Before I go to 2004, let me speak on DHARMA. They found the Island by accident in a sub in the 1950s, and quickly discovered its unique properties. The two pockets of energy intrigued them, and they built the Orchid and Swan to study them. Early on, they turned the FDW, and discovered the Island’s time-travelling abilities. Unfortunately, this awakened the at-this-time inactive Flocke, and thus they had to construct the sonic fence. After the Incident, the other energy pocket was unleashed, allowing Flocke free reign on the Island until the button was created. The blockage of energy with the button prevented Flocke from ever becoming too powerful at one time.
In 2004, Desmond failed to push the button. This signalled Flocke that it was time for him to manipulate. Jacob knew his time was short when Desmond first arrived (he realized that Desmond was already important because of his relationship with Charles Whidmore), and thus used him to bring Ocean 815. He quickly began working to narrow down his replacement. As Jacob worked, Flocke found Christian’s coffin. He destroyed Christian’s body and began using his form to manipulate the Losties. After Desmond turned the fail-safe key, all of the energy restricting Flocke dissipated. With no more restrictions on his power, the only thing getting in the way for him was the rule (this rule was established in the Island’s beginning): he couldn’t kill Jacob. Using his newfound power, he eventually made Ben and Locke turn the FDW, which eventually gave Flocke his new body as Locke.
So, now, Jacob works from beyond the grave to quickly get himself replaced and stop Flocke from leaving the Island. If Flocke does leave the Island, the Island itself will fall into destruction and essentially become Hell itself, while the rest of the world becomes infected by the evil from Flocke.
Answers to Important Questions
Wharfrat77 asked some good questions for this theory, and here are the answers:
“Who was in charge of the others during the Purge? MIB or Jacob” – In this theory, the Purge was the work of Flocke. He’d already seen Locke and was plotting his loophole, but realized that he couldn’t do everything with DHARMA and without Ben. To achieve this, he made sure Ben “wound up” inspecting the Tempest, where he would come begin plotting to kill DHARMA and join the others.
“if MIB, How did he trick the others to follow him? When did they start following him?” – All he needed was Ben. By tricking Ben, he got Ben to trick the Others.
“Where is Jacob at the time?” – Jacob was off-island Touching candidates.
“Did he bring DHARMA to the island?” – Jacob brought DHARMA to the Island in hopes of using them to permanently secure Flocke, but instead, Flocke tricked them into turning the FDW.

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One question has been bugging me really badly. Why could Ben kill Jacob, but Sayid couldn’t kill Flocke? Well, an answer recently came to me. What was the biggest difference between Ben and Sayid at that point? One thing I noticed was that Ben really wanted to kill Jacob. He was mad and upset, and hated Jacob at that point. Sayid, on the other hand, didn’t seem half as interested in wanting Flocke dead as he was in proving his goodness. And, at that point, Sayid’s scale was tipped towards evil, presumably the side Flocke is on. So, maybe they cannot be killed unless the attacker actually wants them dead. After all, Flocke could’ve made Ben kill Jacob, but he convinced him to manipulatively. So, that’s my idea.

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Here is my first theory ever on this site so if there is something wrong feel free to be ruthless in the comments section. I haven’t seen this theory before on this site, if it is let me know and post a link in the comments.

The MIB wants Jacob dead. However, he must follow some rules. They are that only a candidate can kill Jacob and that if Jacob is killed, a remaining candidate will replace Jacob very quickly. As well, if all candidates die, Jacob can’t be killed. This was a problem fo MIB because he were to convince a candidate to kill Jacob, another candidate would become the new Jacob with a new 360 candidates. Thus this would create a never ending cycle in which MIB never gets rid of the ‘Jacob presence’ on the island.

MIB’s loophole was that he would wait until there was one candidate remaining and convince that candidate to kill Jacob. By killing jacob this person is no longer a candidate, so there is no one to replace Jacob, thus MIB finally removes the ‘Jacob presence’ from the island.

Ben was not the remaining candidate (we’ve seen linus as one of the 360 numbers, so I’m assuming its ben and not Roger) but MIB thought he was. We know there is 6 remaining candidates (Kate, Jack, Sawyer, Sayid, Hurley, Kwon) and all 6 of these were in the 70’s during the incident (Kwon= Jin) and afterwards there bodies would have disappeared. I think MIB believed they died during the bomb explosion. As well, Richard told Sun (with MIB listening close by) that Richard saw them all die, so MIB knows they haven’t been able to avoid both him (MIB) and Richard for 30 years, so they are dead. This leaves Ben as the last candidate.

When Jacob said they’re coming, he meant the 6 candidates, which explains why MIB was so freaked out by those words. He now realizes that someone can replace Jacob. He knows that he only has a small amount of time until one of them replaces him, which is why he is in such a hurry to get off the island. He only has a certain amount of time until a new Jacob stops him from leaving.

Thanks for listening, now feel free to prove me wrong.

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This theory has to do with how I believe MiB intends to “return home”…and by that I am assuming he means off the island..sorry to anyone who already proposed Widmore’s sub is MiB’s way “home”…enjoy!

In the last episode, we see UnLocke (MiB) approach Ben (while Ben is digging his own grave) and tell him that “there is no better man for the job” to take care of the island after he (UnLocke/MiB) and his group of followers (Kate, Claire, Sawyer, Sayid and Jin? Also, whoever survived the temple massacre) leave. Additionally, he asks Ben to come to the Hydra station (isn’t that the underwater one?) where he’s headed. Last but not least, we see Widmore returning to the island on a submarine at the end of the episode.

Does anyone find it ironic that Widmore has been searching for the island for YEARS and YEARS, but just happens to find it and hop on a sub headed there IMMEDIATELY after Jacob dies? What if Jacob was the reason Widmore couldn’t find it for so long? It certainly wasn’t for lack of trying. Afterall, Widmore has many resources available to him, and I’m sure somehow he could have used Eloise Hawking’s Dharma station to predict its location. I’m sure he was smart enough to be spying on her off-island activities… What if Jacob was using his “powers” to mask the island from Widmore for all these years? Perhaps along with the ability to bring people to the island, he has the ability to hide the island, too! Then it would make sense that once Jacob died and no one was masking the island from Widmore, he immediately found it, and thus we are shown Widmore approaching the island.

Now back to UnLocke…what if Widmore’s sub is HOW UnLocke plans to leave with his followers and get off the island?!? The only way people (namely Locke and Ben – we don’t know how Richard and Jacob show up off-island periodically) have left the island so far involves the donkey wheel, but that can only transport the one person who turns it, and that person ends up in a Tunisian desert…so let’s eliminate that choice. Assuming UnLocke can’t turn into a smoke-monster shaped as a boat and float everyone to a mainland (ha ha!), I think that Widmore’s submarine is going to play a key part in UnLocke’s scheme to get off the island. The Hydra station, if I recall correctly from when Desmond and Charlie were there, has a means of communicating with submarines in range…thoughts anyone?

Now, we know that Jacob (or, should I say his spirit, since he is technically dead) already knew someone was coming because he told Hurley so. Jacob never mentions Widmore’s name, but let’s assume that Jacob did know exactly who it was. Jacob told Hurley something like, “he needs help getting here” and thus, sends Hurley and Jack to the lighthouse. Now, if Jacob had been exerting effort to mask the island from Widmore, I doubt he would all of a sudden be trying to help him get there just because he died. Perhaps, masking the island from Widmore POSTPONED Widmore’s arrival until the correct time (big surprise – more scheming) when his presence was needed. Perhaps now that Ben disappointed Jacob (as we are lead to believe from Miles’s explanation of Jacob’s last thoughts before Ben killed him), Jacob now has need to revert back to a previous leader – namely Widmore, because he was the leader before Ben (as far as we know). Simply stated, Jacob didn’t want Widmore there because Ben was handling things fine until Ben killed Jacob, so Jacob’s death allowed Widmore to find the island and Jacob now also wants Widmore back because Ben is disappointingly unreliable…AND apparently UnLocke/MiB wants Ben to take over the island, which can only mean Ben is now useless to Jacob’s cause.

It is interesting to note that Ilana lets Ben stay in her “group”, but we do not know if Ilana and Jacob’s plans are aligned because they no longer communicate now that Jacob is dead. So even if Jacob finds Ben useless, Ilana might not know this, or she simply might be trying to prevent UnLocke from getting one more person on the wrong side, so she lets Ben stay with her.

Whether or not Widmore knows what he is in for….well, who can say? Widmore did say to Locke that if he did not return to the island, the wrong side will win…Locke technically DID NOT return to the island because Ben had already killed him before he returned. Only his body went back…so I’m guessing that doesn’t count.. What if Widmore heard of Locke’s death and is now coming to the island to help Jacob’s side of the war (because he knew Locke’s not-returning would cause the war/provide the loophole)? Conversely, what if Widmore is returning because after hearing upon Locke’s death, Widmore knew MiB would win/want to leave the island, so he is providing MiB’s way off the island (the sub) in exchange for taking over the island after MiB leaves (in which case Ben will probably fight with him over right to the island)?

I think the second scenario might be more fitting as Widmore is conniving, but I believe something will happen to Ben so that Widmore is fighting against Jacob’s chosen candidate (in place of Ben) just like MiB and Jacob have been fighting for so many years….

I hope this makes sense, as I wrote it in a hurry as soon as it popped into my head! As always, thanks for reading my ramblings =)

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My opinions on what the alt is have been changing recently, especially after the last episode.
I know this isn’t an original idea, but something about the last episode struck me.

In the flash sideways we saw Ben discussing the principals incompetency with Arzt, when Ben suddenly gets the idea to take the principals job. I say suddenly, he actually gets the idea from who else but old Locke who interrupts their convo, and says, “maybe its time for a change”.
As we saw later, Ben made the right choice which involved not overthrowing the principal, but i just thought it was odd that it was Locke who put the idea in his head.

I don’t know how exactly, but could it be possible that some of the character interactions we are seeing are not who/what we think they are? Could MIB be manipulating people in the outside world in the alt?
Some people mentioned Helens black nail polish in Lockes flash sideways, and i never really noticed, but maybe its a hint.
I’m starting to get a vague notion that the ‘alt’ has alot more to do with MIB than it appears, and may not not be all that real. I’m even getting the feeling that the flash sideways we are seeing are actually seperate from eachother, like a synthesized reality for each character, thats being controlled by MIB.
Like you, i also have no idea what i’m talking about, and i agree this doesn’t really make sense, but please don’t hit me. I just wanted to see what peoples opinions are now on MIBs involvement (if any), with the Alt timeline. I guess we’ll find out very soon, 9 episodes to go!

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I’ve been pondering over the last couple of days reading many of your superb theories and one that really sticks into my mind is the ones circulating around the idea of biblical references.

After ‘The Lighthouse’ I think many, if not all die-hard Lost fans, immediately made a connection between Jack’s son David to the Biblical King David. I have looked at it in more depth and I’m really starting to come round to the idea of the series holding serious religious meanings (no duh).

I see Ben’s attack on Jacob very much like the betrayal by Judas to Jesus. Jesus knew that Judas was going to betray him and let him do so without stopping or even allowing anyone else to stop him. I believe that Jacob has done the exact same with Ben. I think it’s pretty obvious that Jacob knew of the cycle of events that came to pass at the end of season 5 and allowed Ben the ultimate opportunity: Redemption.

I’ve always believed that Ben would have the chance to change and prove that he is genuinely good and great. In fact, thinking of it, when Richard took Ben to the temple to be healed would he have been ‘infected’ by Jacob the same way I presumed Sayid has been with MIB? In that case he would finally have his chance at forgiveness etc. that Richard said he would never get again: “He will never be the same.” So after everything that Ben has been put through, all the guilt he must be suffering as a result of everything he has done, he could change around everything. I think Ben will make the ultimate sacrifice in duty to the Island and to Jacob.

Anyway, discuss?

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OK first off i have posted a few theories which root from this idea, but i never seemed to gain much following, hopefully last nights confirmation of the link between Christian and MIB might sway some people.

When Locke was ‘introduced’ to Jacob in that Cabin, he encountered something that asked for his help, and then it proceeded to throw a tantrum.
The next time he visits Jacobs cabin, Christian is chilling in there, claiming to speak on Jacobs behalf.
Every instruction he gave John, stopping the losties from getting off the island, stopping the freighter from getting to it, moving the island, getting the oceanic 6 to come back, having to sacrifice himself supposedly came from Jacob and had to be done otherwise the island and everyone on it would be in grave danger.
Its now undeniable that these commands were not coming from Jacob. Everything John did to protect and serve ‘the island’ was infact to protect and serve ‘the monster’.

Now on to Ben. If Ben ever did infact see or speak to Jacob prior to Lockes encounter, wouldn’t it make sense that whoever it was wasn’t Jacob either? And the leader before Ben? and before that?
I think this misleading has been going on for a long time, Richard was not aware of it, otherwise why would he let it happen? This also leads me to believe that Richard hasn’t spoken directly to Jacob in a long time either, and maybe Jacob only speaks to the current leader.
I think the others have been blindly following Jacobs word, which hasn’t been coming from Jacob.

I believe that John was ‘claimed’ or ‘infected’ to some extent when he first met the Smoke monster, his crazy instant allegiance to the ‘the island’ is very reminiscent of Danielles crew after their first meeting with smokie. When he first saw it, he said he looked into the eye of the island and it was beautiful, but now knowing smokies opinion of the island and his plan to go home, to me it seems Locke was fooled.

Everything Locke did for ‘the island’, replace ‘the island’ with ‘the monster’, and it makes ALOT of sense. Whoever is coming to the island, is coming to stop MIB from fulfilling his plan of getting home, wherever that may be, so it would make sense that Locke would be trying to stop to people getting to the island.

Its also funny that the first time the others meet the losties in 1954, Locke tells Richard that he is the next leader of the others. Richards interest is sparked when Locke mentions Jacobs name, and this gets the ball rolling (lets avoid any chicken and egg time travel discussions because they can go on forever). So i also think Jacob never appointed Locke as leader, and has never said such a thing, this was MIB using the time travelling to his advantage, after all it was ‘Christian’ who lead Locke to the time travel causing donkeywheel, and who also told him he had to die. If the others had knowledge of Lockes future leadership position BEFORE Oceanic crashed, its possible that MIB was also aware, this is why smokie got to Locke so soon after the crash.

MIB has fooled Locke and has bamboozled the others, built him up to the leadership position, then had him die and replace him. This might be why Flocke yells at the others, telling them ‘i’m very disappointed in all of you!’ Because they are mindless sheep who blindly follow the word of Jacob, a man they’ve never seen or spoken to, without even questioning why or if the words are actually coming from him. Now they have to pay the consequences, and MIBs plan to get home is in motion.

But now Jacobs counteraction is in motion, i think he has been waiting patiently for a long time, knowing that MIB would find his loophole and kill him. But now in his ‘dead’ state, the next level of the game begins, and MIB will finally be stopped for good.

Anyway, throw some feedback my way, as i think i’m on to something. I have posted similar theories before, but as the show develops there is more proof that this is the case.

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John Locke has been built up as this super christ like figure, who was supposed to become the leader of the others (until MIB found his ‘loophole’) but some things just don’t add up. These are things i just pieced together, and i’d never really clicked with me until now.

A few of Lockes pivotal leadership moments, and tests he had to go through to prove his worth have actually proved the opposite, these are a few that come to mind, theres probably more that i’m forgetting, please refresh my memory.

One ‘test’ Locke had to pass to prove his potential to take the role as leader of the others was to kill his father who was brought to the island, as we all know, Sawyer was the one who killed him.

As Locke lay in a mass grave about to shoot his brains out, ‘ghost Walt’ told him he had work to do. He needed to stop his fellow 815ers from making contact with the freighter, as we remember he failed, and then wondered off into the jungle with his tail between his legs.

So, Locke was told he had to move the island, but he didn’t (not the first time anyway) Ben did.

Now Locke is told he has to move the island and get the Oceanic 6 to return, and to do so he has to die. We saw Locke visit everyone off island, as he tried to convince them to come back, yet again he failed to gain any following, and just as hes about to hang himself hes interrupted by who else but sneaky old Ben. It was Ben who killed Locke and managed to get everyone to come back.

We even saw Richard visit five year old Locke as a child in 1956, posing as a recruiter for a special school. Alpert tests John, he then leaves in a huff, and says Locke was not ready for his school. Once again, locke had failed another one of his trials. Note there as drawing by John of smokie.

Locke failed every test he’d gone through, but was somehow still seen by Richard and the Richardites as the chosen one.
So now it would seem the John Locke we know is dead. Could it be possible that John was never the right person for the job, whatever that may be? Could it be possible that one of the other people who arrived on Oceanic flight 815, is actually the ‘great one’ the others have been seeking? Or maybe everything the others stand for and believe in is a load of nonsense? Apart from Locke being able to walk again after the crash (which granted is amazing), what else made him so special? his connection with the island.

But his connection with the island really came to fruition when he first met ‘the monster’. Knowing what we now know about the monsters ‘character’, Could it be that ever since that moment, MIB knew Lockes miraculous healing would interest the others, so he inspired John to believe he was there for a reason, and guided John to appear to be the saviour the others had been looking for for a long time, to build him up until he gets the position, then have him die and assume his form. MIB knew he could use Locke to his advantage and did.

Okay so the stuff i’ve written about Smokies involvement i don’t necessarily believe, i’m just brainstorming. I found it interesting that when Locke was tested for this oh so great position, he fell at every hurdle, yet he still got the job. This leads me to believe the others have been fooled.

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Written 16th February

I just re-watched the season five finale and we know that Richard takes little Ben to the Temple. Now we don’t see what exactly happened BUTTTTT I think it is safe to assume since he was “saved” he was placed in the spring. Now we saw Sayid on the verge of death be revived but he was obviously altered. Now, if this happened to little Ben he might have been claimed by something from the spring. Richard also said he would never be the same again. The problem is we have no idea who claimed Ben or who side he is on.

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I just wanted to say my two ideas on Flocke’s comment to Richard. Flocke tells Richard “it’s nice to see you out of those chains.” This could be interpreted literally as to mean that Richard was physically chained up at one point, like as a slave on the Black Rock. However I think that would be too obvious of a reveal for this show. I think it should be looked at more metaphorically as what Jacob was to Richard. Maybe Richard was indebted to Jacob for something in the past (like not aging) and for this he had to serve as the mediator between him and the island’s leader. Now that Jacob is dead, these imaginary chains that had bound Richard to Jacob have been broken.

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Written 4th February

As we all know MIB has gone through a hell of a lot to find that loophole, manipulate Ben, and get him to kill Jacob.  The one thing I believe though is that Jacob was aware of his plan the entire time (and possibly Ben).  As Ben asked Jacob “What about me?” and he answered with the please stab me phrase “What about you?”.  It seems Jacob wanted it to happen. 

Now how could Ben kill such a powerful being like Jacob?  We all saw what happened when bullets were fired at MIB in Lockes body (they were bent on impact) so Im assuming the same properties apply to Jacob.  The reason Ben could kill Jacob is because he was healed in the temple.  The temple water is an extension of Jacob and as he heals Ben in it he is in a sense giving him a part of himself.  This now allows Ben to kill him.

Now I say that Jacob was aware of MIB’s plan the entire time because Jacob is the one who healed Ben.  When Widmore asks Richard Alpert why he should save Ben as a boy Alpert replies with something along the lines of “because Jacob wants me to”.  Jacob likely didnt do this directly but still ordered it to happen making him aware.

Moving onto Sayid being healed in the temple.  As he is brought in the spring water is a dark, murky color and through the Others reactions you can tell it is not normal.  This is the same type of dark water we see in the drain when Smokey is summoned by Ben earlier in season 5.  Now whats changed?  Well Jacob is dead.  The temple water has changed because now that Jacob is dead the MIB is in charge.  Whoever is in power at the island rules the temple.  So now when Sayid is healed he is healed in the temple water of MIB.  This will now give Sayid the ability to kill MIB much like the temple water when uses under the control of Jacob allowed Ben to kill Jacob.  Keeping in mind Sayid is a natural born killer it seems it his purpose to be the one to kill MIB out of the Losties.  MIB though in control of the temple in spirit is not physically inside the temple so would be unaware of Sayid being healed in it.

Jacob knew MIB would come to kill him.  That is why he thoroughly recruited Hurley to come to the island.  Jacob had met all the other Losties off the island but never really said more than a few words to them.  With Hurley he had an entire conversation telling him to embrace his ability to talk to the dead.  Hurley being there allows Jacob to still communicate with the Losties despite being dead.  He knew he would die and the temple water will change.  He knew Sayid would be healed there giving him the ability to kill MIB.  Remember the piece of paper from Jacob that the Others guy claims it says “if your friend dies then all of us our in a lot of trouble.” Now all Jacob has to do is further instruct the Losties on what to do.  Keep in mind MIB has no clue that one of the Losties can talk to dead people.

The only reasons I believe that Ben is aware of the entire plan is that

1)  Jacob needed to be assured he would be killed in order to fully destroy MIB.  Ben might have let Jacob live had he not known of the plan. 
2)  Ben is the master of deception.  He even says he is a professional liar as confirmed by countless lies he has told throughout the series.  Suddenly we should take all of his actions or emotions at face value?

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So, i watched the premiere episodes yesterday… WOW. Still haven’t got my head around the craziness but it would seem we’re in for a wild ride.

I’ve just been wondering about the frozen donkey wheel and the time travelling it caused, after watching the recap ‘lost:the final chapter’. What i find odd is Christian told Locke to move the island, Ben knew about the donkey wheel but Richard and the others were not aware of any time travelling.
First question is, how did Ben know about the frozen donkey wheel and who else knew about it? Surely if the wheel had been turned before, Richard, the man whos been there forever, would have witnessed something. Was that the first time it had been turned?

I guess my main question is, was Ben the only person alive (the other being ‘Christian’) who knew about the wheel? Hes one slippery son of a bitch.

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Okay, are deleted scenes canon?
I remember way back in season 1 that Damon and Carlton were all like, “The only thing you can take at face value is the current episode (not even the enhanced versions because an outside source does that).
But fast forward a couple of season and we get the infamous deleted scence where Sawyer asks Juliet about the runway the others are buliding and she says it’s for the ailens.
And low and behold that very next season, we have our Losties via 316 landing on it…

And another thing has anyone seen the deleted scence also in season 4 where Ben returns to the “exit point” in the middle of the Tunisian desert and takes a block out of a wall, revealing a bag of passports. When he looks over his shoulder, there is another man lying on the ground, seemingly uninjured. Which I wrote down in my “Lost” Journal as strange, which took me to way back when i was watching season 1 and the whole “Bad Twin Manuscript” made people think Lost was heading into stuff about clones/doubles. Which is kind of like what might happen in an ALT, depending on whose theory you agree with.

But I think that things are starting to come back full circle and maybe that some of the oldest theories may get new life (be reincarnated perhaps?), so who knows.

I was also pondering the “new narrative device” for season six, I have a feeling it might be
Jacob/MIB pov. Like a flashback through all of seasons 1-5 but from their side and we get new layers to what we thought we already knew.

I am just rambling to pass the time really. The wait is making a not so nice person to live with. Feel free to ripped me to shreds.

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Hi, long time theory reader, first time poster, finally got added this morning, and I am so happy, I have all this Lost theory build up, the wait is killing me. Anywho… I have been waffling on the hole WHH vs. ALT thing. I am pretty sure they’re moving toward the ALT just because they’re the Lost writers and they don’ like to make things easy (WHH would be the simplest thing for us to uinderstand). So, I have been thinking about what really was the first event where the ALT could have and most likely occured and maybe that could shed some light on what perspective to investigate thouroughly…

My big thing in the infamous “What about you?” exchange is this: how much does/did Ben really know? I think the turn of events all really start with his Henry Gale exploit. Think about it, he tell Locke that nothing happens, he didn’t push the button causing Locke to not want to push the button, that made Desmond turn the failsafe key, which allowed him to save Charlie long enough be able to flip the switch at the looking glass, which let’s the frieghter find them and also cause the island to be moved thus enabling the Oceanic 6 to be able to leave and having to return. Why does it matter, I don’t know yet.

 As I was rewatching the whole Henry Gale thing unfold, I kept thinking about how Sayid has always been tense around Ben from the beginning and why the Others would send their leader on such a dangerous mission, I mean Ana Lucia could have killed him, she had killed before and quite recently. And why did they wait so long to really dig into the fuselage losties?…

A quick aside (is it true that the the timeline of the show is off and if it is true, has it been decided that it is continuity error or something else?)

But let me know what you think…

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I posted this a long time ago on the ABC boards – and thought I’d post it here to stir up some conversation…..

From Wikipedia:
Johnny Gruelle created the Raggedy Anne and Andy dolls for his daughter, Marcella, who died at age 13 after being vaccinated at school for smallpox without her parents’ consent. Authorities blamed a heart defect, but her parents blamed the vaccination. Gruelle became an opponent of vaccination, and the Raggedy Ann doll was used as a symbol by the anti-vaccination movement.

Ben and Annie Andy and Ann

Maybe Ben and Annie’s relationship never developed beyond a brother/sister like friendship. Maybe Annie died from a vaccine related complication like Marcella. We still don’t know what exactly the island vaccine was for – or if there were multiple kinds of vaccine – and who got how much and when.

Is it too obvious that Ben and Annie were a romantic couple….they got pregnant, Annie died, he spared Rousseau and Alex (and Penny and Charlie) because of it…. and raised Alex to fill the void? I think that’s what probably happened – but it’s fun to think of different options….

Maybe Ben and Annie did have a child, a daughter, who was just fine, until she got the vaccine and died. Maybe Annie was so heartbroken she left the island without Ben who had obligations and couldn’t leave. It would be really interesting if Annie was re-introduced in season 6 as an adult.

I think it’s pretty clear that Juliet, who is blonde and blue-eyed, doesn’t look “just like” Annie, who is brunette and brown eyed, but instead looks like Ben’s mom as illustrated by the painting in Ben and Roger’s house in Dharmaville, which Harper could have seen. However – that makes Ben fondness for Juliet really creepy!

Going along with the non-romantic relationship idea …. maybe Adam and Eve fall into this category. Afterall, they weren’t laying together. That opens the door to a variety of male/female pairings.

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