Okay, I think most of us realised that the writers didn’t have complex explanation for most of the mysteries. The island was a cork, the whispers were ghosts, the number were numbers, etc, etc. So thinking about a simple explanation to the shoes mystery, I came to this conclusion.

MIB was manipulating Ben and the others, right? OK, so smokey wanted Locke’s body back to the island for using his body. Ben said that Jack should put his dad’s shoes in Locke’s feet because… that was the instructions MIB indirectly gave to Ben. Why? Simple solution: MIB wanted to use confortable shoes when he used Locke’s body. Remember he has been 2000 years in the island and never tried modern shoes. That was an excellent oportunity for that! After all MIB liked to walk because it made him remember when he was completely human. What a great chance to obtain a new body from the leader of the others and a fancy pair of shoes!

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Written 24th March

It is pretty well universally believed that MIB has taken the form of people whose bodies are on the Island (Christian, Alex, and Yemi). However, in Ab Aeterno, we are lead to believe that MIB also took the form of Richard’s wife, who was not on the Island (which I am confused about, why take the form of only Richard’s wife? Why not the doctor? Or why not Nadia to Sayid, etc.?). I have also read that MIB was the spider that lead to Nicki and Paolo’s death and perhaps the image of Walt that lead to Shannon’s death. It would not surprise me to learn that MIB also played Dave, the hallucination that haunted Hurley and almost convinced him to kill himself (which also plays into the theory that MIB cannot directly kill candidates and is trying to influence their deaths).

As for other manifestations that have yet to be partially or fully explained (that I recall), are the horse witnessed by Kate and Sawyer; Ben’s mother seen by Ben; the little boy with the bloody hands witnessed by Flocke and Sawyer; Walt’s appearance to Locke; Walt’s appearance to Shannon at the beach; the whispers; Libby’s appearance to Michael (off island); Ana Lucia’s appearance to Hurley (off island); and Christian (as it appears that he may just be Christian, may be MIB, may be someone else, or some or all of those). It also is clear that these manifestations are only able to witnessed by some (e.g. the little boy was viewed by Flocke and Sawyer, but not Richard). These are also to be contrasted with the dreams the Claire, Locke and Eko had.

I think it is particularly important that Flocke AND Sawyer could see the little boy. I also think it is important that Kate AND Sawyer were able to see Kate’s horse, but I am not sure what to make of the fact that Sawyer can share in these viewings. It should be mentioned that Sayid also saw Walt just prior to Shannon being shot.

It seems clear to me then that there are at least two forces behind these manifestations, one being MIB and one being someone or something else, and possibly more. I say this because if MIB is directing some, but Flocke saw the little boy, then someone or something is subjecting him to the same thing.

Obviously, there is some relevance to these manifestations to those that see them (again, except, as we currently know, Sawyer) as they represent some turning point or parallel moment in life off the Island (so, perhaps are supposed to learn a lesson on the Island?) — perhaps Jacob, perhaps someone or something else, or are being used to manipulate the particular individual (Yemi for Eko, Alex for Ben, Christian for Jack and possibly Claire, Dave for Hurley, etc.) — certainly MIB. I think these manifestations (or whatever you want to call them) will make Hurley and perhaps Miles more important as the season and series wind down.

At first, I couldn’t imagine the other source being Jacob, as I would think MIB would be aware of that possibility and why would Jacob try to influence MIB in that manner, knowing that MIB would suspect it. However, I can’t think of another reason for it being anyone else, based on what we currently directly know (in other words, I am sure we can theorize how Frogurt may be behind it, probably due to some manipulation of the chemical properties in his frogurt, but we have not seen anything that supports that conjecture).

The only other theory I can think of points to it being tied in with the whispers, which have not even been partially explained yet (other than to run the other way when heard). Although, I do have a wide array of theories on the origin and purpose of the whispers, but that will be saved for another post.

Please let me know what you think, how these manifestations tie in overall and any other comments on anything above.

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This is my big theory. It will contain everything I believe about LOST so far. Based on last night’s episode, I think this will be good.

Background Information
The Island – The Island itself is an amazing place. It holds down an immense store of evil, preventing it from unleasing Hell on earth and destroying the good in everyone. This evil is burried under the Island, and is held back by two massive stores of energy. The Island moves and hides to prevent anyone from unleashing the evil upon an unsuspecting world.
The Protector – The Protector of the Island has one job: make sure the evil stays on the Island. To do this, he has special powers, such as natural immortality (I use this term to distinguish it from absolute immortality. Natural immortality prevents a natural death, while absolute immortality prevents both natural and man-caused death), healing, the ability to influence people’s thoughts, and the Touch are all I’m sure of.
The Touch – What is the Touch? The Touch is the ability of the Protector to gift others to aid in protecting the Island. This gift can come in different forms, depending on the person it is given to and the person giving it.
The Story of Jacob and Flocke
Jacob is the son of a previous Protector, but not the oldest. His older brother, Flocke, was to become the next Protector. (Alt. version: Jacob is the Protector’s nephew, and Flocke is the Protector’s son) His mother, however, distrusted Flocke. She thought that he shouldn’t become the next Protector, and set out to give that title to Jacob (either her younger son or nephew). She tricked Jacob and Flocke into going to play down by the Frozen Donkey Wheel (it was made ages before as a “faucet” for one of the energy pockets). Not knowing that is was connected to one of the energy pockets trapping the evil, Flocke turned it. This let out an enormous amount of energy, giving the Island its special properties, but also letting out the evil from beneath the Island.
This evil came out in the form of black smoke, and killed Flocke. With Flocke dead, his mother quickly pushed for Jacob to become the next Protector. The title was granted, and Jacob inherited his powers. Unfortunately, they soon found that Flocke had returned. The evil had revived Flocke’s body and taken it. The new, evil Flocke awoke to find that his “crazy” mother had helped set up his brother/cousin as the new Protector. This made him furious. He turned into the Smoke Monster and killed everyone but Jacob. Because Jacob was the Protector, Flocke was not allowed to kill him. In Flocke’s eyes, Jacob had something to do with the scheme his mother has devised, and thus he felt betrayed. The evil in him gave him a more important resolve, though, and that was to escape the Island and corrupt the world.
Jacob quickly discovered what had happened, and decided to hold Flocke on the Island. When he realized the plot made by Flocke’s mother, he was appalled. Unfortunately, he couldn’t give the title back to Flocke, him being evil. From that point on, Jacob and Flocke were locked in a strong disagreement. Flocke, being evil itself, felt that all man was inherently evil and would ultimately live a life of sin. I want to clarify here that the belief isn’t evil, and doesn’t make one evil. However, it is like the liar’s suspicion. If one lies a lot, he distrusts everyone. In the same way, if one is evil, he feels that others are also evil. Jacob believed that, even though man did wrong, he was ultimately capable of rising above and being good. This caused Jacob to begin bringing men to the Island so as to prove man’s goodness, possibly holding Flocke back and decreasing his power. Finally, we reach the season five finale scene. The Black Rock lands, and Flocke’s escape plan begins.
The First Candidate
When Richard comes to the Island, Flocke believes he has found a loophole. He attempts to manipulate Richard into killing Jacob, which fails. At this point, Jacob realizes that he can’t stop Flocke forever. He decided he needs to be ready in case he dies. By offering Richard the job and by Touching (not just touching, such as the fight, but the Touch after Richard’s request) him, he nominated Richard as the first candidate to replace him.
Flocke’s Plan
Later, Flocke’s form became too old. Having died, it wasn’t exactly in shape to live forever. Thus, he decided to find a new form. Having gained his body-cloning powers by being the Smoke Monster, he looked for a new body. He tried many, such as some from the Black Rock and eventually DHARMA, he was not satisfied. He wanted one he knew he could use to make his loophole. Finally, he saw Locke. Locke had just flashed when Flocke saw him. He began following, and took the form of a dead Other to watch. Eventually, he ssaw Locke’s conversation with Richard, telling him to see him once he’s born. Flocke decided that Locke was his target. So he begins scheming. Jacob also saw Locke, but took little interest.
The Losties
In 1974, Jacob found the time-travelling Losties in DHARMA. He realized at that moment that something was going on. He knew that the FDW would be pushed one day, and that the only person who could be behind such a thing would be Flocke. Pushing the FDW again would allow Flocke to grow to full strength, dispel some of the Island’s ability to protect itself, and ultimately allow the death of Jacob. Jacob left the Island and began Touching people, based on their situation. In ’77, he Touched some more people.
Before I go to 2004, let me speak on DHARMA. They found the Island by accident in a sub in the 1950s, and quickly discovered its unique properties. The two pockets of energy intrigued them, and they built the Orchid and Swan to study them. Early on, they turned the FDW, and discovered the Island’s time-travelling abilities. Unfortunately, this awakened the at-this-time inactive Flocke, and thus they had to construct the sonic fence. After the Incident, the other energy pocket was unleashed, allowing Flocke free reign on the Island until the button was created. The blockage of energy with the button prevented Flocke from ever becoming too powerful at one time.
In 2004, Desmond failed to push the button. This signalled Flocke that it was time for him to manipulate. Jacob knew his time was short when Desmond first arrived (he realized that Desmond was already important because of his relationship with Charles Whidmore), and thus used him to bring Ocean 815. He quickly began working to narrow down his replacement. As Jacob worked, Flocke found Christian’s coffin. He destroyed Christian’s body and began using his form to manipulate the Losties. After Desmond turned the fail-safe key, all of the energy restricting Flocke dissipated. With no more restrictions on his power, the only thing getting in the way for him was the rule (this rule was established in the Island’s beginning): he couldn’t kill Jacob. Using his newfound power, he eventually made Ben and Locke turn the FDW, which eventually gave Flocke his new body as Locke.
So, now, Jacob works from beyond the grave to quickly get himself replaced and stop Flocke from leaving the Island. If Flocke does leave the Island, the Island itself will fall into destruction and essentially become Hell itself, while the rest of the world becomes infected by the evil from Flocke.
Answers to Important Questions
Wharfrat77 asked some good questions for this theory, and here are the answers:
“Who was in charge of the others during the Purge? MIB or Jacob” – In this theory, the Purge was the work of Flocke. He’d already seen Locke and was plotting his loophole, but realized that he couldn’t do everything with DHARMA and without Ben. To achieve this, he made sure Ben “wound up” inspecting the Tempest, where he would come begin plotting to kill DHARMA and join the others.
“if MIB, How did he trick the others to follow him? When did they start following him?” – All he needed was Ben. By tricking Ben, he got Ben to trick the Others.
“Where is Jacob at the time?” – Jacob was off-island Touching candidates.
“Did he bring DHARMA to the island?” – Jacob brought DHARMA to the Island in hopes of using them to permanently secure Flocke, but instead, Flocke tricked them into turning the FDW.

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Written 17th March

Smokeylock explains to Kate that he had a crazy mother and Aaron now has a crazy mother.  If it is going in circles, Aaron could be the SmokeLock. This would definitely relate him to Christian  [–> Jack, Claire –> Aaron]

I’m wondering how Aaron ties into all this, being a descendant of Christian and sharing a common background with SmokeLock (Especially since such a fuss was made in season 1 about Claire raising him).

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There’s been a lot of talk lately about a “Jacob and Esau” relationship between Jacob and Flocke. Since many of these cite extra-Biblical sources, I decided to look at a strictly Biblical view of Jacob and Esau, and how they relate to LOST.
The first thing to notice about Jacob and Esau is who their father was. Their father was Isaac, the son of Abraham, who was the father of the Israelites. Also notable is who Jacob was. Jacob, later named Israel, was a key character in Jewish history. He was Israel, and he wrestled with God. One of his dreams contained a stairway to Heaven. Jacob fathered the twelve tribes of Israel, as well. Jacob’s name meant “deciever” and “heel-grabber.” However, the Bible later points out that Jacob was a righteous man, such as with the statement “Jacob I loved and Esau I hated.”
Esau was very different from Jacob. He was the firstborn, but was generally less intelligent and good-natured. After all, he sold his birthright for a pot of stew. Later, after Jacob got the blessing of the firstborn, he wanted to kill him (sound familiar?). Jacob escaped, and Esau continued on his life. Later, he met Jacob again and accepted him, although his heart is unknown, considering the intelligent Jacob snuck away. He eventually became the father of the Edomites, who were rejected.
So, what may be of significance from this? Well, this all fuels my elaborate theory. It begins in the distant past, millenia ago. The Island starts out as the Garden of Eden. After the Fall of Man, it is cut off from people. Later, during the Flood, it detaches from the mainland and becomes the Island. Since it was no longer accessible, it no longer needed to be guarded by an angel, so the Island is left on its own. Much later, seemingly by chance, early seafaring men find the Island. Once there, they plunder its food and destroy the Tree of Life (the roots of which release their moisture into the healing spring). This upsets the perfection of the Garden of Eden, causing the evil side of the scale to come into existence. However, as the men continue to corrupt the Island, it needs protection. To save the scale, an angel of death is sent as a pillar of black smoke. It kills the men, but also decided that the Island needs new measures of protection. In suplication of this need, a man and women, endowed with supernatural traits, are created, and the Island gains its ability to move. This man is Christian (currently named Isaac), and the women, well, her name is irrevelant, but we’ll call her Rebekah.
Isaac and Rebekah live on the Island for a very long time, protecting it with Isaac’s powers. Specifically, he can heal and prod conscience (to increase good) and become the Smoke Monster or take a dead form (to decrease evil). Over time, he decides that all natural man is evil and corrupts. Finally, his extremely long life-span begins to approach its end. At this time he has two sons, Jacob and Flocke (Esau for these purposes).
Jacob and Esau are to be Isaac’s successors. Esau was born first, and was entitled to the powers of his choosing, as well as the title of protector of the Island. Jacob would live as his assistant, and together they would use their powers to protect the Island. However, this balance was upset. Jacob and his mother (Rebekah) eventually realized that the balance was split by the birth of twins, making Jacob good and Esau evil (although they were both somewhat manipulative).
In order to protect the Island, they plotted to make Jacob the protector. To start, Jacob manipulated Esau into trading his birthright (the first choice of powers) for a bowl of stew. This was something, but they ultimately needed to prevent Esau from being in charge. To do this, Rebekah disguised Jacob as Esau and sent him to get the blessing of the firstborn (the title as protector of the Island). This works, and Jacob picks the powers of healing and righteous thought, and becomes the main protector.
(Bear in mind, as in the Bible, that Jacob was Rebekah’s favorite, and Esau was Isaac’s.) So, after Jacob tricks his father, Esau and Isaac become furious. Because they exist to protect the Island, neither can kill Jacob. Esau begs for some blessing, and Isaac promises to help him overthrow Jacob. The only powers left are transformation to the Smoke Monster and form-taking, which are both given to Esau. Soon afterwards, Isaac dies of old age. Esau, fearing the promise is impossible, tries to kill himself, but finds it impossible. His new goal: kill Jacob and leave the Island behind him.
By this time, we have reached the era of the Black Rock. Having heard their father’s stories and seen some incidents of his own, Esau believes that all men corrupt. Jacob, somewhat influenced by his softer mother, has hope for a good humanity. Thus Jacob decides to bring the Black Rock to the Island using his thought powers. This leads to the beach scene we saw. After the arrival of the Black Rock, Esau is injured. His body is broken, causing him to require other forms for existance. Using his powers, he takes the form of one of the sailors. Eventually, this form dies, and he continues as Smokie.
Fast-forward to Christian. Isaac has possessed Christian’s father, and reincarnated himself as Christian. From there, he made sure to die in Sydney, so that he would be taken back on Oceanic 815. On crashing, he began his plan. He quickly met with Esau, and began manipulating, eventually allowing Locke to be taken over by Esau. With this, he began working to kill Jacob. He helped Esau manipulate Ben, and eventually Jacob is killed. Unbeknownst to either of them, Jacob’s had a protection plan in place for a long time, all since Isaac’s death. Upon finding the Oceanic survivors in 1977, he realized it was time. In 2007, his ghost begins working to keep someone on the Island to protect it and stop Esau from, well, being evil. Since Jack is Christian’s son, he is in the line of the protectors, and stands to take Jacob’s place.
So, what will happen next? No clue. But I figure this is an awesome enough theory to consider.

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OK first off i have posted a few theories which root from this idea, but i never seemed to gain much following, hopefully last nights confirmation of the link between Christian and MIB might sway some people.

When Locke was ‘introduced’ to Jacob in that Cabin, he encountered something that asked for his help, and then it proceeded to throw a tantrum.
The next time he visits Jacobs cabin, Christian is chilling in there, claiming to speak on Jacobs behalf.
Every instruction he gave John, stopping the losties from getting off the island, stopping the freighter from getting to it, moving the island, getting the oceanic 6 to come back, having to sacrifice himself supposedly came from Jacob and had to be done otherwise the island and everyone on it would be in grave danger.
Its now undeniable that these commands were not coming from Jacob. Everything John did to protect and serve ‘the island’ was infact to protect and serve ‘the monster’.

Now on to Ben. If Ben ever did infact see or speak to Jacob prior to Lockes encounter, wouldn’t it make sense that whoever it was wasn’t Jacob either? And the leader before Ben? and before that?
I think this misleading has been going on for a long time, Richard was not aware of it, otherwise why would he let it happen? This also leads me to believe that Richard hasn’t spoken directly to Jacob in a long time either, and maybe Jacob only speaks to the current leader.
I think the others have been blindly following Jacobs word, which hasn’t been coming from Jacob.

I believe that John was ‘claimed’ or ‘infected’ to some extent when he first met the Smoke monster, his crazy instant allegiance to the ‘the island’ is very reminiscent of Danielles crew after their first meeting with smokie. When he first saw it, he said he looked into the eye of the island and it was beautiful, but now knowing smokies opinion of the island and his plan to go home, to me it seems Locke was fooled.

Everything Locke did for ‘the island’, replace ‘the island’ with ‘the monster’, and it makes ALOT of sense. Whoever is coming to the island, is coming to stop MIB from fulfilling his plan of getting home, wherever that may be, so it would make sense that Locke would be trying to stop to people getting to the island.

Its also funny that the first time the others meet the losties in 1954, Locke tells Richard that he is the next leader of the others. Richards interest is sparked when Locke mentions Jacobs name, and this gets the ball rolling (lets avoid any chicken and egg time travel discussions because they can go on forever). So i also think Jacob never appointed Locke as leader, and has never said such a thing, this was MIB using the time travelling to his advantage, after all it was ‘Christian’ who lead Locke to the time travel causing donkeywheel, and who also told him he had to die. If the others had knowledge of Lockes future leadership position BEFORE Oceanic crashed, its possible that MIB was also aware, this is why smokie got to Locke so soon after the crash.

MIB has fooled Locke and has bamboozled the others, built him up to the leadership position, then had him die and replace him. This might be why Flocke yells at the others, telling them ‘i’m very disappointed in all of you!’ Because they are mindless sheep who blindly follow the word of Jacob, a man they’ve never seen or spoken to, without even questioning why or if the words are actually coming from him. Now they have to pay the consequences, and MIBs plan to get home is in motion.

But now Jacobs counteraction is in motion, i think he has been waiting patiently for a long time, knowing that MIB would find his loophole and kill him. But now in his ‘dead’ state, the next level of the game begins, and MIB will finally be stopped for good.

Anyway, throw some feedback my way, as i think i’m on to something. I have posted similar theories before, but as the show develops there is more proof that this is the case.

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After Dogen says to Jack that he thinks what is happening to Sayid happened to his sister it got me thinking who else could this have happened to?

We know right now that people who could be “Infected” are Sayid, Claire and probably Christian.  Sayid apparently died then got up.  Claire got blown up during the mercenary attack, then got up and started walking around with Sawyer and Miles (Sawyer “you alright sweetheart?” Claire “Yeah” Miles “I wouldn’t be too sure about that”).  Then Christian was dead and up and walking around the whole time.  One similarity that they all have is they were not buried.

Remember Amy’s big thing about burying the Hostiles that crashed her picnic party?  Could burying the dead be what the truce was so that dead people don’t start getting up and becoming Infected?  Maybe thats why Richard wanted Paul’s body to make sure he was buried, and he wanted to know where the 2 Hostiles were buried to make sure it was done right.  He was more concerned with them becoming infected then about them being shot.

Some other people who died and were not buried were, Charlotte, Faraday, Mikhail, Charlie, etc.

– Charlotte was left in the woods at some time period

– Faraday got shot only a couple hours before the bomb went off (I still think he was the guy in Jacob’s cabin saying “Help me” (i know it was an extra))

– Mikahil died all the time (Mikhail taunts Charlie, saying “I already died once this week”)

-Charlie died in the Looking Glass, although that would suck to keep coming back alive and drowning in that room (maybe he swam out the hole).

I’m sure there were other people who died and weren’t buried (ohh maybe we will see Henry Gale).  But if that is the reason for the Infected people that would be pretty cool, but i guess we wouldn’t be able to see Nikki and Paolo again (no Expose zombies).

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Written 3rd February

Christian is in the cabin. The circle of ash is intended to keep Smokey out not in…just think how difficult it would be to actually trap such a fast moving entity into a small cabin…Since MIB can transform into Smokey Im going to assume its near impossible to trap him. Plus Jacob cannot be killed by him so why would he worry about trapping him? So the ash is then used to protect someone. It wouldnt be Jacob because he lives underneath the statue.  When MIB is talking to him about wanting to kill him Jacob just says “Ill be here” referencing his home under the statue.  Jacob is instead protecting Christians body there.  If MIB/Smokey can never get a look or read at Christians body then he can never possess his memories/thoughts. That is why the coffin of Christians is empty.

Now when Hurley approaches the cabin he sees Christian inside…wearing WHITE tennis shoes.  We also see Christian wearing these shoes in the last Lost mobisode (offering extra content and insight) when he tells Vincent to wake up his son because “he has work to do”.  This occurs immediately after the crash in season 1.  Right when Jack lands on the island Christian is sending help to Jack.  He knows the power he has.  That moment with Vincent we can assume that Christian is acting on Jacobs behalf because how would MIB know anything about Jack?  He doesnt.  The white shoes reperesents Christian acting on Jacobs behalf.  So him wearing those shoes inside the cabin when Hurley sees him means he is there as a result of Jacob protecting him.  Not to mention the color of the shoes plays into the entire White vs Black, Light vs Dark motifs.  Plus Flocke is walking around in a pair of Christians black shoes showing their opposition to one another….oh irony.

Plus one more little thing. If MIB was really in the cabin then why would he have allowed that piece of cloth indicating the location of Jacobs home there on the wall?  If your nemesis tried to leave some sort of clue on the wall wouldnt you tear it down? 

This is my first post so take it easy on me….

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So, i watched the premiere episodes yesterday… WOW. Still haven’t got my head around the craziness but it would seem we’re in for a wild ride.

I’ve just been wondering about the frozen donkey wheel and the time travelling it caused, after watching the recap ‘lost:the final chapter’. What i find odd is Christian told Locke to move the island, Ben knew about the donkey wheel but Richard and the others were not aware of any time travelling.
First question is, how did Ben know about the frozen donkey wheel and who else knew about it? Surely if the wheel had been turned before, Richard, the man whos been there forever, would have witnessed something. Was that the first time it had been turned?

I guess my main question is, was Ben the only person alive (the other being ‘Christian’) who knew about the wheel? Hes one slippery son of a bitch.

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If MIB is the black smoke monster, i have noticed some intresting facts about him.

>Let’s say MIB takes the images of dead people. He tried many times to kill some of the losties using the images of people they know. Eg: Christian appears on the island and Jack chases him, during this he falls off the cliff and Locke saves him. When MIB takes the image of Dave, he tries to make Hurley suicide. And maybe when Sawyer passed out, and Kate thinks that Wayne’s ghost is inside him, maybe MIB is using Sawyers body, and tries to strangle Kate.

>I think that MIB maybe tries to kill important people to use them, just like Locke’s body.

>There are some holes in my theory though. MIB has already used images of people that haven’t died, like Walt. But Walt is still a mystery and maybe there’s someting else about him. Anyway, that’s my theory, i know it might be silly but it’s just a thought!

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Okay, this last LOST Season finale has left me very confused. After a couple days everyone came to the conclusion that Smokey is the MIB and that Smokey had taken the forms of everyone on the island including Christian Shepard. Also the MIB is the fake John Locke or Flocke.

When everyone came to this conclusion, everyone basically agreed. I agreed at first with everyone, but then somethings didn’t make sense. First, people say that in “Dead is Dead” when..

Flocke Left—>Smokey entered——>Smokey left—->Alex entered—->Alex Left—->Flocke returned.

Now, people say Flocke left b/c Smokey can only take forms of one person at a time. This is not true if you believe that Smokey/MIB is everyone dead that comes back alive b/c if Ecko faced many apparitions of the dead people he killed in the church at the same time.

People say that Christian is the MIB because he was dead and is now on the Island walking around.Flocke is walking around too. There are many differences between Flocke and Christian. The first one is that Flocke is fully alive; he seems fully human. Christian Shepard is much more ghostly and appears in different places at a time. Another difference is that John Locke’s body was in the coffin, and Christian’s body is GONE.

so yeah there are some differences

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Seems likely that Christian was actually the MIB pre-Locke. I think it is very likely that MIB has others like him. Or he can be multiple people at once. Why?

How is Claire with Christian? Who were the people in the back of the room when Sun and Lapidus visit Christian in Dharmaville?

Seems like it’s important. I just don’t know how.

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This is my theory about who Jacob and his nemesis are. I have come to this conclusion after watching the finale for the third time. Jacob and his nemesis who i’ve dubbed the anti-Jacob are both gods, most likely a type of egyptian god coming from a pantheon of other gods like them. They are special because they have been chosen to judge the nature of the ultimate earthly creations, humans. Are they good or evil? The island was created as a kind of place, separate from the rest of humanity, where certain people could be judged without other variables. The reason that Jacob and anti-Jacob are enemies is because they both have differing views on whether humans are evil or good. Jacob believes that humans are good by nature and that when faced with tough situations, ultimately they will make the right decision. Jacob brings groups of people to the island and unleashes them there. He thinks that all of humankind on earth should be told about the true nature of the universe, about creation, and about the existence of the gods. He believes that when faced with these things people will be accepting that there are beings with higher power than them in the universe and will continue to live their lives without trying to take that power for themselves. The anti-Jacob believes that humans are evil by nature and will do anything to further themselves. He knows that even when humans don’t always make bad decisions, they at least consider making bad decisions in their mind. That is why he manifests himself as the smoke monster, so that he can look deep into the souls of humans and determine their thoughts. Perhaps the smoke monster doesn’t kill bad people and leave good people, but the opposite. When he finds a person who is ultimately good, like Ecko, he kills them because he doesn’t want Jacob to discover them. In the same way the anti-Jacob also manifests himself as a person from different humans lives to either put them in dangerous situations where they might die or to put them in situations that push them down the path to being evil. The anti-Jacob thinks that he can make humans do things that they normally wouldn’t do on their own. He thinks he can make them try to take the power of the gods for themselves. He knows that the ultimate way he can prove that humans are evil is if he can persuade one to do something very bad, like attempting to kill Jacob. In order to do this, anti-Jacob (already as Locke) makes sure that Richard tells Locke that he needs to bring everyone back to the island and that he is going to need to die. When the plane brings Locke’s body back to the island, anti-Jacob manifests himself as Locke in the same way he manifests himself as Christian Shepherd. As Locke, anti-Jacob is in a perfect position to make Ben do whatever he says. Anti-Jacob also convinces Ben further by manifesting himself as Ben’s daughter. When Ben is completely under anti-Jacobs control he convinces him to kill Jacob. Since Jacob is immortal I think he survives being stabbed and burned by Ben and anti-Jacob. After Jacob survives he will come to the realization that the humans who he believed were good, who he protected, are ultimately evil by nature.

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Theory: Yes, I think that Kate is pregnant.


It all goes along with the what Eloise said to the Oceanic Six before the return to island. Let me explain.

ELOISE: Come on in.

JACK: Ben and Sun-

ELOISE: Heard what they needed to hear, and this does not concern them. [She looks through a large amount of papers on the desk.] Oh. Here we are. [She brings a battered envelope to Jack. We see it has “Jack Shephard” written on the front.]

JACK: What’s this?

ELOISE: It’s John Locke’s suicide note.

[Thunder continues rumbling]

JACK: [Sighs] Uh… I, uh… I didn’t know.

ELOISE: Well, why would you? Obituaries don’t see fit to mention when people hang themselves, Jack.

JACK: [Sighs] Why would he kill himself?

ELOISE: Ohh… there are many reasons, I’m sure, but the only one that matters is this–he is going to help you get back. John is going to be a proxy. A substitute.

JACK: A substitute for who?

ELOISE: Jack… who do you think? You need to, as best you can, recreate the conditions of the original flight… which is why you need to give John something of your father’s. You have to get something that belonged to your father, and you need to give it to John.

JACK: What?

ELOISE: That’s what you have to do.

JACK: My father… is gone. My father has been dead for three years. You want me to… [scoffs] a–and to give it to Locke?! He’s in a coffin! This is ridiculous.

ELOISE: Oh, stop thinking how ridiculous it is and start asking yourself whether or not you believe it’s going to work. That’s why it’s called a leap of faith, Jack.

Transcript thanks to Lostpedia.com, Season 5–episode 6 “316” (Link)

Eloise explains, rather vaguely, that they have to “recreate” the first plane crash as best the can in order for the second crash to find the island. That’s why Locke had to die and why Jack had to give him something of his father’s. Now the way I believe it had to work was not that they had have all the same situations on the second plane that they did on the first, that would be impossible, but moreso that everyone from Oceanic 815 that was going to be on flight 316 had to fit the role of someone from Oceanic 815 whether it was by being themself again or by fitting the situation of someone else (the other passengers excluded from this as the island doesn’t know them yet so it doesn’t matter–they’re created their own original situation)–that seems straightforward and it’s easy to pick out as they’re boarding the plane.

[As Jack walks through the plane he sees Sayid. Sayid looks up and looks like he wants to say something, but then he looks at the woman next to him and frowns, avoiding Jack’s eyes. Jack sees Sun, next. She has Jin’s ring in her hands. Jack sees Kate. She’s keeping her head low and looking away.]

JACK: You made it.

KATE: [taking off her sunglasses] Yeah, I made it.

[Jack continues walking to his seat and sits down.]

[Hurley enters, carrying a guitar case in front of him.]

FLIGHT ATTENDANT: That should be everybody.

Transcript thanks to Lostpedia.com, Season 5–episode 6 “316” (Link)

So the Oceanic Six (plus Locke and minus Aaron) are all here. Jack, Kate, Sayid, Sun, Hurely and Locke. The fact that Ben and Frank are there too is irrelevant (at least for now) because they weren’t on Ocean Six so they have nothing to recreate just as none of the other passengers do either. It’s these Six who have to recreate the role of a previous 815 character in order for the island to accept them back–that’s what Eloise says, we don’t know why, that’s just the way it is.

Hurley is taking on the role of Charlie here. I’m not entirely sure but I think the guitar might actually be Charlie’s–either way though, it clearly shows that he’s brought a guitar just like Charlie did that first flight. Hurley’s on board and the island will recognize him for filling Charlie’s spot, or at least having something of Charlie’s.

Sayid is taking on Kate’s old role as the fugitive in handcuffs with a “special friend” beside him to watch over him–we also know that Alana, Sayid’s special friend, knew where guns were (we see her and those other dude’s with a buttload of guns during episode 11) and it’s likely that they were hers because she knew Sayid was dangerous–just as the Marshal, Mars, from season one had a buttload of guns because he knew, or believed that Kate was dangerous. So Sayid is on board and the island will recognize him for filling Kate’s original role.

Sun and Jack are two that can go either of two ways and I’m not entirely sure that it matters but I’ll explain both anyway.

Sun and Jack could either be simply themselves since little has changed with them and they can therefore fill their own previous roles, or Sun could be compared to Rose and Jack to Charlie (I’m not sure if both Hurley and Jack can work as Charlie-fillers, but who knows). Sun is still a married Korean woman and Jack is still a doctor so they can technically still be themselves. But the episode specifically shows Sun fingering Jin’s wedding ring and this can be paralleled to Rose who wore her husband Bernard’s wedding ring around her neck and fingered it similarly before the crash, waiting to see him again when he “gets back from the bathroom”. Jack was also somewhat of a junkie since he became addicted to that drug and this again parallels Charlie–either way, the island will recognize them.

Locke is obviously Christian Shepard, Jack’s (and Claire’s) father as this is the one example we’re actually 100% sure of since Eloise Hawking uses him as a direct example of this weird sort of role filling the gang has to do in order to be accepted back to the island. He’s dead, he’s in a coffin, and he’s wearing Christian’s shoes so he fills that role and the island will take him back as such.

Now when I was thinking all this through while watching them get on the plane (I was going–“oh, look, Hurley’s got a guitar! Sayid’s in handcuffs–o.m.g!” and totally geeking out that the writers are such geniuses, as if that wasn’t already apparent) I found myself wondering how Kate fit in. She can’t fit the role of herself because she’s no longer a fugitive, she’s a free woman and not in handcuffs, no wanted, no marshal with a pack of guns watching her. She can’t be Sun because she’s not a married Korean woman. She can’t be Ana Lucia because she’s not a cop, can’t be Libby because she’s not insane nor a psychiatrist, she can’t be Rose because she’s not a married black woman waiting for her husband and fingering his wedding ring, she has no obvious role to fill–so then I thought of Claire. HOLY CRAP SHE’S A YOUNG, UNMARRIED PREGNANT WOMAN–AH!

It works other ways too because if you think about it, Claire was pregnant with Christian Shepard’s grandson, since he was her father, the baby–Aaron–had Christian’s third-generation blood in it, right? And Jack is also the child of Christian Shepard and the same blood runs through his veins, so any child of his would also be the grandson of Christian Shepard.

Now, back in Season Three when Juliet was first introduced as the defecting Other, we found out that she was taking samples from all the woman to see if they were pregnant and there was this whole big deal where “Austen” was the next one but we never found if she was or not (knowing that her and Sawyer had been together) and Kate was worried for the rest of the season until discovering that she wasn’t. That whole plot seemed weird and random and it was sort of a reoccurring theme that Kate was worried about being pregnant.

She was the one who helped Sun out when Sun found out she was pregnant and there Sun asked her if she’d ever taken a pregnancy test and of course Kate got that look in her eyes that means “flashback will be arriving soon”.

In the flashback within a later episode we watch her entire story about married life with police officer Kevin, just so she can take a pregnancy test, freak out, and then drug him and leave with the excuse of “I was almost pregnant”. Okayyyy.

Next her and Sawyer and that whole deal happens and while at the Dharma village she talks to Claire and we see her deer-in-headlights reaction to Claire asking her to pick up Aaron so he’ll stop crying. Again–why? Who cares?

Then Claire says “you try it sometime” in reference to having a baby and later Kate seems confused about the whole kid deal. While in bed with Sawyer we find out that she now knows she’s not pregnant and Sawyer is jubilant while she still seems confused and then gets angry with his over-the-top joyful reaction and leaves.

Finally we see Kate deciding to take Aaron as her own and, with the help of Cassidy, it’s revealed to both us and to Kate that she “needed him”–needed this child to look after and love. Okay–but clearly she can’t have Aaron, he’s not hers, he can’t stay with her forever, and no matter what she thinks, she’ll never be his mother. So the thing she needs she can’t get simply by claiming. Hmm.

[Jack walks into his apartment and closes the door. He flicks on the light switch and goes to the kitchen. He pours a drink and we hear the door close. Jack stops pouring and looks around. Jack hears footsteps and a light thud. Jack slowly walks through his apartment and into his bedroom where he finds someone lying on the bed. He moves closer and sees it’s Kate.]

JACK: Kate? What are you doing here?

KATE: Are you still going back to the Island?

JACK: Yeah. Yeah, I think I am.

KATE: Then I’m going with you.

JACK: Kate… what happened? Where’s Aaron? Where–

KATE: [Getting up and facing Jack] No, don’t ask questions. If you want me to go with you… you’ll never ask me that question again. You will never ask me about Aaron. Do you understand, Jack?

JACK: Yes.

KATE: Thank you.

[They kiss, Jack takes off his suit-coat, and they lie on the bed.]

Transcript thanks to Lostpedia.com, Season 5–episode 6 “316” (Link)

I think it’s easily implied what happens here Kate being who she is and us knowing what she does when she’s “sad”. Coincidentally this takes place the night before they leave to go home and off the island which makes things considerably better if it works out the way I think because at least she won’t die like Juliet believes happened to all the other women who got pregnant on the island. I think that this had to happen just as Sayid had to get arrested, Sun had to end up with Jin’s ring, Jack had to get depressed and strung out on drugs and Hurley had to be visited by Charlie and procure a guitar (perhaps we’ll see a flashback of how Hurley got a guitar–maybe Charlie came back to visit him again, we know that it was Charlie who first began visiting Hurley so it might very well be that he told Hurley to take his guitar or even gave it to him) and Locke had to die. It all had to happen and Kate had to get pregnant. She needed someone’s shoes to fill (no pun intended–hehe Locke) and that was Claire’s.

A final note to this, although I don’t think it really has much to do with anything is that when Kate gave up Aaron in the last episode “Dead is Dead” to his grandmother she also revealed that her reason for going back to the island is to find Claire and somehow, for some reason she believes that Claire is alive. I think we can probably trust this because it seems like everyone has had some sort of weird epiphany without reason about the island and why they have to go back and I can’t see why that would happen if it wasn’t true. Going from “I’m never going back there” to “I’m going back to find Claire, she’s alive” in like a matter of days seems pretty hardcore.

So, while this isn’t some huge, earth-shattering theory about the meaning of the island, I really think that the parallels between the 815/316 flights have meaning to them for the specific characters and it seems to me that the only conclusion that fits into the picture is that Kate is preggo and Jack’s going to be papa. 🙂

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I’m going to take a shot at an overall theory here. It’s based on my own observations as well as everything I have read on the many forums. So here we go…

The show is starting to take on a final form now. We know a lot more about things and theories are starting to get harder to come up with because the picture is starting to narrow. What I see in front of me now is a show with only a few really big mysteries left. The are:

—The Island itself.
The actual earth/trees/rocks of the island. Being as we know “exotic material” exists on the island. It seems likely the islands special features are comming directly from this source. What might that source be?

Smokie is attached to the island and in some way has a purpose. So far, all we know is it is some form of security system. It can identify/scan you in some way. It can kill your ass! It can not pass a sonic fence. It can also manifest itself in the shape of human form, and probably many other forms.

—The Others and Richard Alpert
-Once you’re an other you can’t go back (apparently). Unless your Juliet and you get judged and branded. Then your something else.. I guess. Richard is ageless. They are working for the island… maybe. They get new recruits. They have a weird thing with leaders. They probably know pretty much exactly what is going on but are very protective of that.


What in the hell is the point of this show? Not many people seem to talk about this one point. Is the world going to end? The Valenzetti equation seemed to state that is exactly what the numbers meant. To predict the date that man would destory itself. We have a lot of stuff about duality, a war, science and faith. Fate and Choice.

This leads me finally.. to my theory.

At some point in time. Be it past or future. The Exotic material ended up on the island. I’m going to place my bets on a meteor for now, maybe dark matter/mirror matter. Something that crashed onto the island (not a UFO!!!). When this happened the island got all it’s properties. Specifically, some form of time shifting and electromagnetism.

So the island is now super special. An anomaly. If this happened in the past. The island collected people and caused various strange events until it got to a certain point in time. A point I believe is in the future for us watching the show. As in a timeline past 2007 that we haven’t seen.

In this future the world is going to end. Something is going to happen because of the island and because of all the meddling from various sources. Possibly Jughead and Electromagnestism are going to mix. That would be bad. So the people of this future decide to do something as a last ditch to stop it all from happening. They take the island and set it up to send it back in time. Back with a purpose and a crew to travel through thousands of years in time to stop in some way the events leading to the end. To collect data…

Smokie is from that future and is a security system. One meant to protect the island as it collects data. Smokey may even be the data collector. Or maybe there is a lot of smokies? I do think Smokie(s) is nanobots. Pulled from the exotic material maybe? Engineered by the people of the future? Who knows.

Richard and his pose are the workers on the island. They do what has to be done to keep things safe as the island travels and collects what it needs. They may or may not be human. They might be like smokie. They might be immortal because of technology from the future.

Jacob.. well this is tough. I used to think Jacob was the driver of the island. That he controlled everyhting. Now I am thinking more that Jacob is going to be more random than that. That he is trapped by something, the incident maybe; and will come into play at the endgame. When it comes time to change things.

I do believe the entire series so far is showing us things that have always happened. The end game is “Can they actually change fate?”. Desmond maybe part of that and maybe Jacob as well.

The Losties are all picked by the island to move towards it’s final goal. To change the course of time. To break the rules and actually stop course correction.

Locke and Christian/Claire are all part of the island now. They are helping out it’s mission. Somehow they are different. Maybe they are part of Jacob. Existing in some realm outside time/space? Which allows them to be the hands and fingers of the island. To reach it’s goal.

That’s it! What do you folks think?

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