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This isnt very relevant to recent events but after seeing another post about babies only being able to be born by candidates I wanted to give my idea.

The reason babies were not able to be born is that the island was stuck on repeat in time.  The pressing of the button every 108 minutes was essentially resetting the island back in time every 108 minutes.  The whole goal of the Dharma Initiative seems to be to change one of the numbers to avoid some sort of catastrophe so in order to buy more time they developed the button to give them endless amounts of time.  Since the island is going back and forth between time no new life can be born within that 108 minutes because they cannot have a future.  For example if a baby is born onto the island during this 108 minute time loop it can never mature past 108 minutes.  Its life cannot go forward in time.  This doesnt effect any matured person whether it be a 5 year old or 40 year old because their bodies have already developed.  The first years of a baby require them to develop their muscles, brain, and other organs so never going to the future makes this impossible so eventually they will die.

Now once the button is not pushed the island resumes to present time and then appears again which is what allows the Losties to crash there.  Since the island is no longer on repeat Claire is able to have Aaron without him dying.

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Written 17th March

Is it just me, or did they start focusing on “touch”, except in relation to Flocke/his group in Recon? Claire held Kate’s hand very carefully when Flocke was reassuring Zack/Emma that he was going to keep them safe. Kate looked a little confused by this (but then again, Evangeline Lilly always looks kind of confused and pouty haha). This is before the slap heard ’round the world…

Then they focus on Flocke touching Kate’s hand… and then the hug between Claire/Kate.

I could just be analyzing things too much, but just wanted to see if anyone noticed this as well? They did focus a long bit on the shot of Claire holding Kate’s hand… and we know Jacob’s touch means something… so this could be the flip side?

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I don’t think that Jack is the Shepard that the candidate list refers to. I think it is Christian. But why isn’t his name crossed out?He is after all, for all intent and purposes, dead. He has work to do. For whom and why is yet to be seen. But I have an strange feeling that his entity is needed on the island for a few reason, the most obvious being Jack, Claire and Aaron. Think about the following things:
1. Jack follows his image and finds the clean water which solidifies his role as leader of the Losties.
2. He seduces Claire to MIB’s side and in the process, Claire is driven crazy by the grief of losing Aaron and that fuels her grudge against the Others further more aligning her with MIB.
3. Aaron is doomed to be ‘raised by another’ because of Claire’s abandonment.
4. Everybody assumes MIB/Smokey can appear to a person as the something that the person loves the most, then why did he appear to John Locke as Christian is Smokey really does = Christian? To start a catalyst to get the Oceanic 6 back to the island (tell my son I said hello), as Ben said if you got Jack, then you got all of them (well, almost all).

Also a quick side note:
I believe that the lighthouse is MIB’s. I just think that because the candidates names are written in black and in the cave the names are written in white, sometimes the answer really is right in front of you and you are too blind to see.

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I know plenty of people hated last week’s episode. I’m okay being in the minority (which is why I post this in the debate section) but I think that there were at least a few things learned from “What Kate Does” that are worth noting.

The more I think about this episode the more I like it.

1. ASH — SMOKE(Y) — FIRE — Part of the test we saw performed on Sayid involved blowing ash over him. Ash is once again seen as significant as it relates to Smokey. The irony and hopefully staring-us-in-the-face clue is that ash and smoke (the visible form of “the Monster”) are both correlated to fire. Fire is the very place that Jacob ultimately died, beneath the Greek symbols for “The fire pit burns brightly to ash.” Bram carried ash with him and instantly knew to use it as protection when facing Smokey. The Others got out their stash of ash to use as protection against “him” coming. Fire, ash and Smokey = all related, all worth paying attention to. They could have used plenty of other symbols or items that would ward off a Smoke Monster, like water (oh hey dirty fountain water) or trees (which seems to have been important in the past) but we keep seeing the use of ash.

2. HOW IS SAYID HEALED: MIB? JACOB? JACK? — It’s not yet possible to identify exactly how Sayid came back to life, even if he is considered alive-but-infected. On Chief’s post, I threw into the mix the possibility that Jack healed him. Jack is now actually being the most honest and humbled he has been in awhile, if not his entire life. It would be fitting that Doc the healer for the past 5 seasons is finally owning his limitations and inability to control things at the very time that he now can actually heal as he has been destined to heal and lead. (I throw “lead” in there because that little sit-down with Dogen and the talk on leadership was not ‘filler.’) This possibility also fits with the past seasons leading us to believe that Jack is special and his role as leader/healer and “Shepard” bloodline is significant.

3. CLAIRE — Claire is infected and Danielle-esque. There is plenty of conversation on this elsewhere on the site, but it still counts as something we learned.

4. “THE DARKNESS IN HIM” — This isn’t just about Sayid. Sawyer is headed down a dark path of isolation and hopelessness. This is one more significant addition to the storyline of “sides” and whose side he will end up on, as well as the overarching trust issues that we are finally getting to. The Losties divided has never worked out well, and at some point he will have to make series (and character) resolving decisions based on who he trusts and what he does because of it.

5. MORE SYMBOLISM — Obvious use of images (and one previous episode’s statement) that symbolizes being bound to each other: an engagement ring, handcuffs, and from LA X, the line “nice to see you out of those chains.” In Kate removing her handcuffs, is she finally free? (See #6 below.) If anything, to me these were symbols to pay attention to as the theme of trust and sides in point #4. Should we count on Sun & Jin’s wedding ring making an on-screen appearance soon to remind us of these ties and eventual divisions between the Losties? Most likely. And thinking more on that…the fact that Jacob appeared to Sun & Jin at their wedding, where they gave each other their rings and his blessing to them was about their love (unity), it’s quite fitting that Crazy Claire finds Jin of all people. But hey, maybe that was just filler. Just kidding.

6. WHAT KATE DOES — Finally, to Kate and what she DOES. The episode is called what Kate DOES, present tense. She did in one timeline what she is trying to do in the other. (Seems pretty significant to me.) In Sideways timeline (no 815-crash) she accomplishes the very goal that motivated her to go back to the island in the 815-crashes timeline: find Claire in order to reunite Claire with Aaron, as Kate believes that Claire should be raising her son. In the no-crash timeline, she finds Claire (on the street) and in the hospital she offers Claire the advice, “You should keep him.” Which is like another way of saying, “you and your son belong together.” (She could have added, “TRUST ME, I KNOW” if we are to think that the characters have some soul-type connection to their “other” timeline self.) The belonging together type of statement sounds a lot like Kate believes a bit in destiny.

The fact that Kate DID what she is trying to do elsewhere is so critical to our understanding of how the writers are leading us through these two timelines. If we miss these types of overlaps, I tend to think we are missing the bigger picture. All of the past seasons use of Flashbacks and Flashforwards were vital components of how we understood what was happening with the characters, why they were making the choices they were, and they also provided major clues to some of the very things us viewers have been debating and trying to figure out. Whether it is about changing the past, destiny, course correction, or resolving who represents “good” based on the choices that they make — this “new” timeline has to be paid attention to for how these major themes get resolved.

Obviously, everyone who hated this episode can hate it. To me there was plenty to chew on, and ultimately I believe character-centered answers are going to trump obvious ‘island-mystery’ answers whether us viewers like it or not. I think plenty about the island will be answered soon enough, but not at the expense of showing us how significant certain tensions, divisions and resolutions are for the main characters first.

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After Dogen says to Jack that he thinks what is happening to Sayid happened to his sister it got me thinking who else could this have happened to?

We know right now that people who could be “Infected” are Sayid, Claire and probably Christian.  Sayid apparently died then got up.  Claire got blown up during the mercenary attack, then got up and started walking around with Sawyer and Miles (Sawyer “you alright sweetheart?” Claire “Yeah” Miles “I wouldn’t be too sure about that”).  Then Christian was dead and up and walking around the whole time.  One similarity that they all have is they were not buried.

Remember Amy’s big thing about burying the Hostiles that crashed her picnic party?  Could burying the dead be what the truce was so that dead people don’t start getting up and becoming Infected?  Maybe thats why Richard wanted Paul’s body to make sure he was buried, and he wanted to know where the 2 Hostiles were buried to make sure it was done right.  He was more concerned with them becoming infected then about them being shot.

Some other people who died and were not buried were, Charlotte, Faraday, Mikhail, Charlie, etc.

– Charlotte was left in the woods at some time period

– Faraday got shot only a couple hours before the bomb went off (I still think he was the guy in Jacob’s cabin saying “Help me” (i know it was an extra))

– Mikahil died all the time (Mikhail taunts Charlie, saying “I already died once this week”)

-Charlie died in the Looking Glass, although that would suck to keep coming back alive and drowning in that room (maybe he swam out the hole).

I’m sure there were other people who died and weren’t buried (ohh maybe we will see Henry Gale).  But if that is the reason for the Infected people that would be pretty cool, but i guess we wouldn’t be able to see Nikki and Paolo again (no Expose zombies).

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More of an observation, but did anyone else pause their DVR and notice that their was a timestamp on Claire’s ultrasound?  Here is a link to a screen capture (upper right hand corner is timestamp):


The date is a little hard to read, but it appears they landed in LAX on October 22nd, 2004.  I think some of us speculated that the parallel timeline was in 2007 or even 2010, but it appears to be around the same time as the original crash.  The original flight from the pilot episode would have landed on September 22nd, 2004, so I am not sure what the significance of the month difference would be.

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Did anyone else pause their DVR and notice that their was a timestamp on Claire’s ultrasound?  Here is a link to a screen capture (upper right hand corner is timestamp):


The date is a little hard to read, but it appears they landed in LAX on October 22nd, 2004.  I think some of us speculated that the parallel timeline was in 2007 or even 2010, but it appears to be around the same time as the original crash.  The original flight from the pilot episode would have landed on September 22nd, 2004, so I am not sure what the significance of the month difference would be.

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Back in first season, when Claire was still pregnant with Aaron on the Island, she said she was worried about her baby because he hadn’t kicked in a while.  Most of you probably remember this.  My theory is that, similar to Sayid, Aaron died in the womb and was brought back to life by being claimed.  I know there has been debate on this, and most theorized that the Island healed Aaron, but maybe there is a more sinister explanation.  If this is true, then that would mean Aaron is bad, and could explain why Richard Malkin (the psychic that Claire visits in “Raised by Another”) is so terrified to do Claire’s reading.

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I’m seriously looking forward to Richard’s episode. That one’s going to answer a LOT of questions. Richard being a “slave” makes no sense to me. Being a prisoner for mutiny or another crime, having been mutinied against, or perhaps taking part in a ruse all seem like far more viable scenarios- especially given the window of time in which we know the Black Rock sailed and was borne on the island. Given the “betting” nature of Jacob and MIB, my guess is that Richard wins a wager against one of them (or both) and claims immortality (or some form of it) as a result. I suppose we could also invert that; perhaps his seeming inability to age is some form of punishment. Either way, Richard is a glaring exception to every other character on the show, with the notable exception of our resident (demi?)gods. There must be a significant reason why we have never seen anything else like him.

As an addendum to this theory, ponder this: Could Richard’s long life have a connection to the obstetric curse of the island? What if his agelessness is a result of “stealing” life from preggos and their eggos, and would this be the case, could Claire and Sun have escaped this fate by avoiding gestation (ie. conception through projection) entirely on the island? I believe the Spring may play a part, but I won’t touch the idea beyond that.

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I think that in the final season’s a lot of characters are gonna comeback or we’ll see flashbacks of them.

Walt: He seemed like the most important character of the show at first with his “gift” he’s definitly connected to the island.

Libby: If I remember it right she was pretending not to know Hurley, when we know for fact that she was in the same institution as him. She bought a boat for penelope widmore. And then she ends up in that island!!!!She did not end up in that island for no reason!!!!!!!!!!!

Charlie: I think that the guitar case Hurley was bringing with him on the plane is Charlie’s and that Charlie’s past gonna turn out to be very significant.

Desmond: Desmond’s definitly got a unique gift and I think is really important for the island maybe he’s from the past of the island and doesn’t remember it.

Claire: Claire’s probably gonna play an important part in the next season. To many questions about her and Aaron are unanswered.

Tell me what YOU think.

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Seems likely that Christian was actually the MIB pre-Locke. I think it is very likely that MIB has others like him. Or he can be multiple people at once. Why?

How is Claire with Christian? Who were the people in the back of the room when Sun and Lapidus visit Christian in Dharmaville?

Seems like it’s important. I just don’t know how.

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Its been bothering me forever….What happened to Clair? Last seen with Christian right? Wondering if anybody has any theories?

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It’s really not a big deal or anything but I was just thinking about it last night and, I guess the reason Kate had to deliver Aaron was that the writers knew Jack was Claire’s brother and, well, it would have been kind of weird if he’d done it, right? I was really surprised watching it the first time when Jack just flatly said “no, I’m staying here”, him being super-Doc and all. But looking back I guess the writers kinda had to do something a tincy-bit out of character for Jack in order to get around the foresight that, well, Claire’s his baby sister.

Imagine if he had delivered the baby and then found that she was his sister.Awwwkkwwaarrrdd.

Anyway, it was just something kinda funny I realized at about 11:00 last night.

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Theory: Yes, I think that Kate is pregnant.


It all goes along with the what Eloise said to the Oceanic Six before the return to island. Let me explain.

ELOISE: Come on in.

JACK: Ben and Sun-

ELOISE: Heard what they needed to hear, and this does not concern them. [She looks through a large amount of papers on the desk.] Oh. Here we are. [She brings a battered envelope to Jack. We see it has “Jack Shephard” written on the front.]

JACK: What’s this?

ELOISE: It’s John Locke’s suicide note.

[Thunder continues rumbling]

JACK: [Sighs] Uh… I, uh… I didn’t know.

ELOISE: Well, why would you? Obituaries don’t see fit to mention when people hang themselves, Jack.

JACK: [Sighs] Why would he kill himself?

ELOISE: Ohh… there are many reasons, I’m sure, but the only one that matters is this–he is going to help you get back. John is going to be a proxy. A substitute.

JACK: A substitute for who?

ELOISE: Jack… who do you think? You need to, as best you can, recreate the conditions of the original flight… which is why you need to give John something of your father’s. You have to get something that belonged to your father, and you need to give it to John.

JACK: What?

ELOISE: That’s what you have to do.

JACK: My father… is gone. My father has been dead for three years. You want me to… [scoffs] a–and to give it to Locke?! He’s in a coffin! This is ridiculous.

ELOISE: Oh, stop thinking how ridiculous it is and start asking yourself whether or not you believe it’s going to work. That’s why it’s called a leap of faith, Jack.

Transcript thanks to Lostpedia.com, Season 5–episode 6 “316” (Link)

Eloise explains, rather vaguely, that they have to “recreate” the first plane crash as best the can in order for the second crash to find the island. That’s why Locke had to die and why Jack had to give him something of his father’s. Now the way I believe it had to work was not that they had have all the same situations on the second plane that they did on the first, that would be impossible, but moreso that everyone from Oceanic 815 that was going to be on flight 316 had to fit the role of someone from Oceanic 815 whether it was by being themself again or by fitting the situation of someone else (the other passengers excluded from this as the island doesn’t know them yet so it doesn’t matter–they’re created their own original situation)–that seems straightforward and it’s easy to pick out as they’re boarding the plane.

[As Jack walks through the plane he sees Sayid. Sayid looks up and looks like he wants to say something, but then he looks at the woman next to him and frowns, avoiding Jack’s eyes. Jack sees Sun, next. She has Jin’s ring in her hands. Jack sees Kate. She’s keeping her head low and looking away.]

JACK: You made it.

KATE: [taking off her sunglasses] Yeah, I made it.

[Jack continues walking to his seat and sits down.]

[Hurley enters, carrying a guitar case in front of him.]

FLIGHT ATTENDANT: That should be everybody.

Transcript thanks to Lostpedia.com, Season 5–episode 6 “316” (Link)

So the Oceanic Six (plus Locke and minus Aaron) are all here. Jack, Kate, Sayid, Sun, Hurely and Locke. The fact that Ben and Frank are there too is irrelevant (at least for now) because they weren’t on Ocean Six so they have nothing to recreate just as none of the other passengers do either. It’s these Six who have to recreate the role of a previous 815 character in order for the island to accept them back–that’s what Eloise says, we don’t know why, that’s just the way it is.

Hurley is taking on the role of Charlie here. I’m not entirely sure but I think the guitar might actually be Charlie’s–either way though, it clearly shows that he’s brought a guitar just like Charlie did that first flight. Hurley’s on board and the island will recognize him for filling Charlie’s spot, or at least having something of Charlie’s.

Sayid is taking on Kate’s old role as the fugitive in handcuffs with a “special friend” beside him to watch over him–we also know that Alana, Sayid’s special friend, knew where guns were (we see her and those other dude’s with a buttload of guns during episode 11) and it’s likely that they were hers because she knew Sayid was dangerous–just as the Marshal, Mars, from season one had a buttload of guns because he knew, or believed that Kate was dangerous. So Sayid is on board and the island will recognize him for filling Kate’s original role.

Sun and Jack are two that can go either of two ways and I’m not entirely sure that it matters but I’ll explain both anyway.

Sun and Jack could either be simply themselves since little has changed with them and they can therefore fill their own previous roles, or Sun could be compared to Rose and Jack to Charlie (I’m not sure if both Hurley and Jack can work as Charlie-fillers, but who knows). Sun is still a married Korean woman and Jack is still a doctor so they can technically still be themselves. But the episode specifically shows Sun fingering Jin’s wedding ring and this can be paralleled to Rose who wore her husband Bernard’s wedding ring around her neck and fingered it similarly before the crash, waiting to see him again when he “gets back from the bathroom”. Jack was also somewhat of a junkie since he became addicted to that drug and this again parallels Charlie–either way, the island will recognize them.

Locke is obviously Christian Shepard, Jack’s (and Claire’s) father as this is the one example we’re actually 100% sure of since Eloise Hawking uses him as a direct example of this weird sort of role filling the gang has to do in order to be accepted back to the island. He’s dead, he’s in a coffin, and he’s wearing Christian’s shoes so he fills that role and the island will take him back as such.

Now when I was thinking all this through while watching them get on the plane (I was going–“oh, look, Hurley’s got a guitar! Sayid’s in handcuffs–o.m.g!” and totally geeking out that the writers are such geniuses, as if that wasn’t already apparent) I found myself wondering how Kate fit in. She can’t fit the role of herself because she’s no longer a fugitive, she’s a free woman and not in handcuffs, no wanted, no marshal with a pack of guns watching her. She can’t be Sun because she’s not a married Korean woman. She can’t be Ana Lucia because she’s not a cop, can’t be Libby because she’s not insane nor a psychiatrist, she can’t be Rose because she’s not a married black woman waiting for her husband and fingering his wedding ring, she has no obvious role to fill–so then I thought of Claire. HOLY CRAP SHE’S A YOUNG, UNMARRIED PREGNANT WOMAN–AH!

It works other ways too because if you think about it, Claire was pregnant with Christian Shepard’s grandson, since he was her father, the baby–Aaron–had Christian’s third-generation blood in it, right? And Jack is also the child of Christian Shepard and the same blood runs through his veins, so any child of his would also be the grandson of Christian Shepard.

Now, back in Season Three when Juliet was first introduced as the defecting Other, we found out that she was taking samples from all the woman to see if they were pregnant and there was this whole big deal where “Austen” was the next one but we never found if she was or not (knowing that her and Sawyer had been together) and Kate was worried for the rest of the season until discovering that she wasn’t. That whole plot seemed weird and random and it was sort of a reoccurring theme that Kate was worried about being pregnant.

She was the one who helped Sun out when Sun found out she was pregnant and there Sun asked her if she’d ever taken a pregnancy test and of course Kate got that look in her eyes that means “flashback will be arriving soon”.

In the flashback within a later episode we watch her entire story about married life with police officer Kevin, just so she can take a pregnancy test, freak out, and then drug him and leave with the excuse of “I was almost pregnant”. Okayyyy.

Next her and Sawyer and that whole deal happens and while at the Dharma village she talks to Claire and we see her deer-in-headlights reaction to Claire asking her to pick up Aaron so he’ll stop crying. Again–why? Who cares?

Then Claire says “you try it sometime” in reference to having a baby and later Kate seems confused about the whole kid deal. While in bed with Sawyer we find out that she now knows she’s not pregnant and Sawyer is jubilant while she still seems confused and then gets angry with his over-the-top joyful reaction and leaves.

Finally we see Kate deciding to take Aaron as her own and, with the help of Cassidy, it’s revealed to both us and to Kate that she “needed him”–needed this child to look after and love. Okay–but clearly she can’t have Aaron, he’s not hers, he can’t stay with her forever, and no matter what she thinks, she’ll never be his mother. So the thing she needs she can’t get simply by claiming. Hmm.

[Jack walks into his apartment and closes the door. He flicks on the light switch and goes to the kitchen. He pours a drink and we hear the door close. Jack stops pouring and looks around. Jack hears footsteps and a light thud. Jack slowly walks through his apartment and into his bedroom where he finds someone lying on the bed. He moves closer and sees it’s Kate.]

JACK: Kate? What are you doing here?

KATE: Are you still going back to the Island?

JACK: Yeah. Yeah, I think I am.

KATE: Then I’m going with you.

JACK: Kate… what happened? Where’s Aaron? Where–

KATE: [Getting up and facing Jack] No, don’t ask questions. If you want me to go with you… you’ll never ask me that question again. You will never ask me about Aaron. Do you understand, Jack?

JACK: Yes.

KATE: Thank you.

[They kiss, Jack takes off his suit-coat, and they lie on the bed.]

Transcript thanks to Lostpedia.com, Season 5–episode 6 “316” (Link)

I think it’s easily implied what happens here Kate being who she is and us knowing what she does when she’s “sad”. Coincidentally this takes place the night before they leave to go home and off the island which makes things considerably better if it works out the way I think because at least she won’t die like Juliet believes happened to all the other women who got pregnant on the island. I think that this had to happen just as Sayid had to get arrested, Sun had to end up with Jin’s ring, Jack had to get depressed and strung out on drugs and Hurley had to be visited by Charlie and procure a guitar (perhaps we’ll see a flashback of how Hurley got a guitar–maybe Charlie came back to visit him again, we know that it was Charlie who first began visiting Hurley so it might very well be that he told Hurley to take his guitar or even gave it to him) and Locke had to die. It all had to happen and Kate had to get pregnant. She needed someone’s shoes to fill (no pun intended–hehe Locke) and that was Claire’s.

A final note to this, although I don’t think it really has much to do with anything is that when Kate gave up Aaron in the last episode “Dead is Dead” to his grandmother she also revealed that her reason for going back to the island is to find Claire and somehow, for some reason she believes that Claire is alive. I think we can probably trust this because it seems like everyone has had some sort of weird epiphany without reason about the island and why they have to go back and I can’t see why that would happen if it wasn’t true. Going from “I’m never going back there” to “I’m going back to find Claire, she’s alive” in like a matter of days seems pretty hardcore.

So, while this isn’t some huge, earth-shattering theory about the meaning of the island, I really think that the parallels between the 815/316 flights have meaning to them for the specific characters and it seems to me that the only conclusion that fits into the picture is that Kate is preggo and Jack’s going to be papa. 🙂

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I thought the story that Ben told to Jack about Thomas the Apostle was a little strange, and then I got to thinking. What if Ben had contacted Thomas (Claire’s boyfriend, Aaron’s real father) about Aaron being off the island? It would make sense that Ben’s lawyer could threaten Kate with a change in custody if she did not cooperate with them if they had been in contact with Aaron’s real father (although the change in custody works with Claire’s mother as well, we later found out she has no idea of Aaron’s existence).

Maybe Thomas gets reunited with Aaron and although “having doubt” at the time of the pregnancy, changes his mind once he sees the child “in the flesh” (much like the Apostle Thomas). If Kate was present during this reunion it could have been enough to put her over the edge, stop living the lie and realize that there is nothing left for her off the island, inevitably leading her back.

I just can’t seem to buy into Aaron being with Sun’s nanny or Claire’s mother (who doesn’t even know who Aaron is).

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