Whoa long time no post…I miss LOST…and this awesome website.  Well I felt inspired by my LOST dvd collection to sit down and write a song about LOST.  This is the first song I ever posted on Youtube, so I’m still working on some bugs.  But check out this song and tell yo friends!

“Constant Tonight”


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In the final scene of “The End” it was revealed that no alternate reality had been created by the H-bomb. This resulted in many fans crying foul, arguing that the entire second half of season 5 was a mind f***. That Jughead was pointless and did nothing.

That was my first reaction too until I thought about it rationally… Then I started to realize what the point of the bomb actually was!…

First of all, if the bomb did in fact detonate (now that we know that there was only one timeline), Pierre Chang and Radzinsky would have died in the explosion (along with several others). But we know that Chang lived to make those DHARMA videos and Radzinsky lived to push the button in the hatch…

So the most plausible start to any theory regarding the bomb (though not automatically the correct one), is to assume that the bomb did not explode…… at least in 1977. Here’s what I think happened:

The Island flashed the Losties back into their original time frame right before Juliet could detonate the bomb. The Island had to do this as a last resort because it was the only way left for the Island to stop them from detonating it. So now, there’s an H-bomb sitting at the bottom of the very deep hole that the D.I. has drilled. We know that after the incident, the D.I. had to build a device (the button in the hatch) that would dissipate the electro-magnetic energy that was seeping out of the Island as a result of them drilling into the pocket of energy. As a failsafe, they connected the hydrogen bomb to a keyhole and gave the failsafe key to the button-pusher. If it for some reason became impossible for the button-pusaher to press the button, he could turn the key and it would detonate the bomb and negate the massive amount of EM energy that had leaked out of the Island. But whoever turned the key would die because no one can survive the electro-magnetic pulse created by a hydrogen bomb… except Desmond.

So the Losties had to go back in time not to detonate the bomb, but simply to put the bomb there so that the D.I. could create a failsafe that Desmond would later utilize to save the world!…

After all, the bomb was rigged to detonate on impact. If it were supposed to go off in 1977, it would have gone off when it hit the ground after falling for over 100 feet.

So what was the importance of the bomb?… If they had not gone back in time and put the bomb there, the failsafe would never have been created and Locke’s failure to press the button would have lead to the end of the world… So although it didn’t create an alternate timeline as Dan had hoped (although he previously admitted several times that he knew this to be impossible), it did save the world–a feat that I would classify as “pretty damn important.”

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Written 13th May

So I think Desmond is going to be thrown into the light to replace MIB, and they need Zoe to find it.

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Ok so a posted a theory yesterday but i believe i was wrong in a sense and having rewatched the two Desmond episodes i have figured out something about Desmond and his flashes:

So in Season 3 Episode 8 where they show what happened to Desmond once he turned the failsafe key in the hatch and was exposed to electro-magnetic energy causing his flashes to begin.In this episode it is Desmonds future consciousness(to us his present mind) which travels back into his past body.As he is exploring through the past he remembers certain events and tries to change them but is ultimately convinced to follow the path he always has by Hawking,she manages to convince/thwart him not to change anything.Ultimately Desmond realises he should try and change things too late and is flashed backed to his future/present body after being hit by a bat.Now while his future consciousness occupied his past body,his future body was unconscious in the middle of the jungle.

Now when we see Desmond experience similar flashes in Season 4 Episode 5 things have been reversed.In this episode it is his past mind occupying his future self’s body and we know this because everytime it cuts from past(1996) to future(2004) it shows Desmond start to collapse and it cuts from future to past it shows Desmond waking up.His past body collapses because it has no conscious to control it,it is in Desmonds future body.

Now the other theory I wrote was a bit misinformed but still right on the major points and I apologise for making you read it now but it is worth it because it explains what is happening to Desmond.Below is my previous theory but without the things that were wrong:

Ok so i think I have figured out something that has bugged me throughout the whole series about Desmond and why he only remembers his past changing situations when he does and this is why:

I’m going to have two Desmonds in this theory;Desmond Future(DF) and Desmond Past(DP).

Now I will pick the scene where Hawking tells desmond that he must not marry Penny and travel to the island and push the button because this what has to happen. All this happens during Desmonds first bout with flashings in the jungle after the hatch implosion. DF flashes into his past in order to have this conversation with Hawking,now this happens in his past to his pastself DP but it wouldn’t make sense that he wouldn’t of always remembered,as in before he started to flash back in time he would of remembered that conversation and it would of come as no surprise but I think how we explain this is that as DP was having his talk with Hawking he was being controlled by DF’s consciousness so when this was happening DP’s consciousness was not functioning(for lack of a better word) so he couldn’t remember this ever happening to him because it happened to his body not his consciousness.

Also in The Constant(S4Ep5) Desmond is able to tell Faraday the codes he needs in Oxford in 1996 because this is during his second case of flashing where his past consciousness is in his future body,where future Faraday tells him the codes which past Faraday needs to complete his experiment.

So he is able to change the past because(this might sound confusing) his past mind was told in the future by future Faraday what past Faraday needed.He can do this because his past mind(from our point of view) is his present mind once he is back controlling his own body in 1996,so he is free to do or change what he wants with whatever future knowledge he has.

Sorry for the crazy structure of this but i was writing while thinking,let me know if this makes sense to anyone please.

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They share one thing in common: they both want to kill Locke – one in the original timeline and one in the alternate one.

So maybe Cooper did all those bad things to Locke for the same reasons that Desmond is doing them in the alt timeline?

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Ok so i think I have figured out something that has bugged me throughout the whole series about Desmond and why he only remembers his past changing situations when he does and this is why:

I’m going to have two Desmonds in this theory;Desmond Future(DF) and Desmond Past(DP).

Now I will pick the scene where Hawking tells desmond that he must not marry Penny and travel to the island and push the button because this what has to happen. All this happens during Desmonds first bout with flashings on the freighter. DF flashes into his past in order to have this conversation with Hawking,now this happens in his past to his pastself DP but it wouldn’t make sense that he wouldn’t of always remembered,as in before he started to flash back in time he would of remembered that conversation and it would of come as no surprise but I think how we explain this is that as DP was having his talk with Hawking he was being controlled by DF’s consciousness so when this was happening DP’s consciousness was not functioning(for lack of a better word) so he couldn’t remember this ever happening to him because it happened to his body not his consciousness.

This is why Desmond is so special because he is able to change what has happened even with the ‘What happened,happened’ rule because he can control his past body with his future consciousness and already know exactly what has happened and what he needs to do to change it,this is how he was able to help Faraday complete his test with his mouse because he could give him the digits he need to input in his machine to make it work,which only his future self could know.

Anyway just my thoughts please let me know what you think and whats wrong with it.

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I was thinking more about the parenting issues we have seen and then something struck me as awkward.

We have seen nearly every main character on the show as a child, and their parents. I rough list I threw together includes, Kate, Sayid, Charlie, Jack, Sawyer, John Locke, Ben, Hurley, Charlotte, Miles, Eko. However we have never seen Desmond as a kid, or his parents. Why is this characters past a complete mystery?

Any thoughts?

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Written 14th April

Here’s Your Easter Eggs

Hurley made a huge donation to the museum where Pierre Chang and Charlotte work, to the paleontology wing, because I guess he knows that all birds (including chicken) evolved from the dinosaurs.
The Human Fund
Hugo mentions to his mom that he must attend an event for the Human Fund. This is a fictional charity created by George Costanza on Seinfeld
The Waiter
The waiter at the restaurant where Hugo and Libby met in the altverse was played by Jesse Smith, who played one of the random background extras who survived the plane crash in the first few seasons.
Spanish Johnny’s
The restaurant Hugo goes to is called Spanish Johnny’s, most likely a reference to a character in the Bruce Springsteen song “Incident on 57th Street.” Even better that he is meeting Rosalina (who stands him up), who is the main character on the very next track, Rosalita.
Outback Roasters
At Mr. Cluck’s there’s a sign for new Outback Roasters, suggesting that this new Australian-themed item was the reason for Hugo’s Sydney trip. The tagline, “It’s like a walkabout in your mouth,” also refers to the walkabout trip John Locke tried to take.

Number 42
At Mr. Cluck’s, Desmond is order number 42,one of the Numbers.
The Island in the Office
In Dr. Brooks’ office, there’s a picture of an Island, much like the Island Hurley was on in the original timeline.
In the room of patients at Santa Rosa, there is also an island drawn on the blackboard, complete with a shark in the water like the DHARMA shark from the original Island.
Connect Four
A patient plays Connect Four at Santa Rosa, a game Hurley played in the original timeline with both Leonard Simms and Dave
The Picnic Date
Before Libby died, she and Hurley planned their first real date as a picnic on the beach. In the altverse, this was their first date (as Libby said, it’s like the date they never had)
Desmond’s Son
Desmond tells Ben that his son is named Charlie (without missing a beat) in the altverse. In the original timeline, this was Desmond’s son’s name, a possible hint that Desmond in the altverse has all his memories from the original timeline
License Plates
The license plates on Desmond’s car in the altverse change between the time he drives away from Hugo and Libby on the beach (4PCI264) and the time he runs over Locke (2FAN321), either a continuity error or a sign that he changed the plates to avoid being identified as the man who drove into Locke.
Dr. Brooks
In case you forgot, Dr. Brooks was also in charge of Santa Rosa when Hurley was there in the original timeline in the episode “Dave.”
The Exploding Human
Ilana explodes while handling dynamite from the Black Rock the same way Leslie Arzt did at the end of season 1 (but I personally think this was the writers shout out to heroes (how to stop an exploding man from their season 1 finale). In the words of Ben, no sooner than she tell you who you guys are, candidates and what she was here to do, she dies. The Island (thank goodness) was done with her (such a waste of space character, why did she get bumped up to a main character?). What does the island have in store for the rest of the Losties (shudder to think about it).
Notes from Underground
After Ilana explodes, Hurley finds a copy of Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s Notes from Underground, a novel whose themes echo the series, as it is about free will and about the fact that determinism or fate is not valid because people can sometimes to things without reason or purpose just to prove that they have free will, as when Hurley later goes to see Flocke just to prove he can. (for even more info please see book report toward the end)
The Black Bag
There are three option as to what the contents are:
1. The stolen diamonds Miles found via Nikki and Paulo (not likely Miles would have been more careful)
2. The black and white stones (I am pretty sure jack still has those)
3. Jacob’s ashes (most likely since it was Illana that blew up)
The Boy in the Jungle
The boy in the jungle was not (in my opinion) the same boy the same one who haunted Flocke in “The Substitute.” Now I read theory that some people thought that this was the same boy, just that he had aged and this boy is a reminder to Flocke that he needs to leave soon before the boy morphs into a full grown MIB, but that is lame. Does his smile to Desmond suggests he either knows Desmond or the two are on the same side? Desmond can see the boy, much like Sawyer could see the other boy, so what the hell does that mean?
What is the Island?
Richard asks Hurley to prove he’s talking to Jacob by revealing what he compared the Island to. Richard is referring to the scene in “Ab Aeterno” when Jacob described the Island as a cork keeping evil (or the wine) in the bottle.
The Whispers
Hurley finally reveals a longstanding question about the Whispers, describing them as noises from dead people who’ve done bad things and are unable to move on, suggesting that the Island may actually be a type of limbo.
The Well
Flocke throws Desmond into a well. This well is similar to the one outside of the Orchid Station that John Locke descended into to find the frozen donkey wheel that moved the Island.

Book Report:
This is all courtesy of Wikipedia because I haven’t read this book at all
I think this might be an important clue because I remember that Locke gave Ben (back in the good ole Henry Gale days) a book, The Brothers Karamazov also by the same author.

The Book:
Notes from the Underground (a short novel) by Fyodor Dostoevsky
It is considered by many to be the world’s first existentialist novel. It presents itself as an excerpt from the rambling memoirs of a bitter, isolated, unnamed narrator (generally referred to by critics as the Underground Man) who is a retired civil servant living in St. Petersburg. The first part of the story is told in monologue form, or the underground man’s diary, and attacks emerging Western philosophy, especially Nikolay Chernyshevsky’s What Is to Be Done?. The second part of the book is called “Apropos of the Wet Snow,” and describes certain events that, it seems, are destroying, and sometimes renewing the underground man, who acts as a first person, omniscient narrator.

Plot Summary:
Part 1
It consists of an introduction, three main sections and a conclusion. (i) The short introduction propounds a number of riddles whose meanings will be further developed. (1) Chapters two, three and four deal with suffering and the enjoyment of suffering; (2) chapters five and six with intellectual and moral vacillation and with conscious “inertia”-inaction; (3) chapters seven through nine with theories of reason and logic; (c) the last two chapters are a summary and a transition into Part 2.
War is described as people’s rebellion against the assumption that everything needs to happen for a purpose, because humans do things without purpose, and this is what determines human history.
Secondly, the narrator’s desire for pain and paranoia is exemplified by his liver pain and toothache. This parallels Raskolnikov’s behavior in Dostoevsky’s later novel, Crime and Punishment. He says that, due to the cruelty of society, human beings only moan about pain in order to spread their suffering to others. He builds up his own paranoia to the point he is incapable of looking his co-workers in the eye.
The main issue for the Underground Man is that he has reached a point of ennui[2] and inactivity[3]. Unlike most people, who typically act out of revenge because they believe justice is the end, the Underground Man is conscious of his problems, feels the desire for revenge, but he does not find it virtuous; this incongruity leads to spite and spite towards the act itself with its concomitant circumstances. He feels that others like him exist, yet he continuously concentrates on his spitefulness instead of on actions that would avoid the problems he is so concerned with. He even admits at one point that he’d rather be inactive out of laziness.
The first part also gives a harsh criticism of determinism and intellectual attempts at dictating human action and behavior by logic, which the Underground Man mentions in terms of a simple math problem two times two makes four (see also necessitarianism). He states that despite humanity’s attempt to create the “Crystal Palace,” a reference to a famous symbol of utopianism in Nikolai Chernyshevsky’s What Is to Be Done?, one cannot avoid the simple fact that anyone at any time can decide to act in a way which might not be considered good, and some will do so simply to validate their existence and to protest and confirm that they exist as individuals. For good as a general term is subjective and in the case of the Underground Man the good here he’s ridiculing is enlightened self interest (egoism, selfishness). It is this position being depicted as logical and valid that the novels protagonist despises. Since his romantic embracing of this ideal, he seems to blame for his current base unhappiness. This type of rebellion is critical to later works of Dostoevsky. As this type of rebellion is used by adolescents to validate their own existence, uniqueness and independence (see Dostoevsky’s The Adolescent). Rebellion in the face of the dysfunction, disorder of adult experience, that one inherits under the understanding of tradition and society.
In other works, Dostoevsky again confronts the concept of free will and constructs a negative argument to validate free will against determinism in the character Kirillov’s suicide in his novel The Demons. Notes from Underground marks the starting point of Dostoevsky’s move from psychological and sociological themed novels to novels based on existential and general human experience in crisis.

Part 2
The second part is the actual story proper and consists of three main segments that lead to a furthering of the Underground Man’s super-consciousness.
The first is his obsession with an officer who physically moves him out of the way without a word or warning. He sees the officer on the street and thinks of ways to take revenge, eventually deciding to bump into him, which he does, finding to his surprise that the officer does not seem to even notice it happened.
The second segment is a dinner party with some old school friends to wish Zverkov, one of their number, goodbye as he is being transferred out of the city. The underground man hated them when he was younger, but after a random visit to Simonov’s, he decides to meet them at the appointed location. They fail to tell him that the time has been changed to six instead of five, so he arrives early. He gets into an argument with the four after a short time, declaring to all his hatred of society and using them as the symbol of it. At the end, they go off without him to a secret brothel, and, in his rage, the underground man follows them there to confront Zverkov once and for all, regardless if he is beaten or not. He arrives to find Zverkov and company have left, but, it is there that he meets Liza, a young prostitute.
The story cuts to Liza and the underground man lying silently in the dark together. The underground man confronts Liza with an image of her future, by which she is unmoved at first, but, she eventually realizes the plight of her position and how she will slowly become useless and will descend more and more, until she is no longer wanted by anyone. The thought of dying such a terribly disgraceful death brings her to realize her position, and she then finds herself enthralled by the underground man’s seemingly poignant grasp of society’s ills. He gives her his address and leaves. After this, he is overcome by the fear of her actually arriving at his dilapidated apartment after appearing such a “hero” to her and, in the middle of an argument with his servant, she arrives. He then curses her and takes back everything he said to her, saying he was, in fact, laughing at her and reiterates the truth of her miserable position. Near the end of his painful rage he wells up in tears after saying that he was only seeking to have power over her and a desire to humiliate her. He begins to criticize himself and states that he is in fact horrified by his own poverty and embarrassed by his situation. Liza realizes how pitiful he is and tenderly embraces him. The underground man cries out “They – they won’t let me – I – I can’t be good!” After all this, he still acts terribly towards her, and, before she leaves, he stuffs a five ruble note into her hand, which she throws onto the table. He tries to catch her as she goes out onto the street but cannot find her and never hears from her again. He tries to stop the pain in his heart by “fantasizing”, “And isn’t it better, won’t it be better?…Insult – after all, it’s a purification; it’s the most caustic, painful consciousness! Only tomorrow I would have defiled her soul and wearied her heart. But now the insult will never ever die within her, and however repulsive the filth that awaits her, the insult will elevate her, it will cleanse her…” He recalls this moment as making him unhappy whenever he thinks of it, yet again proving the fact from the first section that his spite for society and his inability to act like it, makes him unable to act better than it.

My WTF moment of the show was when Desmond ran over Locke. Now, ever since LAX when Charlie said he was suppose to die, I had an inkling that the ones in the know about what is going on are ones who have died on the island in the original timeline. Now I remember hearing a podcast when Darlton said we should be wondering what would happen if someone died in the FSW and was also dead in the original timeline, I guess we are about to find out. Now, I have a few theories about why Desmond did what he did:

1. If ‘true love” is the trigger, Locke would never be able to remember because he is in love with Helen and Helen was never on the island, so Locke would need a near death experience to trigger his memories.
2. The Island is Locke’s true love.
3. He is trying to trigger Jack’s memory, which I think is the answer because of how the show ended last night with the stare down between Jack and Flocke.

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This special dagger that supposedly can kill the smoke monster and Jacob has a specific set of instructions that come with it. Something along the lines of “you have to kill him before he speaks to you.” Now, if you rewatch the scene where Sayid stabs MIB, he technically didn’t follow directions as the MIB says “Hello Sayid” before he stabs him. The second time we see the dagger, MIB gives it to Richard to kill Jacob, with the exact same directions. Once again the person with the dagger doesn’t follow the directions. Now, if we believe these instructions (that have been repeated twice), then it got me thinking, whoever has not spoken to MIB yet, can still kill him. So who hasn’t spoken to him? So far I have only come up with these people.

Jack, Hurley, Desmond, Ilana, and Frank (If you come up with anymore please let me know)

If the directions are correct, than I believe one of those people will end up killing MIB. One problem with my theory though is I’m not sure if speaking to the MIB counts if he is in someone else form, for example Christian Shephard. A question I had that I’m hoping someone could answer is when Ben killed Jacob, was the weapon he used the same dagger?

To go a little farther on my theory, there’s something I’d like to point out. We all know Frank was supposed to pilot 815 but he overslept that day. Now think back to season 1. Who is the first person who died on the island? (I’m not talking about the guy who got sucked into the planes engine, or the cop who came with Kate) The person I’m talking about is the pilot. That was supposed to be Frank who died, but instead, he wound up on the island alive. There would be no reason to keep a character like him around unless there’s something more to it. This leads me to believe that Frank has a greater purpose, something important to do…like kill the MIB with the dagger.

Now I know there is no way the writers would ever make it so Frank ends up killing the MIB, but I was just hoping to put some stuff out there, on some things I feel havn’t been discussed enough yet and see what comes back. This is my first post on this site just for the record, hope you enjoy.

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Written 7th April

Hi guys!

After seeing the last episode I have immediately re-watched the episode “The constant” from the fourth season to confirm some things.

As everyone should probably have noticed, the driver of Desmond in the last episode, named George Minkowski, is the same person who met Desmond on the freighter, which also experienced time travel, causing his death.

I’m intrigued to know your view about the next:
Since George was able to travel through time, was he special as Desmond? If yes, did Widmore knew about it? Could this be the reason why he was working for Widmore at that time? If so, was his death that forced Widmore to find Desmond? One of the things that leads me to say this is that before his death (in “the constant”), George said “I can’t get back…”. This sentence may suggest that in dying he knew he wouldn’t be able to return to another timeline anymore. Was he aware of its capabilities and its task (be the key to beat MIB)?
Another curious thing about the George/Desmond relation is the fact that George was a kind of “driver” to Desmond (and also to Sayid) aboard the freighter, guiding them until the room of radio communications. In this episode, George has literally been the driver of Desmond through the streets of Los Angeles. A funny coincidence created by the writers? Maybe I think. However, it seemed that George, seemingly, was not entirely indifferent to Desmond, or rather seemed somehow remember him. But maybe I am getting crazy.

I’m looking forward to know your opinions.

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Written 7th April

If you are a hardcore fan then you definitely love easter eggs as much as I do, the last couple of episodes haven’t had that many but this one sure does (and I will omit the glaring fact that desmond isnt wearing a wedding ring, now even though he was in LAX, b/c that is being done to death, but I will say I personally dont think it is a contunity error and leave it at that).

1. The numbers strike again, twice, the flight arrived at 10:42 at gate 8 and the lugguage was on carousel 4 (well if you want to get technical that makes thrice but like whom, only jerks use thrice)
2. Now what I find strange is desmond gets to ponder his reflection in a mirror twice in this epsiode, once at arrival screen and again airport courthouse
3.Widmore had a paining of scale with one black stone and one white stone in his office
4. Also note a the sailboat in Widmore’s office (quick aside isn’t it weird that they killed off Libby like right before Desmond returned, if the actress had decided to stay that reveal would have been AWESOME in my opinion)
5. This is for ADayAFar, I definitely think that they gave Penny the last name of Milton as a shout out to John Milton, the author of Paradise Lost
6. Daniel says he took the physics equations he wrote to a friend who was a math whiz at Cal Tech. In the online experience of Lost, it was revealed that Thomas Mittelwerk, a chief of technology for the Hanso Foundation who overthrew Alvar Hanso to take over the group that helped create the DHARMA Initiative, went to Cal Tech.
7. Daniel thinks HE already denoted a bomb, half right, huh, is that really the cause of the ALT, are they just going to leave it at that? (They better not!!)
8. Widmore’s team planned to test their machine on a bunny rabbit named Angstrom. Bunnies are frequently seen on Lost, and Dr. Marvin Candle used one in his experiments from the DHARMA videos. Also, “Rabbit” Angstrom is the name of the main character in four novels by John Updike: Rabbit, Run, Rabbit Redux, Rabbit Is Rich, Rabbit at Rest.

I could give you a few more obvious ones but I wont bore you to death. So as always a little food for thought.

I have a few more things to note though:

1. How come Daniel gets a happy family and can play his beloved piano (did he finally get to MAKE time for it?) and Penny is the step/half child, Penny was put through hell between having daddy issues and Desmond breaking her heart and all? Daniel unethically experimented on a human (his girlfriend at that, I know, Juilette experimented on her sister but her sister did have cancer and had looked death in the eye). I guess maybe having your parents conspire to knowingly kill you outranks absenteeism and obsessive control issues.

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Wasn’t Desmond wearing a wedding ring back in LA X?

I am 99.9% sure that he was. “Happily Ever After” emphasized Des’ singleness in all of the leading up to ‘remembering’ Penny. Desmond from tonight’s episode was very ringless. There is no way it’s a continuity error.

So the Desmond that is on Flight 815 in “LA X” is…


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I just thought i’d throw it out there and see what people think. Probably not a fresh thought but…could ‘the package’ be Jacobs replacement in some way? I got the feeling from Desmonds odd appearance on the plane in the alt that there would be some reason why, but we haven’t seen him show up in the alt again, yet. It seemed very Jacob-esque, zen like, not forgetting that Desmond was once a monk.
What if even if its just in the alt, he has some sort of position like Jacob. I got nothing to back this up really, but i’m just trying to pre-empt the next episode, so i guess we’ll find out next week.

I’m also wondering, Widmore is obviously aware of Desmonds importance, but was Jacob?
Is Des a candidate i can’t remember his name being on that list, was Jacob even aware of his existence on the island? Even more importantly, was MIB/smokey aware of him? Maybe thats why he was kept secret in that hatch, until the day he was ‘accidentally’ endowed with Doctor Who type powers.
It would seem Widmore has thrown his own ‘variable’ into the equation.

Can’t wait for next week.

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I am under the impression that the writers are trying to mislead us in regards to the root of this show. I do not think that anything happening is supernatural in nature. I think the show is going to be firmly rooted in scientific theories. Which can seem to be supernatural.

So based on that I have been really focussed on all this talk about the MIB and him being evil. I do not think he is an evil entity. I think he might be a human that has been put in a situation that has caused him to become evil. But it’s all a matter of perspective I think. Here are the statements about him and the situation that have been spoken.

-He is evil
-He will infect
-If he leaves the island everyone will go to hell
-If he leave the island every living person on the island will die
-If he leaves the island everyone (this time meaning on and off island) will cease to exist

The last one being from last nights episode. Spoken be Charles. So in my opinion when someone says someone will “cease to exist” they are not talking about death in the regular sense.

After last nights episode I was happy to see Desmond’s return. Then I was thinking about what they took Jin for. They wanted him to help make sense of the location of the pockets of energy. Somehow they are related to MIB getting off island. Desmond has had the most intimate contact with this energy when he turned the failsafe key in the hatch. Something happened to him there that made him an anomaly. No longer bound by the rules.

So here is what I have got so far. It’s crazy, but I’m sticking to my guns on this. Till the writers totally prove me wrong…

MIB is just like the rabbit from The Orchid orientation video. In the video Marvin is explaining the station is not a botanical research station. He is holding a rabbit with a “15” written on it’s side. Then something happens, he freaks out, and behind him is another “15” rabbit on a shelf. It seems to blink into existence. He yells at some co-workers to get it away from the one he is holding. I believe this shows us that two of the same entity can not exist in the same space, at the same time. Which is a common theory in sci-fi.

Then think about the Lighthouse and the mirrors. It could be that the names written around compass represent realities, and the specific person in that reality. So the island with it’s magnetic pockets of exotic material is perhaps a focal point? A place in which all possibilites can be seen.

Now imagine that MIB somehow comes in contact with the Island long ago. The island being super special as it is. Caused him to become what he is… somehow. More importantly though, makes him an anomaly and unable to return to a regular state. Perhaps he exists outside of reality, unhinged in time, unable to exist in a specific timeline. If he were to return to a timeline not of his own, he would cause a chain reaction that would destroy that reality, or perhaps all realities.

Desmond is somehow part of this. Being similar to MIB in some way? Maybe he can stop his leaving?

I can’t put it all together yet. That is what I go so far though.

Let’s hear what you think folks!

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I am doing yet another re-watch, and I just realized how much I miss her. She seemed like such an important key. It was like she knew so much and was always just on the verge of spilling her guts completely. But what bothers me the most is that when she was with the Losties when they were traveling through time and stopped in the 50’s and the others are speaking in Latin, and she tells them that it is Others 101, why does she call them others, she was on of Them, why do we not ever know what they call themselves (and please don’t quote Locke from season two (we all others to someone)?
Another thing Desmond knew a lot too and never really spilled the beans, he watch Inman make that map, when Sayid takes the boat from him at the end of season 2 and says he is headed to the north shore, he says, “oh, going to see the hostiles are you?” Maybe he just heard about them from Inman but why he believe him about that after he lied about the need for those injections and the quarrantine?

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Remember in the off-island Dharma station where Eloise Hawking takes Jack, Sun, Ben and Desmond to show them how the DI can predict where the island will be? Well, Desmond delivered Daniel Faraday’s message to his mother, and when she told him that the island wasn’t done with him yet, he stormed off saying, “Well, I’m done with the island!”

Somehow, I believe Eloise…Desmond can’t have a normal life just yet… So far, however, we haven’t seen Desmond get back to the island or do anything island-ish… Anybody have ideas on how Desmond might have his story woven back into the picture? Perhaps involving Penny? I know some people think he’s locked in the room on Widmore’s submarine. What could he be up to off-island?

Discuss =)

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Written 9th March

I’ve been lurking these threads for awhile, but pardon me if I missed any post that discusses what I’m about to– I’ve been thinking for a while that Desmond is a catalyst… I don’t think it was ever approved (not sure why, maybe the mods are backed up) but here’s part of something else I wrote in response to an older episode before the Lighthouse:

Anyway, in my mind, as of the last episode, I no longer think Jacob or even MIB are the be all end all. Whether the writers have time to explain it or not, “everyone answers to someone”, so it could be that Jacob and MIB answer to something higher as well. I think this is because of how I started to see Desmond– as a catalyst for events– so in a way I started to see Jacob’s “touch” in other people’s lives less as a mark of candidacy and more as a catalyst to bring everyone to the island for something bigger (war of the worlds/dimensions/etc).

This “something bigger”, if it’s a war/coming apocalypse might be rather cliche though since a lot of great epic storylines lead to a major war, the struggle between ideologies or a fight to change the status quo (like in Harry Potter or The Chronicles of Narnia, I guess). But that keeps up with the Book of Revelation/notion of how the apocalypse will come about according to the book of John. (Interesting to note whose book that story is from, no? You should check out the symbolism too, because it might foreshadow the explanation of Kate/Sawyer seeing the pale horse and the dark horse from Kate’s past.) If done correctly, it could be rather amazing. Esp. for simple primetime TV.

This was before the Lighthouse ep. Imagine my surprise, when 108 was listed as an “unknown” Wallace.

I still think Wallace could be a pseudonym for Desmond– as Jeremy Benthem was for John Locke. For what reason, I’m not sure. But William Wallace is Scottish national hero, renowned for leading the fight for Scottish Independence (check out the Wiki entry on the guy for more info).

I don’t know, I’m sure lots will have something to say against this– lots of theories float around about how unimportant 108 Wallace will turn out to be, or that it’s a shout out to some scientist. I still hold firm that Desmond will have a pivotal role in this show’s ending. He has been the catalyst for some of the most important happenings in this show… including, as we found out eventually, the crash of 815 itself.

He’s been absent a bit now, but I’m holding that we’ll soon see Mr. Hume initiate another chain of important events. Perhaps he won’t be the center of these events, but definitely he is an integral part (a constant of sorts) for the fate of the Island.


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the next incarnation of ‘Doctor Who’!
Mr Hume is the legendary dapper British time lord himself, seriously, at this point i wouldn’t be suprised if he turns up on the island in the Tardis.

And the island is the Daleks spaceship!

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This is my prediction on Desmond, based off of the preview scenes after the Substitute.  So even though pretty much none of my theories have ever been right if you don’t want to have it spoiled then dont’ read it.  But like I said I have no proof this is just a theory brotha.

In the preview scenes after the Substitute, I hear someone who sounds like Jacob saying “someone’s coming to the island”.  The title of the next episode is Lighthouse, which are used to bring ships into harbors.  Desmond came on a ship, if/when/hopefully when Desmond returns to the island he will probably take his boat.  Also, on Wikipedia it says the episode will center around Jack, and since Jack is the only real Lostie left who had a relationship with Desmond I’m hoping we might see Desmond coming back in this episode brotha.

Again I haven’t been right on anything so far, sorry if this comes off as a spoiler I did not intend it to be.

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When Locke and Rose are discussing his career aspirations, there is an unusually photograph behind him. It appear to be a portrait, not a poster, which is sort of unusual for the decor of an employment agency. The man looks alot like Desmond, but the woman does not look at all like Penny- she’s dark-haired. We’ve been fooled by weird background stuff before- such as the technician on a laptoi we all mistook for Claire when Sun speaks to Christian, but the sheer size of the photo seems to be a bigger tip-off than usual.

What do you think?

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