Whoa long time no post…I miss LOST…and this awesome website.  Well I felt inspired by my LOST dvd collection to sit down and write a song about LOST.  This is the first song I ever posted on Youtube, so I’m still working on some bugs.  But check out this song and tell yo friends!

“Constant Tonight”


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Ok since season 5 this has reeeeally annoyed me. Eloise is pregnant with him in ’77. So when Faraday comes to the island in ’04 he is 27… Looks a bit older than that to me! So i gave his pre-ageing to the fact that he works with radiation etc. as being around that for so long can cause you to look older than you are.

However.. In the Alt. timeline, he looks the same age as he does in the real timeline, even though he’s a musician and has no contact (that we know of) with radiation.

Is this a casting error or do you guys think there’s something more?

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okay, another out there idea.

Their first scenes when we’re introduced to them, as the news of the 815 crash is broadcast, Charlottes Dharma bear scene, and Miles ghost whispering scene with that wierd photo frame change which i still can’t get my head round. What if those scenes are actually from an alt reality/reset that we’re possibly going to see in season 6? Maybe where 815 did actually crash and all the losties died ? Maybe the photo frame switcheroo was a clue that something odd is going on with time and space.

Even more out there, what if the dead body of the pilot that Lapidus claimed wasn’t the real pilot of the plane because it wasn’t wearing a wedding ring, was actually Lapidus himself??

I dunno, again, my headhurts.

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It occurred to me that the compass which John and Richard pass back and forth has no real origin. I wasn’t sure if I had just missed something so I checked it out on Lostpedia and they seem to have the same conclusion. A friend of mine suggested that it was the compass Locke had when he came to the island but as I recall he gave that compass to Sayid.

So the series of events for the compass would be: Alpert gives the compass to Locke in the future, John jumps back in time and gives the compass back to Alpert who holds onto it until he sees John during his flashes and gives it back to him… ad infinitum. The fact that an object can exist without any real origins and continue to loop through time suggest that the same could be true of characters and events.

Faraday is a good example of this. If we start chronologically, Faraday first encounters his mother in the 1950s during “Jughead.” They have a brief interaction and then he jumps, apparently vanishing before her eyes. The next time they meet is in the 70s when Ellie shoots her time traveling son. Before he dies, he tells her that he is her son, and that she knew he was going to die when she sent him back. Ellie takes his notebook which she uses to help the Losties in their scheme to detonate Jughead. Then we see young Daniel playing piano and his mother urging him to spend his time and energy on his studies, because she knows that he must become a scientist.

In effect, the entire childhood of Daniel (and even into his adult years) is forged by his mother, because she read his notebook which he brought back in time. So in a sense, the man that Faraday becomes, determines the man that he will become. LOST yet? This is just one example of how we can apply the paradox of the compass to the characters and timeline.

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Maybe this has been asked and answered before and I just did not see it.

Soooo…….Eloise HAWKING is Daniel’s mother and Charles WIDMORE is his father. Did I miss in the show where they explained why Daniel’s last name is FARADAY? Just an thought I had today that never really hit me before. I could see if Eloise and Charles were not married her not giving him the Widmore name, but if that were the case why did she just not make his last name Hawking?

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At least two scenes have shown Daniel Faraday crying as he watches the news of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. It seems that he doesn’t even consciously know why he is crying, probably because his brain is fried from whatever experiments he tested on himself. But I think that somehow this is his ‘second time around’, and he is crying because subconsciously he is finding out that his plan to prevent the incident by detonating the bomb didn’t work and therefore 815 still crashed.

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This is actually an idea I came up with when discussing how Faraday’s plan to stop the Incident cannot work. It’s not a very serious theory, but an interesting idea. Basically, the idea revolves around the Correction Factor, the one constant that Faraday forgot to include in his equations. See, here time isn’t like stone, as in unchangeable, but it also isn’t like clay, being molded into any shape. In this case, time is more like thick rubber; you can change the shape, but it requires extra effort. The number that determines the energy you need is the Correction Factor. We’ll say is can be represented by K. The larger the value of K, the more energy you need to change time. However, K alone doesn’t determine it. It also depends on the number of variables (people, signals, or influences trying to change time; the number of variables will be V) and the difference between the energy usage of the consequences without the change (B) and with the change (A). So, for example, the energy needed to change a certain event may be determined, for example, by something like E = K(B-A)/V. Of course, this only works if K has a value greater than one. If K has a value less than one, the equation might be more like this: E = K(B-A)V. Now, these are just simple examples of the concept. The point is that the more consequences an event has, the harder it is to change, while the more variable it has, the easier it is to change. So, this explains Desmond changing Charlie’s immediate future. The consequences of Charlie dying would not have been exceedingly great, so the energy expended by Desmond’s body when saving Charlie would be enough to compensate. However, now you must consider the consequences of stopping the Incident. The energy needed to stop the Incident would have to compensate for all of the following:

  • The energy release during the Incident.
  • The energy used to contain the electromagnetism
  • The construction of the button
  • Possibly the Purge, for it may never have happened if the Incident hadn’t occurred
  • The Numbers
  • Desmond’s arrival and later occupancy at the Swan
  • The crash of Oceanic 815
  • All that happened to the survivors, esp. the opening and implosion of the hatch
  • The freighter
  • Moving the Island, and the resulting time skips
  • The Oceanic Six’s escape and life off the Island
  • The return of the Oceanic Six
  • The and resurrection of Locke
  • Christian Shepard
  • The survivors at the DHARMA Initiative

As you can see, that is a LOT of energy. In fact, a heck of a lot more than even a hydrogen contains. In other words, Daniel Faraday’s plan cannot compensate for all that has happened, and therefore will FAIL. Thoughts, please.

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I’m curious to see what people think about the relationship between Faraday and Hawking. I was thinking tonight about how much both seem to know about the island, and then I noticed that this is one of the only relationships between parent and child that doesn’t seem to be strained on the show. It may not be much of a big deal, but the fact that so many of the characters we’ve seen so far have some sort of disconnect with their parents and it doesn’t seem as though Dan and Eloise have this problem. Faraday tells Desmond to find Hawking in the future in order to help them stop traveling through time which pretty much means that Dan and Eloise worked closely together or knew much of the same info. about the island that many don’t seem to possess. All this seems to make me think that Dan was away in Ann Arbor before he comes back to the island on the sub in 1977, and he was working on the pendulum while he was there. I guess overall, I’m curious to see others weigh in on what the significance of Dan and Eloise’s unstrained relationship based on what we’ve seen about them both (which isn’t much), as well as what this means in light of the overarching theme of parental issues in LOST.

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As soon as I saw that Lost’s 100th episode was titled “The Variable” my mind immediately focused on Faraday. While a constant represents a value that is unchanging a variable represents change. This is why I think that the newly returned Faraday came back because he has figured out a way to change time. Now this would apparently violate the whatever happened happened rule, but what if time changing was always what happened? I know that seems a little nonsensical but what if events like the purge occured due to Faraday changing time, it follows that this change in time was what always happened. Another piece of support for this theory is the timeline map that Ceasar finds in “the life and death of jeremy bentham”. There’s a distinction between real time and various other extrapolates of an over-arching time line. So maybe the over-arching timeline includes a change in a subset timeline.

So I was thinking what exactly Faraday would do to change time and I ended up thinking of jughead. In the episode he asks ellie to bury it because “50 years from now this island is still here”. So jughead was buried and stayed that way for 50 years, maybe Faraday will attempt to change this fact. Feel free to share you opinions.

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In Faraday’s notebook in S03E20 it is revealed Desmond is his constant. I therefore predict in 1974-1977 Faraday’s mind jumps about time also, why don’t you think he remembers his research, this is the main time period in which he is carrying it out. Desmond is his constant, this reveals why Desmond returns. Perhaps we will see 2007 Faraday visits Desmond because Faraday’s mind has jumped back from 1977, because Faraday, has also been exposed to huge levels of radiation in dealing with the bomb and perhaps building the Swan. Then Desmond returns.

The reason why Faraday must take action and not just ‘know’ Desmond is his constant is because he hasn’t contacted Desmond in 1974-77, and needs to to have something to stick to in the equation, Desmond also has to remember and acknowledge him, like Penny did when Desmond contacted her on the freighter. This is because what makes up a person is their memory, and therefore for a constant to be a person, the subject of the equation must be in their memory.

I believe ‘The Variable’ will be a Faraday episode, it contrasts to ‘The Constant’ title wise, and works together much like Faraday and Desmond. This is where we shall encounter this and learn more about what Faraday has got up to.

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John Locke became an Other by himself, out of his own ‘free will’, with no direct convincing or interaction. He could see Jacob without resurrection, Jacob also clearly only speaks to one at a time, Ben is also trying to control Jacob, ‘You can stop your games now!’.

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Maybe everybody already worked this out and I’m sorry if I’m being repetitive, but I just wanted to know if other people agreed with me.

The first thing that entered my mind when Eloise Hawking was talking about “a brilliant man who found out where the island was going” was that it was totally Daniel. I sort of disregarded it when I remembered it was his mother talking but when I mentioned it to my Dad he told me I was probably right.

It’s just that Faraday seems to be popping up everywhere and those blackboards looked mightily like those ones at Oxford. It seems that anything doing with time and the island has Daniel mixed in with it. How trippy was it when he was there with the Asian guy from the Dharma videos?

I personally think that Daniel Faraday is one of the most intriguing characters on the show (past-wise) other than Miles.

My Dad actually came up with this whole Miles-has-been-on-the-island-before theory. He noticed that the longer someone’s been on the island, the quicker the time jumps take a toll on them.

Charlotte, who spent her childhood on the island, suffered the effects first because she probably spent around 7 or 8 years on the island. I think it’s Juliet whose nose bleed comes next and who has probably spent at least a year on the island. Next, Miles’ nose bleeds (Note: I’m not really sure if Juliet’s or Miles’ nose bleeds first but it’s not really crucial to the point since it started around the same time). His nose bleeds before Sawyer’s who has been on the island for about 2 months. Since Daniel’s nose still hasn’t bled, we must assume that Miles has been on the island before because if he had spent the same amount of time on the island as Daniel, like he lets on, then his nose wouldn’t have bled yet or it would have at least bled after Sawyer’s.

Miles is also really intriguing because think back to that episode (Early Season 4, I think?) when he goes to Walt’s grandmother’s house. He is looking in what we assume to be Walt’s room for a ghost. Who was he looking for? And why did Widmore want a ghost scientist (don’t know the technical term, sorry) on his freighter?

Sorry if you’ve read it somewhere before but I just wanted to get my opinions out there.

P.S.: On an unrelated, completely random note, I think the girl who led Daniel to the hydrogen bomb is Penny’s mother.

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I apologize if this has already been said, but i have a few thoughts on Faraday and Widmore.

I believe that Widmore has traveled in time, and he knows that Faraday’s research will help him get back to the island. That is why he funds Faraday’s research.

It is also possible that Widmore is Faraday’s father.

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I have a strange feeling that Daniel Faraday is the son of Richard Alpert.

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I have a theory, it is quite far fetched, but still.

Faraday and Charlotte have a very loving relationship: Faraday openly

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Definition of a time loop:
A time loop or temporal loop is a common plot device in science fiction (especially in universes where time travel is commonplace) in which time runs normally for a set period (usually a day or a few hours) but then skips back like a broken record. When the time loop “resets”, the memories of most characters are reset.

So, in the plot given to us so far this year in Season 5 we have been given both the explanation from Faraday and the visual FLASHES of what is seemingly a time loop.

However, one of the primary concepts in a temporal loop plot device is that you SKIP BACK in existence and the memories are RESET. A certain OVERLAP existed last night which should help us dissolve the Time Loop as presented on the site so far.

Here is what I mean:

Remember, only Juliet, Faraday, Sawyer, Locke, Charlotte, Miles, Rose, Bernard and a couple faceless others are involved in the RECORD ISLAND SPINNING SCENARIO we are dealing with now.

This then would mean any weird events from any OTHER character (including Charlie, Kate and Jack) would not be affected. Since the island is not moving at the time rate and speed of the group flashing around, this can only TRULY effect the characters of the group we are following.

Last night, when Locke saw the LIGHT BEAM UP TO THE SKY and saw Sawyer watch Kate and Claire at that point we should be convinced that we are not dealing with a completely TRUE TO FASHION TIME LOOP. WHY? Because sawyer is existing on the island somewhere while that is happening and we know JOHN LOCKE IS POUNDING ON THE HATCH when the LIGHT FLASHES UP. This means, Locke hasn’t jumped into HIS BODY at the time they flashed too. Instead, this group is existing in a continued ABSOLUTE TIME FRAME that happens to include them existing in TWO PLACES at ONE TIME. (Remember the TWO BUNNIES in the ORCHID VIDEO OUT TAKES)

The island, protecting itself from certain ‘paradoxes’ or interferences has kept the RECORD spinning so to speak.

So, in my quest to continue on arguing AGAINST THE TIME LOOP, I will finish with this.

There is an ABSOLUTE TIME LINE as it relates to a CHARACTERS life. It does not necessarily have to work in the same way we walk through our lives today.

Sawyer crashed on 815 ==> participated in on island ACTIVITY before the Frozen Donkey wheel was turned ==> Was in the islands radius during the FDW turning ==> existed at flashpoint A ==> existed at flashpoint B ==>existed at flashpoint C ==> etc.. etc..

He has not looped back to participating in on island ACTIVITY before the FDW was turned. Therefore is not LOOPING. If he (and the others) are not looping, then there is no time loop. Because the island is not LOOPING, only the characters effected by the FDW turn.

What is interesting, is why didn’t Alperts group and the OTHERS not LOOP with the survivors and characters that did? This has to message sent and created by the ISLAND.

This to me is COURSE CORRECTING’not TIME LOOPING. If Sawyer (or Locke) were to have flashed, and found themselves at a point in there existence before, then I would buy into the LOOPING theory, however, this is not what we are dealing with here. They are existing on TOP of time that has already exist through the linear timeline within there own life.

Furthermore, if Charlie was born at time A and died at time Z…his time Z could equate to Sawyer’s Time S. ANything sawyer does past TIME S cannot effect Charlie in any such way…I think this is an important rule for the show to follow.

OK TIME LOOP FANS, let me hear where my logic is wrong 🙂

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Well… I think LOST is the story of a big temporal loop that will last for eternity. We will find out that the survivors of the crash (and all the people that came in the island) are actually the parents or grand parente of the OTHERS. So years later when they have kids (yes kids, because we know Others can’t have kids but nothing is said about the flight survivors, I think the kids issue is not because of the island but because of time – during the series we are made to believe “the island wants”, “the island wont let”

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