I’ve been trying to piece together some stuff from the show, and figure out just exactly why the light in the cave was of such importance. I don’t know if this has been brought up already or not, so if it has i apologise. I’m not even sure if this is obvious or a really stupid idea, but after that finale, we don’t have too much to go on.

I think the reason that light in the cave was so important was because it was what kept the afterlife in existence. Maybe when it was stated several times that if MIB got his way ‘everyone you love would be gone’, it didn’t mean they would physically die. As we heard Christian say, some people died before Jack, some long after, but they were all there. In this afterlife there is no now, so it could mean you’re able to spend eternity with everyone you ever loved, even people that aren’t dead yet, everyone you want to be with is there, thats a beautiful concept.

this makes me think of some of the promises that Jacob made to people, such as telling Dogen he could be with his son again, i guess he wasn’t lying. Now think if that light is what i think it is, and by it being put out this afterlife ceases to exist, everyone you love will be gone. Those are pretty high stakes, and to me adds deeper meaning to the light, why it needs to be protected and why they showed us the afterlife scenario. Thinking this way, i actually feel a bit happier about the way it ended, and the final ten minutes don’t seem so random. I know this is a little outlandish, but there really isn’t any logical way to explain the importance of a light in a cave.

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I had a feeling the end was going to be more bittersweet than action packed, and i for one loved it!
This isn’t a theory, as i’m still not sure what just happened, but i do know it was beautiful.
Everytime the characters had a memory of the island, and the sad music played, i was welling up like a big girl.
I think just the thought that its all over was so sad for me, i feel like a chapter of my life has just ended.
I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as i did and now we can ‘move on’.

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Ben killed Widmore as Charles whispered something important to Flocke.

In the first scene we saw Ben and Charles together way back (season 4?), Ben had creeped into his bedroom off island and they had that ambiguous conversation which shed a little light on the rules.
Ben could have just as easily exacted his revenge for Alex’s death then and there, but couldn’t, as the rules wouldn’t allow it.
What changed the rules for Ben?
It reminded me of the scene where Locke was on the verge of commiting suicide until Ben saved him at the last second. As soon as John mentioned Ms Hawkings name, Linus mercilessly strangled him. Why?

It made me realize, we still aren’t certain of Ben motives, maybe he is still on some mission that he is keeping well hidden. Ben always seems to know more than he has let on, what does he know and what has he been up to?

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Dear Admin,
Since this is the last week of Lost, I just want to say thank you for creating and maintaining an amazing Theory site. I wanted to post this ASAP because I know as soon as Tuesday and/or Sunday comes this site is most defintely going to crash.
Let us all know if you are going to embark on another endeavor such as this (for Fringe perhaps?).
Great Job!!!

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Written 7th May

How It Will End (Final Scene)

Ok, so bear with me here….Towards the end of the finale, Jack will destroy the man in black, and Sawyer. Cut to black. Jack wakes up in the Jungle, exactly like in the pilot. But when he runs out to the beach, it’s not 815. It’s some other plane, or boat or something. Jack watches from a distance as everyone scrambles to survive. As he watches, Sawyer will come over, and they’ll talk a bit. The entire thing is just a cycle, and will start all over again once the candidates are chosen.

-I have no idea how the Flash-Sideways universe fits into all of this…

-Sorry if its a dumb idea, i just felt like putting something on here…

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My bet is that the final scence of Lost before they cut to end title shot of Lost (which will be a white background with black lettering (like at the end of the Incident part 2)) will be Jack’s eye closing, bringing us full circle and hopefully some kind of closure, although I think we will be debating some stuff 20-30 years from now.

Let me know if agree or disagree, if you disagree, tell me what you think the final scene will be.

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Sorry, had some issues with posting links….

Over the last week, as I’ve been watching the seasons again, and reading more and more on theories, I’ve seen a lot of inconsistencies about the identity of the islands token statue. ABC.com reported in it’s recap of the season 5 finale that it was Taweret, the Egyptian goddess/protector of pregnant women. That would really jive well with the modern islands issues, seeing as the statue has been destroyed….but look at this.


Taweret is believed to have the head and limbs of a lioness. However the island statue obviously has the head of a crocodile, and the body of a human…

LOST Statue – Sobek

This makes it look more like the Egyptian god Sobek…


The island statue does show similarities to Taweret, like the ankh (the cross with a handle) and the the headdress looks like Taweret’s. So it is not a carbon copy of Sobek by any means….I found more inconsistencies in the statue while trying to match it with Sobek. From what I can find, Sobek is always seen carrying an ankh AND a spear. The island statue is carrying two ankhs. And like I mentioned before, Sobek’s headdress was different. Usually tall and extravagant.

Taweret and Sobek actually have a bit of history together. In later Egyptian history, Sobek was seen to be a consort to Taweret, sometimes seen on her shoulder. If the statue is Sobek, could the island itself be a manifestation of Taweret, with Sobek peaked on it’s shore? I’ll admit…that’s a bit out there…Most of their relationship revolved around Ra, who, interestingly enough, is seen in the hieroglyphs in the underground temple where Ben saw a manifestation of Alex, and also on the cloth that Jacob was fashioning in his dwellings inside the statues foot.


Taweret married Apep, who for a lack of better words was the god of darkness and chaos. Apep’s nemesis was Ra himself. Sobek, Taweret’s consort, eventually became Ra (known as Sobek-Ra). Sounds like quite the love triangle…and Losties know love triangles.

So what’s my point? The statue shows inconsistencies with the ancient Egyptian identities that people are so quick to assign to them. The minds behind Lost have more in store for us than we could possibly figure out from a couple of hours on Google….which makes it so damn fun to try and figure out!

I think the statue could be some sort of a pairing of the two deities. Both gods carried an ankh, this one has two. While the physical looks like Sobek, the clothing looks like Taweret. I think that the explosion/incident will cause the future death of the pregnant women on the island…but not due to radiation. Radiation may kill the fetus, but isn’t going to kill the mother…at least not during child birth. The incident is what destroyed the statue, and the protection of pregnant women impregnated on the island was somehow dependent on that statue.

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Written on 14th May 2009

On one hand we have Jacob, on the other…

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Written on 14th May 2009

So, Jacob is God, wearing the white tunic, and was living in the shadow of the statue.
His Enemy is the other immortal in the black tunic. Black shirt is the smoke monster. It is Lucifer. Satan.

God and The immortal Bad Ass have been debating the nature of man since the garden of Eden. They are testing man over and over and over, so that Satan can prove to god that man is inherently evil. God, however, says that man is good, and will eventually overcome their violent ways. All of their failures are “just progress” if they can get it right just once, he says.

John Locke is really dead, but the bad ass immortal smoke monster has reanimated himself into John’s body. Smokey Satan had to convince a mortal to kill Jacob. Obviously Satan can not kill God, or he would have done it himself a long time ago. So he has Ben kill Jacob. I thought the conversation between John an Ben was amazing–when he convinces Ben that all of his sacrifices and years of faithful service got him nothing but banished. Classic lies and manipulations that only the devil himself could come up with. This was in the 2007, or present day on the island.

But, why was Jacob not in the cabin? Why was there a ring of ashes around the perimeter of the cabin when Illana & Co went there? Were they looking for Jacob? Or, were they really looking to confront their enemy, Bad Ass Smokey? I think it never was Jacob’s house–it was Smokey’s house. Why else would they burn the cabin?

Back in 1977, thought the whole storyline was kind of disappointing, really. Kate drives me nuts always changing her mind. Without good reason. Then, Juliette changes her mind, twice, but at least they gave us a little back story to explain why. Besides, we all knew Juliette would die because she was wearing the fateful red shirt (Star Trek–you know what I am talking about).

So obviously the all came to the same conclusion–they should nuke the island and hit reset. I think this was terrible. I mean, how anyone can rationalize killing all of those people on the island (even if they were bad guys) just so that they could erase their own miserable memories of the last 3 years? This is akin to the suicide bombers and the terrorists who bomb storefronts in the name of some holy freaking jihad. I hated all of them when they did it. How selfish, delusional, and stupid have they become? It just makes me think of all of the megalomaniacal freaks who murder millions in the name of god or their ideals.

And you know that they don’t all die. A purple light will flash and they will all be transported back to the present day. We know this because Jacob says, “They’re coming” as he is gagging up blood right before smokey kicks him into the fire pit. Except for Julia, because of her red shirt, of course. She is just toast.

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I believe I have figured out the plot to the finale ( with a little help from “buttercherries”‘s Theory, It got my mind thinking )

So as most of us know, the title of the finale is called ” The Incident “. And Most of us also know that a main character will die, In that episode.

This brings me to my theory.. The Incident Is that Miles comes into contact with his younger self, And bad things happen… ( Think Secret Orchid Video, with the Bunnies.. (( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gERdALb5vQ&feature=related ))

When Miles comes in contact with himself he will die.

I dont know why the Incident will cause the Swan Counter to be commissioned. But that is my theory..

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