Written 6th May

*sorry if this has been stated before, the submarine sinking and MIB knowing that all the candidates were still alive has given me reason to believe this theory to be true. I apologize if this has been stated before*

Is doomsday really Flocke leaving the island and wreaking havoc on the world?

Before This can be answered, you have to assume a few facts are true. The numbers are the Vanzetti Equation, which predict doomsday. Each candidate represents one number. Flock wants nothing more than to go home. What if home isn’t actually him going anywhere, but instead is him dying. He can only die if all of the variables which could potentially change are unable to change. The candidates dying would solidify that numeral in the equation and in turn create no possible way to avoid doomsday. The fact that some candidates are still alive subsequently is keeping MIB alive. Therefore, I believe he knows that they are alive because he hasn’t died.

Don’t think of the show pointing to an instance where MIB actually hits mainland USA persay, but instead, jacob was constantly trying to change the variables of the equation to prolong when doomsday will occur, while MIB wants to kill all the candidates and Die so that he can ensure mankind will destroy themselves on a certain predetermined date.

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The key to the series was Season Five’s 16th episode, The Incident. This is how the show is going to end. Just like MIB can be numerous people (MIB, Locke, etc.) so can Jacob. So at the end of the series, I am unsure of how they will exactly get there, it is going to be new Jacob portrayed as Jack and new MIB portrayed as Locke. The two will be sitting on the beach just like in the episode, The Incident, and a new boat, plane, train or taxi filled with new people will be on their way to the island to start the process all over again.

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Written 15th April

So in the last episode the boy, who most people think is a young jacob, has clearly aged.  I was thinking that maybe Jacob is being reborn.  After he died, he was born again and began to age quickly.  Maybe this is why flocke is rushing to get off the island – because once jacob has reached his old self the smoke monster will not be able to leave.

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Written 23rd March

Has anyone noticed a discrepancy between how the Black Rock reaches the island on AB Aeternum e on the first episode where Flock is introduced?

In todays episode (6×09) the Black Rock reaches the island on the middle of a huge storm while on the episode where Flocke is introduced the Black Rock reaches the island on calm sunny day where Jacob is waiting for them at the beach.

Have we been watching multiple timelines all along?

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I’ve seen a lot of people doubting the elements of the show that at least are supposed to appear “obvious” lately. Well, I believe that the writers are done messing with our heads. I think that, in season six, everything is what is appears. Jacob is good, MIB is evil, the Island is the cork, the alt. timeline is just an alt. timeline (I’m less sure on that, though), MIB is the Smoke Monster, and Charles Widmore is against MIB. Isn’t it possible that they’re done confusing us?

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The bottle-wine-cork metaphor was just one of the great parts of Ab Aeterno. I loved the scene of the bottle being smashed open, a loophole of sorts, to get the wine out.

If the cork is the island, the wine is “evil” and it is contained in the bottle so it doesn’t spread. If the island is the cork that keeps it from spreading, then what does the bottle represent?

In my previous post on Water/Ash=Life/Death, a few of us contemplated the purpose of the water encircling the island. I’m not suggesting that water is the bottle.

My thought is that people are the bottle, and more importantly, the people that have been brought to the island.

If what Flocke (and in the past, MIB/Smokey) has done up until this point is ultimately destroy/kill people, he is in a way, destroying the bottle. Especially on his quest for a loophole.

At this point with the candidates, it gets tricky because he can’t kill them…but he can “break” them. If you look at the way that he manipulates people, cutting right to their weaknesses, and then exploiting it/them to do what he wants, it is a way of ‘breaking’ their will. Sayid and Claire are not functioning on their own accord at this point, and it is obvious he is strategically maneuvering with all of his conversations with Kate, Sawyer, Ben… and we’ll probably see soon enough a second try with Richard.

Back to the bottle…if people (and especially candidates) are represented by the bottle, it fits with how Dogen explained that everyone has good and evil in them. Even the subjectivity of “what is good and evil?” (as played out perfectly in Richard’s backstory) fits with this, too. A bottle contains the contents but is not defined by or ‘at one with’ its contents. I also think it ties together people’s connection to the island, as the bottle and cork would not be complete without each other. A cork without a bottle is pretty useless, as is a bottle without a cork.

Anyway, I have yet to re-watch Ab Aeterno, and it really is most deserving of a second/third viewing before going much further on the implications of the other parts of Jacob/MIB/Richard conversations. This one just made sense the first time around.

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This is my big theory. It will contain everything I believe about LOST so far. Based on last night’s episode, I think this will be good.

Background Information
The Island – The Island itself is an amazing place. It holds down an immense store of evil, preventing it from unleasing Hell on earth and destroying the good in everyone. This evil is burried under the Island, and is held back by two massive stores of energy. The Island moves and hides to prevent anyone from unleashing the evil upon an unsuspecting world.
The Protector – The Protector of the Island has one job: make sure the evil stays on the Island. To do this, he has special powers, such as natural immortality (I use this term to distinguish it from absolute immortality. Natural immortality prevents a natural death, while absolute immortality prevents both natural and man-caused death), healing, the ability to influence people’s thoughts, and the Touch are all I’m sure of.
The Touch – What is the Touch? The Touch is the ability of the Protector to gift others to aid in protecting the Island. This gift can come in different forms, depending on the person it is given to and the person giving it.
The Story of Jacob and Flocke
Jacob is the son of a previous Protector, but not the oldest. His older brother, Flocke, was to become the next Protector. (Alt. version: Jacob is the Protector’s nephew, and Flocke is the Protector’s son) His mother, however, distrusted Flocke. She thought that he shouldn’t become the next Protector, and set out to give that title to Jacob (either her younger son or nephew). She tricked Jacob and Flocke into going to play down by the Frozen Donkey Wheel (it was made ages before as a “faucet” for one of the energy pockets). Not knowing that is was connected to one of the energy pockets trapping the evil, Flocke turned it. This let out an enormous amount of energy, giving the Island its special properties, but also letting out the evil from beneath the Island.
This evil came out in the form of black smoke, and killed Flocke. With Flocke dead, his mother quickly pushed for Jacob to become the next Protector. The title was granted, and Jacob inherited his powers. Unfortunately, they soon found that Flocke had returned. The evil had revived Flocke’s body and taken it. The new, evil Flocke awoke to find that his “crazy” mother had helped set up his brother/cousin as the new Protector. This made him furious. He turned into the Smoke Monster and killed everyone but Jacob. Because Jacob was the Protector, Flocke was not allowed to kill him. In Flocke’s eyes, Jacob had something to do with the scheme his mother has devised, and thus he felt betrayed. The evil in him gave him a more important resolve, though, and that was to escape the Island and corrupt the world.
Jacob quickly discovered what had happened, and decided to hold Flocke on the Island. When he realized the plot made by Flocke’s mother, he was appalled. Unfortunately, he couldn’t give the title back to Flocke, him being evil. From that point on, Jacob and Flocke were locked in a strong disagreement. Flocke, being evil itself, felt that all man was inherently evil and would ultimately live a life of sin. I want to clarify here that the belief isn’t evil, and doesn’t make one evil. However, it is like the liar’s suspicion. If one lies a lot, he distrusts everyone. In the same way, if one is evil, he feels that others are also evil. Jacob believed that, even though man did wrong, he was ultimately capable of rising above and being good. This caused Jacob to begin bringing men to the Island so as to prove man’s goodness, possibly holding Flocke back and decreasing his power. Finally, we reach the season five finale scene. The Black Rock lands, and Flocke’s escape plan begins.
The First Candidate
When Richard comes to the Island, Flocke believes he has found a loophole. He attempts to manipulate Richard into killing Jacob, which fails. At this point, Jacob realizes that he can’t stop Flocke forever. He decided he needs to be ready in case he dies. By offering Richard the job and by Touching (not just touching, such as the fight, but the Touch after Richard’s request) him, he nominated Richard as the first candidate to replace him.
Flocke’s Plan
Later, Flocke’s form became too old. Having died, it wasn’t exactly in shape to live forever. Thus, he decided to find a new form. Having gained his body-cloning powers by being the Smoke Monster, he looked for a new body. He tried many, such as some from the Black Rock and eventually DHARMA, he was not satisfied. He wanted one he knew he could use to make his loophole. Finally, he saw Locke. Locke had just flashed when Flocke saw him. He began following, and took the form of a dead Other to watch. Eventually, he ssaw Locke’s conversation with Richard, telling him to see him once he’s born. Flocke decided that Locke was his target. So he begins scheming. Jacob also saw Locke, but took little interest.
The Losties
In 1974, Jacob found the time-travelling Losties in DHARMA. He realized at that moment that something was going on. He knew that the FDW would be pushed one day, and that the only person who could be behind such a thing would be Flocke. Pushing the FDW again would allow Flocke to grow to full strength, dispel some of the Island’s ability to protect itself, and ultimately allow the death of Jacob. Jacob left the Island and began Touching people, based on their situation. In ’77, he Touched some more people.
Before I go to 2004, let me speak on DHARMA. They found the Island by accident in a sub in the 1950s, and quickly discovered its unique properties. The two pockets of energy intrigued them, and they built the Orchid and Swan to study them. Early on, they turned the FDW, and discovered the Island’s time-travelling abilities. Unfortunately, this awakened the at-this-time inactive Flocke, and thus they had to construct the sonic fence. After the Incident, the other energy pocket was unleashed, allowing Flocke free reign on the Island until the button was created. The blockage of energy with the button prevented Flocke from ever becoming too powerful at one time.
In 2004, Desmond failed to push the button. This signalled Flocke that it was time for him to manipulate. Jacob knew his time was short when Desmond first arrived (he realized that Desmond was already important because of his relationship with Charles Whidmore), and thus used him to bring Ocean 815. He quickly began working to narrow down his replacement. As Jacob worked, Flocke found Christian’s coffin. He destroyed Christian’s body and began using his form to manipulate the Losties. After Desmond turned the fail-safe key, all of the energy restricting Flocke dissipated. With no more restrictions on his power, the only thing getting in the way for him was the rule (this rule was established in the Island’s beginning): he couldn’t kill Jacob. Using his newfound power, he eventually made Ben and Locke turn the FDW, which eventually gave Flocke his new body as Locke.
So, now, Jacob works from beyond the grave to quickly get himself replaced and stop Flocke from leaving the Island. If Flocke does leave the Island, the Island itself will fall into destruction and essentially become Hell itself, while the rest of the world becomes infected by the evil from Flocke.
Answers to Important Questions
Wharfrat77 asked some good questions for this theory, and here are the answers:
“Who was in charge of the others during the Purge? MIB or Jacob” – In this theory, the Purge was the work of Flocke. He’d already seen Locke and was plotting his loophole, but realized that he couldn’t do everything with DHARMA and without Ben. To achieve this, he made sure Ben “wound up” inspecting the Tempest, where he would come begin plotting to kill DHARMA and join the others.
“if MIB, How did he trick the others to follow him? When did they start following him?” – All he needed was Ben. By tricking Ben, he got Ben to trick the Others.
“Where is Jacob at the time?” – Jacob was off-island Touching candidates.
“Did he bring DHARMA to the island?” – Jacob brought DHARMA to the Island in hopes of using them to permanently secure Flocke, but instead, Flocke tricked them into turning the FDW.

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One question has been bugging me really badly. Why could Ben kill Jacob, but Sayid couldn’t kill Flocke? Well, an answer recently came to me. What was the biggest difference between Ben and Sayid at that point? One thing I noticed was that Ben really wanted to kill Jacob. He was mad and upset, and hated Jacob at that point. Sayid, on the other hand, didn’t seem half as interested in wanting Flocke dead as he was in proving his goodness. And, at that point, Sayid’s scale was tipped towards evil, presumably the side Flocke is on. So, maybe they cannot be killed unless the attacker actually wants them dead. After all, Flocke could’ve made Ben kill Jacob, but he convinced him to manipulatively. So, that’s my idea.

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I hadn’t read all the latest theories, so im sorry if im reapeting something..

I will make this short, two things


a friend of mine said an interesting thing, “what if” jacob and MIB har something more then just humans  (obvious), and jacob and MIB stands for two different forces (obivous), jacob knows what MIB does to the mankind if he’s loose in the “real” world, so “what if” jacob captured MIB on this island, and jacob choosed to be in there with MIB, so he had full control over MIB, “he locked himself away with MIB on a strange “island” and throwed away the key”


This is a fast theori i came up with from the last episode (s06e08), don’t know why this came in my head but, “what if” jacob and MIB is the same.. person?, a split personality transformed into two living persons, (like Nikki and Jessica in Heroes), it’s like he’s trapped on the island, with a game against him self, imagine yourself playing chess (backgammon) with your self, it’s almost impossible to win, if your not able to make a “loop hole”.

And for last, i made a shortfilm about my cat who crashed on a strange island.. ^^

She will change the future, by changing the past! (opens in new window)

/Andy Sweden

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Written 17th March

Is it just me, or did they start focusing on “touch”, except in relation to Flocke/his group in Recon? Claire held Kate’s hand very carefully when Flocke was reassuring Zack/Emma that he was going to keep them safe. Kate looked a little confused by this (but then again, Evangeline Lilly always looks kind of confused and pouty haha). This is before the slap heard ’round the world…

Then they focus on Flocke touching Kate’s hand… and then the hug between Claire/Kate.

I could just be analyzing things too much, but just wanted to see if anyone noticed this as well? They did focus a long bit on the shot of Claire holding Kate’s hand… and we know Jacob’s touch means something… so this could be the flip side?

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“Have you ever had an enemy? Someone that you needed to hate? Very powerful, isn’t it? Claire was devastated without Aaron. She needed something to… something to keep her going. So, I gave her something to hate. And then… when you told her the truth… all those feelings, all that anger that she’d been holding on to for so long… it had to go somewhere.”

This was Flocke’s “explanation” to Kate about why Claire attacked her. Keep in mind he found her in a moment of distress, sitting alone in the trees…in other words, “At some point in your life, James (Kate), probably when you were young and miserable and vulnerable. He came to you, he manipulated you, pulled your strings like you were a puppet. And as a result, choices you thought were made, were never really choices at all. He was pushing you, James (Kate). Pushing you.. “ Sorry, couldn’t resist quoting him again.

Anyway, this conversation with Kate seemed as if Flocke wasn’t simply explaining Claire’s behavior. It was more like he was explaining Kate’s past behavior to Kate, as in her motivation for killing Wayne. And as we know, her running ultimately is what got her to the island.

I’m not proposing much here other than the idea that for as much as we have known to be Jacob’s ‘off-island’ influence and interactions with the candidates prior to their island time, I also think that we have one more reason to believe that MIB participated in shaping their ‘destinies’ as well. I don’t yet think it’s as black and white as the Sideways timeline is MIB-controlled and the 815-crash timeline is Jacob-controlled. I don’t think that the ‘candidates’ are limited to being Jacob’s candidates, either…I think Flocke might have said that as half-truth. After all, Flocke contradicted himself in explanations about the island needing a protector (or not) to Sawyer and Ben. To Sawyer, a candidate without a line through his name, the island is just an island that doesn’t need anything. To Ben, he said the island still needs a protector.

Flocke’s ‘power’ (or manipulation or influence, whatever you want to call it) is obviously bigger than simply an ‘infection’ that turns you into an apathetic killing-machine like Sayid. It is interesting how his offers of hope (Sayid’s lost love restored, Claire reunited with Aaron), safety/protection (the Others), power (Ben), freedom (Sawyer) are juxtaposed with the methods of bringing those things about: with fear, hate and death.

Sorry, rambling there…back to Kate. I found it interesting that we didn’t see Kate take Flocke’s hand after this little talk. Perhaps we are supposed to think that at this point she is like Ben from the week before…there is still an opportunity for her to choose which ‘side’ she will fall on. He is working on the recruiting, but there isn’t evidence of a commitment yet.

So Flocke was persistent with Kate. He followed up by telling her about his own mommy-issues. Yes, I think this was for us to see that we will soon be getting MIB’s backstory, and ultimately that it is correlated to Jacob’s, too.

LOCKE: I know what you’re feeling, Kate. I know what you’re going through.
KATE: And how do you know that?
LOCKE: Because… my mother was crazy. Long time ago, before I… looked like this… I had a mother, just like everyone. She was a very disturbed woman. And, as a result of that, I had some growing pains. Problems that I’m still trying to work my way through. Problems that could have been avoided had things been different.
KATE: Why are you telling me this?
LOCKE: Because now Aaron has a crazy mother too.

Here’s what I take from that:

1) We’re going to learn a bit of MIB’s family history and why he has some of the “problems” he’s still “working his way through.” (I love that totally ambiguous admission that he’s working through it in all his current scheming and interactions.)

2a) The half-sibling relationship with Christian-Jack-Claire (+Aaron) could be the foreshadowing of the relationship between MIB and Jacob.

2b) Remember discussions last year about how Kate and Jack’s little pre-316 overnighter could have produced a little Jack2 in Kate? Hmmm….interesting to think of what could become of Jack’s offspring and Claire’s offspring. Maybe it will go there, and maybe not.

3) I ultimately think MIB wants Kate to think that Aaron could become like him (“Evil Incarnate”/Smoke Monster) with ‘growing pains’ to work through (partially by taking over the appearance of a dead man). Will this deter Kate from trying to save Claire? (If Claire is somehow partially dead, is that even possible?) Or will Kate see this to be reason enough to leave Claire if the chance presents itself? Or will the person that Kate ultimately sacrifices herself for be Claire because somehow that will work to redeem/break the cycle in motion with crazy parents and messed up children? (Back in my “Kate’s Destiny” theory, I proposed that Kate might have to sacrifice herself to save Sawyer and/or Jack.)

The Sideways timeline is taking us back to Kate for a reason, because we already saw her influence Claire and Aaron staying together in that timeline early on this season (mirroring her goal on island). Now it goes to the bigger picture and whether or not her “running away” issues will be resolved…I never thought I would compare Kate with Ben, but it looks as if the Sideways choices she will face are going to be much like what happened in/with Dr. Linus. If Ben Linus can refuse Flocke’s offers (the first one so far!) then what will Kate do?

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There’s been a lot of talk lately about a “Jacob and Esau” relationship between Jacob and Flocke. Since many of these cite extra-Biblical sources, I decided to look at a strictly Biblical view of Jacob and Esau, and how they relate to LOST.
The first thing to notice about Jacob and Esau is who their father was. Their father was Isaac, the son of Abraham, who was the father of the Israelites. Also notable is who Jacob was. Jacob, later named Israel, was a key character in Jewish history. He was Israel, and he wrestled with God. One of his dreams contained a stairway to Heaven. Jacob fathered the twelve tribes of Israel, as well. Jacob’s name meant “deciever” and “heel-grabber.” However, the Bible later points out that Jacob was a righteous man, such as with the statement “Jacob I loved and Esau I hated.”
Esau was very different from Jacob. He was the firstborn, but was generally less intelligent and good-natured. After all, he sold his birthright for a pot of stew. Later, after Jacob got the blessing of the firstborn, he wanted to kill him (sound familiar?). Jacob escaped, and Esau continued on his life. Later, he met Jacob again and accepted him, although his heart is unknown, considering the intelligent Jacob snuck away. He eventually became the father of the Edomites, who were rejected.
So, what may be of significance from this? Well, this all fuels my elaborate theory. It begins in the distant past, millenia ago. The Island starts out as the Garden of Eden. After the Fall of Man, it is cut off from people. Later, during the Flood, it detaches from the mainland and becomes the Island. Since it was no longer accessible, it no longer needed to be guarded by an angel, so the Island is left on its own. Much later, seemingly by chance, early seafaring men find the Island. Once there, they plunder its food and destroy the Tree of Life (the roots of which release their moisture into the healing spring). This upsets the perfection of the Garden of Eden, causing the evil side of the scale to come into existence. However, as the men continue to corrupt the Island, it needs protection. To save the scale, an angel of death is sent as a pillar of black smoke. It kills the men, but also decided that the Island needs new measures of protection. In suplication of this need, a man and women, endowed with supernatural traits, are created, and the Island gains its ability to move. This man is Christian (currently named Isaac), and the women, well, her name is irrevelant, but we’ll call her Rebekah.
Isaac and Rebekah live on the Island for a very long time, protecting it with Isaac’s powers. Specifically, he can heal and prod conscience (to increase good) and become the Smoke Monster or take a dead form (to decrease evil). Over time, he decides that all natural man is evil and corrupts. Finally, his extremely long life-span begins to approach its end. At this time he has two sons, Jacob and Flocke (Esau for these purposes).
Jacob and Esau are to be Isaac’s successors. Esau was born first, and was entitled to the powers of his choosing, as well as the title of protector of the Island. Jacob would live as his assistant, and together they would use their powers to protect the Island. However, this balance was upset. Jacob and his mother (Rebekah) eventually realized that the balance was split by the birth of twins, making Jacob good and Esau evil (although they were both somewhat manipulative).
In order to protect the Island, they plotted to make Jacob the protector. To start, Jacob manipulated Esau into trading his birthright (the first choice of powers) for a bowl of stew. This was something, but they ultimately needed to prevent Esau from being in charge. To do this, Rebekah disguised Jacob as Esau and sent him to get the blessing of the firstborn (the title as protector of the Island). This works, and Jacob picks the powers of healing and righteous thought, and becomes the main protector.
(Bear in mind, as in the Bible, that Jacob was Rebekah’s favorite, and Esau was Isaac’s.) So, after Jacob tricks his father, Esau and Isaac become furious. Because they exist to protect the Island, neither can kill Jacob. Esau begs for some blessing, and Isaac promises to help him overthrow Jacob. The only powers left are transformation to the Smoke Monster and form-taking, which are both given to Esau. Soon afterwards, Isaac dies of old age. Esau, fearing the promise is impossible, tries to kill himself, but finds it impossible. His new goal: kill Jacob and leave the Island behind him.
By this time, we have reached the era of the Black Rock. Having heard their father’s stories and seen some incidents of his own, Esau believes that all men corrupt. Jacob, somewhat influenced by his softer mother, has hope for a good humanity. Thus Jacob decides to bring the Black Rock to the Island using his thought powers. This leads to the beach scene we saw. After the arrival of the Black Rock, Esau is injured. His body is broken, causing him to require other forms for existance. Using his powers, he takes the form of one of the sailors. Eventually, this form dies, and he continues as Smokie.
Fast-forward to Christian. Isaac has possessed Christian’s father, and reincarnated himself as Christian. From there, he made sure to die in Sydney, so that he would be taken back on Oceanic 815. On crashing, he began his plan. He quickly met with Esau, and began manipulating, eventually allowing Locke to be taken over by Esau. With this, he began working to kill Jacob. He helped Esau manipulate Ben, and eventually Jacob is killed. Unbeknownst to either of them, Jacob’s had a protection plan in place for a long time, all since Isaac’s death. Upon finding the Oceanic survivors in 1977, he realized it was time. In 2007, his ghost begins working to keep someone on the Island to protect it and stop Esau from, well, being evil. Since Jack is Christian’s son, he is in the line of the protectors, and stands to take Jacob’s place.
So, what will happen next? No clue. But I figure this is an awesome enough theory to consider.

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First things first, which side is Saywer’s scale tipped to, good or evil? He seems mainly selfish, which generally leads to an evil scale. The alternate timeline didn’t seem to make it any clearer.
Also, it’s been bugging me that people keep saying Whidmore lied about the Freighter. He basically told Saywer that he didn’t know what he was talking about, which sounded to me like he meant that Sawyer didn’t know why the Freighter was sent, or the story behind it.
At first I thought Flocke was talking about Locke’s mom being crazy, with the whole “immaculate conception” thing, but then I remembered that Locke found out she wasn’t. Was he talking about his own, or was he lying? The whole Jacob/Esau idea makes me wonder if his mom was like Rebekah. In the Biblical story, Esau was the firstborn and deserved the birthright. However, his own mother, Rebekah, helped Jacob trick Isaac (their father) into giving it to him. So, did a similar event cause Flocke to think his own mother was crazy?
Finally, about the commercial for next week’s episode. After the recent spoiler fiasco, I’m going to play it safe.

So, we all heard Richard say “None of this is what you think” or something to that effect. Does anyone have an idea as to what that means?

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Something recently occured to me. In my own book I’m plotting (Living Dead, the name will change later), there is a place called the Spring. The Spring is a large, undeground pool filled with what they refer to as living water. It is the physical manifestation of the essence of life. Due to its nature, it has many healing properties, depending on the dosage and delivery. In the case of the peope in Living Dead, they use it cause dead people to come back invincible to anything but a necessarily fatal wound to the heart, lungs, or brain. This living water can do anything from heal a cut to make one immortal. On the bank of the Spring itself, death cannot occur. Anyway, the water has this power because it was originally the source of water for the Garden of Eden. After the Flood, its location was lost.
So, what does this have to do with LOST? The healing pool. See, the living water’s enemy was spilt blood. It diluted the power of the water. In LOST, the healing pool could ressurect or save people, but at a price. It would change who they are (as with Ben). So, let’s assume that Jacob is the power of this water. After all, Richard is ageless due to Jacob’s touch, and others have been saved by him. It stands to reason that Jacob’s touch complements life. Since water is essentially the essence of life scientifically, it seems Jacob-blessed water could have supernatural life properties, such as that of the living water in Living Dead.
If the water in the Temple was like the living water, then blood would affect its healing power. Since most of the healings involve bloody people, this would cause the adverse effects such as Ben’s change, and would also explain the loss of power after Jacob’s death. If you look, you’ll notice that the “dirty” water actually looks bloody. Say the Jacob-blessed water “bleeds” upon its source of power dying. The corruption of the water would fail to revive Sayid, but allow Flocke’s power to infect him.
This theory is kind of, IDK, unnecessary, but I felt like mentioning it. Tell me what you think.

On another not, the LOST Facebook page posted this today, “The countdown to the end continues – We have 9 new episodes until the series finale! Tonight at 9|8c on ABC, Flocke tasks Sawyer with some “Recon” and you’ll see a favorite return — who is she and what brings her back into the picture?” Comments?

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Written 23rd February

Is it just me, or do others think that Jacob was way too casual when he saw Flocke stroll in, and instantly recognized him for who he was.  Now I know we’ve never seen Jacob display much emotion anyway–probably more of a clue than we may realize–but I thought this was especially enlightening.  For while he saw that Flocke had found his “loophole”, I think Jacob knew this was coming all along.

Pardon a bit of a genre-leap, but did Jacob easily–and seemingly willingly–dying remind anyone of when Aslan the lion was killed in ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’?  Bear with me, but it struck me with several simliarites.  First and foremost, there was never a moment when it appeared more likely that evil had so thoroughly outsmarted and defeated good–there were no moral victories, it was clear, final and decisive.  For those allied with good, it was crushing.  Additionally, the fact that he put up no fight whatsoever when allowing himself to be killed, surprised everyone.  If you follow the logic further, no one knew except Aslan, that the ONLY way to save the people was to die–this “hidden rule” allowed him to sacrifice himself and let everyone think he had died; yet in reality, he had checkmated the power of evil.

Ok, Narnia references done (whew!).  In our LOST world, Jacob knew that the MIB was searching for a loophole, and probably deduced there was only a handful of ways to find it.  Consequently, he subtly encouraged him to pursue it (by the same manipulating way we has “encouraged” others)–MIB didn’t even know that as he got nearer to his ultimate goal, he was permanently checkmating himself.

I don’t yet know how exactly these “rules” will be played out (a la the end of Narnia), but I am confident that Jacob planned this from the start, and will be back.

Or course, I could be way off…we won’t have to wait long to find out. 🙂

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OK first off i have posted a few theories which root from this idea, but i never seemed to gain much following, hopefully last nights confirmation of the link between Christian and MIB might sway some people.

When Locke was ‘introduced’ to Jacob in that Cabin, he encountered something that asked for his help, and then it proceeded to throw a tantrum.
The next time he visits Jacobs cabin, Christian is chilling in there, claiming to speak on Jacobs behalf.
Every instruction he gave John, stopping the losties from getting off the island, stopping the freighter from getting to it, moving the island, getting the oceanic 6 to come back, having to sacrifice himself supposedly came from Jacob and had to be done otherwise the island and everyone on it would be in grave danger.
Its now undeniable that these commands were not coming from Jacob. Everything John did to protect and serve ‘the island’ was infact to protect and serve ‘the monster’.

Now on to Ben. If Ben ever did infact see or speak to Jacob prior to Lockes encounter, wouldn’t it make sense that whoever it was wasn’t Jacob either? And the leader before Ben? and before that?
I think this misleading has been going on for a long time, Richard was not aware of it, otherwise why would he let it happen? This also leads me to believe that Richard hasn’t spoken directly to Jacob in a long time either, and maybe Jacob only speaks to the current leader.
I think the others have been blindly following Jacobs word, which hasn’t been coming from Jacob.

I believe that John was ‘claimed’ or ‘infected’ to some extent when he first met the Smoke monster, his crazy instant allegiance to the ‘the island’ is very reminiscent of Danielles crew after their first meeting with smokie. When he first saw it, he said he looked into the eye of the island and it was beautiful, but now knowing smokies opinion of the island and his plan to go home, to me it seems Locke was fooled.

Everything Locke did for ‘the island’, replace ‘the island’ with ‘the monster’, and it makes ALOT of sense. Whoever is coming to the island, is coming to stop MIB from fulfilling his plan of getting home, wherever that may be, so it would make sense that Locke would be trying to stop to people getting to the island.

Its also funny that the first time the others meet the losties in 1954, Locke tells Richard that he is the next leader of the others. Richards interest is sparked when Locke mentions Jacobs name, and this gets the ball rolling (lets avoid any chicken and egg time travel discussions because they can go on forever). So i also think Jacob never appointed Locke as leader, and has never said such a thing, this was MIB using the time travelling to his advantage, after all it was ‘Christian’ who lead Locke to the time travel causing donkeywheel, and who also told him he had to die. If the others had knowledge of Lockes future leadership position BEFORE Oceanic crashed, its possible that MIB was also aware, this is why smokie got to Locke so soon after the crash.

MIB has fooled Locke and has bamboozled the others, built him up to the leadership position, then had him die and replace him. This might be why Flocke yells at the others, telling them ‘i’m very disappointed in all of you!’ Because they are mindless sheep who blindly follow the word of Jacob, a man they’ve never seen or spoken to, without even questioning why or if the words are actually coming from him. Now they have to pay the consequences, and MIBs plan to get home is in motion.

But now Jacobs counteraction is in motion, i think he has been waiting patiently for a long time, knowing that MIB would find his loophole and kill him. But now in his ‘dead’ state, the next level of the game begins, and MIB will finally be stopped for good.

Anyway, throw some feedback my way, as i think i’m on to something. I have posted similar theories before, but as the show develops there is more proof that this is the case.

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Written 17th February

Flocke/MIB says that he wants to “Go Home” in Episode 1 this season.  He also said in the most recent episode that he was a man just like Sawyer once.  Where / what do you think he means by “Home”?

Most logical for me is he wants to leave the island and go back to dry land.  For what purpose is up in the air, too.  To wreak havoc/destroy the world?

Are there any more exotic theories on MIB’s “Home” out there based on evidence from the show?

I’ve read some really bizarre things like “MIB/Flocke” is an Alien and wants to return to his home planet.  Or maybe less strange, that Flocke wants to time-travel to change the history of things in his favor permanently.  Is Flocke like Dorothy stuck in an alternate world as in “The Wizard of Oz” — MIB just wants to go back home to Kansas and forget this fantastic nightmare?  LOL, if Flocke puts on a pair of ruby red shoes and starts saying “There’s no place like home,” I’m going to laugh.

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Hi there. Since the beginning of this last season of LOST I have, like many others I think, been wondering how the last few minutes of our favorite show will end. Just like the closing scene of each season we’ve seen before, I think the last scene of LOST will be memorable, like Jack and Locke staring down the hatch, or Jack yelling after Kate that they have to go back to the island. The last scene will most likely leave us with our mouths open from surprise and a knot in our stomach knowing that we will never sit down to watch a new episode of LOST again. So in anticipation of the last scene of LOST, I thought it would be fun to post my prediction of the final scene and I hope you too will leave your predictions in the comments.

Based on last nights episode “The Substitute,” my prediction for the final scene of LOST is that the candidate who finally becomes the new Jacob (probably Jack) will be standing in Jacob’s cave writing a whole new group of names on the ceiling to bring a new group to the island. This would leave the viewers mystified, and yet satisfied knowing that the story of the island will continue on even if we never get to see it.

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Written 10th February

Imnew to this site and this is my first post so someone might have already said this but i would like to thank brokenankh42 for getting me on this thought process with his piece about a connection to star wars. He said he thought Walt or Aaron could be the one to balance the islands force. I would like to tweak that a little bit and say both could be a key to each side of the island mib’s side and Jacobs side. As we know black and white has played a central role in the story ( backgammon, Jacob and Mib’sclothing) What if Walt is the key for mib’s side and Aaron is the key to Jacob’s side

First Aaron as we know he is special because he was able to be born on the island ( could be because he wasn’t conceived there). Another thing that’s struck me was as i was watching the one hour long recap before the season 6 premiere they gave the back story on characters we knew were important (obvious ones like jack, Kate, Sawyer) but what felt odd to me was Aaron was given one. In the 5 seasons this show has been on before this recap many characters have played a much more important role in the plot then Aaron yet he was mentioned. Which means to me Aaron  could be the key for Jacob. We know he is light (symbolised by light skin) and as we know Clarie was infected meaning she was now under the control of the smoke monster and Clarie came to Kate in a dream saying to not bring Aaron to the island. This could be the smoke monster knowing if Aaron is brought to the island he could lose this war so he manipulated Kate much like he manipulated Ben into killing Jacob for him.

Now to Walt. We know Walt has always been special and the others were very interested in him when they ran tests on him in season 2. Many people would argue this because up until now Walt has done nothing evil and has been a good character. Well now i will once again bring up the star wars reference and parallel Walt to Anakin. Anakin and Walt were both good growing up (Anakin becomes a Jedi) but in both we see flashes of anger. We saw Anakin massacre the Tuscan raiders when his mother died. Also when Walt was ignored in a flashback by his mother and step father he slammed a bird into the window. I have also seen it speculated that Walt summoned the polar bear to attack him in one epiosde to get the attention of his father. Now Lord sidious recoginsed the awesome power of Anakin and turned him to the dark side. What if Mib gets a hold  of Walt and makes a promise like “help me and you can see your father” again to turn Walt to the dark side (symbolised by his dark skin).

Thank you for reading and this could be utterly wrong i didn’t exactly do any research i just madly started typing away when the theory came to me

feedback is appreciated.

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I’ve been reading quite a few posts about what smokie is and what he does/can do. From where I stand it seems that he is able to replicate other peoples bodies and that they possibly must be dead for him to do this. Or there is the possibility that he kills them because if you’re pretending to be someone else you wouldn’t want that person walking around now would you? This meshes well with the idea that he is a shapeshifter as some have said.
I read a post that was saying he can only be one thing at a time but I’m not so sure on this. What about Danielle Rousseau’s team? She said all of them had been infected. While it is possible that they were carried off, killed, and replicated one at a time, wouldn’t the other people on the team have noticed the difference and thought it strange? It seemed to me that she was the only one who noticed something different. Also, when they went to the hole in the ground by the temple wall, one man was dragged down and the other two went after him. I’m thinking the man dragged down was immediately killed and replicated. I mean, the monster had him and his arm was ripped off! Then the other two went down after him, this was when Rousseau noticed a change in them. Is it really possible that the monster silently killed one of them to replicate after seperating them when they went down at the same time? It seems highly unlikely to me. Which seems to leave the possibility that Smokie can be more than one thing at once.
Also it was noted that in the scene where Ben is to be “judged” by the monster Flocke leaves before Smokie appears, Smokie leaves before Alex appears, and Alex leaves before Flocke appears. But if any of them had appeared at the same time this would’ve caused two problems. One, the writers didn’t want to give away Flocke’s identity and two they didn’t want people to have confirmed the idea that Smokie and these replications of people are related in any way. Be it by being the same things or on the same teams. What if Alex and Smokie were there at the same time and she was totally chill about it? Or what if Flocke walked in right in the middle of Alex and Ben or Smokie and Ben’s confrontations? How would they handle that?
The only thing that makes me a bit unsure of myself on this is when Flocke dissapears before possibly transforming into Smokie to kill Iliana’s team and then Flocke reappears when Smokie is gone. I’m not sure of what to do with that…

And random side note, why if Flocke bulletproof? Jacob sure wasn’t knife proof.

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