Hey did anyone ever suggest that Jack would be the new smoke monster? Cus it makes sense in a lot of ways.

– MIB was more trustworthy of science as Jack was, where the new leader of the island Hurley is probably more of a faith guy, like Jacob.

– he woke up in the same place, or at least in the same body position, as MIB after entering the light cave thingy.

– in purgatory Kate said she waited for Jack so long, like at the time I took it as she just had to wait her whole life until she died, but maybe she had to wait til however long Jack’s spirit as the smoke monster got off the island as well. It explains why removing the cork made MIB mortal, so he was able to die and pass on. The same has to happen for Jack to pass on perhaps?

– it be pretty cool.

Thinking about this even more, perhaps anybody who enters the light who is not “permitted” like say Desmond was, turns into the smoke monster. But I dont think turning into the smoke monster necessarily means that person is going to be evil or have a grudge against the protector of the island. That gives more reason to why the writers would characterize MIB so much, he had a single, human motivation. Perhaps it wasn’t his destiny or assignment to be against Jacob, he just chose to be.

So maybe while Hurley and Ben were running things, they talked to a very nice and accommodating Smokie Jack and they just had to find Desmond again so they could let Jack pass on. But knowing Jack, perhaps he pushed that off for awhile, and lent Hurley and Ben a hand on the island. I mean, we know smokie can move a lot of shit, plus Jack would be a good leader while Hurley and Ben were off island.

The writers said the show was about the characters, and it was, and all the shit that the Losties went through were result of Jacob’s and MIB’s character. MIB was pissed (who wouldn’t be, his life wasn’t that great, psycho mom and all) so a lot of shit happened. And perhaps Jacob could have easily went over seas and just gave a few people a job application to take over the island, but he and his brother liked to play games, so they did.  they both got a God complex or something. And you know what? Thank goodness cus there wouldn’t have been much of a show if the two of them just hugged it out and got along.

Oh and another thing…

…like the mysterious Mom of Jacob and MIB, she was probably both the protector and the smoke monster. Like why not be both? But then if the same procedure had to happen with the cork being removed to make smokie mortal, how she was killed so easily? My answer, it’s fricken LOST and there was probably a loophole or exception that really doesn’t have much logic behind it, but you just have to go with it.

Like maybe because she was both smokie and the light protector allowed her death to be easier, or honestly the fact she didn’t get first word in, or maybe just because the rules don’t apply to her as much. It’s LOST, if the show ever had a straight set of definitive rules the show would have been called FOUND.

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From the very first season we are introduced to “special” people. The other’s kidnap Walt because they believe that he is special. John Locke believes that he himself is special. Jacob’s “mother” tells him that he is special. So what exactly does it mean to be “special”.

I believe that being “special” means that you are a likely candidate to be Jacob’s successor. People that are on Jacob’s list are considered special for this reason. Perhaps, special people also have some sort of supernatural powers. We are told (in S2 or 3) that “Jack wasn’t even on Jacob’s list”. I believe that Jacob never wanted Jack to be his successor. He just wanted Jack to believe that he was special so that he would replace the cork in the Source (therefore saving the world) and then pass on protectorship to Hurley (who truly is special).

But I would love to hear your ideas!… What exactly made Walt so “special”? Was Locke actually special, or was he just conned into thinking he was special by the Man in Black? Who else was special? Were all the candidate’s special?

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Okay, I think most of us realised that the writers didn’t have complex explanation for most of the mysteries. The island was a cork, the whispers were ghosts, the number were numbers, etc, etc. So thinking about a simple explanation to the shoes mystery, I came to this conclusion.

MIB was manipulating Ben and the others, right? OK, so smokey wanted Locke’s body back to the island for using his body. Ben said that Jack should put his dad’s shoes in Locke’s feet because… that was the instructions MIB indirectly gave to Ben. Why? Simple solution: MIB wanted to use confortable shoes when he used Locke’s body. Remember he has been 2000 years in the island and never tried modern shoes. That was an excellent oportunity for that! After all MIB liked to walk because it made him remember when he was completely human. What a great chance to obtain a new body from the leader of the others and a fancy pair of shoes!

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I’ve been trying to piece together some stuff from the show, and figure out just exactly why the light in the cave was of such importance. I don’t know if this has been brought up already or not, so if it has i apologise. I’m not even sure if this is obvious or a really stupid idea, but after that finale, we don’t have too much to go on.

I think the reason that light in the cave was so important was because it was what kept the afterlife in existence. Maybe when it was stated several times that if MIB got his way ‘everyone you love would be gone’, it didn’t mean they would physically die. As we heard Christian say, some people died before Jack, some long after, but they were all there. In this afterlife there is no now, so it could mean you’re able to spend eternity with everyone you ever loved, even people that aren’t dead yet, everyone you want to be with is there, thats a beautiful concept.

this makes me think of some of the promises that Jacob made to people, such as telling Dogen he could be with his son again, i guess he wasn’t lying. Now think if that light is what i think it is, and by it being put out this afterlife ceases to exist, everyone you love will be gone. Those are pretty high stakes, and to me adds deeper meaning to the light, why it needs to be protected and why they showed us the afterlife scenario. Thinking this way, i actually feel a bit happier about the way it ended, and the final ten minutes don’t seem so random. I know this is a little outlandish, but there really isn’t any logical way to explain the importance of a light in a cave.

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Of course, Jack ends Season 6 in exactly the same spot as he started it in Season 1… but there’s something else that point to the theory that Jack is in a loop.

I don’t know if I’m the only one who noticed this, but in the first episode of Season 1, Jack tells Kate to stitch a wound… the same wound that Flocke inflicts on Jack with his knife at the end of Season 6!

I think this is very good evidence that Jack is in a loop.

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Written 20th May

So who’s gonna be jack’s (AKA the new Jacob) wife?

I think it will be our favorite/sexy girl from the last season – Juliet.

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I just remembered this morning, what happened to that package Ben had hidden in the hotel air vent back in season 5 (i think it was 5)? We saw him take it with him as he and Jack prepared for the Ajira flight. Is it like the timeflashing outrigger gunfight, an idea that was eventually scrapped so will not be resolved, or do you think it will come up in the finale?

If it does it seems sneaky little Ben might still have some tricks up his sleeve, maybe hes pulling a Sawyer-esque con on Flocke, that will lead to his redemption. With 2 1/2 hours to go, anyone have any ideas what that is or do you think thats the last we’ve seen of it?

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The question is pretty straight forward. I just for the life of me can not figure this out (and I doubt it will ever be answered).
Any thoughts…
It is one thing to say a person is special (John, Walt). But is another thing to explain it (see same references).
I mean we all know Jack is the main character, he likes/has an almost OCD-like need to fix things.
Is because he is a surgeon and has that god complex already? Or is because he has done a 180?We thought sawyer had made a turn but it didnt stick (as far as I am concerned).
What makes Jack so special… I just have no clue. Then top that off with Claire (his half sister) and Aaron (his nephew) being on the island, he didnt even go back for Claire (Kate did).
He only went back because he realized that he was not going to be able to have the life he was fantasizing about for those 101 days stuck on the island.

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Smoke Monster is trying to get back to the Source. He’s not really MiB. He was just using that form to communicate with Jacob and at some point got stuck in his present form the same way the current manifestation is stuck in Locke’s body. Similarly, as MiB was to inherit the Island but turned away and left Jacob as the only option, Locke was to inherit the Island only to lose his way and leave Jack as the next option. Chances are Jack will find his way to the Source by accident and Smokey will try and head back down there…or possibly find someone to take the plunge and replace him.

Side note: Since Jacob’s name is similar to Jack, I’m thinking MiB’s real name was something close to John, like Jonah or something. Just a thought…

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I haven’t posted here for a while, as sadly this season of Lost hasn’t inspired much thought for me.
i feel bad for saying this, as it goes against all the praise i’ve heaped upon the creators and cast of this show over the past few years, but this season (and to a lesser extent the last one) has been pretty mediocre television.

I’d like to think i’m not the only one, and hopefully this thread will be a place where anyone who does feel a little let down can express their opinion. I’ve always thought Lost was this brilliant show that had all these brilliant ingredients that made it so much better than anything else out there, but now when i watch it its actually pretty…well…dull.

The first say three seasons i’ve watched so many times, and every element of them was brilliant, the script, acting, music, little easter eggs here and there. I felt everytime i rewatched an episode, there was something i’d previously missed. This season and the last i haven’t even bothered watching repeats as its just not that involving anymore. Somethings missing.
Now, i’m not one of these people that just watches it to get answers (although its getting that way as there isn’t much else left), but the way they are going about answering the mysteries mostly through dialogue has seemed pretty lazy, alot of the time contrived and at worst laughable. ‘Oh yeah, by the way, the whispers are ghosts’ ‘Yeah Jack, i pretended to be your dead dad’. I loved all the characters, and the flashbacks were some of the fantastic elements of the show, getting to know all their back stories, i felt like i knew them all so well. This to me was one of the most important parts of the show, and the show was never the same once they ended. Now i don’t really get what their motivations are.

The emotion is missing, i remember watching past seasons, it never failed to strike up the feelings they were trying to get from the viewer, i’ll admit it, even shedding a tear now and then. Now whenever the sad violin music comes on and theres a little ’emotional’ scene, it just comes across as forced and cheesy. It often seems like the actors feel the same way, as they do their best to make some of the poorly written dialogue believable. I’ve waited for each episode this season with baited breath, expecting that lost magic to happen after the last ones shocking cliffhanger, only to sit through yet another uneventful hour until the last couple of minutes.

It feels to me that only true fans of Lost would watch this season, as i can’t see any reason why anyone else would. All the elements that previously made the show great, the characters, the drama, the mysteries, have been replaced by some pretty substandard television. I do feel that although some don’t like to admit it, alot of you feel the same. I am just hoping that this past three seasons of setup (since ‘the beginning of the end’) is leading up to the epic conclusion that the creators have made it out to be, but i will settle for a reasonably satisfying ending.

So, please share your thoughts, open up and share with the group. We’re listening.

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The key to the series was Season Five’s 16th episode, The Incident. This is how the show is going to end. Just like MIB can be numerous people (MIB, Locke, etc.) so can Jacob. So at the end of the series, I am unsure of how they will exactly get there, it is going to be new Jacob portrayed as Jack and new MIB portrayed as Locke. The two will be sitting on the beach just like in the episode, The Incident, and a new boat, plane, train or taxi filled with new people will be on their way to the island to start the process all over again.

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Written 14th April

Hurley has become corrupted, Hurley use to never like to lie, no matter what, but what did he do? He says Jacob told him to talk to Locke. Did anyonse else notice that Hurley didn’t have mirror scence in ALT? Also, his line about, ‘Dead people are more reliable than live ones,” hit me dead in the throat because ever since LAX, when Charile yells that he is suppose to die, that the ones who died on the island were going to be the ones in the know in FSW, and come to find out, that feeling was right. Also, Jack’s further transformation, he knew Hurley lied but still went along with the flow.
Everybody keeps talking about how the plane wouldn’t fly anyway, so why are they trying to blow it up? I guess we are dealing with a rag tag team of pryomaniacs. Also note how, the Losties split up (never a good sign) into Candidates v. Non-Candidates (Frank has the potential to be a candidate, anything goes now, but personally I think that Frank has something important left to do and might just be flying off the island, he does know the bearing after all and Jack can be his co-pilot, jk (maybe)

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This special dagger that supposedly can kill the smoke monster and Jacob has a specific set of instructions that come with it. Something along the lines of “you have to kill him before he speaks to you.” Now, if you rewatch the scene where Sayid stabs MIB, he technically didn’t follow directions as the MIB says “Hello Sayid” before he stabs him. The second time we see the dagger, MIB gives it to Richard to kill Jacob, with the exact same directions. Once again the person with the dagger doesn’t follow the directions. Now, if we believe these instructions (that have been repeated twice), then it got me thinking, whoever has not spoken to MIB yet, can still kill him. So who hasn’t spoken to him? So far I have only come up with these people.

Jack, Hurley, Desmond, Ilana, and Frank (If you come up with anymore please let me know)

If the directions are correct, than I believe one of those people will end up killing MIB. One problem with my theory though is I’m not sure if speaking to the MIB counts if he is in someone else form, for example Christian Shephard. A question I had that I’m hoping someone could answer is when Ben killed Jacob, was the weapon he used the same dagger?

To go a little farther on my theory, there’s something I’d like to point out. We all know Frank was supposed to pilot 815 but he overslept that day. Now think back to season 1. Who is the first person who died on the island? (I’m not talking about the guy who got sucked into the planes engine, or the cop who came with Kate) The person I’m talking about is the pilot. That was supposed to be Frank who died, but instead, he wound up on the island alive. There would be no reason to keep a character like him around unless there’s something more to it. This leads me to believe that Frank has a greater purpose, something important to do…like kill the MIB with the dagger.

Now I know there is no way the writers would ever make it so Frank ends up killing the MIB, but I was just hoping to put some stuff out there, on some things I feel havn’t been discussed enough yet and see what comes back. This is my first post on this site just for the record, hope you enjoy.

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I had been waffling over the is Christian the MIB in disguise or an agent of team Jacob, then it occured to me, he is neither. Maybe he is a representing a third entity’s presence. maybe Jacob and MIB have both been sort of corrupted and can only see things from their point of view ( you know that whole saying about every story having 3 sides?) and convinced that they are right but they have forgot the true meaning of this game they are playing. I am going to pissed if they dont answer this question. I think it is very important to essence of the story because the writers have been painstakingly misleading us about Christian and just by mere blood line he is very important, having three relatives on the island.
I think that 3 is a very important number, especially in religon. I think someone mentioned this awhile ago but I was to lazy to look, but anyway you know the whole the father, the son and the holy spirit, but really (depending in your brand of christianity) he is the same person just different forms to serve different purposes. I just dont hope it turns out to be like devil advocate, I read a really interesting theory the other day, and when it came out it was one of my fave movies at the time, but it never really dawned on me the stark similarities (or maybe I am just suffering from aphopenia) but I was disappointed in the way the movie ended (spoiler alert: the main character defeats the devil but the loop just starts all over again). My grandmother use to say that pride is the one sin you cant beat and that was pretty much a running theme throughout the movie. Jack has that problem, it manifests itself in his need to fix things. The need to prove himself to his father that he is better than him. Even the profession he choose, high stakes with someone’s life on the line, and you are the only thing between them and death. It is a fine line between pride and vanity, so while we think that maybe Jack has come over to being a man of faith, maybe all he saw was something that proved to him that he had what it takes.

I am just babbling because the site has been down for what felt like an eternity. So anyway, as usual, feel free to chime in.

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There’s been a lot of talk lately about a “Jacob and Esau” relationship between Jacob and Flocke. Since many of these cite extra-Biblical sources, I decided to look at a strictly Biblical view of Jacob and Esau, and how they relate to LOST.
The first thing to notice about Jacob and Esau is who their father was. Their father was Isaac, the son of Abraham, who was the father of the Israelites. Also notable is who Jacob was. Jacob, later named Israel, was a key character in Jewish history. He was Israel, and he wrestled with God. One of his dreams contained a stairway to Heaven. Jacob fathered the twelve tribes of Israel, as well. Jacob’s name meant “deciever” and “heel-grabber.” However, the Bible later points out that Jacob was a righteous man, such as with the statement “Jacob I loved and Esau I hated.”
Esau was very different from Jacob. He was the firstborn, but was generally less intelligent and good-natured. After all, he sold his birthright for a pot of stew. Later, after Jacob got the blessing of the firstborn, he wanted to kill him (sound familiar?). Jacob escaped, and Esau continued on his life. Later, he met Jacob again and accepted him, although his heart is unknown, considering the intelligent Jacob snuck away. He eventually became the father of the Edomites, who were rejected.
So, what may be of significance from this? Well, this all fuels my elaborate theory. It begins in the distant past, millenia ago. The Island starts out as the Garden of Eden. After the Fall of Man, it is cut off from people. Later, during the Flood, it detaches from the mainland and becomes the Island. Since it was no longer accessible, it no longer needed to be guarded by an angel, so the Island is left on its own. Much later, seemingly by chance, early seafaring men find the Island. Once there, they plunder its food and destroy the Tree of Life (the roots of which release their moisture into the healing spring). This upsets the perfection of the Garden of Eden, causing the evil side of the scale to come into existence. However, as the men continue to corrupt the Island, it needs protection. To save the scale, an angel of death is sent as a pillar of black smoke. It kills the men, but also decided that the Island needs new measures of protection. In suplication of this need, a man and women, endowed with supernatural traits, are created, and the Island gains its ability to move. This man is Christian (currently named Isaac), and the women, well, her name is irrevelant, but we’ll call her Rebekah.
Isaac and Rebekah live on the Island for a very long time, protecting it with Isaac’s powers. Specifically, he can heal and prod conscience (to increase good) and become the Smoke Monster or take a dead form (to decrease evil). Over time, he decides that all natural man is evil and corrupts. Finally, his extremely long life-span begins to approach its end. At this time he has two sons, Jacob and Flocke (Esau for these purposes).
Jacob and Esau are to be Isaac’s successors. Esau was born first, and was entitled to the powers of his choosing, as well as the title of protector of the Island. Jacob would live as his assistant, and together they would use their powers to protect the Island. However, this balance was upset. Jacob and his mother (Rebekah) eventually realized that the balance was split by the birth of twins, making Jacob good and Esau evil (although they were both somewhat manipulative).
In order to protect the Island, they plotted to make Jacob the protector. To start, Jacob manipulated Esau into trading his birthright (the first choice of powers) for a bowl of stew. This was something, but they ultimately needed to prevent Esau from being in charge. To do this, Rebekah disguised Jacob as Esau and sent him to get the blessing of the firstborn (the title as protector of the Island). This works, and Jacob picks the powers of healing and righteous thought, and becomes the main protector.
(Bear in mind, as in the Bible, that Jacob was Rebekah’s favorite, and Esau was Isaac’s.) So, after Jacob tricks his father, Esau and Isaac become furious. Because they exist to protect the Island, neither can kill Jacob. Esau begs for some blessing, and Isaac promises to help him overthrow Jacob. The only powers left are transformation to the Smoke Monster and form-taking, which are both given to Esau. Soon afterwards, Isaac dies of old age. Esau, fearing the promise is impossible, tries to kill himself, but finds it impossible. His new goal: kill Jacob and leave the Island behind him.
By this time, we have reached the era of the Black Rock. Having heard their father’s stories and seen some incidents of his own, Esau believes that all men corrupt. Jacob, somewhat influenced by his softer mother, has hope for a good humanity. Thus Jacob decides to bring the Black Rock to the Island using his thought powers. This leads to the beach scene we saw. After the arrival of the Black Rock, Esau is injured. His body is broken, causing him to require other forms for existance. Using his powers, he takes the form of one of the sailors. Eventually, this form dies, and he continues as Smokie.
Fast-forward to Christian. Isaac has possessed Christian’s father, and reincarnated himself as Christian. From there, he made sure to die in Sydney, so that he would be taken back on Oceanic 815. On crashing, he began his plan. He quickly met with Esau, and began manipulating, eventually allowing Locke to be taken over by Esau. With this, he began working to kill Jacob. He helped Esau manipulate Ben, and eventually Jacob is killed. Unbeknownst to either of them, Jacob’s had a protection plan in place for a long time, all since Isaac’s death. Upon finding the Oceanic survivors in 1977, he realized it was time. In 2007, his ghost begins working to keep someone on the Island to protect it and stop Esau from, well, being evil. Since Jack is Christian’s son, he is in the line of the protectors, and stands to take Jacob’s place.
So, what will happen next? No clue. But I figure this is an awesome enough theory to consider.

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This is a ridiculously fleeting thought I had during the Lighthouse ep, I’m sharing it here even though I’ve been told it’s crazy, JUST in case someone out there has the same thought… 😀

I think the Lighthouse ep was very important in terms of foreshadowing, though we didn’t get a huge pile of answers. I was paying attention to Hurley the most, not only because Jacob is in contact with him, but also because writers tend to give important lines to comic characters. But then I also noticed something Kate said that stood out.

The scene I’m thinking about is when Hugo is taking Jack to the Lighthouse and they run into Kate by the river. Kate immediately puts up her gun and Jack puts up his hands. She says something along the lines of, “Jack… I almost killed you”. And they both laugh it off. It’s kind of a throwaway line, but it’s the kind of thing that stuck with me. In a minor way, I saw it foreshadowed her joining the side opposite to Jack and possibly killing/hurting him. Now we see in Sundown that Kate is tagging along with MIB’s team, and presumably Jack is on Jacob’s team.

I try my best not to pay attention to stuff Lindelof/Cuse during any kind of hiatus because 1) obviously they’re careful not to reveal anything and 2) they tend to lie. 🙂 But someone sent me one of those articles where they were talking about the finale and Lindelof/Cuse said that Lost fans will be angry, things won’t end happily ever after for the Losties (though that was a given), and there will be “how could you do that” reactions. Plus, it’s been revealed that Matthew Fox is privy to the final image.

This could mean a lot of things, but I’ve thought for awhile one of our more beloved, long-standing Losties needs to be killed off, someone like Jack (yes Locke is “dead” but he’s still around per se, hehe). What more shocking way to kill off Jack than Kate killing him?

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Hello, i was thinking, when julliet banged the bomb and blew up the island…(i’m guessing thats what created the alter, line). the plane made it back safely. Well… with Sayid killing the dude that shot alex in the head, does that mean alex is alive somewhere? And also can and will the two different realitys affect each other being 3 years apart?, jack and daivd, locke and peggy-in 2004. jack getting beat down by sawyer- 2007…..

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Written 24th February

i apoligize if this is already up but i was just wondering what everybody thought. when jack is turning the wheel in the light house when he finds his name on the wheel the handwriting is nothing like any of the other names. maybe someone else wrote this? i dont know. if anyone has any theories on this comment below im interested in what you think.

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I don’t think that Jack is the Shepard that the candidate list refers to. I think it is Christian. But why isn’t his name crossed out?He is after all, for all intent and purposes, dead. He has work to do. For whom and why is yet to be seen. But I have an strange feeling that his entity is needed on the island for a few reason, the most obvious being Jack, Claire and Aaron. Think about the following things:
1. Jack follows his image and finds the clean water which solidifies his role as leader of the Losties.
2. He seduces Claire to MIB’s side and in the process, Claire is driven crazy by the grief of losing Aaron and that fuels her grudge against the Others further more aligning her with MIB.
3. Aaron is doomed to be ‘raised by another’ because of Claire’s abandonment.
4. Everybody assumes MIB/Smokey can appear to a person as the something that the person loves the most, then why did he appear to John Locke as Christian is Smokey really does = Christian? To start a catalyst to get the Oceanic 6 back to the island (tell my son I said hello), as Ben said if you got Jack, then you got all of them (well, almost all).

Also a quick side note:
I believe that the lighthouse is MIB’s. I just think that because the candidates names are written in black and in the cave the names are written in white, sometimes the answer really is right in front of you and you are too blind to see.

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“The Lighthouse” was rich, and it felt like they were telling us we should all go stand in front of a mirror (or water) and stare for awhile to process everything we saw. The word “reflection” instantly takes on multiple meanings after this episode.

We’ve referenced how events in the two timelines we have been witnessing this season have mirrored each other in many ways…some events have happened just like we’ve seen before (the missing coffin, the lost knives, Jack CPR’ing Charlie, etc.) and some events are obviously quite different, yet familiar. In each episode so far a character has stared into a mirror in the Sideways timeline and now we have an entire episode strung together with scenes of Jack physically looking at his reflection somehow and ultimately culminating with him thrashing the mirrors of the lighthouse.


Watching this episode was like watching “What Kate Does” in some ways. Yes, all you “What Kate Does” haters can go ahead and disagree…oh well, whatever. 🙂

Once again, what one Lostie is searching for (trying to do) in one timeline occurs in the other. Lets just quickly remember that “broken” Jack is on island with alcoholic tendencies, an ‘I can fix everything’ mentality (even though it is slowly eroding) and a past/present haunted by his “You don’t have what it takes” father and their messed up relationship. (Oh yeah, and his mirror bashing was good old reactive Jack at his “best.”) Sideways Jack foregoes the drink offer from his mom, says “I don’t know mom, there’s nothing we can do but wait for the information” (SERIOUSLY, is this a Jack Shephard line???) and ultimately spends the whole Sideways episode reconciling and moving forward in his own parent-son relationship, letting go of how his dad screwed him up and making the best of it (even undoing it in a way) with his own son.

Just like Kate found Claire and urged her to keep Aaron in “WKD”, Sideways Jack has redeemed himself in some of the most profound ways he has needed to but hasn’t in lost-island Jack. And yes, the image of his childhood home in the lighthouse mirror showed us/him how this guy is still so hung up on the brokenness that started there. Again, I think to fully process where they are leading us with Jack and his role involves more reflecting for all of us. But it’s still interesting to repeatedly see these central characters coming to resolve the issues that have been plaguing their past but it’s part of Sideways timeline/universe/thing instead. Which brings up…


SO about those “mirrored” timelines. I know some people (including myself) have referenced the overlap that is now looking more and more like a “bleeding through” or deja vu type of remembering (or in Jack’s case “forgetting”) between the two timelines. How this all could work is interesting to talk about but I’m not necessarily going to go there here. (AES has some good posts/comments about how there are certain overlaps such as Christian’s missing coffin/body that is integral to the connection between the storylines. Read those.)

There was something that bugged me about “The Substitute” that only got more intriguing after watching “The Lighthouse” but I could be totally and completely missing something everyone else is seeing. (Too many unintentional puns in this show!)

It actually all began last season in “The Incident” when Sun, Frank and Christian meet up in the Dharma processing office. At that point, we knew that things were ‘off’ on the island, because it felt like it they were in Dharmaville and not “New Otherton.” Perhaps it’s just a simple, “the Others never used THAT particular room” or something and they were cool with leaving out Dharma stuff and this picture of the new recruits of Kate, Jack and Hurley. But seriously, no…that just doesn’t make sense to me.

So it would seem like thatDharmaville was from a time/place where the Purge never happened.

Now to “The Substitute” scene where Sawyer goes back to his place with Juliet and gets the engagement ring. Was there any indication given that his house had been occupied by the Others and 30+ years of new residents in there had passed? Perhaps he was too grieved or drunk to care…or maybe not. Maybe it was his place, and just like in the scene with Sun & Frank, it was still Dharmaville. If so, and the purge never happened, this fits in the Sideways timeline since we see “Mr. Linus” teaching at the school Locke is substitute teaching at…but how does this fit in the island’s timeline?

One last scene to consider. It’s back to the dang coffin. We saw Jack go to the caves and see his father’s smashed coffin. (He’s got serious issues with smashing things when he can’t find the person he thinks will give him answers/peace/clarity, no?) Anyway, since we saw the caves, Shannon’s inhaler, Adam & Eve, we see the island as it was in the 815-crashes timeline.

It appears as if the effects or events in the Sideways timeline are somehow actually bleeding into the island timeline where the “present” Losties are in the non-crash timeline, rather than only vice versa.


We’ve been told “Dead is Dead” yet two lines were thrown out as bait to reconsider the process and place of death on the island:

– Claire’s line about Aldo “pretending” to be dead was slightly funny and slightly disturbing coming out of her mouth.

– Hurley’s line to Jack about Jacob: “He’s kind of dead.”

No answers there obviously, but sure seems like reminders for us to define things loosely.


Someone referenced the Lighthouse and its mirrors being like a panopticon. Do a quick wiki search and see that the panopticon was a “type of prison building designed by…Jeremy Bentham.” At first glance it just seems like another nice Lost type of reference thing to do. But then it made me think that perhaps Jack destroying it was very much a part of what Jacob hoped he would do.

Ready for the s-t-r-e-t-c-h of an idea? Maybe that lighthouse, mirrors and such were not Jacob’s but in fact related to MIB, so the destruction of it serves an important purpose. At first it seemed to make sense that Jacob would have a (somehow) secret lighthouse, a typical object helpful for directing or bringing people to the island. That seems like Jacob, since he brings people there and MIB seems to want the opposite. But a panopticon is like a prison, and the whole imprisonment thing seems to be correlated to MIB… and, after all, MIB’s altar-altar ego recently was “Jeremy Bentham.”

So yes, maybe it was just for Jack to see a bit more into himself, his purpose, the Shephard family importance and his connection to the island. But maybe not.

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