In the final scene of “The End” it was revealed that no alternate reality had been created by the H-bomb. This resulted in many fans crying foul, arguing that the entire second half of season 5 was a mind f***. That Jughead was pointless and did nothing.

That was my first reaction too until I thought about it rationally… Then I started to realize what the point of the bomb actually was!…

First of all, if the bomb did in fact detonate (now that we know that there was only one timeline), Pierre Chang and Radzinsky would have died in the explosion (along with several others). But we know that Chang lived to make those DHARMA videos and Radzinsky lived to push the button in the hatch…

So the most plausible start to any theory regarding the bomb (though not automatically the correct one), is to assume that the bomb did not explode…… at least in 1977. Here’s what I think happened:

The Island flashed the Losties back into their original time frame right before Juliet could detonate the bomb. The Island had to do this as a last resort because it was the only way left for the Island to stop them from detonating it. So now, there’s an H-bomb sitting at the bottom of the very deep hole that the D.I. has drilled. We know that after the incident, the D.I. had to build a device (the button in the hatch) that would dissipate the electro-magnetic energy that was seeping out of the Island as a result of them drilling into the pocket of energy. As a failsafe, they connected the hydrogen bomb to a keyhole and gave the failsafe key to the button-pusher. If it for some reason became impossible for the button-pusaher to press the button, he could turn the key and it would detonate the bomb and negate the massive amount of EM energy that had leaked out of the Island. But whoever turned the key would die because no one can survive the electro-magnetic pulse created by a hydrogen bomb… except Desmond.

So the Losties had to go back in time not to detonate the bomb, but simply to put the bomb there so that the D.I. could create a failsafe that Desmond would later utilize to save the world!…

After all, the bomb was rigged to detonate on impact. If it were supposed to go off in 1977, it would have gone off when it hit the ground after falling for over 100 feet.

So what was the importance of the bomb?… If they had not gone back in time and put the bomb there, the failsafe would never have been created and Locke’s failure to press the button would have lead to the end of the world… So although it didn’t create an alternate timeline as Dan had hoped (although he previously admitted several times that he knew this to be impossible), it did save the world–a feat that I would classify as “pretty damn important.”

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We’ve found many questions when it comes to the detonation of Jughead and its connection with the 2007 jump as well as the alternate timeline. Luckily, I’ve done some pseudo-scientific pondering and have come up with some interesting ideas.
It starts in 2004, when the Oceanic 6 leave the Island and the wheel is pushed, knocking the Island off its time axis. It seems here that the wheel itself is in its own timestream, for it the Losties flashed to a time where the wheel was stable, they would’ve stopped flashing. Anyway, in the 70’s, when the flashes stopped, we’ll say that this left a link between the time periods due to the constancy of time in the wheel chamber. So, in 1977, they detonate Jughead. This is the critical moment. Anyone who knows the history of black holes and wormholes knows the theory that such things link to parallel worlds, or possible create them. Either a wormhole or black hole can form from the intense concentration of energy in one point. This is Jughead’s run-in with the electromagnetic pocket. At the moment of the explosion, an amazing thing happens. The energy of the explosion and the energy of the electromagnetic pocket combine to form a singularity, which creates a second timeline. This singularity actually pulls all of the Jughead energy with it into the alternate timeline, crashing the Island and killing Jacob and Not-Locke.
At this point, things change in the alternate timeline. Jacob does not touch anyone, and the energy (inspired by , great idea) actually causes young Jack’s appendix to contract appendicitis, causing him to have it removed. This affects his future memory (the young age, Island boom, and painkillers), causing him to forget for years.
Back in the original timeline, the Incident still occurs. However, the violent spacetime event under the Island twists the wheel’s time connection and sends the Losties back to 2007. Due to the nature of time travel, they should’ve also been sitting by the hatch for 30 years in between, but in the LOST universe, time travel happens in jumps, not smooth (albeit contorted and shrunken) temporal movements.
Back to 2004, alternate timeline. Jack and Rose are talking on the plane. The temporal link in the original universe at the time of the Jughead detonation left a scar here, causing Jack’s melded memory and the rougher-than-expected turbulence. Nothing stange here.
Now for the future. Imagine the timeline being like a road, with a curve off the side that eventually folds back. This will happen in 2007. The link between the timelines eventually pulls Jack, Kate, Hugo, Sayid, and Sun in the alternate timeline to the Ajira 319 flight. At the time it crashes in the original timeline, they hit the original timeline take its place, to later land in Guam. There they are greeted by Charles Widmore, who takes them aboard his submarine to the Island.
This theory is amatuerish, I admit, but I like it. It seems to make sense with what we’ve already seen. I have no clue if this will be right, but it’s interesting to think about.

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This past week alot of things in Losts story are becoming clearer to me and pieces of the puzzle are coming together. I could be wrong, but thats why they’re theories right?

Anyway, this stems from another theory of mine on the purpose of the flash sideways, anyone who wants to read that, go here…

The REAL purpose of the flash sideways.

To me its never made sense that what happened in the incident would cause the creation of an alternate timeline where the island had sunk, i think thats what the writers wanted us to think, and have been dropping misleading hints, but i wasn’t buying it. Then i realised, wouldn’t it make ALOT more sense that the OPPOSITE was true? Bare with me here…

Juliette detonating that bomb SAVED the island from sinking! the alternate timeline is a reality where the losties never came to the island, and in turn never went back to 1977, interrupted the drilling and let off Jughead, and THIS is why the island in that timeline is underwater. How would the island sink from the explosion, if in this alt scenario the losties have never been there to detonate it? That would be way to confusing to try and explain, and is a paradox.

I propose that in the ALT, Dharma proceeded to drill into the pocket of ‘energy’ without Jack and co’s interference, releasing some of the islands ‘magical magicness’ as i like to call it, and its this that caused the island to ‘sink’. In the timeline we’ve previously been seeing, the explosion of the bomb neutralized this energy, and prevented the island from sinking. With the powerful energy neutralized, Dharma built the hatch over it, and its use was to keep the energy at bay by pressing that button every 108 minutes, one day Desmond forgot to press the button and Oceanic 815 crashed etc etc. Whatever happened, happened right?

Think back to what happened in the incident, It was pretty clear that if Dharma had continued what they were doing that day, the outcome would’ve been terrible. Thankfully, the losties did the exact opposite of what they were trying to and saved the island, but instead of stopping the hatch being built, they helped make it possible.

I believe its likely that both timelines have always existed, OR more likely the alternate timeline we’re seeing now is actually the ORIGINAL timeline before the one we’ve been seeing seasons 1-5 and isn’t running alongside it. I remember the producers said in a podcast that they wouldn’t use the term ‘parallel’ timeline to describe it, but they freely use the term ‘alternate’ timeline, this to me seems like a little hint.

I think this all makes alot of sense, and clears up some of the stuff i had previously found a little confusing. Its also not to convoluted to understand, and you don’t need to bring up Quantum Physics to explain it. I don’t know if this has been discussed before, but for me it was a lightbulb over the head moment. The alt is a reality where all the potentially world saving actions the losties have taken never occured, so the apocalyptic event everyone is trying to prevent will happen there, and we will see it (Maybe its this ‘event’ that hurls the universe back in time again). Its gonna be HELLA COOL! Let me know your thoughts.

On another note, i think we’re going to find out that Dharma/Hanso have been behind this whole time and space changing experiment to save the world and possibly the universe, as i have done for a while, but thats for another theory as its just speculation.

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I’m a big believer of whatever happened, happened so lets go by that theory for a minute.

Lets assume detonating the Jughead is the cause of the incident..

That means everything we’ve seen in the future is going to happen again – the losties will crash, they will travel back to the 70s, they will cause the incident, shoot back to normal time (2004 as they assumed) and it will happen all over again – this is also supporting the timeloop theory.

(even if they dont shoot through time, in 30 years they will be back on 815)

But lets say the detonation prevents the incident.. which i know many people believe..

There is no incident, they Swan site is used for research on electomagnetism as planned, Desmond doesnt come to the island and forget to press the button, the 815 crash doesnt happen, the losties dont travel back to 74/77, they dont prevent the incident.

If they prevent the incident, they cant go back in time to prevent it..

i know this seems a lot of head work but think about it, its the grandfather paradox – if you go back in time and kill your grandfather, you will never be born therefore not able to go back in time to kill your grandfather.

So back to the point – the incident has to happen for the losties to go back and try to prevent it.. but technically, they never can prevent it.

What are your thoughts?

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So idk if this is like common knowledge or something but I think the Jughead is the source of the pregnancy issues on the island. When it was new, it started leaking radioactive material right? So since they barried undergound and it’s been there for a while, maybe the radioactivity spread and that’s why women cannot carry to term and die.

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As soon as I saw that Lost’s 100th episode was titled “The Variable” my mind immediately focused on Faraday. While a constant represents a value that is unchanging a variable represents change. This is why I think that the newly returned Faraday came back because he has figured out a way to change time. Now this would apparently violate the whatever happened happened rule, but what if time changing was always what happened? I know that seems a little nonsensical but what if events like the purge occured due to Faraday changing time, it follows that this change in time was what always happened. Another piece of support for this theory is the timeline map that Ceasar finds in “the life and death of jeremy bentham”. There’s a distinction between real time and various other extrapolates of an over-arching time line. So maybe the over-arching timeline includes a change in a subset timeline.

So I was thinking what exactly Faraday would do to change time and I ended up thinking of jughead. In the episode he asks ellie to bury it because “50 years from now this island is still here”. So jughead was buried and stayed that way for 50 years, maybe Faraday will attempt to change this fact. Feel free to share you opinions.

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I’m going to take a shot at an overall theory here. It’s based on my own observations as well as everything I have read on the many forums. So here we go…

The show is starting to take on a final form now. We know a lot more about things and theories are starting to get harder to come up with because the picture is starting to narrow. What I see in front of me now is a show with only a few really big mysteries left. The are:

—The Island itself.
The actual earth/trees/rocks of the island. Being as we know “exotic material” exists on the island. It seems likely the islands special features are comming directly from this source. What might that source be?

Smokie is attached to the island and in some way has a purpose. So far, all we know is it is some form of security system. It can identify/scan you in some way. It can kill your ass! It can not pass a sonic fence. It can also manifest itself in the shape of human form, and probably many other forms.

—The Others and Richard Alpert
-Once you’re an other you can’t go back (apparently). Unless your Juliet and you get judged and branded. Then your something else.. I guess. Richard is ageless. They are working for the island… maybe. They get new recruits. They have a weird thing with leaders. They probably know pretty much exactly what is going on but are very protective of that.


What in the hell is the point of this show? Not many people seem to talk about this one point. Is the world going to end? The Valenzetti equation seemed to state that is exactly what the numbers meant. To predict the date that man would destory itself. We have a lot of stuff about duality, a war, science and faith. Fate and Choice.

This leads me finally.. to my theory.

At some point in time. Be it past or future. The Exotic material ended up on the island. I’m going to place my bets on a meteor for now, maybe dark matter/mirror matter. Something that crashed onto the island (not a UFO!!!). When this happened the island got all it’s properties. Specifically, some form of time shifting and electromagnetism.

So the island is now super special. An anomaly. If this happened in the past. The island collected people and caused various strange events until it got to a certain point in time. A point I believe is in the future for us watching the show. As in a timeline past 2007 that we haven’t seen.

In this future the world is going to end. Something is going to happen because of the island and because of all the meddling from various sources. Possibly Jughead and Electromagnestism are going to mix. That would be bad. So the people of this future decide to do something as a last ditch to stop it all from happening. They take the island and set it up to send it back in time. Back with a purpose and a crew to travel through thousands of years in time to stop in some way the events leading to the end. To collect data…

Smokie is from that future and is a security system. One meant to protect the island as it collects data. Smokey may even be the data collector. Or maybe there is a lot of smokies? I do think Smokie(s) is nanobots. Pulled from the exotic material maybe? Engineered by the people of the future? Who knows.

Richard and his pose are the workers on the island. They do what has to be done to keep things safe as the island travels and collects what it needs. They may or may not be human. They might be like smokie. They might be immortal because of technology from the future.

Jacob.. well this is tough. I used to think Jacob was the driver of the island. That he controlled everyhting. Now I am thinking more that Jacob is going to be more random than that. That he is trapped by something, the incident maybe; and will come into play at the endgame. When it comes time to change things.

I do believe the entire series so far is showing us things that have always happened. The end game is “Can they actually change fate?”. Desmond maybe part of that and maybe Jacob as well.

The Losties are all picked by the island to move towards it’s final goal. To change the course of time. To break the rules and actually stop course correction.

Locke and Christian/Claire are all part of the island now. They are helping out it’s mission. Somehow they are different. Maybe they are part of Jacob. Existing in some realm outside time/space? Which allows them to be the hands and fingers of the island. To reach it’s goal.

That’s it! What do you folks think?

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So I just saw the episode “Jughead”.

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Better not to waste time extolling the superb quality of tonight’s episode. Suffice to safe, excellent. Here are some completely new revelations, and some old ideas that found new life tonight.

1.So the obvious: is Jughead (the bomb) the “chernoybyl” like thing guarded by all the lead and concrete beneath the Swan? They covered it with concrete. There was some kind of leak. Somehow it can interact with the “time wheel substance,” potentially destroying everything. They devised a way to “release the energy,” devised a “fail safe key,” yada yada. Food for thought at least.

2. A new perspective on life viewed through the eyes of Richard (and to some extent Ellie, Widmore, and the rest of the others. But especially Richard.) Time travel narratives typically follow the path of the traveler. But I love to look through the eyes of people living in the times they traveled to. Imagine this. You’re Richard Alpert. An old man with a limp wanders into your encampment, proclaims himself to be a charge sent by Jacob, hands you an old compass, tells you he has seen the future, asserts himself your leader, gives strange hints about his birth in two years, pleads with you to tell him how to get off the island and then…completely disappears. In Richard’s timeline, Locke would have been yelling “how do I get off the Island” and then gone the MOMENT after the flash (and, assuming Richard too sees the flash thats double: a flash and a disappearing Locke). Ellie would confirm the same happened with Faraday, Sawyer and Juliet, while Widmore et al would say the same for Miles and Charlotte. The matter surely would have left Richard in somewhat of a funk. I do surmise he lost some sleep over the matter. Then he decided it merited a visit to Tustin California. And there, in the hospital ward, Richard would find younge John Locke, just as future Locke told him. Its no wonder that “Locke” would take on a mysticism to Richard and the others; no wonder they would later tell him “we have been waiting for you a long time.” If the flashes continue, I presume Locke will make more entries into Richard’s life at various points. Each time he will stay a little, perhaps telling Richard what he knows, perhaps obtaining information about the Island’s secrets from Richard. And each time he will disappear, and things he says may/will come true. I think this may even further express why when Richard went to visit age 7 Locke he got SOOOOO PISSED. This is before he truly understood the principles guiding Locke’s journey. He tried to reach out to him to early, slowly learning he may never “officially” meet Locke until after the plane had crashed on the island.

3. Eloise. I have been on the fence since last week about whether Hawking is Faraday’s mother. I now believe it to be true. In addition, I think Ellie (the gun wielding blond) is Miss Hawking. Reason: Ellie is short for Eloise. Daniel says to her “you look really familiar to me.” This would be because she is his mother. And the final evidence (something that randomly fell into place tonight: a memory that “came to me” just like Desmond) Farday named his test mouth Eloise. After mommy dearest.

4. Why Walt Finally Makes Sense to Me!! (The actor at least). First of all, did anyone else’s broadcast network have the “hot pockets” (or something) commercial with Walt? That boy needs a new agent. But on to the business at hand. It has always perplexed me how the writers would deal with Walt’s age. This has probably become apparent to others already, so I apologize for reiterating what is already in your mind. But when we saw abnormally pubescent Walt visit Hurley, it was THREE YEARS after he left the island. So he would be 13-14 at that time. And though still a mighty pubescent 14 year old, a 14 year old he remains, making his age plausible. Thank goodness!

So, tell me what you think. And lets continue the conversation.

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