4 – 8 – 15 – 16 – 23 — 42

We see these numbers everywhere throughout the series, but they are never explained. These numbers are also next to the candidates’ names. What is the possible significance of these particular numbers?

4 – Locke
8 – Reyes
15 – Ford
16 – Jarrah
23 – Shephard
42 – Kwon

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I was reading about the Valenzetti Equation on Lostpedia and I came up with this about a minute ago (and it’s really late!), so bear with me if it’s garbled…lol.

Alright, so for those of us who don’t really read Lostpedia and refer ONLY to the show for information..when I am talking about the Valenzetti Equation, I am simply referring to the numbers Hurley thinks are evil (and won the lotto with). To name a few places we have seen these numbers: on the hatch door, Hurley’s lottery, the cave where UnLocke took Sawyer..etc. As far as I know, the numbers have never been referred to as the “Valenzetti Equation” on the show itself. Correct me if I am wrong (and cite evidence please)! I got the name from Lostpedia…continuing on.. the numbers apparently denote the number of years and days until the end of the world. The Dharma Initiative (DI) tried to manipulate the “core factors” of the equation to prevent doomsday but failed because they kept arriving at the same six numbers.

On Lostpedia, it says that the DI tried to manipulate the numbers by manipulating the environment. Now, I do not know if the environment means the world in general, or only the island. Whatever I summarized above was basically ALL I read and understood from the short article on the Valenzetti Equation.

The following is my theory based on the above.

I have two ideas about the environment. One is that the DI needed a safe space to manipulate the general world’s environments, but they had no space to do this that was safe for populations. For example, if I want to test a bomb, I don’t want to explode it near a city when I don’t know the radius of the explosion, right? Similarly, perhaps the DI traveled to an undiscovered island and conducted experiments to manipulate the environment. Perhaps these experiments are what gave the island its powers – time travel, moving around to different locations, healing, etc.

My OTHER idea is that the island already had its special properties – time travel, moving around, healing, etc. – and this is why the DI traveled there to conduct the experiments. Perhaps the DI thought that the island’s unique properties were conducive to changing the “core factors” of the Valenzetti Equation. (I put “core factors” in quotes because I have zero knowledge of what that phrase means…ha ha!)

Regardless of which of my two ideas may be correct, let’s see what we know about the DI stations. (I mix up all the names – forgive me..)

Remember the Orchid? Ben took Locke there in an elevator headed way down into the ground.. Then, Ben proceeded to show Locke a video made by the DI on time travel. (Yes, that video with the time traveling bunny!!) Now, why the heck would the DI, who are “conducting psychology experiments” (psh, yeah right) need a time machine? Well, if they were trying to change an equation to save the world and ran out of time, it makes sense to have a fall back. That fall back could be… going BACK in time to give themselves a second (or third or fourth) chance at it. For example, if you knew your spouse was going to die in three days but had a button to keep starting the three days over and over, wouldn’t you keep pushing it? Similarly, I think because the DI kept failing, they kept repeating a certain period of time over and over again (hence so many time loop theories on the internet) to buy themselves more time to successfully manipulate the Valenzetti Equation. This would also explain why Jacob and MiB had that weird conversation on the beach…MiB says “It always ends the same..” (with time having to be reset/replayed) and Jacob says something like “It only ends once, everything else is just progress..” Every time the time loop plays, the equation gets closer and closer to being changed but then they run out of time and the loop has to start over….

Let’s see..then we have a DI station built for polar bears (I forget the name of the station – Hydra?). Polar bears…on an island which has a tropical climate? Well, if the DI were trying to manipulate the environment, maybe they were trying to do something involving the climate. The only things related to “cold” on the island are the polar bears and the donkey wheel, which is located in a freezing underground tunnel-like place. Perhaps the DI were trying to see if the polar bears could adjust? Or perhaps they were trying to change the environment so that the polar bears wouldn’t have to adjust…

The brainwashing station: I don’t know the name for this, but it’s where the Losties rescued Carl from..he was buckled in a seat watching this insane video with loud noise.. Perhaps when the DI couldn’t control the climate, they tried to control people…by unethical methods such as brainwashing…similarly, why would the DI need a station for nerve/toxic gas (I am referring to the place Faraday and Charlotte went to deactivate the gas)? Hmm, not clear on this point.

If my theory were to be plausible, Jacob and MiB have to have a big role, because they are cognizant of the time loops. Here is my big picture…. What if MiB resets time? What if that is his job? What if MiB’s sole purpose is to sit on his ass all day, wait until DI/Losties/Others/people/etc. fail at changing the equation and saving the world and then RESET the time loop?

And what if all Jacob does all day is find people to come to the island and manipulate them into successfully changing the equation so that one day MiB doesn’t reset the time loop and the world survives peacefully? If you think about it..their conversation on the beach makes sense now. MiB said “Still trying to prove me wrong?” Perhaps he said this because MiB, after resetting the loop several times, believes that people will always fail and Jacob is always trying to prove him wrong by bringing different groups to the island.

What if keeping MiB ON the island keeps him DOING his job…if MiB leaves..who the hell is going to RESET time?!?! And if the Losties don’t change the equation successfully and MiB isn’t there to reset time, then guess what happens to the world? POOF!!! The world ends.

I suspect MiB is sick of being on the island and witnessing the same failures over and over and wants to get off the island. But if he does, the world will end for sure – UNLESS, the Losties can change the “core factors” of the Valenzetti Equation before the end of the time loop comes this time!!

Well, I was going to end it there but here’s a little more speculation.

We know that Ben knew about the donkey wheel…who else did? Did all the Others know? Did the DI know? Did the DI harness the power of the donkey wheel to run the time machine? Or did the DI create the donkey wheel to harness the natural power of the island? Was it coincidence the time traveling station (Orchid) was located closest to the donkey wheel? Let’s say both the DI and the Others knew about it. We saw what misuse of the donkey wheel can do – cause the island to erratically move in both time and space. If the island ever ended up in ancient Egyptian times like it did in the 70s, then that gave it plenty of time for Egyptians to wash up there and set up temples, the Tawaret statue, etc. Maybe it’s been inhabited many times over – even more than we think. We know about the Black Rock, Rousseau’s team, Eko’s brother’s plane, Desmond, the DI and the Losties and Others…perhaps many more groups have come and gone… But from one play of the time loop to the next, we know a few things stay constant. And that is Jacob, MiB, and Richard.

What if MiB was indeed a man, but when “assigned” his job of resetting time, received powers (i.e. smoke/transformation) that turned him into something timeless? What if Jacob chose Richard to exist throughout all the replays of time (to help the different groups), hence why Richard’s life span is so long? Perhaps touching people allows them to remain somewhat aware/affected of a previous time loop? All the Losties in the FSW would then still be interconnected despite the island sinking then. They would still be affected by Jacob’s touch despite having no memory of what the previous time loop held. Thus, we see Jack’s certain expressions in the FSW as if he thought the plane was supposed to crash before it lands safely at LAX.

Maybe the FSW is showing what happens if the Losties succeed in changing the Valenzetti equation. MiB and Jacob will no longer be needed, and either will the island. So, maybe, just maybe….that’s why it’s at the bottom of the ocean.. =)

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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If you noticed right each one of the candidates had a number on their left like Jack had 23 for example. I believe that each one of them has a number that it means something for them and they use it through their life all the time probably without noticing it. But I also noticed something that seemed strange to me. All of the uncrossed candidates had strange numbers in their left. Let’s see them

4- John Locke

8- Hugo Reyes

15- Sawyer

16- Sayid

23- Jack Shephard

42- Kwon

Notice the numbers: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. The same numbers that Hugo used to win the lottery. The cursed numbers represent probably the most important characters in the show. I wonder if the authors will use this fact in the future.

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Written 16th February

The numbers are the males…I know MIB/Esau/Flocke said he didn’t know if it was Sun or Jin, but it’s Jin.

4-Locke 8-Reyes 15-Ford 16-Jarrah 23-Shephard 42-Kwon

Jacob did in fact touch Kate and Sun, but “Austen” isn’t up there.  What is going on?!

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Hi there. Since the beginning of this last season of LOST I have, like many others I think, been wondering how the last few minutes of our favorite show will end. Just like the closing scene of each season we’ve seen before, I think the last scene of LOST will be memorable, like Jack and Locke staring down the hatch, or Jack yelling after Kate that they have to go back to the island. The last scene will most likely leave us with our mouths open from surprise and a knot in our stomach knowing that we will never sit down to watch a new episode of LOST again. So in anticipation of the last scene of LOST, I thought it would be fun to post my prediction of the final scene and I hope you too will leave your predictions in the comments.

Based on last nights episode “The Substitute,” my prediction for the final scene of LOST is that the candidate who finally becomes the new Jacob (probably Jack) will be standing in Jacob’s cave writing a whole new group of names on the ceiling to bring a new group to the island. This would leave the viewers mystified, and yet satisfied knowing that the story of the island will continue on even if we never get to see it.

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Forgive me if I’ve missed a relevant post, but I haven’t really read anyone’s thoughts on why, why, why would Hurley be in Australia in the alternate timeline? He said himself that he’s “the luckiest man alive”(or something like that), so apparently he’s not plagued by the numbers. We can then assume that he’s not hunting down their mysterious origin, so why make the trip? Not everyone got on the flight this time around, so it’s not that everyone had to be there. I’m very interested to see why exactly Hurley made the trip. Anyone have any ideas?

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OK, this has long eluded me… All the theory’s,etc… Then I was watching a repeat episode last night and a light came on.. What if the numbers point to a bible passage. So taking the numbers in order, 4 being a book. Well it has to be in old or new. There is not enough verses in the Old Testaments 4th book, so it has to be New… which just so happens to be the book of John…

John 8:15,16,23,42 (NIV): You judge by human standards; I pass judgment on no one. But if I do judge, my decisions are right, because I am not alone. I stand with the Father, who sent me. But he continued, “You are from below; I am from above. You are of this world; I am not of this world. Jesus said to them, “If God were your Father, you would love me, for I came from God and now am here. I have not come on my own; but he sent me.

What was book 4 of the OLD testament? Numbers.

Made me think… hmmm…. (maybe this theory is out there already and I missed it LOL)

And to play it out just a bit further, there is a painting that Thomas (Aaron’s dad, Claire’s bf) did that ends up in Widmore’s office (http://lostpedia.wikia.com/wiki/File:1×10-3×08-thomas-painting.jpg) has the numbers 1125 in the upper left. Those numbers are not part of “The Numbers”. But if you apply the above theory, you could conclude it points to Genesis (first book of the bible), Chapter 1, Verse 25: God made the wild animals according to their kinds, the livestock according to their kinds, and all the creatures that move along the ground according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good.(niv).

Again, if this is posted out somewhere else, I apologize for not giving proper credit. I just haven’t seen it anywhere and wanted to know what others thought?

And less we forget Flight 316 could easily be (and has been suggested as such) a reference to the Book oh John again, chapter 3, verse 16 (probably one of the most famous passages in the bible)…For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

There are other numbers scattered throughout Lost. I have been working on them taking it from this same perspective and I continue to find some interesting corolations… I will post more later but would love some input on this theory.

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I question the assumption that Sun, Ben, Locke etc are in 2007

Some have suggested that the “30 years earlier” caption gives us licence to calculate 30 years forward from the known 1977 and determine that that is where they are.

I suggest however that the “30 years earlier” could be, not 30 years back from where they ended up(ie potentially still unknown), but ~30 years back from where they started out (2008)

This allows for Dharmaville to be different and for the numbers to play on the radio, without the need for a different timeline…. They could now be in 2010 (shocking time to pick given that the series ends then) and dharmaville could have fallen into serious dis-repair (this could be after “the war”?) and the numbers playing on the radio could be someone trying to start the cycle again…

Just some thoughts.

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What do you think: are they just a mysterious force that binds the Universe together and will never be explained at all? Or will they end up having some kind of explanation, be it a natural one or supernatural one?

Personally, I’m fine with never getting an explanation. But I also liked The Force in Star Wars better before mitichlorians (something Damon Lindelof once alluded to).

If we get an explanation, my money’s on this long shot: they’re just random lottery numbers that got caught up in a time loop. Everyone got obsessed with their supposed good or bad luck, and self-fulfilled their own prophecies (“made their own luck”).

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So i was searching online, trying to figure out the meaning of these numbers, and i didn’t exactly figure it out, BUT, i did find this. Someone posted a picture on FLICKR of the coordinates 4.815 and 162.342, and it came up right in the middle of the pacific ocean. THEN, there was a comment below that said she looked on the oceanic airlines website, and found that those numbers were also their seat numbers! What do you guys think about this?

Here is the link to the picture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sh/47743274/

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Lets think like Desmond, the closer the immediate future, the better your chances of predicting it with any degree of certainty.

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