OK first off i have posted a few theories which root from this idea, but i never seemed to gain much following, hopefully last nights confirmation of the link between Christian and MIB might sway some people.

When Locke was ‘introduced’ to Jacob in that Cabin, he encountered something that asked for his help, and then it proceeded to throw a tantrum.
The next time he visits Jacobs cabin, Christian is chilling in there, claiming to speak on Jacobs behalf.
Every instruction he gave John, stopping the losties from getting off the island, stopping the freighter from getting to it, moving the island, getting the oceanic 6 to come back, having to sacrifice himself supposedly came from Jacob and had to be done otherwise the island and everyone on it would be in grave danger.
Its now undeniable that these commands were not coming from Jacob. Everything John did to protect and serve ‘the island’ was infact to protect and serve ‘the monster’.

Now on to Ben. If Ben ever did infact see or speak to Jacob prior to Lockes encounter, wouldn’t it make sense that whoever it was wasn’t Jacob either? And the leader before Ben? and before that?
I think this misleading has been going on for a long time, Richard was not aware of it, otherwise why would he let it happen? This also leads me to believe that Richard hasn’t spoken directly to Jacob in a long time either, and maybe Jacob only speaks to the current leader.
I think the others have been blindly following Jacobs word, which hasn’t been coming from Jacob.

I believe that John was ‘claimed’ or ‘infected’ to some extent when he first met the Smoke monster, his crazy instant allegiance to the ‘the island’ is very reminiscent of Danielles crew after their first meeting with smokie. When he first saw it, he said he looked into the eye of the island and it was beautiful, but now knowing smokies opinion of the island and his plan to go home, to me it seems Locke was fooled.

Everything Locke did for ‘the island’, replace ‘the island’ with ‘the monster’, and it makes ALOT of sense. Whoever is coming to the island, is coming to stop MIB from fulfilling his plan of getting home, wherever that may be, so it would make sense that Locke would be trying to stop to people getting to the island.

Its also funny that the first time the others meet the losties in 1954, Locke tells Richard that he is the next leader of the others. Richards interest is sparked when Locke mentions Jacobs name, and this gets the ball rolling (lets avoid any chicken and egg time travel discussions because they can go on forever). So i also think Jacob never appointed Locke as leader, and has never said such a thing, this was MIB using the time travelling to his advantage, after all it was ‘Christian’ who lead Locke to the time travel causing donkeywheel, and who also told him he had to die. If the others had knowledge of Lockes future leadership position BEFORE Oceanic crashed, its possible that MIB was also aware, this is why smokie got to Locke so soon after the crash.

MIB has fooled Locke and has bamboozled the others, built him up to the leadership position, then had him die and replace him. This might be why Flocke yells at the others, telling them ‘i’m very disappointed in all of you!’ Because they are mindless sheep who blindly follow the word of Jacob, a man they’ve never seen or spoken to, without even questioning why or if the words are actually coming from him. Now they have to pay the consequences, and MIBs plan to get home is in motion.

But now Jacobs counteraction is in motion, i think he has been waiting patiently for a long time, knowing that MIB would find his loophole and kill him. But now in his ‘dead’ state, the next level of the game begins, and MIB will finally be stopped for good.

Anyway, throw some feedback my way, as i think i’m on to something. I have posted similar theories before, but as the show develops there is more proof that this is the case.

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After Dogen says to Jack that he thinks what is happening to Sayid happened to his sister it got me thinking who else could this have happened to?

We know right now that people who could be “Infected” are Sayid, Claire and probably Christian.  Sayid apparently died then got up.  Claire got blown up during the mercenary attack, then got up and started walking around with Sawyer and Miles (Sawyer “you alright sweetheart?” Claire “Yeah” Miles “I wouldn’t be too sure about that”).  Then Christian was dead and up and walking around the whole time.  One similarity that they all have is they were not buried.

Remember Amy’s big thing about burying the Hostiles that crashed her picnic party?  Could burying the dead be what the truce was so that dead people don’t start getting up and becoming Infected?  Maybe thats why Richard wanted Paul’s body to make sure he was buried, and he wanted to know where the 2 Hostiles were buried to make sure it was done right.  He was more concerned with them becoming infected then about them being shot.

Some other people who died and were not buried were, Charlotte, Faraday, Mikhail, Charlie, etc.

– Charlotte was left in the woods at some time period

– Faraday got shot only a couple hours before the bomb went off (I still think he was the guy in Jacob’s cabin saying “Help me” (i know it was an extra))

– Mikahil died all the time (Mikhail taunts Charlie, saying “I already died once this week”)

-Charlie died in the Looking Glass, although that would suck to keep coming back alive and drowning in that room (maybe he swam out the hole).

I’m sure there were other people who died and weren’t buried (ohh maybe we will see Henry Gale).  But if that is the reason for the Infected people that would be pretty cool, but i guess we wouldn’t be able to see Nikki and Paolo again (no Expose zombies).

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Well for a start I’d like to say this will either be like…Aah! I has potential or it will be a load of rubbish.

I’ll get straight to the point:

Charlie Hume comes to the island along with Penny and Desmond for a reason that will be explained, Penny and Desmond go through a time window and end up around 1930-1945. The Others kill them but spare Charlie, they give him a name, Charles Widmore. Why Widmore you say? Well maybe they find a Widmore reference on the Island in 19?? or perhaps on Penny. And Charles well…maybe Penny shouts Charles/Charlie before she gets shot or something.

We have seen the stones in the caves in Flashes Before Your Eyes on the table haven’t we? So Penny and Des could possibly be the skeletons, but WHY would they have the stones? This makes Penny’s Son her Father too, which I read a theory on the fun section? I think. And also I have commented this in less detail?

See what you can do guys and correct me if I’m wrong there are a lot of holes in this mad chaotic theory but I hope I can open your eyes to something and begin to unravel the lost mystery! Good Luck!

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Just an observation that i’ve always noticed, but never mentioned. Probably not massively important but the others always use peoples actual names, for instance Hugo instead of Hurley and James instead

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Just to expand on lostie411 post about jhon 3:16 bible verse, locke possibly being Jacob’s son, yadda yadda yadda.

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Written on 14th May 2009

I’ve suspected this for quite some time, but last night’s season finale but me even more confident in it.

For whatever reason this island has become the battleground between Jacob and this Unnamed Man (who seems heavily connected to The Smoke Monster, perhaps even he IS The Smoke Monster). Over the centuries, Jacob continues to “bring people” to the island. The 19th century ship, the Army, Danielle Rousseau’s group, The Dharma Initiative, Oceanic 815, possibly countless more not included in the show. Then, as we’ve seen, people get corrupted, there are power plays, wars, everyone wants to be in control of the island, they all kill each other. But, there’s always a couple survivors who are drawn to “The Others” (e.g. Ben as a child, John Locke prior to leaving the island) and then there’s Richard Alper, who never ages.

I think Richard Alper is one of the island’s indigenous peoples. He is the only person (aside from perhaps Jacob – if Jacob is even a person) that does not age. When this battle between Jacob and the Nameless Man began, Richard Alper chose to follow Jacob. Eventually all the other indigenous people where killed, except Richard. As he said in the season 5 finale “Jacob made me this way”, that’s why he does not age. As time goes on, more and more people are brought to the island, with each group a couple people join up with Richard, slowly forming The Others.

Whad’dya think?

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What do you think Richard meant when he said “loose his innocence”

I have a few crazy ideas:

Ben gains “knowledge” which causes him to loose his innocence. Perhaps whats in the temple saves him but in the process shows him something. Something that forever links him to the others.

Another idea is that Ben is changed somehow. This one is more about who the others may actually be. Sometime I think they are “not of our world”. Not Aliens by any means. Just that maybe they are from another world mirroring ours. Maybe Ben is now on the other side?

I always get this feeling that the others are either walking dead people (like christian), or that they are somehow not of the earth that losties are from. I am working on a theory about this whole dealeo.

Hoping to spark some conversation about this. I would love you know what you folks think the others might be, what happens to Ben.

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I don’t have alot of evidence or detail, but something interesting has been coming up in my off-line discussions about Lost.

My boyfriend keeps talking about Ben’s Others and Richard’s Others as though they are closely related but seperated entities.

Most of the Others we know by name or face belong to Ben’s camp, and seem to work in a very DHARMA-like project/research oriented situation.

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Well… I think LOST is the story of a big temporal loop that will last for eternity. We will find out that the survivors of the crash (and all the people that came in the island) are actually the parents or grand parente of the OTHERS. So years later when they have kids (yes kids, because we know Others can’t have kids but nothing is said about the flight survivors, I think the kids issue is not because of the island but because of time – during the series we are made to believe “the island wants”, “the island wont let”

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Better not to waste time extolling the superb quality of tonight’s episode. Suffice to safe, excellent. Here are some completely new revelations, and some old ideas that found new life tonight.

1.So the obvious: is Jughead (the bomb) the “chernoybyl” like thing guarded by all the lead and concrete beneath the Swan? They covered it with concrete. There was some kind of leak. Somehow it can interact with the “time wheel substance,” potentially destroying everything. They devised a way to “release the energy,” devised a “fail safe key,” yada yada. Food for thought at least.

2. A new perspective on life viewed through the eyes of Richard (and to some extent Ellie, Widmore, and the rest of the others. But especially Richard.) Time travel narratives typically follow the path of the traveler. But I love to look through the eyes of people living in the times they traveled to. Imagine this. You’re Richard Alpert. An old man with a limp wanders into your encampment, proclaims himself to be a charge sent by Jacob, hands you an old compass, tells you he has seen the future, asserts himself your leader, gives strange hints about his birth in two years, pleads with you to tell him how to get off the island and then…completely disappears. In Richard’s timeline, Locke would have been yelling “how do I get off the Island” and then gone the MOMENT after the flash (and, assuming Richard too sees the flash thats double: a flash and a disappearing Locke). Ellie would confirm the same happened with Faraday, Sawyer and Juliet, while Widmore et al would say the same for Miles and Charlotte. The matter surely would have left Richard in somewhat of a funk. I do surmise he lost some sleep over the matter. Then he decided it merited a visit to Tustin California. And there, in the hospital ward, Richard would find younge John Locke, just as future Locke told him. Its no wonder that “Locke” would take on a mysticism to Richard and the others; no wonder they would later tell him “we have been waiting for you a long time.” If the flashes continue, I presume Locke will make more entries into Richard’s life at various points. Each time he will stay a little, perhaps telling Richard what he knows, perhaps obtaining information about the Island’s secrets from Richard. And each time he will disappear, and things he says may/will come true. I think this may even further express why when Richard went to visit age 7 Locke he got SOOOOO PISSED. This is before he truly understood the principles guiding Locke’s journey. He tried to reach out to him to early, slowly learning he may never “officially” meet Locke until after the plane had crashed on the island.

3. Eloise. I have been on the fence since last week about whether Hawking is Faraday’s mother. I now believe it to be true. In addition, I think Ellie (the gun wielding blond) is Miss Hawking. Reason: Ellie is short for Eloise. Daniel says to her “you look really familiar to me.” This would be because she is his mother. And the final evidence (something that randomly fell into place tonight: a memory that “came to me” just like Desmond) Farday named his test mouth Eloise. After mommy dearest.

4. Why Walt Finally Makes Sense to Me!! (The actor at least). First of all, did anyone else’s broadcast network have the “hot pockets” (or something) commercial with Walt? That boy needs a new agent. But on to the business at hand. It has always perplexed me how the writers would deal with Walt’s age. This has probably become apparent to others already, so I apologize for reiterating what is already in your mind. But when we saw abnormally pubescent Walt visit Hurley, it was THREE YEARS after he left the island. So he would be 13-14 at that time. And though still a mighty pubescent 14 year old, a 14 year old he remains, making his age plausible. Thank goodness!

So, tell me what you think. And lets continue the conversation.

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