Ok im pretty certain this has been brought up before.. Actually, I have a feeling I’ve brought this up before.. anyway.

In season 5, Ben, Locke (yes im calling him locke now) and Richard are in the jungle. Locke tells Richard to tell a time-flashing John that he needs to die etc.. Richard then gives real John a compass saying next time you see me i wont recognise you. How did Richard know this? Locke didnt tell him to do it.. Maybe he remembered meeting him in the 50’s but how would Richard know which time to give it to real John.  It all seems a bit strange..

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I don’t know if anyone has referred to this earlier but the way the Black Rock arrived on the island still doesn’t convince me at all.
As we all saw in “Ab Aeterno” the Black Rock was installed inside the island because of the immense force of a tsunami. So far, so good. Since the Black Rock impacted the head of the Statue of Taweret, the tsunami wave would have an incredible height. So, I wonder how it wasn’t apparent any incredibly devastating effect on the island after the tsunami? The only effect we can see, in the first scene after the disaster, is the dragging trail of the Black Rock. With the amazing height that the wave had, the tsunami should have swept almost the whole island, and the scenario would be of enormous destruction. As a matter of fact we can’t see any evidence of the passage of a real massive tsunami on the island (there aren’t uprooted trees …). Is the electromagnetic nature of the island something to do with it? Like a protective effect? Or, as a scientist, am I being too careful?

Another thing, when Richard arrives to the beach to try to kill Jacob, it is visible a small trail of destruction (despite the great disaster) and part of the remains of the statue are around the left foot. But, when Ben Killed Jacob the remains were no longer around the left foot. My question is: Where are the remains now?

Regards from Bragança/Portugal.

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Hello everyone,

Sorry if this has been brought up before but I have a quick (but most pressing) question. In the most recent episode about Richard, we see his dead wife Isabella come to Richard while he is still trapped in chains on the Black Rock. Isabella tells him they are both in hell and that the Devil is coming. While we see Isabella talking to Richard, we hear Smokey’s noises in the background indicating he is coming (the horn, cricket noises, whatever-you-call-them).

Now generally, I thought Smokey could look like anyone who is deceased. But I also thought that MiB can only take one form at a time. For example, we have never seen UnLocke and Smokey appear on screen simultaneously. We also didn’t see Alex or UnLocke appear simultaneously. We also did not see Christian and UnLocke appear simultaneously…you get my point! One form at a time!

So, if this is true and MiB can either show up as Smokey OR a dead person, then how do we hear Smokey coming when Richard is talking to Isabella on the Black Rock..???? That would have to mean either MiB can take two forms at once (which we haven’t seen before – correct me if I am wrong), Isabella is alive (but we saw her die at Richard’s home), OR someone else who is on the island can take the form of dead people besides MiB…

Now seeing as how we sort of saw Smokey devour Isabella, I want to say Smokey and Isabella were two different entities. Otherwise, it is rather theatrical if Smokey pretended to be Isabella and ate himself (I hope that makes sense…)

What do you guys think? Jacob said (how much can we trust what he says) that “That wasn’t your wife”…so that means it was probably MiB in Isabella’s form..but if it were, how is it possible that MiB was in both Smokey form and Isabella form at the SAME TIME???

Lastly, maybe the fact that Isabella’s spirit is on the island talking to Hurley means she REALLY died on the island…? Maybe Jacob brought her back from her disease-induced death in his magic pool in the temple and then that’s why we saw Smokey eating her on screen. But if that were the case, Jacob wouldn’t have seemed so surprised to see Richard or hear about his wife…and their general conversation doesn’t fit unless Jacob was “playing dumb”.

Discuss guys =)

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Written 24th March

Now, I only speak English, so I could have missed something, but at no point in the subtitles did I read anything that Isabella said regarding MIB being stopped. In fact, we didn’t even see her talking to Hurley without a translation at any point in the exchange…did we? And Hurley says something like, “You got it.” to someone after we notice Isabella disappear…so, could it be that Jacob showed up and told Hurley to tell Richard that Isabella gave the instruction? Maybe Jacob was able to bring Isabella to Richard?

I don’t know for sure, but if Jacob is now manipulating Richard with his dead wife, then it turns Jacob into a slightly different character, doesn’t it?

Or…did I miss something? Did she really say that?

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Written 24th March

It is pretty well universally believed that MIB has taken the form of people whose bodies are on the Island (Christian, Alex, and Yemi). However, in Ab Aeterno, we are lead to believe that MIB also took the form of Richard’s wife, who was not on the Island (which I am confused about, why take the form of only Richard’s wife? Why not the doctor? Or why not Nadia to Sayid, etc.?). I have also read that MIB was the spider that lead to Nicki and Paolo’s death and perhaps the image of Walt that lead to Shannon’s death. It would not surprise me to learn that MIB also played Dave, the hallucination that haunted Hurley and almost convinced him to kill himself (which also plays into the theory that MIB cannot directly kill candidates and is trying to influence their deaths).

As for other manifestations that have yet to be partially or fully explained (that I recall), are the horse witnessed by Kate and Sawyer; Ben’s mother seen by Ben; the little boy with the bloody hands witnessed by Flocke and Sawyer; Walt’s appearance to Locke; Walt’s appearance to Shannon at the beach; the whispers; Libby’s appearance to Michael (off island); Ana Lucia’s appearance to Hurley (off island); and Christian (as it appears that he may just be Christian, may be MIB, may be someone else, or some or all of those). It also is clear that these manifestations are only able to witnessed by some (e.g. the little boy was viewed by Flocke and Sawyer, but not Richard). These are also to be contrasted with the dreams the Claire, Locke and Eko had.

I think it is particularly important that Flocke AND Sawyer could see the little boy. I also think it is important that Kate AND Sawyer were able to see Kate’s horse, but I am not sure what to make of the fact that Sawyer can share in these viewings. It should be mentioned that Sayid also saw Walt just prior to Shannon being shot.

It seems clear to me then that there are at least two forces behind these manifestations, one being MIB and one being someone or something else, and possibly more. I say this because if MIB is directing some, but Flocke saw the little boy, then someone or something is subjecting him to the same thing.

Obviously, there is some relevance to these manifestations to those that see them (again, except, as we currently know, Sawyer) as they represent some turning point or parallel moment in life off the Island (so, perhaps are supposed to learn a lesson on the Island?) — perhaps Jacob, perhaps someone or something else, or are being used to manipulate the particular individual (Yemi for Eko, Alex for Ben, Christian for Jack and possibly Claire, Dave for Hurley, etc.) — certainly MIB. I think these manifestations (or whatever you want to call them) will make Hurley and perhaps Miles more important as the season and series wind down.

At first, I couldn’t imagine the other source being Jacob, as I would think MIB would be aware of that possibility and why would Jacob try to influence MIB in that manner, knowing that MIB would suspect it. However, I can’t think of another reason for it being anyone else, based on what we currently directly know (in other words, I am sure we can theorize how Frogurt may be behind it, probably due to some manipulation of the chemical properties in his frogurt, but we have not seen anything that supports that conjecture).

The only other theory I can think of points to it being tied in with the whispers, which have not even been partially explained yet (other than to run the other way when heard). Although, I do have a wide array of theories on the origin and purpose of the whispers, but that will be saved for another post.

Please let me know what you think, how these manifestations tie in overall and any other comments on anything above.

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Written 23rd March

Has anyone noticed a discrepancy between how the Black Rock reaches the island on AB Aeternum e on the first episode where Flock is introduced?

In todays episode (6×09) the Black Rock reaches the island on the middle of a huge storm while on the episode where Flocke is introduced the Black Rock reaches the island on calm sunny day where Jacob is waiting for them at the beach.

Have we been watching multiple timelines all along?

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The bottle-wine-cork metaphor was just one of the great parts of Ab Aeterno. I loved the scene of the bottle being smashed open, a loophole of sorts, to get the wine out.

If the cork is the island, the wine is “evil” and it is contained in the bottle so it doesn’t spread. If the island is the cork that keeps it from spreading, then what does the bottle represent?

In my previous post on Water/Ash=Life/Death, a few of us contemplated the purpose of the water encircling the island. I’m not suggesting that water is the bottle.

My thought is that people are the bottle, and more importantly, the people that have been brought to the island.

If what Flocke (and in the past, MIB/Smokey) has done up until this point is ultimately destroy/kill people, he is in a way, destroying the bottle. Especially on his quest for a loophole.

At this point with the candidates, it gets tricky because he can’t kill them…but he can “break” them. If you look at the way that he manipulates people, cutting right to their weaknesses, and then exploiting it/them to do what he wants, it is a way of ‘breaking’ their will. Sayid and Claire are not functioning on their own accord at this point, and it is obvious he is strategically maneuvering with all of his conversations with Kate, Sawyer, Ben… and we’ll probably see soon enough a second try with Richard.

Back to the bottle…if people (and especially candidates) are represented by the bottle, it fits with how Dogen explained that everyone has good and evil in them. Even the subjectivity of “what is good and evil?” (as played out perfectly in Richard’s backstory) fits with this, too. A bottle contains the contents but is not defined by or ‘at one with’ its contents. I also think it ties together people’s connection to the island, as the bottle and cork would not be complete without each other. A cork without a bottle is pretty useless, as is a bottle without a cork.

Anyway, I have yet to re-watch Ab Aeterno, and it really is most deserving of a second/third viewing before going much further on the implications of the other parts of Jacob/MIB/Richard conversations. This one just made sense the first time around.

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This is my big theory. It will contain everything I believe about LOST so far. Based on last night’s episode, I think this will be good.

Background Information
The Island – The Island itself is an amazing place. It holds down an immense store of evil, preventing it from unleasing Hell on earth and destroying the good in everyone. This evil is burried under the Island, and is held back by two massive stores of energy. The Island moves and hides to prevent anyone from unleashing the evil upon an unsuspecting world.
The Protector – The Protector of the Island has one job: make sure the evil stays on the Island. To do this, he has special powers, such as natural immortality (I use this term to distinguish it from absolute immortality. Natural immortality prevents a natural death, while absolute immortality prevents both natural and man-caused death), healing, the ability to influence people’s thoughts, and the Touch are all I’m sure of.
The Touch – What is the Touch? The Touch is the ability of the Protector to gift others to aid in protecting the Island. This gift can come in different forms, depending on the person it is given to and the person giving it.
The Story of Jacob and Flocke
Jacob is the son of a previous Protector, but not the oldest. His older brother, Flocke, was to become the next Protector. (Alt. version: Jacob is the Protector’s nephew, and Flocke is the Protector’s son) His mother, however, distrusted Flocke. She thought that he shouldn’t become the next Protector, and set out to give that title to Jacob (either her younger son or nephew). She tricked Jacob and Flocke into going to play down by the Frozen Donkey Wheel (it was made ages before as a “faucet” for one of the energy pockets). Not knowing that is was connected to one of the energy pockets trapping the evil, Flocke turned it. This let out an enormous amount of energy, giving the Island its special properties, but also letting out the evil from beneath the Island.
This evil came out in the form of black smoke, and killed Flocke. With Flocke dead, his mother quickly pushed for Jacob to become the next Protector. The title was granted, and Jacob inherited his powers. Unfortunately, they soon found that Flocke had returned. The evil had revived Flocke’s body and taken it. The new, evil Flocke awoke to find that his “crazy” mother had helped set up his brother/cousin as the new Protector. This made him furious. He turned into the Smoke Monster and killed everyone but Jacob. Because Jacob was the Protector, Flocke was not allowed to kill him. In Flocke’s eyes, Jacob had something to do with the scheme his mother has devised, and thus he felt betrayed. The evil in him gave him a more important resolve, though, and that was to escape the Island and corrupt the world.
Jacob quickly discovered what had happened, and decided to hold Flocke on the Island. When he realized the plot made by Flocke’s mother, he was appalled. Unfortunately, he couldn’t give the title back to Flocke, him being evil. From that point on, Jacob and Flocke were locked in a strong disagreement. Flocke, being evil itself, felt that all man was inherently evil and would ultimately live a life of sin. I want to clarify here that the belief isn’t evil, and doesn’t make one evil. However, it is like the liar’s suspicion. If one lies a lot, he distrusts everyone. In the same way, if one is evil, he feels that others are also evil. Jacob believed that, even though man did wrong, he was ultimately capable of rising above and being good. This caused Jacob to begin bringing men to the Island so as to prove man’s goodness, possibly holding Flocke back and decreasing his power. Finally, we reach the season five finale scene. The Black Rock lands, and Flocke’s escape plan begins.
The First Candidate
When Richard comes to the Island, Flocke believes he has found a loophole. He attempts to manipulate Richard into killing Jacob, which fails. At this point, Jacob realizes that he can’t stop Flocke forever. He decided he needs to be ready in case he dies. By offering Richard the job and by Touching (not just touching, such as the fight, but the Touch after Richard’s request) him, he nominated Richard as the first candidate to replace him.
Flocke’s Plan
Later, Flocke’s form became too old. Having died, it wasn’t exactly in shape to live forever. Thus, he decided to find a new form. Having gained his body-cloning powers by being the Smoke Monster, he looked for a new body. He tried many, such as some from the Black Rock and eventually DHARMA, he was not satisfied. He wanted one he knew he could use to make his loophole. Finally, he saw Locke. Locke had just flashed when Flocke saw him. He began following, and took the form of a dead Other to watch. Eventually, he ssaw Locke’s conversation with Richard, telling him to see him once he’s born. Flocke decided that Locke was his target. So he begins scheming. Jacob also saw Locke, but took little interest.
The Losties
In 1974, Jacob found the time-travelling Losties in DHARMA. He realized at that moment that something was going on. He knew that the FDW would be pushed one day, and that the only person who could be behind such a thing would be Flocke. Pushing the FDW again would allow Flocke to grow to full strength, dispel some of the Island’s ability to protect itself, and ultimately allow the death of Jacob. Jacob left the Island and began Touching people, based on their situation. In ’77, he Touched some more people.
Before I go to 2004, let me speak on DHARMA. They found the Island by accident in a sub in the 1950s, and quickly discovered its unique properties. The two pockets of energy intrigued them, and they built the Orchid and Swan to study them. Early on, they turned the FDW, and discovered the Island’s time-travelling abilities. Unfortunately, this awakened the at-this-time inactive Flocke, and thus they had to construct the sonic fence. After the Incident, the other energy pocket was unleashed, allowing Flocke free reign on the Island until the button was created. The blockage of energy with the button prevented Flocke from ever becoming too powerful at one time.
In 2004, Desmond failed to push the button. This signalled Flocke that it was time for him to manipulate. Jacob knew his time was short when Desmond first arrived (he realized that Desmond was already important because of his relationship with Charles Whidmore), and thus used him to bring Ocean 815. He quickly began working to narrow down his replacement. As Jacob worked, Flocke found Christian’s coffin. He destroyed Christian’s body and began using his form to manipulate the Losties. After Desmond turned the fail-safe key, all of the energy restricting Flocke dissipated. With no more restrictions on his power, the only thing getting in the way for him was the rule (this rule was established in the Island’s beginning): he couldn’t kill Jacob. Using his newfound power, he eventually made Ben and Locke turn the FDW, which eventually gave Flocke his new body as Locke.
So, now, Jacob works from beyond the grave to quickly get himself replaced and stop Flocke from leaving the Island. If Flocke does leave the Island, the Island itself will fall into destruction and essentially become Hell itself, while the rest of the world becomes infected by the evil from Flocke.
Answers to Important Questions
Wharfrat77 asked some good questions for this theory, and here are the answers:
“Who was in charge of the others during the Purge? MIB or Jacob” – In this theory, the Purge was the work of Flocke. He’d already seen Locke and was plotting his loophole, but realized that he couldn’t do everything with DHARMA and without Ben. To achieve this, he made sure Ben “wound up” inspecting the Tempest, where he would come begin plotting to kill DHARMA and join the others.
“if MIB, How did he trick the others to follow him? When did they start following him?” – All he needed was Ben. By tricking Ben, he got Ben to trick the Others.
“Where is Jacob at the time?” – Jacob was off-island Touching candidates.
“Did he bring DHARMA to the island?” – Jacob brought DHARMA to the Island in hopes of using them to permanently secure Flocke, but instead, Flocke tricked them into turning the FDW.

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I have a quick question, remember when Richard goes to see a very young Locke and Locke chooses the knife (I guess all his life he has desperately tried to be the Hunter), is that the same knife that MIB gives to Ben to stab Jacob? And did anyone notice that he picked up the knife, wiped off the blood on a piece of Jacob’s tapestry and put said piece of tapestry it in his pocket? What could that mean?
This is actually pulled from one of my theories, here’s the link

A Good Book for Illumination of Lost

if you would like to know the question in it’s full contexual meaning (but it really isnt that important, unless you are just bored/curious and wasting time until Lost comes on).

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I was reading about the Valenzetti Equation on Lostpedia and I came up with this about a minute ago (and it’s really late!), so bear with me if it’s garbled…lol.

Alright, so for those of us who don’t really read Lostpedia and refer ONLY to the show for information..when I am talking about the Valenzetti Equation, I am simply referring to the numbers Hurley thinks are evil (and won the lotto with). To name a few places we have seen these numbers: on the hatch door, Hurley’s lottery, the cave where UnLocke took Sawyer..etc. As far as I know, the numbers have never been referred to as the “Valenzetti Equation” on the show itself. Correct me if I am wrong (and cite evidence please)! I got the name from Lostpedia…continuing on.. the numbers apparently denote the number of years and days until the end of the world. The Dharma Initiative (DI) tried to manipulate the “core factors” of the equation to prevent doomsday but failed because they kept arriving at the same six numbers.

On Lostpedia, it says that the DI tried to manipulate the numbers by manipulating the environment. Now, I do not know if the environment means the world in general, or only the island. Whatever I summarized above was basically ALL I read and understood from the short article on the Valenzetti Equation.

The following is my theory based on the above.

I have two ideas about the environment. One is that the DI needed a safe space to manipulate the general world’s environments, but they had no space to do this that was safe for populations. For example, if I want to test a bomb, I don’t want to explode it near a city when I don’t know the radius of the explosion, right? Similarly, perhaps the DI traveled to an undiscovered island and conducted experiments to manipulate the environment. Perhaps these experiments are what gave the island its powers – time travel, moving around to different locations, healing, etc.

My OTHER idea is that the island already had its special properties – time travel, moving around, healing, etc. – and this is why the DI traveled there to conduct the experiments. Perhaps the DI thought that the island’s unique properties were conducive to changing the “core factors” of the Valenzetti Equation. (I put “core factors” in quotes because I have zero knowledge of what that phrase means…ha ha!)

Regardless of which of my two ideas may be correct, let’s see what we know about the DI stations. (I mix up all the names – forgive me..)

Remember the Orchid? Ben took Locke there in an elevator headed way down into the ground.. Then, Ben proceeded to show Locke a video made by the DI on time travel. (Yes, that video with the time traveling bunny!!) Now, why the heck would the DI, who are “conducting psychology experiments” (psh, yeah right) need a time machine? Well, if they were trying to change an equation to save the world and ran out of time, it makes sense to have a fall back. That fall back could be… going BACK in time to give themselves a second (or third or fourth) chance at it. For example, if you knew your spouse was going to die in three days but had a button to keep starting the three days over and over, wouldn’t you keep pushing it? Similarly, I think because the DI kept failing, they kept repeating a certain period of time over and over again (hence so many time loop theories on the internet) to buy themselves more time to successfully manipulate the Valenzetti Equation. This would also explain why Jacob and MiB had that weird conversation on the beach…MiB says “It always ends the same..” (with time having to be reset/replayed) and Jacob says something like “It only ends once, everything else is just progress..” Every time the time loop plays, the equation gets closer and closer to being changed but then they run out of time and the loop has to start over….

Let’s see..then we have a DI station built for polar bears (I forget the name of the station – Hydra?). Polar bears…on an island which has a tropical climate? Well, if the DI were trying to manipulate the environment, maybe they were trying to do something involving the climate. The only things related to “cold” on the island are the polar bears and the donkey wheel, which is located in a freezing underground tunnel-like place. Perhaps the DI were trying to see if the polar bears could adjust? Or perhaps they were trying to change the environment so that the polar bears wouldn’t have to adjust…

The brainwashing station: I don’t know the name for this, but it’s where the Losties rescued Carl from..he was buckled in a seat watching this insane video with loud noise.. Perhaps when the DI couldn’t control the climate, they tried to control people…by unethical methods such as brainwashing…similarly, why would the DI need a station for nerve/toxic gas (I am referring to the place Faraday and Charlotte went to deactivate the gas)? Hmm, not clear on this point.

If my theory were to be plausible, Jacob and MiB have to have a big role, because they are cognizant of the time loops. Here is my big picture…. What if MiB resets time? What if that is his job? What if MiB’s sole purpose is to sit on his ass all day, wait until DI/Losties/Others/people/etc. fail at changing the equation and saving the world and then RESET the time loop?

And what if all Jacob does all day is find people to come to the island and manipulate them into successfully changing the equation so that one day MiB doesn’t reset the time loop and the world survives peacefully? If you think about it..their conversation on the beach makes sense now. MiB said “Still trying to prove me wrong?” Perhaps he said this because MiB, after resetting the loop several times, believes that people will always fail and Jacob is always trying to prove him wrong by bringing different groups to the island.

What if keeping MiB ON the island keeps him DOING his job…if MiB leaves..who the hell is going to RESET time?!?! And if the Losties don’t change the equation successfully and MiB isn’t there to reset time, then guess what happens to the world? POOF!!! The world ends.

I suspect MiB is sick of being on the island and witnessing the same failures over and over and wants to get off the island. But if he does, the world will end for sure – UNLESS, the Losties can change the “core factors” of the Valenzetti Equation before the end of the time loop comes this time!!

Well, I was going to end it there but here’s a little more speculation.

We know that Ben knew about the donkey wheel…who else did? Did all the Others know? Did the DI know? Did the DI harness the power of the donkey wheel to run the time machine? Or did the DI create the donkey wheel to harness the natural power of the island? Was it coincidence the time traveling station (Orchid) was located closest to the donkey wheel? Let’s say both the DI and the Others knew about it. We saw what misuse of the donkey wheel can do – cause the island to erratically move in both time and space. If the island ever ended up in ancient Egyptian times like it did in the 70s, then that gave it plenty of time for Egyptians to wash up there and set up temples, the Tawaret statue, etc. Maybe it’s been inhabited many times over – even more than we think. We know about the Black Rock, Rousseau’s team, Eko’s brother’s plane, Desmond, the DI and the Losties and Others…perhaps many more groups have come and gone… But from one play of the time loop to the next, we know a few things stay constant. And that is Jacob, MiB, and Richard.

What if MiB was indeed a man, but when “assigned” his job of resetting time, received powers (i.e. smoke/transformation) that turned him into something timeless? What if Jacob chose Richard to exist throughout all the replays of time (to help the different groups), hence why Richard’s life span is so long? Perhaps touching people allows them to remain somewhat aware/affected of a previous time loop? All the Losties in the FSW would then still be interconnected despite the island sinking then. They would still be affected by Jacob’s touch despite having no memory of what the previous time loop held. Thus, we see Jack’s certain expressions in the FSW as if he thought the plane was supposed to crash before it lands safely at LAX.

Maybe the FSW is showing what happens if the Losties succeed in changing the Valenzetti equation. MiB and Jacob will no longer be needed, and either will the island. So, maybe, just maybe….that’s why it’s at the bottom of the ocean.. =)

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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Here is my first theory ever on this site so if there is something wrong feel free to be ruthless in the comments section. I haven’t seen this theory before on this site, if it is let me know and post a link in the comments.

The MIB wants Jacob dead. However, he must follow some rules. They are that only a candidate can kill Jacob and that if Jacob is killed, a remaining candidate will replace Jacob very quickly. As well, if all candidates die, Jacob can’t be killed. This was a problem fo MIB because he were to convince a candidate to kill Jacob, another candidate would become the new Jacob with a new 360 candidates. Thus this would create a never ending cycle in which MIB never gets rid of the ‘Jacob presence’ on the island.

MIB’s loophole was that he would wait until there was one candidate remaining and convince that candidate to kill Jacob. By killing jacob this person is no longer a candidate, so there is no one to replace Jacob, thus MIB finally removes the ‘Jacob presence’ from the island.

Ben was not the remaining candidate (we’ve seen linus as one of the 360 numbers, so I’m assuming its ben and not Roger) but MIB thought he was. We know there is 6 remaining candidates (Kate, Jack, Sawyer, Sayid, Hurley, Kwon) and all 6 of these were in the 70’s during the incident (Kwon= Jin) and afterwards there bodies would have disappeared. I think MIB believed they died during the bomb explosion. As well, Richard told Sun (with MIB listening close by) that Richard saw them all die, so MIB knows they haven’t been able to avoid both him (MIB) and Richard for 30 years, so they are dead. This leaves Ben as the last candidate.

When Jacob said they’re coming, he meant the 6 candidates, which explains why MIB was so freaked out by those words. He now realizes that someone can replace Jacob. He knows that he only has a small amount of time until one of them replaces him, which is why he is in such a hurry to get off the island. He only has a certain amount of time until a new Jacob stops him from leaving.

Thanks for listening, now feel free to prove me wrong.

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Written 17th March

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited about the next Richard-focused ep.

I don’t really care to know his origin so much as where he gets his guyliner. 🙂

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I’ve been hearing that the next episode is Richard based (i dont do any pre-episode research so i dont know) so if this is true then I’m hoping we learn more about The Black Rock and how it got into the ‘middle’ of the island.

So, incase we do learn it next week, i’m curious as to what all your thoughts and theories are about it? 🙂

And because there have been a lot of questions and theories posted since the season premier, i thought id add a bit of light hearted fun to this site 🙂

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Written 10th March

At the black rock:
To Richard:
“Have you been here before?”

“Yeah and in all the time I’ve spent on this island, today is the first day I’ve come back”

Or something along those lines. I’m pretty sure that plus his repeated statements of being there for a very very long time gives us the fact that he came here on that boat.


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John Locke has been built up as this super christ like figure, who was supposed to become the leader of the others (until MIB found his ‘loophole’) but some things just don’t add up. These are things i just pieced together, and i’d never really clicked with me until now.

A few of Lockes pivotal leadership moments, and tests he had to go through to prove his worth have actually proved the opposite, these are a few that come to mind, theres probably more that i’m forgetting, please refresh my memory.

One ‘test’ Locke had to pass to prove his potential to take the role as leader of the others was to kill his father who was brought to the island, as we all know, Sawyer was the one who killed him.

As Locke lay in a mass grave about to shoot his brains out, ‘ghost Walt’ told him he had work to do. He needed to stop his fellow 815ers from making contact with the freighter, as we remember he failed, and then wondered off into the jungle with his tail between his legs.

So, Locke was told he had to move the island, but he didn’t (not the first time anyway) Ben did.

Now Locke is told he has to move the island and get the Oceanic 6 to return, and to do so he has to die. We saw Locke visit everyone off island, as he tried to convince them to come back, yet again he failed to gain any following, and just as hes about to hang himself hes interrupted by who else but sneaky old Ben. It was Ben who killed Locke and managed to get everyone to come back.

We even saw Richard visit five year old Locke as a child in 1956, posing as a recruiter for a special school. Alpert tests John, he then leaves in a huff, and says Locke was not ready for his school. Once again, locke had failed another one of his trials. Note there as drawing by John of smokie.

Locke failed every test he’d gone through, but was somehow still seen by Richard and the Richardites as the chosen one.
So now it would seem the John Locke we know is dead. Could it be possible that John was never the right person for the job, whatever that may be? Could it be possible that one of the other people who arrived on Oceanic flight 815, is actually the ‘great one’ the others have been seeking? Or maybe everything the others stand for and believe in is a load of nonsense? Apart from Locke being able to walk again after the crash (which granted is amazing), what else made him so special? his connection with the island.

But his connection with the island really came to fruition when he first met ‘the monster’. Knowing what we now know about the monsters ‘character’, Could it be that ever since that moment, MIB knew Lockes miraculous healing would interest the others, so he inspired John to believe he was there for a reason, and guided John to appear to be the saviour the others had been looking for for a long time, to build him up until he gets the position, then have him die and assume his form. MIB knew he could use Locke to his advantage and did.

Okay so the stuff i’ve written about Smokies involvement i don’t necessarily believe, i’m just brainstorming. I found it interesting that when Locke was tested for this oh so great position, he fell at every hurdle, yet he still got the job. This leads me to believe the others have been fooled.

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I’m seriously looking forward to Richard’s episode. That one’s going to answer a LOT of questions. Richard being a “slave” makes no sense to me. Being a prisoner for mutiny or another crime, having been mutinied against, or perhaps taking part in a ruse all seem like far more viable scenarios- especially given the window of time in which we know the Black Rock sailed and was borne on the island. Given the “betting” nature of Jacob and MIB, my guess is that Richard wins a wager against one of them (or both) and claims immortality (or some form of it) as a result. I suppose we could also invert that; perhaps his seeming inability to age is some form of punishment. Either way, Richard is a glaring exception to every other character on the show, with the notable exception of our resident (demi?)gods. There must be a significant reason why we have never seen anything else like him.

As an addendum to this theory, ponder this: Could Richard’s long life have a connection to the obstetric curse of the island? What if his agelessness is a result of “stealing” life from preggos and their eggos, and would this be the case, could Claire and Sun have escaped this fate by avoiding gestation (ie. conception through projection) entirely on the island? I believe the Spring may play a part, but I won’t touch the idea beyond that.

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Did anyone see as Jack went into the light and towards and mirror image we saw a HUGE parting in his hair?? This could be relevant to the “borrowing” life from other timelines.

And I’d love to see a Richard flashback, in this I’d like to find out about his Jacob/Nemesis abilities. We see Island Richard take Dead Richard’s body ^^

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I just wanted to say my two ideas on Flocke’s comment to Richard. Flocke tells Richard “it’s nice to see you out of those chains.” This could be interpreted literally as to mean that Richard was physically chained up at one point, like as a slave on the Black Rock. However I think that would be too obvious of a reveal for this show. I think it should be looked at more metaphorically as what Jacob was to Richard. Maybe Richard was indebted to Jacob for something in the past (like not aging) and for this he had to serve as the mediator between him and the island’s leader. Now that Jacob is dead, these imaginary chains that had bound Richard to Jacob have been broken.

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Written 3rd February

I just wanted to post my two ideas on Flocke’s comment to Richard quickly. It could be that Richard was literally chained up the last time MIB/smokie saw him, like on the Black Rock. However I think that is too obvious of a reveal for this show. I think it was more of a metaphor for what Jacob was to Richard. Maybe Richard was indebted to Jacob for something (like not aging) and for this he has to serve Jacob as the mediator between him and the island’s leader. Now that Jacob is dead, these imaginary chains that held Richard are broken.

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After much waffling, research and debate, I have finally decided to stick my neck out and say, yes we are indeed dealing with an ALT.
Here are some more of my predictions:
I think we will be able to finally answer who/what the smoke monster is within the first three episodes (at least I hope so, I am so sick of that debate when it is so obvious that the smoke monster and MIB are one in the same (that is the one thing I have been sure of since his appearance (black smoke/black garb (sometimes the writers make so obvious that you just know it can’t be right)). The three biggest players in the first have of the season will be Locke, Hurley and Sawyer. The second half of the season will switch and we will see Jack evolve into a “real” hero of sorts. I think the second half of the season will also give us evrything we have been craving ( more Jacob, an island flashback, a Richard flashback, a few trival answers to unimportant mysteries).

My Richard prediction is this: I think he might have been a conquistor looking for the fountain of youth or something mythical to that effect and happened upon the island. His men were faced with a test to see if they were worthy of living on the island and exsisting in peace and failed. He was the only one that passed and Jacob gave him prolonged longevity and made him his top aide. That’s my guess ( I have studying the writers comments and trends of the show, a lot of things have come out of left field, so that is as left as it gets from the standard Richard theories).
I don’t think they will come right out and tell us “what” the island is other than that it is a place where miracle happen, where science and religion can co-exsist in peace, a dichotmy of paradise and purgatory depending on the person’s “soul”.
I think the real question that everyone forgets to ask is this, “What does it mean to be ‘lost'”?
Every single character was ‘lost’ in one way or another from the beginning, it’s pretty much that simple (or at least that’s way I see it). The modern day world is full of distractions and prevents a lot of people from truly living. I know I for one would just lose it if I couldn’t use my iPhone and mac notebook for more than the six hours (the number of hours I sleep). But once upon a time there were no cell phones, no internet, hell no radio, no tv. In simpler times,people were happy and formed longer and stronger bonds, accomplished more.

A quick aside (as usual): does/has anyone watched Caprica? I found it interesting that it is an advanced civilization, but they still believe in the greek gods and the minority believe in monotheisim (sp?) and the people who believe in just one god are the terrorists.

Just something to think about.

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