I haven’t posted here for a while, as sadly this season of Lost hasn’t inspired much thought for me.
i feel bad for saying this, as it goes against all the praise i’ve heaped upon the creators and cast of this show over the past few years, but this season (and to a lesser extent the last one) has been pretty mediocre television.

I’d like to think i’m not the only one, and hopefully this thread will be a place where anyone who does feel a little let down can express their opinion. I’ve always thought Lost was this brilliant show that had all these brilliant ingredients that made it so much better than anything else out there, but now when i watch it its actually pretty…well…dull.

The first say three seasons i’ve watched so many times, and every element of them was brilliant, the script, acting, music, little easter eggs here and there. I felt everytime i rewatched an episode, there was something i’d previously missed. This season and the last i haven’t even bothered watching repeats as its just not that involving anymore. Somethings missing.
Now, i’m not one of these people that just watches it to get answers (although its getting that way as there isn’t much else left), but the way they are going about answering the mysteries mostly through dialogue has seemed pretty lazy, alot of the time contrived and at worst laughable. ‘Oh yeah, by the way, the whispers are ghosts’ ‘Yeah Jack, i pretended to be your dead dad’. I loved all the characters, and the flashbacks were some of the fantastic elements of the show, getting to know all their back stories, i felt like i knew them all so well. This to me was one of the most important parts of the show, and the show was never the same once they ended. Now i don’t really get what their motivations are.

The emotion is missing, i remember watching past seasons, it never failed to strike up the feelings they were trying to get from the viewer, i’ll admit it, even shedding a tear now and then. Now whenever the sad violin music comes on and theres a little ’emotional’ scene, it just comes across as forced and cheesy. It often seems like the actors feel the same way, as they do their best to make some of the poorly written dialogue believable. I’ve waited for each episode this season with baited breath, expecting that lost magic to happen after the last ones shocking cliffhanger, only to sit through yet another uneventful hour until the last couple of minutes.

It feels to me that only true fans of Lost would watch this season, as i can’t see any reason why anyone else would. All the elements that previously made the show great, the characters, the drama, the mysteries, have been replaced by some pretty substandard television. I do feel that although some don’t like to admit it, alot of you feel the same. I am just hoping that this past three seasons of setup (since ‘the beginning of the end’) is leading up to the epic conclusion that the creators have made it out to be, but i will settle for a reasonably satisfying ending.

So, please share your thoughts, open up and share with the group. We’re listening.

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I think he’s going to try and leave without Kate. They’ll get a chance to leave, and somehow Kate will be incapacitated, leaving James to choose between going back for her and moving on. He’ll choose the latter and leave Kate behind. He’s already stated that he’s not on anyone’s team, so he’s going to be about himself.

Added bonus: I think the sub will get destroyed soon after that, being the ironic twist about his shadiness.



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Point a : Walt. Whats up with him, his story isnt finished, is it? He seemed to be fairly integral in the first few seasons now hes mia.

-Thoughts? / Theories

Point b : A quote  by sawyer that stood out in my mind. “God has nothing to do with it” – something the writers wanted to convey to the audience?  Or am i reading to much into it?

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First things first, which side is Saywer’s scale tipped to, good or evil? He seems mainly selfish, which generally leads to an evil scale. The alternate timeline didn’t seem to make it any clearer.
Also, it’s been bugging me that people keep saying Whidmore lied about the Freighter. He basically told Saywer that he didn’t know what he was talking about, which sounded to me like he meant that Sawyer didn’t know why the Freighter was sent, or the story behind it.
At first I thought Flocke was talking about Locke’s mom being crazy, with the whole “immaculate conception” thing, but then I remembered that Locke found out she wasn’t. Was he talking about his own, or was he lying? The whole Jacob/Esau idea makes me wonder if his mom was like Rebekah. In the Biblical story, Esau was the firstborn and deserved the birthright. However, his own mother, Rebekah, helped Jacob trick Isaac (their father) into giving it to him. So, did a similar event cause Flocke to think his own mother was crazy?
Finally, about the commercial for next week’s episode. After the recent spoiler fiasco, I’m going to play it safe.

So, we all heard Richard say “None of this is what you think” or something to that effect. Does anyone have an idea as to what that means?

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Did anyone notice that when Sawyer went to appologize to Charlotte in the Sideways time, he showed up with a single sunflower a la how he did for Juliet in ‘The Incident’ (you know the day before the 06 showed up (which was probably the day he was going to propose)) and a 6 pack?
Also he when he was watching that scence from Little House, Michael Landon was saying was almost like the writers talking directly to us the biewers about sitting back and enjoying the ride (or maybe that was just me but it also be a reference to when he was talking about how he watched the show as a little kid when he was sick.
Oh yeah, and all the books (with the glaring exclusion, Of Men and Mice) that have come to be synomous(sp?) with Sawyer are right there on his dresser (Watership Down, A Wrinkle in Time and Lancelot).

Also Miles had a cool line: Do you want to die alone?

A little side note: has anyone noticed that Miles Straume sounds a lot like maelstrom?
1. A violent or turbulent situation
2. A whirlpool of extraordinary size or violence.

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Hello, i was thinking, when julliet banged the bomb and blew up the island…(i’m guessing thats what created the alter, line). the plane made it back safely. Well… with Sayid killing the dude that shot alex in the head, does that mean alex is alive somewhere? And also can and will the two different realitys affect each other being 3 years apart?, jack and daivd, locke and peggy-in 2004. jack getting beat down by sawyer- 2007…..

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This past week alot of things in Losts story are becoming clearer to me and pieces of the puzzle are coming together. I could be wrong, but thats why they’re theories right?

Anyway, this stems from another theory of mine on the purpose of the flash sideways, anyone who wants to read that, go here…

The REAL purpose of the flash sideways.

To me its never made sense that what happened in the incident would cause the creation of an alternate timeline where the island had sunk, i think thats what the writers wanted us to think, and have been dropping misleading hints, but i wasn’t buying it. Then i realised, wouldn’t it make ALOT more sense that the OPPOSITE was true? Bare with me here…

Juliette detonating that bomb SAVED the island from sinking! the alternate timeline is a reality where the losties never came to the island, and in turn never went back to 1977, interrupted the drilling and let off Jughead, and THIS is why the island in that timeline is underwater. How would the island sink from the explosion, if in this alt scenario the losties have never been there to detonate it? That would be way to confusing to try and explain, and is a paradox.

I propose that in the ALT, Dharma proceeded to drill into the pocket of ‘energy’ without Jack and co’s interference, releasing some of the islands ‘magical magicness’ as i like to call it, and its this that caused the island to ‘sink’. In the timeline we’ve previously been seeing, the explosion of the bomb neutralized this energy, and prevented the island from sinking. With the powerful energy neutralized, Dharma built the hatch over it, and its use was to keep the energy at bay by pressing that button every 108 minutes, one day Desmond forgot to press the button and Oceanic 815 crashed etc etc. Whatever happened, happened right?

Think back to what happened in the incident, It was pretty clear that if Dharma had continued what they were doing that day, the outcome would’ve been terrible. Thankfully, the losties did the exact opposite of what they were trying to and saved the island, but instead of stopping the hatch being built, they helped make it possible.

I believe its likely that both timelines have always existed, OR more likely the alternate timeline we’re seeing now is actually the ORIGINAL timeline before the one we’ve been seeing seasons 1-5 and isn’t running alongside it. I remember the producers said in a podcast that they wouldn’t use the term ‘parallel’ timeline to describe it, but they freely use the term ‘alternate’ timeline, this to me seems like a little hint.

I think this all makes alot of sense, and clears up some of the stuff i had previously found a little confusing. Its also not to convoluted to understand, and you don’t need to bring up Quantum Physics to explain it. I don’t know if this has been discussed before, but for me it was a lightbulb over the head moment. The alt is a reality where all the potentially world saving actions the losties have taken never occured, so the apocalyptic event everyone is trying to prevent will happen there, and we will see it (Maybe its this ‘event’ that hurls the universe back in time again). Its gonna be HELLA COOL! Let me know your thoughts.

On another note, i think we’re going to find out that Dharma/Hanso have been behind this whole time and space changing experiment to save the world and possibly the universe, as i have done for a while, but thats for another theory as its just speculation.

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John Locke has been built up as this super christ like figure, who was supposed to become the leader of the others (until MIB found his ‘loophole’) but some things just don’t add up. These are things i just pieced together, and i’d never really clicked with me until now.

A few of Lockes pivotal leadership moments, and tests he had to go through to prove his worth have actually proved the opposite, these are a few that come to mind, theres probably more that i’m forgetting, please refresh my memory.

One ‘test’ Locke had to pass to prove his potential to take the role as leader of the others was to kill his father who was brought to the island, as we all know, Sawyer was the one who killed him.

As Locke lay in a mass grave about to shoot his brains out, ‘ghost Walt’ told him he had work to do. He needed to stop his fellow 815ers from making contact with the freighter, as we remember he failed, and then wondered off into the jungle with his tail between his legs.

So, Locke was told he had to move the island, but he didn’t (not the first time anyway) Ben did.

Now Locke is told he has to move the island and get the Oceanic 6 to return, and to do so he has to die. We saw Locke visit everyone off island, as he tried to convince them to come back, yet again he failed to gain any following, and just as hes about to hang himself hes interrupted by who else but sneaky old Ben. It was Ben who killed Locke and managed to get everyone to come back.

We even saw Richard visit five year old Locke as a child in 1956, posing as a recruiter for a special school. Alpert tests John, he then leaves in a huff, and says Locke was not ready for his school. Once again, locke had failed another one of his trials. Note there as drawing by John of smokie.

Locke failed every test he’d gone through, but was somehow still seen by Richard and the Richardites as the chosen one.
So now it would seem the John Locke we know is dead. Could it be possible that John was never the right person for the job, whatever that may be? Could it be possible that one of the other people who arrived on Oceanic flight 815, is actually the ‘great one’ the others have been seeking? Or maybe everything the others stand for and believe in is a load of nonsense? Apart from Locke being able to walk again after the crash (which granted is amazing), what else made him so special? his connection with the island.

But his connection with the island really came to fruition when he first met ‘the monster’. Knowing what we now know about the monsters ‘character’, Could it be that ever since that moment, MIB knew Lockes miraculous healing would interest the others, so he inspired John to believe he was there for a reason, and guided John to appear to be the saviour the others had been looking for for a long time, to build him up until he gets the position, then have him die and assume his form. MIB knew he could use Locke to his advantage and did.

Okay so the stuff i’ve written about Smokies involvement i don’t necessarily believe, i’m just brainstorming. I found it interesting that when Locke was tested for this oh so great position, he fell at every hurdle, yet he still got the job. This leads me to believe the others have been fooled.

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This is not a theory, just a thought i had today.

As we saw in the last episode, Flocke and Sawyer saw a strange blonde kid in the jungle and flocke seemed to be surprised that Sawyer could see him.

I remembered back in season 3, Locke was ‘tested’ for the position of leader of the others, and was told he had to kill his father who was brought to the island, but it was Sawyer who did the deed. I always thought there would be some consequences because of this, could this have something to do with it? Maybe Sawyer is more important to MIBs plans than MIB realizes.

Just an idea, for all we know next week we’ll see that all the losties have the ability to see ‘the blonde kid’. Anyway, what do you think?

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I’ve never researched something for this stinkin’ show as much as I did for this ridiculously long post. My sincere apologies on the length, but I just couldn’t cut out the transcripts.

In my opinion, Kate is one of the biggest remaining mysteries on the show. There HAS to be a connection between “What Kate Does” and why it preceded “The Substitute.” There is no way the writers would unintentionally order the episodes and clues within them, no matter what we viewers felt like after watching them. Kate’s name and number not appearing on the wall was an essential “missing” piece of “The Substitute” clues. A few logical options as to why:

1) Smocke/Nemesis didn’t show Sawyer as to manipulate Sawyer’s emotional response to the questions. Lets see… it would seem that “At some point in your life, James, probably when you were young and miserable and vulnerable. He came to you, he manipulated you, pulled your strings like you were a puppet. And as a result, choices you thought were made, were never really choices at all. He was pushing you, James. Pushing you…” So, perhaps “he” (Nemesis) simply thought he could keep Sawyer from thinking about Kate at that point and get Sawyer to follow him.

2) Kate’s never been a candidate despite the fact that we saw an interaction with her and Jacob when she was going to steal the lunch box that would eventually become her time capsule.

3) Kate has a different role in the sides and therefore is factored into a different part of Jacob’s equation. Kate is a variable in a totally new and significant way.

I’m going with option #3. (The manipulation by Smocke in #1 is evident no matter what.)

So the quick answer is that Kate is the variable and she will have some ultimate power to lead and nurture the actions of the remaining Losties (or “Candidates” now) and prove to be a reconciling force between the sides that are shaping up. Sawyer vs. Jack and possibly Jin vs. Sun at the very least. (After all, Claire is now the last one we see with Jin and she is ‘claimed’ for the other side, according to Dogen.) So if you want to be done reading now, go ahead and move on.

However, to me this quick answer doesn’t do justice to the mystery that she has been for five seasons. I went to the transcripts of all the Kate-centric shows for refreshers, and pulled a few scenes out that really struck me as important.

(From “What Kate Did”)

In the backseat of the cop car Mars says,
MARSHAL: It’s a long drive back to the arraignment, you comfy? [He laughs.] Why now?

KATE: What?

MARSHAL: Nice, corn fed farm girl like yourself — no history of violence, straight A’s, no record, couple of speeding tickets… I just got to wonder, why’d you kill him now? [Kate doesn’t respond.] Oh, right, yeah, don’t tell me. You wouldn’t want to incriminate yourself, not after you were so smart planning it. That jury back in Iowa sure ain’t going to get hung up on pre-meditation. And a gas leak, come on, it’s — it’s amateur hour from top to bottom.

KATE: Sounds like you’ve got it all figured out.

MARSHAL: I do have you all figured out.

KATE: You don’t know anything about me.

MARSHAL: White trash mom divorces dad, starts up with some guy who’s a drinker. Then he knocks her around a little bit, she marries him, because, you know, that’s what happens. And then this drunk, this Wayne, he moves into your house, and you get to lay there every night and listen to him doing your mom right there in your daddy’s old bedroom. And even that wouldn’t be so bad if he didn’t beat her up all the time. But she loves him. She defends him. If that don’t make a person want to kill somebody I don’t know what does. But the question is now, why now? Why after all these years did you just decide to blow poor Wayne up? He come knocking on your door late at night?

KATE: He never touched me.

[Suddenly there’s a black horse in the road and the car crashes into a pole. The Marshal is knocked out and Kate grabs the keys to the cuffs. He tries to stop her but she kicks him out of the car and starts driving off. She sees the horse standing there looking at her, and then drives off.]

She says, You don’t know a thing about me.

[So true.]

Which reminded me that she has a back-story that we haven’t seen yet. (Which also reminded me of Richard. Hmmm.)

Kate said that her dead love, Tom Brennan knows why she runs and we never really saw it.

YOUNG TOM BRENNAN: You always want to run away, Katie.
YOUNG KATE: Yeah, and you know why.

So apparently Kate had no criminal history prior to blowing up Wayne’s house and at a young age she already had an inclination to run away.

Which made me consider what would make a young child want to run?

Hold that thought while I explain where I come from next. On my last post about what we learned from What Kate Does, I made mention of some soul-type connection between the Sideways timeline characters. Which reminded me of the “Reincarnation” anagram that we saw last season on Ben’s “Canton-Rainier” van. I’m not familiar with how it works, beliefs, the history and therefore implicit clues that could be in this anagram, but I know that “Flash Forwards/aka Hoffs Drawler” was somewhat helpful in our understanding of storytelling devices of seasons past. My point: perhaps I should consider that reincarnation could have a little value to some overall understanding of what is going on.

So I did some limited reading (more like skimming) about reincarnation on good old Wikipedia (as I said, I know very little) and something caught my attention.

Apparently studies have been done on children who had claimed that they had memories of people who were dead as proof that these children were reincarnations of someone else. (Children have been just a bit important on this show…no?)

Which then made me think that perhaps Kate, as a child, had a vision of someone she once was, in another life. And as a kid, that would spook you and perhaps be the very thing that you share with your childhood best friend-turned-sweetheart. Perhaps it was a vision of her as a criminal or someone who had done something awful or was in an awful situation. Would that vision be enough to create this fear and innate need to run that would shape her life?

It has been evident that she is always running away from something, from being caught, and this has been a huge arc to her storyline. It has seemed like she is running away from herself, and maybe that’s exactly what we have seen and will see play out in more ways than one. She has been afraid of who she will become, or to put it another way, she has been afraid of a different version of herself. The poetic part of this season is that we are seeing “a different version of herself” in the non-crash Sideways timeline, but she still has evidence of being a “runner” in that timeline. So we are still missing a crucial part of the story, but maybe some of this explains why she is such a critical variable to Jacob’s equation.

Now take note of this interaction with Sawyer from “What Kate Did”:

KATE: (To Sawyer, who has started channeling the ghost of dead Wayne) “You asked me why I — why I did it. It wasn’t because you drove my father away, or the way you looked at me, or because you beat her. It’s because I hated that you were a part of me — that I would never be good. That I would never have anything good. And every time that I look at Sawyer — every time I feel something for him — I see you, Wayne. It makes me sick.”

(Does this not sound eerily familiar to Dogen’s explanation about Sayid’s infection, and how there is a darkness growing in him…?)

Is it possible that when she confesses to Sawyer that she did it because she didn’t want his (Wayne’s) darkness in her and she would never be good, it’s because a part of her has always been running from who she saw herself to be in a past life? So killing Wayne was a way of making that darkness happen (self-fulfilling prophecy) and it also was a way of her trying to distance herself from what she was afraid she would become. And even more, it is the essence of the “free-will co-existing with destiny tension” theme. She finally does something that actually forces her to run rather than accept what she had become. In one timeline (815 crashes) when she is caught, the black horse appears on the road causing the accident with Mars, which makes it possible for her to escape again. Then she ends up on the island, where she is given ‘tabula rasa’ and confesses why she killed Wayne and she encounters the black horse again. Yet she continues to run. So either she really is “born to run” or we’re missing something. Yet no matter what…we are seeing that Destiny course corrects.

Which brings me to another thought that I can’t shake about Kate and “Destiny”.

We have been giving two memorable lines about Destiny in past seasons.

(From “The Variable”)

ELOISE: Daniel… do you know what destiny means?
ELOISE: Destiny means that, if one has a special gift, then it must be nurtured.
ELOISE: Your gift, Daniel, is your mind–a mind that is meant for science, mathematics. And it’s my… job to keep you on your path.

BEN (from “Cabin Fever”)

BEN: Those things had to happen to me. That was my destiny. But you’ll understand soon enough that there are consequences to being chosen… because, destiny, John, is a fickle bitch.

Which brings us back to Kate. She’s been a bit fickle, no?

Destiny, The Fickle Bitch = Kate

We have seen the back and forth of Kate before. Kate chooses the beach over the caves with Jack. Kate left Jack once while Jack sacrificed himself and stayed with the Others. (“I Do”) Kate stays with Sawyer at “New Otherton” nearly making babies. (“Eggtown”) Then, she went with Jack to leave the island, while Sawyer sacrificed himself to get her off the island by jumping out of the helicopter. Then of course, Kate and Jack post-island didn’t work out because of Jack’s jealousy issues tied back to Kate’s relationship with Sawyer.

A subtly recurring theme that exists within their triangle has to do with sacrifice. We have seen Jack and Sawyer seemingly sacrifice themselves for Kate to survive. By the looks of their relationships currently, the ‘love triangle’ is dissolved. At this point, Kate is free in a certain sense, and it would appear based on her behavior/conversations in “What Kate Does” that she knows that she is free from either of them. Free in one way, yet still indebted to them.

Both men have sacrificed to save her. Both men are now primed to follow opposing sides. Now she is the ultimate variable. She believed her purpose for returning to the island is to find Claire and ensure that Claire raises Aaron, something that we can say has happened as portrayed in the Sideways timeline. After all of this, I don’t think she is ‘resolved’ yet.

I wouldn’t be surprised that instead of Kate CHOOSING Jack or Sawyer, she in fact will have to sacrifice herself for one of them. Beyond Jack and Sawyer, and looking at the remaining Losties on the list, Kate has influence (therefore power) over all of them. She is probably the most trusted non-leader Leader among Sayid, Hurley, and Sun & Jin, which gives her the unique role and ‘special gift’ of being able to nurture them along their paths, similar to how Eloise saw herself.

It will ultimately depend on who she believes and trusts the most, which includes herself (and at risk of sounding simple and/or dramatic) and any version of herself she takes into account. It will truly come down to her choice as the variable, and it will be her ultimate, destined act of redemption.

(From “The Variable”)

DANIEL: I had been spending so much time focused on the constants, I forgot about the variables. Do you know what the variables in these equations are, Jack? Us. We’re the variables. People. We think. We reason. We make choices. We have free will. We can change our destiny.”

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Hi there. Since the beginning of this last season of LOST I have, like many others I think, been wondering how the last few minutes of our favorite show will end. Just like the closing scene of each season we’ve seen before, I think the last scene of LOST will be memorable, like Jack and Locke staring down the hatch, or Jack yelling after Kate that they have to go back to the island. The last scene will most likely leave us with our mouths open from surprise and a knot in our stomach knowing that we will never sit down to watch a new episode of LOST again. So in anticipation of the last scene of LOST, I thought it would be fun to post my prediction of the final scene and I hope you too will leave your predictions in the comments.

Based on last nights episode “The Substitute,” my prediction for the final scene of LOST is that the candidate who finally becomes the new Jacob (probably Jack) will be standing in Jacob’s cave writing a whole new group of names on the ceiling to bring a new group to the island. This would leave the viewers mystified, and yet satisfied knowing that the story of the island will continue on even if we never get to see it.

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I know plenty of people hated last week’s episode. I’m okay being in the minority (which is why I post this in the debate section) but I think that there were at least a few things learned from “What Kate Does” that are worth noting.

The more I think about this episode the more I like it.

1. ASH — SMOKE(Y) — FIRE — Part of the test we saw performed on Sayid involved blowing ash over him. Ash is once again seen as significant as it relates to Smokey. The irony and hopefully staring-us-in-the-face clue is that ash and smoke (the visible form of “the Monster”) are both correlated to fire. Fire is the very place that Jacob ultimately died, beneath the Greek symbols for “The fire pit burns brightly to ash.” Bram carried ash with him and instantly knew to use it as protection when facing Smokey. The Others got out their stash of ash to use as protection against “him” coming. Fire, ash and Smokey = all related, all worth paying attention to. They could have used plenty of other symbols or items that would ward off a Smoke Monster, like water (oh hey dirty fountain water) or trees (which seems to have been important in the past) but we keep seeing the use of ash.

2. HOW IS SAYID HEALED: MIB? JACOB? JACK? — It’s not yet possible to identify exactly how Sayid came back to life, even if he is considered alive-but-infected. On Chief’s post, I threw into the mix the possibility that Jack healed him. Jack is now actually being the most honest and humbled he has been in awhile, if not his entire life. It would be fitting that Doc the healer for the past 5 seasons is finally owning his limitations and inability to control things at the very time that he now can actually heal as he has been destined to heal and lead. (I throw “lead” in there because that little sit-down with Dogen and the talk on leadership was not ‘filler.’) This possibility also fits with the past seasons leading us to believe that Jack is special and his role as leader/healer and “Shepard” bloodline is significant.

3. CLAIRE — Claire is infected and Danielle-esque. There is plenty of conversation on this elsewhere on the site, but it still counts as something we learned.

4. “THE DARKNESS IN HIM” — This isn’t just about Sayid. Sawyer is headed down a dark path of isolation and hopelessness. This is one more significant addition to the storyline of “sides” and whose side he will end up on, as well as the overarching trust issues that we are finally getting to. The Losties divided has never worked out well, and at some point he will have to make series (and character) resolving decisions based on who he trusts and what he does because of it.

5. MORE SYMBOLISM — Obvious use of images (and one previous episode’s statement) that symbolizes being bound to each other: an engagement ring, handcuffs, and from LA X, the line “nice to see you out of those chains.” In Kate removing her handcuffs, is she finally free? (See #6 below.) If anything, to me these were symbols to pay attention to as the theme of trust and sides in point #4. Should we count on Sun & Jin’s wedding ring making an on-screen appearance soon to remind us of these ties and eventual divisions between the Losties? Most likely. And thinking more on that…the fact that Jacob appeared to Sun & Jin at their wedding, where they gave each other their rings and his blessing to them was about their love (unity), it’s quite fitting that Crazy Claire finds Jin of all people. But hey, maybe that was just filler. Just kidding.

6. WHAT KATE DOES — Finally, to Kate and what she DOES. The episode is called what Kate DOES, present tense. She did in one timeline what she is trying to do in the other. (Seems pretty significant to me.) In Sideways timeline (no 815-crash) she accomplishes the very goal that motivated her to go back to the island in the 815-crashes timeline: find Claire in order to reunite Claire with Aaron, as Kate believes that Claire should be raising her son. In the no-crash timeline, she finds Claire (on the street) and in the hospital she offers Claire the advice, “You should keep him.” Which is like another way of saying, “you and your son belong together.” (She could have added, “TRUST ME, I KNOW” if we are to think that the characters have some soul-type connection to their “other” timeline self.) The belonging together type of statement sounds a lot like Kate believes a bit in destiny.

The fact that Kate DID what she is trying to do elsewhere is so critical to our understanding of how the writers are leading us through these two timelines. If we miss these types of overlaps, I tend to think we are missing the bigger picture. All of the past seasons use of Flashbacks and Flashforwards were vital components of how we understood what was happening with the characters, why they were making the choices they were, and they also provided major clues to some of the very things us viewers have been debating and trying to figure out. Whether it is about changing the past, destiny, course correction, or resolving who represents “good” based on the choices that they make — this “new” timeline has to be paid attention to for how these major themes get resolved.

Obviously, everyone who hated this episode can hate it. To me there was plenty to chew on, and ultimately I believe character-centered answers are going to trump obvious ‘island-mystery’ answers whether us viewers like it or not. I think plenty about the island will be answered soon enough, but not at the expense of showing us how significant certain tensions, divisions and resolutions are for the main characters first.

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I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but no one has really talked about Sawyer in the alternate timeline. His whole point was to go down to Australia to kill the original Sawyer, which turned out not to be. Thus, he was pretty miserable on the original flight. In the ALT, he seems to be rather pleased with himself. Did he actually do the killing? Was he there for other issues? Did his parents’ murder-suicide even happen?


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Written on 16th May 2009

Okay here is my little theory…

Ben summoned TMFT (The Man from Tallahassee)

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If you look in this screencap, you can see a blonde man and a woman that looks like KAte outside of the school building.

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Yes, I am playing on words with this title.

I don’t think that the scene with the Island-losties out on the outriggers in the middle of the night shooting at another group of unknown people behind them is a throwaway or filler scene. Sure, it is where Sawyer tells Juliet (after specifically not

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Definition of a time loop:
A time loop or temporal loop is a common plot device in science fiction (especially in universes where time travel is commonplace) in which time runs normally for a set period (usually a day or a few hours) but then skips back like a broken record. When the time loop “resets”, the memories of most characters are reset.

So, in the plot given to us so far this year in Season 5 we have been given both the explanation from Faraday and the visual FLASHES of what is seemingly a time loop.

However, one of the primary concepts in a temporal loop plot device is that you SKIP BACK in existence and the memories are RESET. A certain OVERLAP existed last night which should help us dissolve the Time Loop as presented on the site so far.

Here is what I mean:

Remember, only Juliet, Faraday, Sawyer, Locke, Charlotte, Miles, Rose, Bernard and a couple faceless others are involved in the RECORD ISLAND SPINNING SCENARIO we are dealing with now.

This then would mean any weird events from any OTHER character (including Charlie, Kate and Jack) would not be affected. Since the island is not moving at the time rate and speed of the group flashing around, this can only TRULY effect the characters of the group we are following.

Last night, when Locke saw the LIGHT BEAM UP TO THE SKY and saw Sawyer watch Kate and Claire at that point we should be convinced that we are not dealing with a completely TRUE TO FASHION TIME LOOP. WHY? Because sawyer is existing on the island somewhere while that is happening and we know JOHN LOCKE IS POUNDING ON THE HATCH when the LIGHT FLASHES UP. This means, Locke hasn’t jumped into HIS BODY at the time they flashed too. Instead, this group is existing in a continued ABSOLUTE TIME FRAME that happens to include them existing in TWO PLACES at ONE TIME. (Remember the TWO BUNNIES in the ORCHID VIDEO OUT TAKES)

The island, protecting itself from certain ‘paradoxes’ or interferences has kept the RECORD spinning so to speak.

So, in my quest to continue on arguing AGAINST THE TIME LOOP, I will finish with this.

There is an ABSOLUTE TIME LINE as it relates to a CHARACTERS life. It does not necessarily have to work in the same way we walk through our lives today.

Sawyer crashed on 815 ==> participated in on island ACTIVITY before the Frozen Donkey wheel was turned ==> Was in the islands radius during the FDW turning ==> existed at flashpoint A ==> existed at flashpoint B ==>existed at flashpoint C ==> etc.. etc..

He has not looped back to participating in on island ACTIVITY before the FDW was turned. Therefore is not LOOPING. If he (and the others) are not looping, then there is no time loop. Because the island is not LOOPING, only the characters effected by the FDW turn.

What is interesting, is why didn’t Alperts group and the OTHERS not LOOP with the survivors and characters that did? This has to message sent and created by the ISLAND.

This to me is COURSE CORRECTING’not TIME LOOPING. If Sawyer (or Locke) were to have flashed, and found themselves at a point in there existence before, then I would buy into the LOOPING theory, however, this is not what we are dealing with here. They are existing on TOP of time that has already exist through the linear timeline within there own life.

Furthermore, if Charlie was born at time A and died at time Z…his time Z could equate to Sawyer’s Time S. ANything sawyer does past TIME S cannot effect Charlie in any such way…I think this is an important rule for the show to follow.

OK TIME LOOP FANS, let me hear where my logic is wrong 🙂

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Anyone want to take a shot at some theories about where some missing people are?

I’m curious about Rose and Bernard.

Okay, and here’s one more question to ponder about some people who might be missing…

Remember good old Nikki and Paulo who weren’t dead when they were buried?

Are they going to turn up in the midst of all this looping/skipping? Oh and how? Dead? Alive? Or will someone like Sawyer get a look at what they were up to and realize what happened?

Anyway, just some questions nagging at me.

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