I’ve been talking about this in some of my comments but I thought it would make a good theory. I believe that the Alt we are seeing is the Real World. Smokie is trying to the leave The Island to reenter the Real World which will lead to the destruction of everything we know and love. The Island is the cork protecting the Real World from this evil being. This is why Widmore says “I didn’t murder them” when Sawyer asks why he killed the Ajira passengers. Widmore knows they exist in the Real World and on the Island they are not in their “real” existences. This is how people can do seemingly evil things on the Island but not be marked as tipping towards the dark side (Ben for example). Some people’s consciousnesses can flow between both like Desmond (Hawking’s, Widmore, etc) and can understand the whole picture.

This is why Smokie knew some of them survived because he was still on the Island and not in the Alt aka the Real World.

what do you guys think?

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The Island itself is a referee. It is sentient in some way, and playing out a game.

It could also be possible it is a machine carrying out it’s programming, or a consciousness sealed inside the exotic material. It’s really too early to tell. The point I am making here is that the island is actually in control of everything. Jacob and MIB are cogs in the wheel. Not the real powers at all. I think it’s very likely that the island exists in superposition. It is a nexus for all realities. From the island one can see all potentials. This thought was solidified for me when we saw the lighthouse. Perhaps the lighthouse was looking at many realities? Not just one?

The Island has these “special” properties which have been referred to as “exotic material”, and “electromagnetic pockets of energy”. This energy/material could be many things. I’ve always thought it was from a meteor that crahes/crashed on the island then was found by man and manipulated. It could also be the island is from the future where technology has advanced far enough that even we the viewers perceive it as godly and supernatural. Then the island goes back in time and encounters several time periods. All the while collecting the many ruins/artifacts in praise as some god or heaven/hell. Who knows.

Regardless, somehow these properties are being manipulated by someone to try and avoid a cataclysmic event that has yet to happen in the show. Proof of this I believe is in Jacob’s line:

“It only ends once, everything leading up to that is just progress”

He obviously knows something is going to happen, and is working towards fixing it. Somehow fixing it involves proving to MIB that humans are worthy. This brings me to Jacob/MIB and their realtionship.

I do not think either is good or evil. I believe they are of opposing perspectives. Jacob has hope and faith. MIB is hopeless and faithless. The one key thing that people seem to have forgotten about MIB is that he has pretty clearly been shown as a judge/jury/executioner. I do not believe that everything MIB has done on the show is evil. If he is just evil incarnate why would be scanning peoples memories?

My guess is that he is just as important as Jacob on the Island. Jacobs role is to bring people to the island and show the judge that they are worth saving. MIB’s job is to judge and execute those that aren’t worthy. If however, MIB is fed up and no longer believes it is possible to save humanity. His leaving the island could mean he judges everyone at that instant, and executes them all.

Could this be the cataclysm Jacob is trying to prevent? It seems more and more likely to me.

Now, how would MIB destroy everyone? How was he once a man, yet now smoke and without a body? I don’t buy into this show being about gods or deities at all. If MIB came in contact with the island as man and we have no idea what the island is. Is it not possible that the island made him what he now is? Exotic material can probably do exotic things to a man!

It seems to me that MIB is linked to the energies under the island. He also travels under the island, rips trees down, and makes machine sounds. So could it not be that MIB was made into this form by the islands intelligence. To serve it as judge? Just as it makes Jacob serve it? I am thinking that MIB might create a paradox if he leaves. He is not actually going to fly around the world and destroy everything. He is literally not able to leave the island without destroying everything. I think when Whitmore says to Jin “Everyone will cease to exist” it kind of reveals this. He will cause the undoing of reality should he leave the island.

Perhaps being made the judge dislodges you from all realities and you exist in superposition like the island? So returning to a normal reality would rip everything apart. MIB doesn’t belong anywhere, but on the island.

One final thought I have to wedge in here is about what Eloise said to Desmond. She tells him that what he is doing is a “violation” in the LAX world. That sounds like she is talking about some unknown rules. We have heard of these rules time and time again. Where do they come from? Jacob must abide by them, as must MIB. So what does that leave? The Island!!!

I can’t shake this feeling that The Island is in control of everything. Almost like The Island is running a program to stop things from ending.

It’s freaking alive or something!

My buddy calls it the Ref. I like that name for now.

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I’ve seen a lot of people doubting the elements of the show that at least are supposed to appear “obvious” lately. Well, I believe that the writers are done messing with our heads. I think that, in season six, everything is what is appears. Jacob is good, MIB is evil, the Island is the cork, the alt. timeline is just an alt. timeline (I’m less sure on that, though), MIB is the Smoke Monster, and Charles Widmore is against MIB. Isn’t it possible that they’re done confusing us?

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There’s been a lot of talk lately about a “Jacob and Esau” relationship between Jacob and Flocke. Since many of these cite extra-Biblical sources, I decided to look at a strictly Biblical view of Jacob and Esau, and how they relate to LOST.
The first thing to notice about Jacob and Esau is who their father was. Their father was Isaac, the son of Abraham, who was the father of the Israelites. Also notable is who Jacob was. Jacob, later named Israel, was a key character in Jewish history. He was Israel, and he wrestled with God. One of his dreams contained a stairway to Heaven. Jacob fathered the twelve tribes of Israel, as well. Jacob’s name meant “deciever” and “heel-grabber.” However, the Bible later points out that Jacob was a righteous man, such as with the statement “Jacob I loved and Esau I hated.”
Esau was very different from Jacob. He was the firstborn, but was generally less intelligent and good-natured. After all, he sold his birthright for a pot of stew. Later, after Jacob got the blessing of the firstborn, he wanted to kill him (sound familiar?). Jacob escaped, and Esau continued on his life. Later, he met Jacob again and accepted him, although his heart is unknown, considering the intelligent Jacob snuck away. He eventually became the father of the Edomites, who were rejected.
So, what may be of significance from this? Well, this all fuels my elaborate theory. It begins in the distant past, millenia ago. The Island starts out as the Garden of Eden. After the Fall of Man, it is cut off from people. Later, during the Flood, it detaches from the mainland and becomes the Island. Since it was no longer accessible, it no longer needed to be guarded by an angel, so the Island is left on its own. Much later, seemingly by chance, early seafaring men find the Island. Once there, they plunder its food and destroy the Tree of Life (the roots of which release their moisture into the healing spring). This upsets the perfection of the Garden of Eden, causing the evil side of the scale to come into existence. However, as the men continue to corrupt the Island, it needs protection. To save the scale, an angel of death is sent as a pillar of black smoke. It kills the men, but also decided that the Island needs new measures of protection. In suplication of this need, a man and women, endowed with supernatural traits, are created, and the Island gains its ability to move. This man is Christian (currently named Isaac), and the women, well, her name is irrevelant, but we’ll call her Rebekah.
Isaac and Rebekah live on the Island for a very long time, protecting it with Isaac’s powers. Specifically, he can heal and prod conscience (to increase good) and become the Smoke Monster or take a dead form (to decrease evil). Over time, he decides that all natural man is evil and corrupts. Finally, his extremely long life-span begins to approach its end. At this time he has two sons, Jacob and Flocke (Esau for these purposes).
Jacob and Esau are to be Isaac’s successors. Esau was born first, and was entitled to the powers of his choosing, as well as the title of protector of the Island. Jacob would live as his assistant, and together they would use their powers to protect the Island. However, this balance was upset. Jacob and his mother (Rebekah) eventually realized that the balance was split by the birth of twins, making Jacob good and Esau evil (although they were both somewhat manipulative).
In order to protect the Island, they plotted to make Jacob the protector. To start, Jacob manipulated Esau into trading his birthright (the first choice of powers) for a bowl of stew. This was something, but they ultimately needed to prevent Esau from being in charge. To do this, Rebekah disguised Jacob as Esau and sent him to get the blessing of the firstborn (the title as protector of the Island). This works, and Jacob picks the powers of healing and righteous thought, and becomes the main protector.
(Bear in mind, as in the Bible, that Jacob was Rebekah’s favorite, and Esau was Isaac’s.) So, after Jacob tricks his father, Esau and Isaac become furious. Because they exist to protect the Island, neither can kill Jacob. Esau begs for some blessing, and Isaac promises to help him overthrow Jacob. The only powers left are transformation to the Smoke Monster and form-taking, which are both given to Esau. Soon afterwards, Isaac dies of old age. Esau, fearing the promise is impossible, tries to kill himself, but finds it impossible. His new goal: kill Jacob and leave the Island behind him.
By this time, we have reached the era of the Black Rock. Having heard their father’s stories and seen some incidents of his own, Esau believes that all men corrupt. Jacob, somewhat influenced by his softer mother, has hope for a good humanity. Thus Jacob decides to bring the Black Rock to the Island using his thought powers. This leads to the beach scene we saw. After the arrival of the Black Rock, Esau is injured. His body is broken, causing him to require other forms for existance. Using his powers, he takes the form of one of the sailors. Eventually, this form dies, and he continues as Smokie.
Fast-forward to Christian. Isaac has possessed Christian’s father, and reincarnated himself as Christian. From there, he made sure to die in Sydney, so that he would be taken back on Oceanic 815. On crashing, he began his plan. He quickly met with Esau, and began manipulating, eventually allowing Locke to be taken over by Esau. With this, he began working to kill Jacob. He helped Esau manipulate Ben, and eventually Jacob is killed. Unbeknownst to either of them, Jacob’s had a protection plan in place for a long time, all since Isaac’s death. Upon finding the Oceanic survivors in 1977, he realized it was time. In 2007, his ghost begins working to keep someone on the Island to protect it and stop Esau from, well, being evil. Since Jack is Christian’s son, he is in the line of the protectors, and stands to take Jacob’s place.
So, what will happen next? No clue. But I figure this is an awesome enough theory to consider.

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This is not a theory just an observation that i picked up on when i was watching the last episode.
When kate jumps over and into the pit in the temple where clair is being held and hangs on to the rope ladder to get out of the way of smokie, take a look right at the end of the smoke trail as it passes above.
There is a person in the smoke!! I have watched it back on super slow motion and its not something that looks like a person its a definate solid form of a human.
Its something we havent seen before with smokie and im wondering if this could be important to what the entity actually is.
It seems to have been put in purposely because it is so obvious when you play it back.

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Written 9th February

About the ash keeping Smokie in: I just finished watching the newest episode and they had little subtitle notes on the bottom. At first it was a bit annoying but they actually gave some information there. They said that the ash was put around the cabin to keep the smoke monster OUT. So I’m thinking that it was originally Jacob’s cabin, which is why Ben always went there, but Smokie got in when ever the line of ash was broken. As to when this happened, I haven’t the slightest clue.
I remember reading a post (can’t remember who’s, sorry) that said the piece of tapestry was left by Jacob as a kind of note telling Iliana where he went. I think this makes sense. The only thing I’m confused on is how Richard knew to go to the statue instead of the cabin.

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Did anyone see as Jack went into the light and towards and mirror image we saw a HUGE parting in his hair?? This could be relevant to the “borrowing” life from other timelines.

And I’d love to see a Richard flashback, in this I’d like to find out about his Jacob/Nemesis abilities. We see Island Richard take Dead Richard’s body ^^

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I’ve been reading quite a few posts about what smokie is and what he does/can do. From where I stand it seems that he is able to replicate other peoples bodies and that they possibly must be dead for him to do this. Or there is the possibility that he kills them because if you’re pretending to be someone else you wouldn’t want that person walking around now would you? This meshes well with the idea that he is a shapeshifter as some have said.
I read a post that was saying he can only be one thing at a time but I’m not so sure on this. What about Danielle Rousseau’s team? She said all of them had been infected. While it is possible that they were carried off, killed, and replicated one at a time, wouldn’t the other people on the team have noticed the difference and thought it strange? It seemed to me that she was the only one who noticed something different. Also, when they went to the hole in the ground by the temple wall, one man was dragged down and the other two went after him. I’m thinking the man dragged down was immediately killed and replicated. I mean, the monster had him and his arm was ripped off! Then the other two went down after him, this was when Rousseau noticed a change in them. Is it really possible that the monster silently killed one of them to replicate after seperating them when they went down at the same time? It seems highly unlikely to me. Which seems to leave the possibility that Smokie can be more than one thing at once.
Also it was noted that in the scene where Ben is to be “judged” by the monster Flocke leaves before Smokie appears, Smokie leaves before Alex appears, and Alex leaves before Flocke appears. But if any of them had appeared at the same time this would’ve caused two problems. One, the writers didn’t want to give away Flocke’s identity and two they didn’t want people to have confirmed the idea that Smokie and these replications of people are related in any way. Be it by being the same things or on the same teams. What if Alex and Smokie were there at the same time and she was totally chill about it? Or what if Flocke walked in right in the middle of Alex and Ben or Smokie and Ben’s confrontations? How would they handle that?
The only thing that makes me a bit unsure of myself on this is when Flocke dissapears before possibly transforming into Smokie to kill Iliana’s team and then Flocke reappears when Smokie is gone. I’m not sure of what to do with that…

And random side note, why if Flocke bulletproof? Jacob sure wasn’t knife proof.

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Ok I am having trouble wrapping my head around something. Someone here should be able to shed some light for me.

I was getting the impression that MIB/Smokie was the one in the cabin the whole time. The ring of ash would mean he was held captive inside the cabin. At some point that ring of ash was broken and he would have been released.

How then was smokie running around on the island from the very first episode? We don’t actually know when the ring of ash was broken. So maybe that happened before the pilot? Maybe Jacob was in the Cabin at first? Then smokie got locked in there later?

Illana and crew said that someone else was using the cabin then burnt it to the ground.

I’m just looking for clarity on this. It seems weird to me.

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He goes by many names; Man in Black, Esau, Un-Locke. Whatever you call him, there are only two pieces of information that we know: 1) He wants to kill Jacob (and succeeds), and 2) He opposes new people on the island because their arrival will  “only end in fighting, destruction and corruption.”

Throughout the series, the Smoke Monster has been terrorizing the Losties and picking them off one by one. Occasionally, Smokie will analyze the person in question and let them live, but more often than not, he’s trimming the fat.

In the Season 5 finale, The smoke monster “judges” Ben. As a result, Alex appears to Ben and tells him to do whatever John Locke orders…which ultimately is “Kill Jacob.” My theory is that the Smoke Monster and Un-Locke are on the same side (whatever that side may be).

This theory is based on the idea that Smokie is smart enough to recognize that Locke is dead and that Un-Locke is in his body. It can be argued that it was Jacob’s “What About You?” comment that prompted Ben’s attack, but it’s Un-Locke’s orders that planted the seed.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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About twenty four minutes into the pilot the camera pans onto Jack’s face,in the back round you can blurrily see,Rose,Charlie,Sawyer,Shannon,Boone,Hurley and Michael who are all discussing what they heard in the jungle from the beach,it was the Smoke Monster and their conversation goes as follows:

Michael:”It sounded like an animal”
Rose:”That sound that it made i keep on thinking that there’s something really familiar about it”
(Possibly)Shannon:”Really where are you from?”
Rose:”The Bronx”
Charlie:”Might be monkeys”
Sawyer:”Sure its monkeys,its monkey island”
Hurley:”We don’t even know we’re on an island”

Just thought this was an interesting insight into the Smoke Monster,why does it sound familiar to Rose and does it have anything to do with her being from the Bronx?

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I’m going to take a shot at an overall theory here. It’s based on my own observations as well as everything I have read on the many forums. So here we go…

The show is starting to take on a final form now. We know a lot more about things and theories are starting to get harder to come up with because the picture is starting to narrow. What I see in front of me now is a show with only a few really big mysteries left. The are:

—The Island itself.
The actual earth/trees/rocks of the island. Being as we know “exotic material” exists on the island. It seems likely the islands special features are comming directly from this source. What might that source be?

Smokie is attached to the island and in some way has a purpose. So far, all we know is it is some form of security system. It can identify/scan you in some way. It can kill your ass! It can not pass a sonic fence. It can also manifest itself in the shape of human form, and probably many other forms.

—The Others and Richard Alpert
-Once you’re an other you can’t go back (apparently). Unless your Juliet and you get judged and branded. Then your something else.. I guess. Richard is ageless. They are working for the island… maybe. They get new recruits. They have a weird thing with leaders. They probably know pretty much exactly what is going on but are very protective of that.


What in the hell is the point of this show? Not many people seem to talk about this one point. Is the world going to end? The Valenzetti equation seemed to state that is exactly what the numbers meant. To predict the date that man would destory itself. We have a lot of stuff about duality, a war, science and faith. Fate and Choice.

This leads me finally.. to my theory.

At some point in time. Be it past or future. The Exotic material ended up on the island. I’m going to place my bets on a meteor for now, maybe dark matter/mirror matter. Something that crashed onto the island (not a UFO!!!). When this happened the island got all it’s properties. Specifically, some form of time shifting and electromagnetism.

So the island is now super special. An anomaly. If this happened in the past. The island collected people and caused various strange events until it got to a certain point in time. A point I believe is in the future for us watching the show. As in a timeline past 2007 that we haven’t seen.

In this future the world is going to end. Something is going to happen because of the island and because of all the meddling from various sources. Possibly Jughead and Electromagnestism are going to mix. That would be bad. So the people of this future decide to do something as a last ditch to stop it all from happening. They take the island and set it up to send it back in time. Back with a purpose and a crew to travel through thousands of years in time to stop in some way the events leading to the end. To collect data…

Smokie is from that future and is a security system. One meant to protect the island as it collects data. Smokey may even be the data collector. Or maybe there is a lot of smokies? I do think Smokie(s) is nanobots. Pulled from the exotic material maybe? Engineered by the people of the future? Who knows.

Richard and his pose are the workers on the island. They do what has to be done to keep things safe as the island travels and collects what it needs. They may or may not be human. They might be like smokie. They might be immortal because of technology from the future.

Jacob.. well this is tough. I used to think Jacob was the driver of the island. That he controlled everyhting. Now I am thinking more that Jacob is going to be more random than that. That he is trapped by something, the incident maybe; and will come into play at the endgame. When it comes time to change things.

I do believe the entire series so far is showing us things that have always happened. The end game is “Can they actually change fate?”. Desmond maybe part of that and maybe Jacob as well.

The Losties are all picked by the island to move towards it’s final goal. To change the course of time. To break the rules and actually stop course correction.

Locke and Christian/Claire are all part of the island now. They are helping out it’s mission. Somehow they are different. Maybe they are part of Jacob. Existing in some realm outside time/space? Which allows them to be the hands and fingers of the island. To reach it’s goal.

That’s it! What do you folks think?

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