I don’t know if anyone has referred to this earlier but the way the Black Rock arrived on the island still doesn’t convince me at all.
As we all saw in “Ab Aeterno” the Black Rock was installed inside the island because of the immense force of a tsunami. So far, so good. Since the Black Rock impacted the head of the Statue of Taweret, the tsunami wave would have an incredible height. So, I wonder how it wasn’t apparent any incredibly devastating effect on the island after the tsunami? The only effect we can see, in the first scene after the disaster, is the dragging trail of the Black Rock. With the amazing height that the wave had, the tsunami should have swept almost the whole island, and the scenario would be of enormous destruction. As a matter of fact we can’t see any evidence of the passage of a real massive tsunami on the island (there aren’t uprooted trees …). Is the electromagnetic nature of the island something to do with it? Like a protective effect? Or, as a scientist, am I being too careful?

Another thing, when Richard arrives to the beach to try to kill Jacob, it is visible a small trail of destruction (despite the great disaster) and part of the remains of the statue are around the left foot. But, when Ben Killed Jacob the remains were no longer around the left foot. My question is: Where are the remains now?

Regards from Bragança/Portugal.

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Hello everyone,

This is my first post here, so if I’m doing anything wrong please let me know…

I’ve been following the site for a long time now, reading all your wonderful (most) and “way-out” (some) theories, but enjoying them all nevertheless. This place is the best I have come across on the web for LOST fans who like to THINK after the black screen is displayed at the end of each episode. It’s where people let their minds be free and dwelve about the myriad of possibilities that might give this amazing show a little more meaning. I’m sure everyone who has contributed (however much or little) has at some point touched on one of the many “truths” behind LOST, and I hope I will too with some of the thoughts I plan to share with you in the days to come…

So let me say, before I jump into the “essence” of my first post, that I am extremely grateful to each and every person who has made this site possible (from the founder/admin, to the most active “posters”, to the least active “readers”) – you have made my following of LOST so much fuller!

And now, to the point. The title of the post is: “The Black Rock’s Arrival”. I know we are all very excited about the last episode, where we finally got some meaning to how The Black Rock and Richard arrived to the island. But has anybody else noticed the following?

1. The first time we see The Black Rock arriving (or what we have all assumed to be The Black Rock), it’s a sunny day at the beach for Jacob and MIB. Calm seas, open skies and all…

2. The second time we see The Black Rock arrive at the island (this time there is no doubt it actually is The Black Rock since we see Richard in it as a slave and we see it stranded n the jungle), it’s the storm from hell, night-time, and what anybody in their right mind would describe as “horrible weather”…

So…. Is it sunny skies or night time? Is it calm seas or tsunami waves? ……..?

Is it possible that the ship we saw on the finale of Season 5 was NOT The Black Rock? I’m not sure about the meaning of this if it were true, but it just might enphasise the point that Jacob has been bringing people to the island for a veeeeery long time, and that The Black Rock is not the only ship that ever got there…

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Written 22nd March


Here is the usual disclaimer…if anyone has said this before then im truly sorry.

Picture this. Jacob and MIB are on the beach. MIB gets all angry over something, i dont know maybe the fish isnt cooked to his liking. He becomes smokie and in a fit of rage rips the statue from its plinth and hurls it far out to sea. The result of this is a giant tidal wave that also washes the Black Rock inshore.

This explains the broken statue, the lack of rubble around it, the Black Rock being so far inland and MIB’s hatred for badly cooked fish ;O)


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Jack wakes up in some time perhaps with the Ajira’s or not, I think he might land in the jungle like in series 1 and see the Black Rock come so far inland because of WHAT THE LOSTIES DID right towards where the Swan Station will be built but will stop and rest how we’ve seen it before. And then he might recognise Richard possibly trapped and then save him and looks shocked because its the Black Rock and then walk out and see the statue. Possible….Just wondering what you guys think??

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Any thoughts on the time periods involved in the last double episode?

Did locke and the remainder of the people on the flight that didn’t disapear into thin air with Jack etc land in the same time period? ie. late 70’s?

I say so because people are suggesting that the black rock may have destroyed the statue and yet its there in all its glory when (not)Locke goes to see Jacob, surely the Black Rock arrived many years before

Any thoughts? And when do people think the statue got destroyed?

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Sorry, had some issues with posting links….

Over the last week, as I’ve been watching the seasons again, and reading more and more on theories, I’ve seen a lot of inconsistencies about the identity of the islands token statue. ABC.com reported in it’s recap of the season 5 finale that it was Taweret, the Egyptian goddess/protector of pregnant women. That would really jive well with the modern islands issues, seeing as the statue has been destroyed….but look at this.


Taweret is believed to have the head and limbs of a lioness. However the island statue obviously has the head of a crocodile, and the body of a human…

LOST Statue – Sobek

This makes it look more like the Egyptian god Sobek…


The island statue does show similarities to Taweret, like the ankh (the cross with a handle) and the the headdress looks like Taweret’s. So it is not a carbon copy of Sobek by any means….I found more inconsistencies in the statue while trying to match it with Sobek. From what I can find, Sobek is always seen carrying an ankh AND a spear. The island statue is carrying two ankhs. And like I mentioned before, Sobek’s headdress was different. Usually tall and extravagant.

Taweret and Sobek actually have a bit of history together. In later Egyptian history, Sobek was seen to be a consort to Taweret, sometimes seen on her shoulder. If the statue is Sobek, could the island itself be a manifestation of Taweret, with Sobek peaked on it’s shore? I’ll admit…that’s a bit out there…Most of their relationship revolved around Ra, who, interestingly enough, is seen in the hieroglyphs in the underground temple where Ben saw a manifestation of Alex, and also on the cloth that Jacob was fashioning in his dwellings inside the statues foot.


Taweret married Apep, who for a lack of better words was the god of darkness and chaos. Apep’s nemesis was Ra himself. Sobek, Taweret’s consort, eventually became Ra (known as Sobek-Ra). Sounds like quite the love triangle…and Losties know love triangles.

So what’s my point? The statue shows inconsistencies with the ancient Egyptian identities that people are so quick to assign to them. The minds behind Lost have more in store for us than we could possibly figure out from a couple of hours on Google….which makes it so damn fun to try and figure out!

I think the statue could be some sort of a pairing of the two deities. Both gods carried an ankh, this one has two. While the physical looks like Sobek, the clothing looks like Taweret. I think that the explosion/incident will cause the future death of the pregnant women on the island…but not due to radiation. Radiation may kill the fetus, but isn’t going to kill the mother…at least not during child birth. The incident is what destroyed the statue, and the protection of pregnant women impregnated on the island was somehow dependent on that statue.

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This is my theory about who Jacob and his nemesis are. I have come to this conclusion after watching the finale for the third time. Jacob and his nemesis who i’ve dubbed the anti-Jacob are both gods, most likely a type of egyptian god coming from a pantheon of other gods like them. They are special because they have been chosen to judge the nature of the ultimate earthly creations, humans. Are they good or evil? The island was created as a kind of place, separate from the rest of humanity, where certain people could be judged without other variables. The reason that Jacob and anti-Jacob are enemies is because they both have differing views on whether humans are evil or good. Jacob believes that humans are good by nature and that when faced with tough situations, ultimately they will make the right decision. Jacob brings groups of people to the island and unleashes them there. He thinks that all of humankind on earth should be told about the true nature of the universe, about creation, and about the existence of the gods. He believes that when faced with these things people will be accepting that there are beings with higher power than them in the universe and will continue to live their lives without trying to take that power for themselves. The anti-Jacob believes that humans are evil by nature and will do anything to further themselves. He knows that even when humans don’t always make bad decisions, they at least consider making bad decisions in their mind. That is why he manifests himself as the smoke monster, so that he can look deep into the souls of humans and determine their thoughts. Perhaps the smoke monster doesn’t kill bad people and leave good people, but the opposite. When he finds a person who is ultimately good, like Ecko, he kills them because he doesn’t want Jacob to discover them. In the same way the anti-Jacob also manifests himself as a person from different humans lives to either put them in dangerous situations where they might die or to put them in situations that push them down the path to being evil. The anti-Jacob thinks that he can make humans do things that they normally wouldn’t do on their own. He thinks he can make them try to take the power of the gods for themselves. He knows that the ultimate way he can prove that humans are evil is if he can persuade one to do something very bad, like attempting to kill Jacob. In order to do this, anti-Jacob (already as Locke) makes sure that Richard tells Locke that he needs to bring everyone back to the island and that he is going to need to die. When the plane brings Locke’s body back to the island, anti-Jacob manifests himself as Locke in the same way he manifests himself as Christian Shepherd. As Locke, anti-Jacob is in a perfect position to make Ben do whatever he says. Anti-Jacob also convinces Ben further by manifesting himself as Ben’s daughter. When Ben is completely under anti-Jacobs control he convinces him to kill Jacob. Since Jacob is immortal I think he survives being stabbed and burned by Ben and anti-Jacob. After Jacob survives he will come to the realization that the humans who he believed were good, who he protected, are ultimately evil by nature.

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Taweret was depicted as a composite of all the things the Egyptians feared, the major part of her being hippopotamus, this would explain why the statue has four toes as hippos only have four toes. However it seems that originally being the godess of fertility and her name meaning ‘one who is great’ could have some relation to the pregnancy problems experienced on the island? I also think that symbolism has a direct relation to Jacob and his adversary. Tawaret became the demon wife of Apep THE ORIGINAL GOD OF EVIL.

Apep was depicted as a snake, an evil demon, the defication of darkness and chaos. There is a picture on wikipedia that shows Apep being warded off by a deity, i cant paste the link in for some reason but if you look it up you will be amazed to see the picture is almost identical to the hieroglyphics of the smoke monster that we have seen in the episode where Ben gets judged by the smoke monster.

I think all of this points towards the smoke monster being Apep, ‘ the snake’ an evil demon of darkness. This reinforces the theory that jacobs adversary the man in black is the smoke monster, he is Apep the evil demon. Jacob is likely to be the opposite? A figure of fertility and good like tawaret, maybe the relationship between tawaret and Apep is similiar to jacob and the adversary? Then there is the link between Apep and Ra.

Ra the solar diety and bringer of light maybe Richard Alpert? Apep was given the title ‘ the enemy of Ra’. There is a whole section in Wikipedia ‘Battles with Ra’ which is very interesting. I dont really know how this links in but maybe Richard is on Jacobs side and has had previous battles with the adversary. isnt it also intersting how Apep is a snake? Just like the snake in the garden of Eden? I could go on and on with the sgyption symbology and how it links in with lost, but i think the revelation that the statue is tawaret opens many more avenues as to who Jacob Richard and the adversary are, and what their prupose is on the island.

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This may have been asked before, but I have not found it specifically. I like reading many of you guys’ theories. Has anyone theorized on how the statue and the temple that Ben (wounded child) is taken into by Richard? Both appeared to be way older than even 1950’s military expedition era.

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Written on 10th April

Ok so i started off thinking about the 4 toed statue today and i started looking to possible egyptians gods it could be. I thought anubis, hmm

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Does anyone know how many toes Richard Alpert has?!

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