Ok so a posted a theory yesterday but i believe i was wrong in a sense and having rewatched the two Desmond episodes i have figured out something about Desmond and his flashes:

So in Season 3 Episode 8 where they show what happened to Desmond once he turned the failsafe key in the hatch and was exposed to electro-magnetic energy causing his flashes to begin.In this episode it is Desmonds future consciousness(to us his present mind) which travels back into his past body.As he is exploring through the past he remembers certain events and tries to change them but is ultimately convinced to follow the path he always has by Hawking,she manages to convince/thwart him not to change anything.Ultimately Desmond realises he should try and change things too late and is flashed backed to his future/present body after being hit by a bat.Now while his future consciousness occupied his past body,his future body was unconscious in the middle of the jungle.

Now when we see Desmond experience similar flashes in Season 4 Episode 5 things have been reversed.In this episode it is his past mind occupying his future self’s body and we know this because everytime it cuts from past(1996) to future(2004) it shows Desmond start to collapse and it cuts from future to past it shows Desmond waking up.His past body collapses because it has no conscious to control it,it is in Desmonds future body.

Now the other theory I wrote was a bit misinformed but still right on the major points and I apologise for making you read it now but it is worth it because it explains what is happening to Desmond.Below is my previous theory but without the things that were wrong:

Ok so i think I have figured out something that has bugged me throughout the whole series about Desmond and why he only remembers his past changing situations when he does and this is why:

I’m going to have two Desmonds in this theory;Desmond Future(DF) and Desmond Past(DP).

Now I will pick the scene where Hawking tells desmond that he must not marry Penny and travel to the island and push the button because this what has to happen. All this happens during Desmonds first bout with flashings in the jungle after the hatch implosion. DF flashes into his past in order to have this conversation with Hawking,now this happens in his past to his pastself DP but it wouldn’t make sense that he wouldn’t of always remembered,as in before he started to flash back in time he would of remembered that conversation and it would of come as no surprise but I think how we explain this is that as DP was having his talk with Hawking he was being controlled by DF’s consciousness so when this was happening DP’s consciousness was not functioning(for lack of a better word) so he couldn’t remember this ever happening to him because it happened to his body not his consciousness.

Also in The Constant(S4Ep5) Desmond is able to tell Faraday the codes he needs in Oxford in 1996 because this is during his second case of flashing where his past consciousness is in his future body,where future Faraday tells him the codes which past Faraday needs to complete his experiment.

So he is able to change the past because(this might sound confusing) his past mind was told in the future by future Faraday what past Faraday needed.He can do this because his past mind(from our point of view) is his present mind once he is back controlling his own body in 1996,so he is free to do or change what he wants with whatever future knowledge he has.

Sorry for the crazy structure of this but i was writing while thinking,let me know if this makes sense to anyone please.

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Ok so i think I have figured out something that has bugged me throughout the whole series about Desmond and why he only remembers his past changing situations when he does and this is why:

I’m going to have two Desmonds in this theory;Desmond Future(DF) and Desmond Past(DP).

Now I will pick the scene where Hawking tells desmond that he must not marry Penny and travel to the island and push the button because this what has to happen. All this happens during Desmonds first bout with flashings on the freighter. DF flashes into his past in order to have this conversation with Hawking,now this happens in his past to his pastself DP but it wouldn’t make sense that he wouldn’t of always remembered,as in before he started to flash back in time he would of remembered that conversation and it would of come as no surprise but I think how we explain this is that as DP was having his talk with Hawking he was being controlled by DF’s consciousness so when this was happening DP’s consciousness was not functioning(for lack of a better word) so he couldn’t remember this ever happening to him because it happened to his body not his consciousness.

This is why Desmond is so special because he is able to change what has happened even with the ‘What happened,happened’ rule because he can control his past body with his future consciousness and already know exactly what has happened and what he needs to do to change it,this is how he was able to help Faraday complete his test with his mouse because he could give him the digits he need to input in his machine to make it work,which only his future self could know.

Anyway just my thoughts please let me know what you think and whats wrong with it.

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I was reading about the Valenzetti Equation on Lostpedia and I came up with this about a minute ago (and it’s really late!), so bear with me if it’s garbled…lol.

Alright, so for those of us who don’t really read Lostpedia and refer ONLY to the show for information..when I am talking about the Valenzetti Equation, I am simply referring to the numbers Hurley thinks are evil (and won the lotto with). To name a few places we have seen these numbers: on the hatch door, Hurley’s lottery, the cave where UnLocke took Sawyer..etc. As far as I know, the numbers have never been referred to as the “Valenzetti Equation” on the show itself. Correct me if I am wrong (and cite evidence please)! I got the name from Lostpedia…continuing on.. the numbers apparently denote the number of years and days until the end of the world. The Dharma Initiative (DI) tried to manipulate the “core factors” of the equation to prevent doomsday but failed because they kept arriving at the same six numbers.

On Lostpedia, it says that the DI tried to manipulate the numbers by manipulating the environment. Now, I do not know if the environment means the world in general, or only the island. Whatever I summarized above was basically ALL I read and understood from the short article on the Valenzetti Equation.

The following is my theory based on the above.

I have two ideas about the environment. One is that the DI needed a safe space to manipulate the general world’s environments, but they had no space to do this that was safe for populations. For example, if I want to test a bomb, I don’t want to explode it near a city when I don’t know the radius of the explosion, right? Similarly, perhaps the DI traveled to an undiscovered island and conducted experiments to manipulate the environment. Perhaps these experiments are what gave the island its powers – time travel, moving around to different locations, healing, etc.

My OTHER idea is that the island already had its special properties – time travel, moving around, healing, etc. – and this is why the DI traveled there to conduct the experiments. Perhaps the DI thought that the island’s unique properties were conducive to changing the “core factors” of the Valenzetti Equation. (I put “core factors” in quotes because I have zero knowledge of what that phrase means…ha ha!)

Regardless of which of my two ideas may be correct, let’s see what we know about the DI stations. (I mix up all the names – forgive me..)

Remember the Orchid? Ben took Locke there in an elevator headed way down into the ground.. Then, Ben proceeded to show Locke a video made by the DI on time travel. (Yes, that video with the time traveling bunny!!) Now, why the heck would the DI, who are “conducting psychology experiments” (psh, yeah right) need a time machine? Well, if they were trying to change an equation to save the world and ran out of time, it makes sense to have a fall back. That fall back could be… going BACK in time to give themselves a second (or third or fourth) chance at it. For example, if you knew your spouse was going to die in three days but had a button to keep starting the three days over and over, wouldn’t you keep pushing it? Similarly, I think because the DI kept failing, they kept repeating a certain period of time over and over again (hence so many time loop theories on the internet) to buy themselves more time to successfully manipulate the Valenzetti Equation. This would also explain why Jacob and MiB had that weird conversation on the beach…MiB says “It always ends the same..” (with time having to be reset/replayed) and Jacob says something like “It only ends once, everything else is just progress..” Every time the time loop plays, the equation gets closer and closer to being changed but then they run out of time and the loop has to start over….

Let’s see..then we have a DI station built for polar bears (I forget the name of the station – Hydra?). Polar bears…on an island which has a tropical climate? Well, if the DI were trying to manipulate the environment, maybe they were trying to do something involving the climate. The only things related to “cold” on the island are the polar bears and the donkey wheel, which is located in a freezing underground tunnel-like place. Perhaps the DI were trying to see if the polar bears could adjust? Or perhaps they were trying to change the environment so that the polar bears wouldn’t have to adjust…

The brainwashing station: I don’t know the name for this, but it’s where the Losties rescued Carl from..he was buckled in a seat watching this insane video with loud noise.. Perhaps when the DI couldn’t control the climate, they tried to control people…by unethical methods such as brainwashing…similarly, why would the DI need a station for nerve/toxic gas (I am referring to the place Faraday and Charlotte went to deactivate the gas)? Hmm, not clear on this point.

If my theory were to be plausible, Jacob and MiB have to have a big role, because they are cognizant of the time loops. Here is my big picture…. What if MiB resets time? What if that is his job? What if MiB’s sole purpose is to sit on his ass all day, wait until DI/Losties/Others/people/etc. fail at changing the equation and saving the world and then RESET the time loop?

And what if all Jacob does all day is find people to come to the island and manipulate them into successfully changing the equation so that one day MiB doesn’t reset the time loop and the world survives peacefully? If you think about it..their conversation on the beach makes sense now. MiB said “Still trying to prove me wrong?” Perhaps he said this because MiB, after resetting the loop several times, believes that people will always fail and Jacob is always trying to prove him wrong by bringing different groups to the island.

What if keeping MiB ON the island keeps him DOING his job…if MiB leaves..who the hell is going to RESET time?!?! And if the Losties don’t change the equation successfully and MiB isn’t there to reset time, then guess what happens to the world? POOF!!! The world ends.

I suspect MiB is sick of being on the island and witnessing the same failures over and over and wants to get off the island. But if he does, the world will end for sure – UNLESS, the Losties can change the “core factors” of the Valenzetti Equation before the end of the time loop comes this time!!

Well, I was going to end it there but here’s a little more speculation.

We know that Ben knew about the donkey wheel…who else did? Did all the Others know? Did the DI know? Did the DI harness the power of the donkey wheel to run the time machine? Or did the DI create the donkey wheel to harness the natural power of the island? Was it coincidence the time traveling station (Orchid) was located closest to the donkey wheel? Let’s say both the DI and the Others knew about it. We saw what misuse of the donkey wheel can do – cause the island to erratically move in both time and space. If the island ever ended up in ancient Egyptian times like it did in the 70s, then that gave it plenty of time for Egyptians to wash up there and set up temples, the Tawaret statue, etc. Maybe it’s been inhabited many times over – even more than we think. We know about the Black Rock, Rousseau’s team, Eko’s brother’s plane, Desmond, the DI and the Losties and Others…perhaps many more groups have come and gone… But from one play of the time loop to the next, we know a few things stay constant. And that is Jacob, MiB, and Richard.

What if MiB was indeed a man, but when “assigned” his job of resetting time, received powers (i.e. smoke/transformation) that turned him into something timeless? What if Jacob chose Richard to exist throughout all the replays of time (to help the different groups), hence why Richard’s life span is so long? Perhaps touching people allows them to remain somewhat aware/affected of a previous time loop? All the Losties in the FSW would then still be interconnected despite the island sinking then. They would still be affected by Jacob’s touch despite having no memory of what the previous time loop held. Thus, we see Jack’s certain expressions in the FSW as if he thought the plane was supposed to crash before it lands safely at LAX.

Maybe the FSW is showing what happens if the Losties succeed in changing the Valenzetti equation. MiB and Jacob will no longer be needed, and either will the island. So, maybe, just maybe….that’s why it’s at the bottom of the ocean.. =)

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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I’ve seen that not everyone fully understands whats going on in this season with the alternate time-line. It should be noted that calling it an alternate time-line is not necessarily accurate considering it takes away from the idea that this time-line is as real as our original time-line we watched. But it makes it easier to talk about when you have a name for it. Anyways, this article is to help clarify some of these concerns hopefully regarding this alternate time-line. I wrote an article on Course Correction last season but it has been lost since then. This one is a little different and delves into this season’s aspects of Course Correction and time-lines.

It is my opinion (and has been since the first episode of this season) that the point of this season is to show us how course correction works on large changes. That’s right, that little thing that Ms. Hawking brought up WAAAAAAY back in season 3 (Episode: Flashes Before Your Eyes). Basically what happens is Desmond goes back in time consciously and makes a different decision than the first time he lived this. He buys the engagement ring. Well Ms. Hawking can’t let this fly. She takes Desmond out and and tells him that he’s not supposed to buy the ring. She points out a man in red sneakers whom dies moments later. When Desmond asks her why she didn’t save him, she replies that it wouldn’t have mattered, that the universe has a way of course correcting, and that he would’ve died soon anyway. Since this episode they showed us course correction of something small through Desmond’s attempts to save Charlie. The universe just kept putting Charlie in situations where he had to die and Desmond kept saving him until Charlie accepted his fate.

Since the Charlie Incident the writers have mentioned course correction zero times and the general consensus on how changing things works is that since it didn’t happen you can’t make it happen now. Something must’ve prevented you from doing it because it was never done in the first place. This directly conflicts with the concept of course correction. Course correction implies that you can make changes but that they won’t remain for very long due to the universe’s balancing act.

Now the writers have reached this season and have asked the question, “Well OK the universe can course correct something small like someone living who was supposed to die. But, what would happen if something big were to occur?” For instance someone detonating an f-ing hydrogen bomb. Well here’s where it gets a little bit trickier. Obviously this will greatly impact more lives so more tweaks have to be made to get the altered time-line back on track.

The easiest way to describe Course correction would be to explain time as a line (as most do). Now let’s say that this line is our time-line or the series of events that are supposed to occur.

(Our happy little unaltered “all-is-good” time-line…YAY!)

We can think of each of those dots as an event that is supposed to occur, due to fate. But what would happen if I went back in time and now knowing how these events are supposed to play out, I do something different? Well this wouldn’t alter the line of things that are supposed to happen especially considering in some sense they already have happened (at least for me). So they can’t just disappear into nonexistence. So how do I explain these new different actions happening? Well, what happens is a separate time-line splits off from the fate-accurate time-line (graphically shown below).

_____Altered Event
__________/————————–> (Ahh shit world’s gonna end Time-Line)
———————-/—————————————————-> (Fate-Accurate Time-Line)

According to course correction the universe doesn’t like it when this happens. In fact it will do whatever it can to purge this new time-line. It does this by merging the two time-lines at some point. In the case of something small such as Charlie Pace being alive in one Time-Line and not in the other it’s simple. The universe just has to kill Charlie Pace.

_________/————————\(—Course Correction
——————–/————————–\————————–> (Back on track Time-Line)

The problem now is that something has happened on a large scale that has impacted many peoples lives greatly. It’s much more difficult to merge these two time-lines now. In fact, I don’t see how they’re going to do it but hey they’re Lost writers and I’m not naïve enough to think I can anticipate any aspect of this show.

An important thing to note is that these two time-lines are one and the same time-line until an event is altered. Thus, the events that happen up until the H-Bomb goes off in the Fate-Accurate Time-Line are exactly the same events that happen in this Altered Time-Line. It might be easier to understand if I draw the time-line like this:

_____/———————> (Altered-Event Time-Line)
_____\———————> (Fate-Accurate Time-Line)

This just makes it harder to see that there is a series of events that are SUPPOSED to happen.

Hopefully this cleared up some questions about this season. Most likely, though, it raised even more. I didn’t dive into the issues with Hawking and Desmond being able to see the events that are supposed to happen like I did in my past post but I didn’t feel that necessary for now. If those issues come up in the comments so be it. Feel free to critique my post. I didn’t really do much proofreading and this was mostly stream of consciousness of what I know course correction to be.

Questions? Concerns? Statements?


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Written 3rd February

Locke dies in Universe 1, stays alive in Universe 2 … smokey “enters” him. Locke = loophole (smokey said it), then inconsistencies between universes (people alive in one, dead in other) = loopholes. Sayid dead in one universe and alive in other = loophole. But is it smokey (trojan horse) or is it Jacob (good guy’s return) that will enter him?

Why didn’t previous dead losties become loopholes? Maybe because their bodies were not fit (healthy) for smokey (or Jacob) to enter them, hence the need to “cure” Sayid’s body before entering it, or maybe because it would be no use entering the body of someone that was not a leader before (locke had become an important figure, making him a good “incarnation” platform for smokey)

Also, dead (or near death) people seem to be able to travel (or project their images and consciousness) to the other universe. Charlie, for instance.

When about to die, Juliet seems to wander a bit, loose her self awareness and maybe have a glimpse of the other universe … and then comes back to tell Sawyer “it worked” … in reference to seening him off the island in the other universe.

If this is right, since we saw sawyer alone (without Juliet) in universe 2, it might be that he will meet Juliet eventually in that universe, and she will tell him “we could get coffee sometime”. This would also mean that there is an offset in time between the two storylines. No brainer … since the events in the island are now 3-4 years ahead of the plane crash time.

Brotha seems to always have had “in between universes travel” capabilities. He remembers Farady in the future even though Faraday thought he wouldn’t (hatch in the past thing). He could project his mind to other moments in time … or was it to other universes offset in time?

And that brings me to the final part of this thinking line: I think there are numerous parallel universes. And maybe there has never actually been time travel in the show … maybe it was travel between differently offset in time universes. Well this part is too far a stretch for now.

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I’m a big believer of whatever happened, happened so lets go by that theory for a minute.

Lets assume detonating the Jughead is the cause of the incident..

That means everything we’ve seen in the future is going to happen again – the losties will crash, they will travel back to the 70s, they will cause the incident, shoot back to normal time (2004 as they assumed) and it will happen all over again – this is also supporting the timeloop theory.

(even if they dont shoot through time, in 30 years they will be back on 815)

But lets say the detonation prevents the incident.. which i know many people believe..

There is no incident, they Swan site is used for research on electomagnetism as planned, Desmond doesnt come to the island and forget to press the button, the 815 crash doesnt happen, the losties dont travel back to 74/77, they dont prevent the incident.

If they prevent the incident, they cant go back in time to prevent it..

i know this seems a lot of head work but think about it, its the grandfather paradox – if you go back in time and kill your grandfather, you will never be born therefore not able to go back in time to kill your grandfather.

So back to the point – the incident has to happen for the losties to go back and try to prevent it.. but technically, they never can prevent it.

What are your thoughts?

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A reoccurring plot element has been ‘experiments’.

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Well Im going to try keep this short, becuase its only a dot of a theory which im throwing into the mix really, but it gives you something to think about.

Right, If we start from back in Episode 310 or could be 311 where the women that crashes onto the island from the helicopter tells the survivors that they have all died and they found the plane in the ocean. Now if we jump forward to Episode 514 Charles Widmore tells Daniel that he plants the plane in the Ocean as a hox which i feel is meant to make everyone believe that they are all dead so people do not bother searching for survivors. If we now skip over to another anomily no-one knows why everyone that had crashed on the Island has really detailed files on each crash victim…This certainly isn’t a coincidince. Essentially we can all use our common sense to realise that they are specially chosen subjects (Or old subjects that worked for Dharma at some point), I believe that “someone” possibly the “others” faked a plane crash and planted each one of those people at the crash site although they have been on the island for years. If we look at locke for example, The others seem to believe that he was a leader at some point in the past and as we know with time travel whatever has happened in the past cannot be changed…(This is where my theory starts)….However if they are able to wipe the minds (Memorys) of possible candidates and place the them in a new scenario, without previous knowledge of there past they may be able to create a new future…..(Hense one of the episodes names Tera Rasa meaning Blank Slate)….Which is a theory created by a man called John Locke back in the 18th century (Wiki it).

So by Ben sending them back into the past they are able to relive their lives without changing there known fate for there own benefits..(Which as we know Desmond can).

Now i know this theory has MANY MANY wholes in it, but in theory so does everyones lol. I aint a hardcore lost fan but I know that by linking up a number of similar stories that it sort of makes sense.

But check this out:


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rousseau (French women who crashed on the island)

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This is actually an idea I came up with when discussing how Faraday’s plan to stop the Incident cannot work. It’s not a very serious theory, but an interesting idea. Basically, the idea revolves around the Correction Factor, the one constant that Faraday forgot to include in his equations. See, here time isn’t like stone, as in unchangeable, but it also isn’t like clay, being molded into any shape. In this case, time is more like thick rubber; you can change the shape, but it requires extra effort. The number that determines the energy you need is the Correction Factor. We’ll say is can be represented by K. The larger the value of K, the more energy you need to change time. However, K alone doesn’t determine it. It also depends on the number of variables (people, signals, or influences trying to change time; the number of variables will be V) and the difference between the energy usage of the consequences without the change (B) and with the change (A). So, for example, the energy needed to change a certain event may be determined, for example, by something like E = K(B-A)/V. Of course, this only works if K has a value greater than one. If K has a value less than one, the equation might be more like this: E = K(B-A)V. Now, these are just simple examples of the concept. The point is that the more consequences an event has, the harder it is to change, while the more variable it has, the easier it is to change. So, this explains Desmond changing Charlie’s immediate future. The consequences of Charlie dying would not have been exceedingly great, so the energy expended by Desmond’s body when saving Charlie would be enough to compensate. However, now you must consider the consequences of stopping the Incident. The energy needed to stop the Incident would have to compensate for all of the following:

  • The energy release during the Incident.
  • The energy used to contain the electromagnetism
  • The construction of the button
  • Possibly the Purge, for it may never have happened if the Incident hadn’t occurred
  • The Numbers
  • Desmond’s arrival and later occupancy at the Swan
  • The crash of Oceanic 815
  • All that happened to the survivors, esp. the opening and implosion of the hatch
  • The freighter
  • Moving the Island, and the resulting time skips
  • The Oceanic Six’s escape and life off the Island
  • The return of the Oceanic Six
  • The and resurrection of Locke
  • Christian Shepard
  • The survivors at the DHARMA Initiative

As you can see, that is a LOT of energy. In fact, a heck of a lot more than even a hydrogen contains. In other words, Daniel Faraday’s plan cannot compensate for all that has happened, and therefore will FAIL. Thoughts, please.

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I was re-watching the pilot episode, part two.

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I was recently watching Part 2 of the Pilot episode, and something caught my eye.

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Read here: Are you there Future? It’s me, Swan! by Matt

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Bear with me guys but its my

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Let me begin by saying, the theory that I intend to elaborate on could VERY WELL not be a theory at all, but a plot convenience. But read me out and see. So I realized that the three times the island has switched time on us, the switches all occured at various moments when SOMETHING enormous was going to happen. Again…plot convenience, easier to keep us on our toes. BUT think from a new perspective just briefly. Locke is about to be shot and killed. Locke is about to be told the secret of HOW to get people back on the island, his plan, etc. Finally, Daniel is about to reveal more time secrets to Ellie and Locke is pestering Richard about how to get off the island. These events no doubt would have influenced things to a great degree had they continued instead of the island moving.

Seems one of two things to me. The island switches because A. Whatever events took place only happened up to a certain point because whatever occurred is exactly what needed to occur. No more would occurred because they accomplished what was necessary to secure the timeline

B. These were moments where, had things continued instead of the island moving, the timeline would have been changed, and future events would have occurred differently, aka contradictions. Perhaps the island’s “random” jumps through time are actually coordinated to those moments when it must prevent the travelers from doing irreparable damage to a timeline.

Well, dems my thoughts.

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So I just saw the episode “Jughead”.

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This is my first time putting one of my theories out there so be gentle :).

We all know of the need for a constant when a person becomes unstuck in time. A constant that is outside of the effects of the person who has become unstuck in time. In Desmonds case he was able to use Penny because his conciousness was slipping in time and Penny was some one that was a live and known to him in the time line he was traveling thru (1996-present).

Ben has made it clear to Jack that they ALL need to go back to save the ones they left. In my opinion it is because they are connected to the group that is unstuck in time, they can be their PHYSICAL constants. It is similar to what happened to Desmond in that they are time traveling but they are physically traveling through time as opposed to just their conciousness. This is the same for the Island, Faraday said that it could be the island that is unstuck or it could be them. By the end of the first episode it seems clear that it is them BUT in my opinion its BOTH. The Island is unstuck and is only able to go into its past. It is no longer part of the PRESENT because as everyone that was off of the island when Ben turned the wheel we saw that the island literally disappeared from the present and was ‘moved’. But as Faraday said about the camp site, it’s not gone, it’s just not their yet. So the Island is currently ‘moved’ or gone but it can be returned to the present with a constant.

So for the Island and the ones left behind to be able to come back into the present they need the oceanic six to come back (since they were on the Island in the past and are connected to the ones that are unstuck in time) and be their physical constants to bring them to the present time line.

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Right, so I was putting this theory – if you want to call it that – together before Lost-Theories.com bit the dirt. Unfortunately I never got a chance to post it, and so I bring it to you here, for your enjoyment. I will say, before we start, that this is not a groundbreaking theory or a prediction of how things will turn out. It should however clear up the paradox involving Faraday’s rat Eloise – or at least, I hope so. If you’re a comic book fan, think of it as ret-conning.

First, my justification for this endeavour. I’m not good with loose ends. They pick at me, get under my skin, and niggle away at me until I can’t take it any more. There is one thing worse than a loose end though, and that’s an incredibly convenient excuse. Eloise’s paradox has both of these, and frankly I will not stand for it. I also love the time travel aspect of the show, and the delicate way it is handled. I couldn’t bear for there to be some kind of flaw with it.

Firstly, I’ll outline the paradox itself. Eloise is zapped by Faraday’s machine, and her consciousness is unstuck in time. Unlike Desmond, her future consciousness – which knows the maze – comes back in time. Faraday claims he was going to teach Eloise the maze in an hour’s time, but 75 minutes later when Desmond wakes up from passing out, Eloise is in the big lab in the sky. In addition to the fact that teaching a rat to run a new maze takes a lot longer than 75 minutes, it’s also pretty difficult to teach a rat something it already knows. Paradox alert.

Some folk have attempted to explain the paradox by saying that Eloise’s present consciousness, which didn’t know the maze, snapped back into place just in time for Faraday to teach it the maze – leaving the fact that it takes much longer than that to teach rats to run mazes down to creative license, or a production error.

This is both incredibly convenient (too convenient, if y’ask me), and incredibly wrong, as I shall attempt to prove to you now. All it takes is a little thought: the consciousness of Eloise that didn’t know the maze was never seen again after Faraday zapped her. Think about Desmond – when he was jumping back and forth through time, his 2004 consciousness was nowhere to be seen. When his 1996 consciousness was in 1996, he was catatonic in 2004, and vice versa. This happened with Eloise too – witness her freezing after Faraday unleashes his purple light. It’s the time period that changes, not the consciousness, which is how Des could remember those numbers for Faraday’s machine. The consciousness that took priority in Eloise could run the maze, and you can’t teach someone something if they already know it.

“Bloody hell CoolBeans, you fantastically handsome fool!” I hear you cry. “Why surely that means that the situation is a paradox?! Lawks a mussy boy, you’ve tied yourself in knots!”

Not so, my friends. Although this is where it can get a little tricky. As Jennifer Aniston would say: “Here comes the science..”.

There isn’t a paradox in this situation at all. It merely looks as though there is to us, because we look at time as a linear thing, seen from one point of view. It’s not though. Time is like colour – a construct of the mind created to allow us to organise the chaos that is reality into something that our brains can handle. We all have our own timelines, but since we don’t come across many black holes, rarely encounter faster than light travel, and tend to stay well away from giant imploding electromagnetic anomalies, ours tend to be fairly congruent. Not always – for example, most people seem happy to sit through Edward Scissorhands, and would estimate its time at about an hour and a half, while I find that it seems to go on for at least twice that time.

So the way to look at the events in Lost is to look at everyone’s differing points of view, and not the overall timeline, because on everyone’s timelines different things happened. On Faraday’s timeline he was planning to teach Eloise the maze, when Desmond arrived. He put the numbers into the computer, watched Eloise run the maze, put Desmond in a chair while he was catatonic, did some maths, and saw Eloise die without ever teaching her the maze. From Eloise’s point of view, Desmond wasn’t around that morning. Faraday taught her to run the maze, then all of a sudden she was back in the past, at the start of the maze. She ran it, kept jumping through time, had a nosebleed, and then died. Both of these timelines happened, but only from each character’s perspective. Faraday taught Eloise the maze, but only from her point of view. No paradox in that, it’s called relativity (or at least it’s in that field).

Please feel free to direct any queries, arguments, or grovelling praise my way (well, I can hope), and I’ll do my best to iron out any creases you may find.

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