Daniel Faraday and Where he’s gone

Ok, I read this theory last night:

It was mentioned that Daniel Faraday was the voice heard in the new Orientation Video that’s come to light (at Comic Con) and that he was there with Peter Cheng 30 years ago. And I am inclined to believe that.

It was mentioned that Daniel Faraday was the voice heard in the new Orientation Video that’s come to light (at Comic Con) and that he was there with Peter Cheng 30 years ago. And I am inclined to believe that.

What if, when the Island dissapeared, Daniel and the rest of the boat went with the Island, but to the Island 30 years ago?

He met Peter Cheng there and told him where he’s come from and what’s happened to the Island in those 30 years. That’s how Peter Cheng new of the purge and who the president of the USA is.

What if Daniel recorded that message and put in a place where Charlotte or another Lostie would find it in the future? What if it’s a message to them to let them know that Daniel is now stuck 30 years in the past and they need to find a way to get him back?

And if they don’t find a way of getting him back from the past – could there be a much older Daniel on the Island somewhere? Could he have died in the purge’ or could he be Jacob?

Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but there’s alot of theories on here to go through. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Daniel Faraday and Where he’s gone

  1. I am hard pressed to beleive that the “RAFTIES” went to a different time then the “LOSTIES” that are still on the island went. It is possible I guess, but I tend to beleive they went to the same place.

    Now, if at a later time (POST THE ISLAND MOVING) Daniel, and his ability to understand all this stuff found a way back to the PIERRE CHANG days, I am all for that. Instead, what I think happened, and I don’t have my head around the whole theory of mine quite yet is….

    Let’s say you have an imaginary timeline that begins at A and ends at Z. But time progresses in comparison to the outside world A,B,C,D,E,F,G, etc…..until you get to Z. Now, lets say:

    You have people(S) existing at TIME A (we’ll call them CHANG and company) and they go through an EVENT and it pushes them to time X

    Let’s say you also have People(s) existing at time H, (we’ll call them LOSTIES WITH LOCKE)..and they go through an event and it pushes them to TIME X.

    Now, you have two sets of people existing at TIME X. One from Time A (Chang’s group in 1981) and two from Time H (Locke’s group from 2004). The both then go through an event that lands them at TIME X (we’ll say that’s 2007).

    Chang and company and Lock and company are in the same place, but they both beleive it’s different years, etc… So, through two events shifting them to the same spot, you have the chaos that ENSUES, and what we call SEASON 5.

    Don’t know if that makes sense, but that’s what I see happening.

  2. I wrote this theory a few months ago before all the previews of Season 5 (I copied and pasted what I’d written from, so the date may only say Dec 08), and at the time I thought that perhaps Daniel and his “rafties” had gone back in time to Pierre Change time, and the “losties” had gone forward to 2007/08 (which would coincide with Locke leaving the island and going to see the 06 – a few years had gone by since the O6 left, but to the “losties” it was only a couple of months).

    Of course, now the Season 5 previews have been shown, it looks like everybody has gone back to the same time, which to be honest, was probably a good idea cause having 3 lots of people in 3 different times would’ve been confusing, even for LOST! lol 🙂

    But anyway, I really like your thoughts achara – I understand completely what you’re saying and I think it is a possibility 🙂

    It’s times like this I wish Christmas was just over and done with and it was January 25th 😉 lol

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  4. Well now that Season 5 is over we know that in fact all the losties had traveled back in time along with the island. However some were left behind in the present day. We also learned that Farraday also traveled back to 1977 where he attempted to warn Dr. Cheng about the incident of the purge that was going to occur. However it was not Farraday who convinced him because Farraday was shot before he could do so it ended up being Sawyer, Miles, and Hurley who got him to see that they were from the future coming to warn him about the Purge.

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