This was supposed to happen

Ok, I’ve been thinking about this and I have come up with a theory that might explain a few things, and cheer up a few Charlie fans as I don’t think Charlie was ever meant to die.

The flashes that Desmond has been seeing with Charlie dieing, they were shown to him because he was supposed to save him.

I think that whoever is responsible for the flashes/fate (be it god or whoever etc.) knew that if Desmond saw flashes of Charlie dieing, that Desmond would save Charlie regardless.

Desmond thinks that Charlie is supposed to die, but I think Desmond is supposed to save him.

They’re near-death experiences that were supposed to happen so Desmond would save Charlie, therefore building up Charlies trust in Desmond.

That is why I believe that Charlie was supposed to swim to the looking glass all along, but someone somewhere had to make Charlie believe that this was his fate.

Would Charlie have been so quick to volunteer to swim down there had he not known about Desmonds flashes?; Had he not known that Desmond has saved his life four times previous?

And it’s fair to say that if Desmond hadn’t told him about this flash then Charlie wouldn’t have volunteered.

I believe that whatever Desmond saw, it wasn’t Charlie dieing. He saw that Charlie was needed down there, I’m not sure why – but we know that Desmond must’ve seen something.

I don’t believe he saw Charlie dieing. And I don’t believe he saw Claire and Aaron get rescued. I believe he made that up so that Charlie would do what he’s supposed to do – if Desmond told him what he’d really seen, either Charlie wouldn’t believe him, or he’d be too scared to go. Or maybe if he’d told him what would really happen it would effect these events.

I think that all the flashes and all the near-death experinces and saving of Charlies life, was all a part of a bigger plan to get Charlie down to the Looking Glass.

I don’t believe he was ever meant to die, and I believe now that Desmond won’t have anymore flashes (regarding Charlie anyway).

Desmond was set a task, whether he knows it or not, by some powerful force (God? or whatever’ etc.) and that task was to earn Charlies trust by saving his life, and eventually leading him down to the Looking Glass.

Charlie would never have volunteered for this task otherwise.

And if Charlie had died one of the previous four times, who would’ve gone to the Looking Glass in his place?

Charlie was supposed to go there all along.

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7 thoughts on “This was supposed to happen

  1. Right but what does ‘supposed’ mean? Isn’t whatever actually happens the same thing as what was supposed to happen?
    Also, we never actually see Desmond’s vision of Claire getting onto a helicopter, ironically the ONLY vision of his that is talked about but never shown.
    I think it’s possible that Desmond assumed Charlie would die eventually and decided that sacrificing a walking-dead-man was a small price to pay for reuniting with Penny.
    I also think that’s what’s *supposed* to happen.

  2. risebysin – I think the only flash we ever saw of Desmonds was when Charlie got shot with an arrow.

    I don’t recall seeing a flash of him getting struck by lightning, or drowning saving Claire etc.

    It’s been a while since I’ve seen season 3 so I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure we didn’t see flashes of those either.

  3. this would all kind of contradict in a way. Either des saw flashes of charlie die to save him, or he didnt see flashes. We have to decide if he did or didnt,just because we didnt see them doesnt mean they didnt happen.

  4. Yes i agree with the idea that desmond was supposed to save charlie all those times so that charlie would be the one to go to the looking glass… but are you saying that charlie is still alive somehow? “Charlie wasn’t supposed to die.”

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