The Event Window & Focault Pendulum

Ms. Hawking tells Ben he has 70 hours to get all of ‘the 06’ back to ‘the island’. Ben asks her the question, what if he can’t, or requires more time, to which Hawking replies, then ‘God help us all’. This indicates to me, that ‘time’ is of the essence, and it may be the only ‘window’ they have to accomplish this.

Ms. Hawking was using Focault Pendulum to determine a specific timeline when ‘the 06’ could return to ‘the island’. I believe the importance of ‘when’ they return, effects the ‘how’ they will return as well.

The map indicates more than one location, and includes the Atlantic Ocean on the East Coast of Florida, and in the North and South Pacific Ocean. The ’06’ may need to return from different locations. This could answer why they have to return ‘together’.

Perhaps it’s not from the same place that matters, but more importantly, they need to arrive on ‘the island’ together, at a precise moment in ‘time’. This makes more sense to me, if they are attempting to prevent the remaining ‘losties’ from danger, and/or certain death. They may also have to return under ‘secrecy’, and/or in cognito. No doubt, Ben has this covered!

Perhaps this is how Juliette and others travelled to ‘the island’. Through the use of the pendulum, predicting when and from where. I am still uncertain, of the travelling method that is employed, but I’m certain one of the requirements is a nice glass of orange juice, with a bit of a kick to it!

I’m not into physics, but have an appreciation for it, and an interest. If somebody would care to elaborate on the Focault pendulum, feel free.

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31 thoughts on “The Event Window & Focault Pendulum

  1. Im VERY sorry that i cannot provide actual links do to …well, using a cell and not an actual computer, but wiki the book its sctually titled the faulcul pendulum. Written in 1988…

  2. Well, I can’t wait to hear more. My mind is already spinning from what you just revealed and the implications it proposes.

    My mind is now racing to Ms. Hawking, her purpose, Brother Campbell and Desmond!

  3. AES, I really don’t want to spoil anything for anyone.

    Personally, when I feel I am onto something big, I try to phrase things to get minds thinking, without ruining the ‘mystery’ for others.

    I think I could read around your thoughts. We seem to view Lost in a similar manner.

  4. I sincerely doubt that. The writers ALWAYS have a distinct manner in which they want to reveal the story to the viewers. What you’re saying makes sense to me.

  5. Crazy. I read about the book on Amazon, and just reading the editorial reviews was enough to have me convinced that the writers have read the book. Nice discovery.

  6. Hi AES, no I didn’t, but I take it I should. I will try and get to it, a bit later, in addition to commenting on your new theory.

    I also found something interesting to report on in your theory about the 4th dimension, which I think applies specifically to Lost!

    I know you’ll ‘slap me around’ lol, until I get it right!

    I will be back later on, and I’ll also try to get a peek at the EW interview.


  7. you and i kind of had a double team theory, figuring out the Faucault Pendelum. As far as i know, noone else got it..Well its only a one liner in the article, but they talk about references to lost and use the Faucault Pendelum’ book as a new refernce.

  8. AES, I just gleaned it, for the references you made. How cool is that??

    Looks like you were right on ALL aspects of the show!

    I didn’t think I could be more excited about Lost, but I am!

  9. Dabs I just stumbled on this theory via another post. I have read Focaults Pendulam and now have to dig out my copy again. That book is full of stuff that could apply to Lost.

  10. Hi Achalli, I know, it’s pretty incredible reading!

    As mentioned, in one of AES recent posts, that I have come to learn, that there are so many different ‘time’ aspects that have been woven into Lost. The other interesting read, is the ‘Faraday Cage’ and ‘Minkowski’ time, to mention a few!

    Thanks for your comment and interest!

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