Daniels mother… with a twist

Ok, so the obvious choice for Daniels mother is Ms. Hawking, right? But what if it isn’t her? What if it’s someone we’re aware of but have completely forgotten about?

I’ve been thinking about who else it could be and then a name came to me. What if Daniels mother isn’t Ms. Hawking, but Annie?!

Annie, as we know, spent a good few years on the island with a younger Ben, but we’re still not 100% sure what happened to her.

I feel the Lost writers wouldn’t have introduced us to her unless she is important, so I think there is a possibility she could be Daniels mother.

She could have got off the island before the purge and made a new life for herself. Got married and had a baby boy – Daniel. I don’t want to go as far as to say that if Annie is his mother then Ben must be the daddy because she could’ve got pregnant after she left the island. But again, with the island pregnancy issues maybe she did get pregnant on the island and maybe Ben is the dad? Maybe Ben just doesn’t know it?

I seem to be rambling on a bit now, so I’ll leave it here. What do you think? 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Daniels mother… with a twist

  1. emzi, I like it a lot! Annie is a perfect choice, and a way for the writers to introduce her into the story line again!

    I have been thinking Ms. Hawking is such an obvious choice, and was hoping for a surprise element.

    I agree that Ben may not necessarily be the father.

  2. Yeah, Ms.Hawking is too much of an obvious choice. I mean, everyone everywhere is thinking it’s her, but this is Lost and it’s hardly ever predictable. There has to be a shock in store for us here… there nust be 🙂

  3. I’m with you that it’s not Hawking, I don’t know if I like the idea of Annie. Surely Widmore in the selection process would be cognative of this issue, and unless Annie is with Widmore (on the sides of the war), then I don’t like what it creates. However, I would much rather prefer it Annie then Hawking.

    Either way….I just don’t think (and kinda secretely hope) it’s not Hawking. I am pretty sure I find out tonight though 🙂

  4. lol Jukin, I never thought of that! I still think she’d be a great pick.

    I really don’t want it to be Ms. Hawking. I will feel cheated, somehow.

  5. i dunno. remember, when we found out michael was on the boat as kevin johnson? like a few episodes before it, everyone thought that the predictable person was michael, so therefore, people thought that lost couldn’t have made it him, even though it was 100% logical. i think the most logical is ms. hawking.

    i dunno, but think about it. wasn’t ben (and jack for that matter) in los angeles the last episode? the part after ben flushes jack’s pills down the toilet, he goes to see hawking? IF desmond is going to LA, then perhaps he’ll be running into a few other friends he met on the island.

  6. well,i think it would be a little bit too absurd to think that daniel’s mother is someone other than mrs.hawking…

    some really solid proofs

    1) Mrs.Hawking’s working room in a church was in L.A.,and we know Desmond is heading to find Daniel’s mother

    2) In the episode Jughead, the petite blond with the rifle is Eloise aka Ellie Hawking- the young Mrs.Hawking- and Daniel mentions that she looks like someone he used to know.

    3) It also makes perfect sense with the Mrs.Hawking being friends with Widmore when they were young. Who knows maybe she gave birth to Faraday on the island and thats why he has that weird sickness about his memory…

    I actually am just trying to make some sense of what we ve seen so this is Lost anything is possible but Annie not so much

  7. it is Eloise. DES2687 that logical comment is the most logical thing ive heard today. We sometimes forget that foreshadowing is a tool used by writers to give hints and clues to who or what something is. When an episode revolves around 2 people,given the circumstences…well, im not saying it again

  8. Yeah, can’t be Annie because she is not old enough to be Faraday’s mom. Ben is supposed to be 43 in the 2004 storyline and Faraday is in his mid-30s in 2004. So Annie would have been 13- 15 when she had him. Also, I think Ben would have responded differently if he knew Faraday was on the island and Annie was his mom!

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