I am normally paying more attention to the physics/religion/literature of Lost than the simple things, i dont mean to publish a question in a theory slot..but i want answers.
Why does noone question the O6 return, when they found the plane on the bottom of the ocean WITH ALL PASSENGERS ON BOARD?
Please dont easy way out me with miscalculations of passengers and whatnot. HELP!!!

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Abbot Enheduanna Schwarzschild Name meaning: -Abbot: Father defined by or in religious connotation/definition. From the beginning, Lost was riddled with religious tone and it was obvious it would play some sort of role. Seemed fitting to start here. -Enheduanna: Mesopotamian High Priestess and the modern civilization’s first recorded poet. I created the name after season 1. John explaining backgammon history to Walt spawned the idea that the island may have a link yo the beginning of civilization and maybe even time itself. It was “poetic” and important to add this to my pseudonym. I needed the mother of poetry in modern civilization to match the religious “Father” in my first name. -Schwarzschild: Reference to Karl Schwarzschild and Schwarzschild Black Holes. Smoke monsters, hatches, and curing paralysis doesn’t point to black holes…but the sci-fi elements ran deep and obvious. The wheel moving the island and transporting Ben felt like it got plucked from my imagination. A.E.S.

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  1. and yes, im well aware this is old news, but a huge question in the series to me. I seriously wonder more about this than most of losts other mysteries.

  2. I think it’s a good question. Remember we’re staying in the view of the survivors and members involved. For all we know, the HISTORY CHANNEL or one of the DISCOVERY Channels are running the COVER UP STORY that appeared on SEASON 4 DVD set. Maybe it will unfold, maybe it won’t. IF it doesn’t, I think it would be a major plot whole they decided not to fill.

  3. AES, it is a good question! The initial news reports stated ALL 346? passengers were found with the plane.

    I don’t recall anyone questioning why that number was incorrect, with the discovery of the ’06’.

    Like acharaisthekey says, we may never learn this.

  4. we have to learn this, it is as important as anything else on the show. You said yourself Dabsi, thr writers/producers dont put things in without meaning, and this has a great deal…i demand an answer from someone..hi dabs

  5. AES, You’re right about it being important, and I hope they do answer it.

    You’d think that a sharp news person would pick up on the discrepancy immediately, and question it.

    If somebody did question it, Oceanic may have passed it off, as a glitch in the search equipment or the fault of the search team.

    They are in cahoots with Widmore in the cover-up!

    Best, I can think of.

  6. Okay, this is about as left field as even I can get. So, how many times, and in what context of what episodes, is the plane crash and all survivors mentioned?

    Shooting from the hip here, but I have learned not to trust the time frame in which we see events transpire. So, is it absolutely for sure that the video of the wreckage (with passengers) and all the news reports of the wreckage occur prior to the Oceanic 6 return?

    I guess I am just saying that we are seeing some things occur out of order, so…

    Daniel has said that you can’t change the past, but can you change the future?

    It’s a question that could propel some theories, I suppose.

    And all that to say, that I too, have been disturbed by this lack of acknowledgment of the found plane and passengers.

  7. kimberly, you have given me reason to rest a little easier tonight. That is something that has been bothering me, and hopefully everyone else for a while now…and that, is probably the best answer anyone couldve given me tonight. Thank you.

  8. I really do not mean to imply that the writers of the show are (gasp!) sloppy or anything…

    But I suspect that if there is a discrepancy, it is there for verisimilitude. In real life you read or hear a lot of contradictory information in the media about any newsworthy event.

    It has been said that newspapers are the first draft of history.

    I think the writers will gloss over that part and leave it as a background item not worth spending screen time on.

  9. kimberly, you made me think of something!

    One other thought I had about Daniel’s remark about not being able to change the past.

    Given we know he is not only working for Widmore, but he, is in fact his benefactor, can we really trust Daniel’s words?

    I feel there is some event which needs to be changed. This is what the ‘big battle’ is coming down to.

    If Widmore doesn’t want this to be changed, Dan would certainly be trying to convince ‘the losties’ the past cannot be changed.

    Recall, Dan told ‘the losties’ when he first arrived on ‘the island’ that rescuing them was not exactly their priority.

    So, who is Dan really working for? Widmore, or his mother, Ms. Hawking?

  10. could it possibly be both Dabs, one side working hawking the other for widmore. Maybe his past helping widmore, and future or present self hawking? Thats confusing but it makes sense in a lost sort of way

  11. I do know what you mean AES, and it’s definitely plausible IMO.

    Perhaps, one side needs to help/cooperate with the other in order to accomplish the desired outcome.

    In the case of Faraday, I would have to put my $$$ on mama Hawking being the person he would ultimately be loyal to. Like any good son.

  12. I think the O6 planted the wreckage when they went back to take the places of themselves on the planes, when their Real Time selves had decided not to get on. By doing this, their Real Time selves could lead their normal lives and the Losties could return to the island in peace with the hope of never being found. Widmore obviously knows this, as he knows of the time travel properties. Ben and Widmore clearly have a deal going on. Maybe Ben needs to get the O6 back or his deal with Widmore will be off as he cannot find the island anymore.

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