Widmores Nightmare

First off…. If you haven’t watched episode 3 of season 5 DO NOT READ!!

We saw when Faraday talked to Desmond in the hatch in the first episode of the season that Desmond wakes up from a dream with a new memory.

In THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME in season 4 Widmore tells Ben he kept a bottle of macutcheon when the NIGHTMARES began.

Well tonight we learned Widmore is on the island when Juliet, Sawyer , and Locke and company travel back.

Remember Widmore has to kill his friend among other things concerning Juliet Sawyer and Locke.

Anyways…. These are the nightmares!

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5 thoughts on “Widmores Nightmare

  1. here’s what’ll really boggle your mind, what exactly were the ‘flashbacks’ losties had earlier…hmm..many occured when a character was sleeping or staring off ‘daydreaming’ into space. I said it the episode of the ‘constant’ flashback are really flash forwards and i stand by my theory

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