After Jughead, Locke Definitely Not Leader

After Jughead, Locke Definitely Not Leader

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Sorry if what I post here steps on anyone else’s theories or posts. I have read Dabs pretty awesome post on the topic and the other post that dealt with Locke not being leader, but I decided to post this as a separate theory rather than as comment because it is pretty long and I think I address the issue from a different angle. If someone included something in a comment or in the topic of the post that is similar and I missed it I apologize.

After Jughead, I think its pretty clear, Locke is not anybody’s leader but himself, and that barely.

Locke, imperious, and Richard discuss the prospects of Locke’s leadership.

LOCKE: I expect you to tell me how to get off the Island.
RICHARD: That’s very privileged information. Why would I share it with you?
LOCKE: Because you told me that I had something very important to do once I get there. And because I’m your leader.
RICHARD: You’re my leader?
LOCKE: That’s what you told me.
RICHARD: Look, I… certainly don’t want to contradict myself [haha], but… we have a very specific process for selecting our leadership, and it starts at a v–very, very young age.
LOCKE: All right. All right. What year is it right now?
RICHARD: It’s 1954.
LOCKE: All right. May 30, 1956–2 years from now–that’s the day I’m born–Tustin, California, and if you don’t believe me, I suggest you come and visit me.
(Locke smiles at Richard, then perks his ears up and looks around. A high-pitched humming pervades the Island.)

We all know how this test turns out, but because I’m enjoying Nestor Carbonell more and more, I’ll quote the relevant passage:

RICHARD: I want you to look at these things… and think about ’em.
(He places some items on the table)
RICHARD: Okay, now tell me, John, which of these things belong to you?
JOHN: To–to keep?
RICHARD: No, no, John. Which of these things belong to you already?
(John takes a vial of some kind of substance, a compass and after a pause, a knife.)
RICHARD: Are you sure the knife belongs to you, John?
(John nods)
RICAHRD: You sure about that?
RICHARD: Well, it doesn’t.
(Richard snatches the knife away)
WOMAN: How did he do?
RICHARD: I’m afraid John isn’t quite ready for our school. I’m sorry I’ve wasted your time.

He fails. Locke fails the test. If he wouldn’t have failed, he would have been ready to join Alpert’s “school”. Locke missed Faraday’s speech in “Because You Left”, but according to Daniel, the way it works is that “You cannot change anything. You can’t. Even if you tried to, it wouldn’t work.” ( … transcript) Assuming that Daniel is telling the truth, and this is merely an assumption, Locke’s failure as a v–very young child is permanent, and this failure cannot be rectified.

Now what Alpert knows is that a) Locke, for the period of his life prior to departure of the island, is indestructible, because if he could be destroyed he would never make it to this point in 1954 as a grown man, 2 years prior to his own birth, [thanks to risebysin for being so patient in explaining (on another site, i think he shows up over on this site from time to time as well) this facet to me, i hope i understand it and am not misapplying it] b) Locke is not the leader per the test, and c) Locke is operating under the delusion that he is the Others’ leader.

Seems like the perfect candidate for a fall guy. In fact we already know that he’s fallen. Maybe. Looking purely at the show from the perspective of Locke the show breaks down into season’s one through four with Ben and Richard (and Abbadon?) building the delusion. Moving forward I feel we will see how he gets played and what he’s being played for.

Far from being indestructable, his basis for his mind connection with the island is being deconstructed by showing us the basis for his subjective idealism. While we were led to believe that he was a natural, he, like everyone else, is a product of his circumstances.

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6 thoughts on “After Jughead, Locke Definitely Not Leader

  1. Retro, Thanks for the ‘shout out’. And comments are always welcome, long or short.

    The last time Alpert visits Locke, is as a teenager, then nothing after that. A natural ‘chosen’ leader would have been nurtured through to adulthood.

    We see an example of this, when Ben (as a child) meets up with Alpert in the jungle. Alpert tells Ben he’s not ready, and to be patient. Ben is nurtured until he is ready to take over and become leader.

    The fact this does not occur with Locke, tells me, at some point, Alpert knows Locke isn’t destined to be the new ‘leader’. But, that Locke will play an integral role in the overall picture.

    What Alpert knows for certain, is John Locke does come to ‘the island’ in the future.

    The opportunity was created to utilize Locke and his abilities once this happens. Ben certainly knows to some degree how he wants and needs things to ‘play out’. Locke becomes ‘the pawn’ in moving Ben’s master plan ahead.

    Locke displayed his loyalty by not shooting a young Widmore. He told Sawyer he couldn’t shoot him, because he was one of ‘his people’.

    If anything, Richard Alpert knows Locke is loyal to ‘the cause’, and to ‘the island’. So loyal, he is prepared to sacrifice himself and die for it, no questions asked.

  2. Dab: “The opportunity was created to utilize Locke and his abilities once this happens.” Utilize Locke or the utilitarian Bentham? Good comment, Locke will for sure ‘serve his purpose’. What that purpose is semi-divine or man-made/contrived will be an interesting story line.

    Thank you for the comment.

  3. I think you are wrong and I will tell you why.

    Richard Alpert thought the correct choice should be the compass. BUT as we all know Locke uses knifes, knives are his tools, a sort of extension of himself.

    Young John picked the knife because it did belong to him. More than the compass does anyways, technically the compass never belonged to John since Richard told older John to give it back to him the next time he saw him. So the Richard at the time may of thought the compass should of been the correct choice only because Richard didn’t know any better (Locke’s connection to knifes).

    Hope that makes sense.

  4. Hi, this is my first ever comment!

    Just wanted to say i dont really agree that Locke wasnt nurtured as a child to be leader, you have to look at what nurturing is. I think that Locke was put through all the trials and tribulations of his life to make him strong enough to be leader of the others. After the ‘which one is yours test’ Richard still kept tabs and visited Locke when he was teenager.

    Similar thing with Ben he was put through a lot of crap when he was young, losing his mum, dad blaming everything on him etc. This could be a way to toughen up leaders and gauge whether they can handle these things and by handling them become stronger leaders. Remember when Locke was tested to kill his father? i think to be a leader of the others Locke had to shed the baggage that had been put on him through his life, which he did to Bens suprise.

    Another thing, when Locke picks the knife this doesnt necessarily mean he’s picked the wrong thing therefore hes not leader, i dont think anything in lost would be that simple. Maybe Richard is shocked because Locke was telling the truth when he visited him in 1954, remember that was as far as we know Richards only encounter with Locke at that point. So Richard may have been going to visit Locke out of curiousity and was then shocked when Locke picked the right item, the knife.

    Think about it if he had picked the wrong thing completely it wouldnt have sparked such a reaction from Richard, he would have just been like ‘oh ok he picked the wrong thing’ I think the shock came from realising that someone had actually time travelled and spoken to him and hes now sitting here with that person as a kid, that would scare me.

  5. but you cannot deny that locke is still special, after all, he can walk once on the island where he couldn’t before….they still have yet to explain that even if he isn’t the leader.

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