Uh Oh’Is it safe?’.The Bomb that is!

I’d like to give ‘props’ to AES for prompting me to research the Faraday Cage, which led me to look at the Kerr Effect and Hydrogen bombs and arrive at some of the following conclusions.

Daniel Faraday tells Ellie, the bomb is leaking and how it should be handled for safekeeping. Presumably, ‘the others’ took the advice of Faraday. They filled the leak with lead, and buried Jughead in concrete, somewhere on ‘the island’, nice and safe. Or is it?

If this occurred on any other island, this might not present so many dire consequences. However, ‘our island’ is different’..very different!

The US tested at least 23 bombs on and around Bikini Island in the 1950’s. The effects of which have rendered Bikini Island, still uninhabitable, by a little thing called radiation, caused by one bomb, in one small corner of the island.

In Jughead, we don’t learn if the US deliberately sought out ‘our island’, or if by chance shipwrecked there, bomb in tow.

Hydrogen bombs combined with electromagnetism, travels at the speed of light when they are detonated, and create nuclear effects similar to what occurred in Chernobyl.

What we have learned about ‘our island’ is it is ripe with electromagnetism. So much so, it is responsible for many of the unusual occurrences we’ve witnessed. This bomb has the potential of becoming something of mass proportions, because the effects are greatly magnified.

What if a volcano were to erupt, activating the bomb? Concrete encasing wouldn’t save it. Think of the effects. ‘Our island’ is no ordinary island. Combine this, with ‘the island’ moving through time, if only slightly. Team Darlton have told us to think of ‘the island’ as a ‘wormhole’. What if this bomb has the power to turn that wormhole into a ‘black hole’? It would be ‘the mother’ of all bombs, capable of destroying the world.

We know Dharma was drilling on ‘the island’ as we saw Dr. Halliwax visiting the underground site. One of the DI workers was on the floor and bleeding from the nose. Are radiation leaks from Jughead causing the nosebleeds, in this particular case?

Could Dharma or somebody else via their experimentations on ‘the island’ set off a future chain of events that threatens mankind whether intentional or otherwise. Is this the reason why Jacob hates technology? Is this why the race is on to get the ’06’ back to ‘the island’? ‘To save the world’.

The possibilities are endless here. I’ve only touched on a few things. If we put our collective minds together and share our thoughts, we might just solve a mystery or two!

All aboard!

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~ Contrary to popular misconception, karma has nothing to do with punishment and reward. It exists as part of our holographic universe’s binary or dualistic operating system only to teach us responsibility for our creations—and all things we experience are our creations. ~

51 thoughts on “Uh Oh’Is it safe?’.The Bomb that is!

  1. That’s a great question, dannyk8232. One would think Faraday would know the potential dangers.

    Maybe he deliberately points them in the wrong direction. If this is correct, it would make him evil. Is he still ‘with’ Widmore, or is it a ruse?

    Thanks for your comment.

  2. Hmmmmm. I like this train of thought as it relates to some potential catastrophe that the 06 will be able to keep from happening. This seems to reinforce that they are the island’s constants, right? And it aligns with the drama of Hawking’s “God help us all” statement.

    The only thing that I am hung up on (and you aren’t the first to bring it up) is Daniel as an “evil” character. I could be completely duped on this one, and it will be fun to see which direction he goes. But then again, so far the only one I will truly call “evil” that I have seen on the show is Keamy. Man that guy deserved more than he got.

    Anyway, Daniel strikes me more as absent minded than plotting evil schemes. BUT that doesn’t mean that he inadvertently creates problems with what he does with his special knowledge of time and the island.

    Good research. I love that kind of stuff.

  3. Hey kimberly, I would agree on the ’06’ being ‘the island’s’ constants. It is Ms. Hawking’s “God help us all” statement that makes me think it is a real life and death ‘drama’ that will play out.

    You accurately depict in Dan’s character what makes him difficult for me to figure out. Is he the absent minded professor, or is he Widmore’s strongest ally…..He plays both well, whichever the case.

    PS: Dan did experiment on his ex-girlfriend Theresa, like she was his personal lab rat. I will reserve judgement on whether or not he’s a good guy for the time being. lol

    Glad you enjoyed!

  4. I was going to mention the experiment thing, too. You never know what reasons he had for that experiment, though. Sure, we could go with the line of thought that Widmore was behind it and forced it, or that Widmore was just simply in on it. But we also know that what Dan was doing with Eloise his rat was teaching her to run a maze. So was there a greater purpose in what they were working on accomplishing? Or was it just to see the effects on a human mind since it obviously is so similar to what happens with the connection to the island.

    Sorry to get so off topic from your original theory!!! Like I said, he’s a fun one to try to figure out. I instantly liked him more than I have ever liked Locke, who has been questionable on his motivations/actions/etc. too.

  5. And now that I re-read my last comment, I would love to think for a moment about the connection between the rat running the maze and Teresa or Daniel or whoever figuring out mysteries of the island. Was the maze foreshadowing some of Daniel’s purpose in being there and his connection to the island?

  6. AES, were it not for you, I wouldn’t have been able to pull that kind of information together.

    By all mean take it a step further. or two! Writing a theory is one thing. We learn from reading them, but it’s through discussion which we become informed!

    Can’t wait for it.

  7. first a q and a, weve seen ‘time travel’ of the island itself and the effects correct? When the island moves, the people go..but do the others? It didnt seem like they went anywhere. More importantly, if objects on the island dont move and people do, could the people moving..alter the islands course? And to what extent?

  8. kimberly, on your first comment, I think Faraday was attempting to reproduce the effects on Eloise, in a human subject.

    Theresa happened to be his girlfriend, so was likely a somewhat willing candidate.

    On your second comment, I don’t think we found out exactly what Widmore had Faraday studying. Be certain it had something to do, with ‘the island’.

    The fact, the maze and Eloise were in his lab, tells me he somehow had an inclination of his purpose.

  9. i mean, i know in the real world, concience time travel has no effect (dont fully agree), but if one were to literally/physically travel, they could change things, no?

  10. AES, I love your thoughts and where you’re headed with this. What a great question!

    I think you’re point about ‘the others’ is a good one.

    For sure ‘the island’ is moving, if only slightly. Confirmed by Darlton. We know for a fact ‘the losties’ are in fact moving with ‘the island’.

    I, personally believe ‘the losties’ CAN change the course of events. Their mere presence can effect that. We just saw Dan do this with Ellie over the discussion of Jughead.

    ‘The others’ move along with them, but in what context? Is it similar, or different somehow.

  11. I also agree about a person’s conscience travelling can make an impact as well. But in a different way.

    Locke tells Alpert to be present at his birth. We know Alpert does this. So the answer is an unequivocal yes. They’re already changing the future,IMO.

    I know some would argue otherwise, but I think the Alpert/Locke connection, seals the deal for me.

  12. here is my hypothetical story of the island…call it a theory, call it blabber, here we go… Our island moves through time, by doing so being some people dont move with it, and Faraday is, well everywhere, im going to try not to use words such as past or future, cause in reality, i just dont know if it matters …

  13. One more thought for you to ponder regarding the ‘island’s inhabitants.

    We know the US Army had some involvement. We know ‘the others’ were involved, including Widmore from a young age.

    We see Dharma debut in latter years, supposedly without resistance, initially from ‘the others’, and later purged by Ben.

    IMO, Dharma did harm to ‘the island’. What did they do and who was behind running Dharma?

  14. start by saying with the intro of widmore and possibly hawking (elle) on island, we’re probably going to stay 50 years ago for at least a while with faraday. Here is a part that has to be at least tolerated to understand this..i do not believe a ‘time machine’ would have to exist in the past in order to go back in the past.

  15. I was wondering why Dan, prior to his coming to ‘the island’ as part of Widmore’s team was showing up in a variety of time settings, without ‘the donkey wheel’ being turned!

    Looks like Danny boy found what he was looking for. Fantastic catch. Faraday was on ‘the island’, previously! And, he would have figured that out whilst working for Widmore!

    You clever man!

  16. This will make sense..i think. So with faraday cage talk, would we really want this large full of tons energy bomb just buried on an island without protection, even concrete alone wouldnt make me feel safe. I would probably build something to keep electromagnetic energy and pulses out…but what?

  17. You’re right AES, he would not need a time machine at all. he had to have discovered something after he met with Desmond, and something suddenly went wrong when he tried it on Theresa.

  18. lucky for us theres a scientist on the island with the same name as one that built boxes for just such a purpose. Now once that bomb is deep underground, i mean deep, like take an elevator to deep, its stabilized and thats that. But what if the person who buried it knew how to make time travel possible by non other than harnassing that energy. Heres the kicker, what if he is the scientist who time traveled from the future and lost the one he loves?

  19. what im proposing is daniel harnassed the energy of the island and bomb to create what came to be the center for time travel. I dont think it blows up, at least in the future weve seen. And 50 years ago, richard was well aware of jacob, but wouldnt the ‘old’ other from planet lost know that his island was capable of time travel?

  20. You wouldn’t want that bomb anywhere near that ‘island’.

    The bomb is filled with electromagnetism. Combine the electromagnetism on ‘the island’ and that bomb’s power becomes something worthy of the worst kind of horror.

    Take Hiroshama and magnify it. If, ‘the island’ is similar to a wormhole effect, it could cause a black hole, which could take, suck the world into it.

    Think about the Swan Station. Its purpose was to release the build up electromagnetic energy every 108 minutes.

    Kelvin and Radzinsky were minding the store, and along comes Desmond. Now, think about who claimed to know nothing about the purpose of the Swan Station. Ben/Henry.

  21. we didnt see any ‘true’ time travel we were aware of until Hawking had a conversation with ben, then her son faraday introduces lost to concience travel in a more scientific way, only to be there for ‘drumroll’ traditional physical time travel. Why wouldnt it be perfect for losts biggest loveable geek be the one who actually discovered time travel on and off island?

  22. I definitely like the idea a lot, AES. It could run that way for sure! Definitely a very plausible answer! I’m liking it more as I think about it.

    That would also answer why Jacob doesn’t like technology.

    If Daniel did this, then this could account for the women dying in pregnancy. Perhaps, they were exposed to high amounts of radiation, causing them and the fetuses to die.

    Love your thoughts! You should throw a theory together on this. You’re definitely onto something!

  23. ive always said there would be a religious/scientific correlation and i dont think this is any different. Im only saying it could explain time travel elements on lost, not Jacob, Smokey or anything…some of the walking dead maybe, but there will be some seperation in the science/faith

  24. Good discussion.

    So would this account for why the last video we saw at the Orchid as Ben was preparing to blast his way to the wheel was a warning about these interactions of energy and magnetism? My initial thought was that it was like a decoy video.

    So if Daniel knows all this, then how does it account for Ben knowing what to do to move the island, if the connection is between Daniel and Widmore?

  25. I believe this is right. If one side has ‘misused’ and ‘abused’ this technology on the side of science. It makes sense Faith would have to be involved to provide the balance.

  26. kimberly, Bingo, that is exactly what the video was about, in part.

    I think Ben knows because he has so many ways of finding out information. On island and off. I am certain if he would be able to source that out.

  27. Actually, AES. I don’t think that is too far from the truth! Ancient societies became extinct due to technology.

    Glad I make you undoubt.

    I’d love to read that theory, AES.

  28. What about widmore ben connection? I know who you are, what you are..ooh goosebumps…what is he? Being signifigantly younger than widmore in that scene, i think we may learn that when o6 and company return with ben its probably going to be 50yrs back and widmore will see an older ben, then maybe a little later he is still around to see young ben arrive

  29. AES, it’s statements like Widmore’s which continually make me feel when I’m thinking Ben is the good guy, that I’ve been pwn’d again by him! lol

    My prediction is Ben and Widmore meet on ‘the island’ in some time frame. We’ll see what they’ve been battling over. Should be fantastic!

    I think Dharma may have been initially good, but eventually became greedy, and power-hungry. Or, my other thought is Dharma was just a front for Widmore.

  30. ok dabs, cant post right now, only comment. If you want to put it out as a theory, i’ll hop in on comments. And if people hate it…just blame it on me. :]

  31. AES, I wish I could write a theory on the Ben/Widmore relationship. I don’t have a good ‘feel’ to write anything substantial enough at present.

  32. great theory and comments. I think the writers have a long, long way to go to connect all the dots for us, and lets face, there’s probably not enough show left to connect all of them. There is a good chance all we will know is Ben and Charles are mortal enemies, and we don’t get to really learn why or how this occurred. Back story and mythology are great, but with only so many episodes, I’m not convinced they’ll spend much time telling us why things are the way we see them. Some things we’ll just have to accept. I have a feeling this is what we’ll get with the FDW as well. I think way to many people would be pissed if the explanation weren’t up to standard, so it’s a lot easier, creatively speaking to just make us accept that it is there and it does what it does without giving us the back story.

  33. Hi Locko, I think you could be right about the viewers not getting answers to everything.

    I think they put an awful lot of information out there for viewers to sort through themselves.

    They have sites such as this, where people discuss all of the elements. At the end, the writers tell us what we got right or wrong.

    It is a very clever ‘interactive’ way of storytelling. Superb, IMO.

  34. i will give them credit though, over the last 2 weeks, we recieved much more info than i imagined. Great, great storytelling. I think some answers just cannot satisfy all viewers and those ‘big’ questions pertaining to faith vs science may very well go unanswered. But my faith is in the writers to complete charachter storylines in FULL.

  35. enjoyable read there. I especially liked the bit about the wormhole being magnified to a black hole. Do you think that the function of the ‘blast doors’ in the hatch is connected to this? actually what was the function supposed to be for the appropriately named blast-doors?

  36. AES I think the science vs faith may be left up to the viewers to decide how much influence they play a part in the story.

    I do feel the characters stories will be covered in detail.

  37. Hi Wigster, I don’t think the blast doors are related, but you never know. I am not even sure where they may have put Jughead to rest.

    One might think, the concrete in the Swan, would serve this purpose, however, I think it was to control the electromagnetism.

    The Blast Door was used to prevent anyone from leaving the Swan during the food drops.

  38. To assume that the H bomb is behind all that concrete at the swan seems wrong to me.

    It would suggest that Richard and co. carried the bomb across a good part of the island without benefit of roads to its resting place.

    Also you see a half dozen plastic buckets stuck to the floor where they poured the concrete. Presumably these white 20 gallon buckets were used to carry and pour the concrete. Buckets that did not exist back in the 50’s.

    My guess is that the H bomb is burried somewhere else on the island.

  39. Not necessrily richard who does it. But actually i think his people do help at his command. It gives you a how is that possible effect. Like the pyramids or stonehenge

  40. Andre7, great thoughts and analogy about where the bomb is/isn’t. While, it seems logical it could be encased in concrete in the Swan, I suspect it is someplace else on ‘the island’.

    The one thought I have is it was behind the wall where Halliwax and company were drilling.

    AES, I like the stonehenge/pyramids reference. Good thoughts on that one!

  41. Anyone else think that if you’re going to wrap a bomb up in concrete – you might as well make it pretty? I mean, you could shape it into like, a four-toed foot or something..

  42. CoolBeans, never thought about the four-toed statue. Isn’t it on the other side of ‘the island’? That’s a long way to ‘hoof’ it, but who knows.

  43. just a comment about hydrogen bombs…a volcano or anything else wouldn’t set it off. In order for a hydrogen bomb to detonate, an internal atomic bomb must first be detonated to start the high level of chain reaction needed for that magnitude of power. A leak would be harmful only in having radioactive material be out to interact with humans, causing cancer, etc.

  44. ekolocation, I will not disagree with your initial statement.

    What is being referred to, is the high amount of electromagnetism making the bomb very unsafe.

    Fission is caused by heat. I don’t think we can say definitively, this would not have an effect on the bomb’s safety, not to mention the leak.

    As for a volcanic eruption, if it were large enough, it would render the bomb unsafe, sending out radioactive material, no doubt about it.

    Given the nature of what ‘the island’ is, and the time elements surrounding it, this could have the effect and impact of ‘the mother’ of all bombs. Specifically, if we are talking about ‘the island’ being a wormhole, or existing in 4th dimensional time space.

    Hope, I’ve clarified my position, unless you want to split ‘atoms’ over it. lol

  45. dabs….love this being the catastrophic event that they are trying to prevent. More than the fertility issue. Faraday really screwed the pooch (Lulu, maybe) that day. He tells them to bury the bomb and he tells Eloise about time travel. I guess he wasn’t thinking clearly because of Charlotte.

    I was only kidding about Lulu….I am actually a dog person…just not “that kind” of dog person.


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