Jack’s Tattoos, Course Correction, and Changing the Future

I’ve had this theory in my head for some time but never got around to putting it down ‘ wanted to post it before season 5 begins in case there’s any truth to it. My apologies if this infringes on anyone’s theory

Firstly, as the Damon and Carlton have made it clear, Jack is the central character of this show. Furthermore, a majority of the major plot developments that have happened are the result of his decisions (ie. multiple characters still being alive, the oceanic 6 getting off the island, the freighter crew getting into the island, and thus all the resulting things such as the island moving). No one else has as substantially affected the storyline as he has.

Now we’ve often heard the word ‘special’ used to describe people on the island ‘ like Locke and Walt. But I believe that Jack is more special than any of them. Why?

Remember what Jack’s tattoos say? ‘He walks among us, but he is not one of us’. So, we know that Jack is in some way different from everyone else ‘ I’ll get to what I think it is in a second. Also, Achara said he is a leader, a great man. She also said that she was breaking the rules, that she wasn’t supposed to/allowed to reveal these things to him. No why would this be? Clearly, Jack has yet to fully comprehend the meaning behind them, and perhaps him finding out would be dangerous or greatly affect things. So what could be so special about Jack? What makes him different from everyone else?

Well, I believe that when Ms. Hawkins said that you can’t change the future, that the universe has a way of course correcting, that it’s not entirely true’ More specifically, I think this is true, for everyone, except for Jack.

Now why would I believe such a crazy thing?

Firstly, when Jack really wants something he gets it. Examples? Jack wanted to get off the island, and he made it happen. Also, Jack has been able to save everyone from death (except 2, discussed later), even when it seemed impossible.

Jack wanted to save Charlie. He did ‘ quite miraculously. He wanted to heal Sarah. He did ‘ very miraculously as well. He wanted to save Desmond after the helicopter crashed. He did – quite the miracle. Same goes for Rose. He saved Juliet’s life. He also saved Sawyer’s life when he was about to be executed. Oh and there was also someone else’ I’ll get to that in a second.

Now you might say ‘ well he’s a doctor ‘ obviously he’s going to save people. What’s so special about this? Good point. Well, take a look at another pattern ‘ when do people die? We’ve all noticed that there seems to be a pattern as to when people die ‘ when they conquer their demons ‘ Eko (conquering his guilt), Ana Lucia (opening up), etc etc. no need to go back other that theory, which has yet to be disproved, and lines up with almost everyone’s death’

So what does that have to do with it? Well, I believe that many of the people that Jack saved were ‘supposed’ to die, according to the rules of the island / conquering your demons. Sawyer for example, conquered his demon, opening up and saying ‘I love you’ to Kate. Only hours later he had a gun pointed at his head and was almost killed. And who comes to the rescue? Jack of course.

The same goes for Charlie. Charlie was supposed to die ‘ he conquered the heroin, and right after, was killed by Ethan. But he was then miraculously revived by Jack. Now the universe eventually came back for Charlie and course corrected. But could Desmond save Charlie, even with his ability to see the future? Well, he’s not Jack, right?

Furthermore, as Locke pointed out, Jack wasn’t ‘supposed to’ answer the call, or leave the island. But he did anyways. I believe that everyone has a ‘fate’ or their course, but Jack can create his own fate, and thus, everyone’s fate lies is his hands.

Now who else did Jack save ‘ ah yes, Benjamin Linus, who the island was trying to rid itself of. What triggered this whole theory is a line that Ben said to Jack. He explained to Jack that they had this huge plan to break him, to make him think that they were his friends, etc etc all to get him to want to do the surgery. Now why the hell would someone go to such lengths to get Jack ‘ a relatively nice guy ‘ to do the operation, when they probably could have just asked him nicely? Well, Ben obviously wanted the best odds for success… He wanted Jack to like him, to desperately want to save him, like he did with Charlie. Ben said it himself, ‘I want you to WANT to save me’. Why? Because Ben knew that Jack’s fate / the outcomes he produces are not controlled by the island / can be different than what’s supposed to happen ‘ that he can get something if he truly wants it.

The only hole I’ve found in this theory is Boone. He did want to save him, but wasn’t able to. I can’t explain this. But there’s still an overwhelming amount of evidence that leads me to think there’s something right about this idea.

Now I know what you’re going to say ‘ there was also the incident with the Italian man before he got on the island that he wasn’t able to save as well. But, However, as I said, I think that Jack gets what he wants, and in that case, what he really wanted wasn’t to save the man, it was to get with the daughter ‘ as evidenced by the hours he spent there, the amount of time he took doing ‘tests’ and the remarks his father made. Oh yeah, and the fact that he got her. And while we’re on the topic, Jack also pretty much could have had Kate whenever he wanted her.

Finally, at the end of season 4, Jack also wants to get everyone to go back, and it seems like he’s going to get his way again.

The other things that make me believe there’s some truth to these ideas are the clear importance of Jack’s bloodline. We know that Aaron is important, that Jack’s dad is important (since he’s appeared to people who don’t know him ‘ Michael and Hurley). There’s clearly something very special about Jack.

I also believe that the island tried to kill Jack. Remember in Season 1 when Jack was chasing his father and almost fell off the cliff? Well, it didn’t work’ Neither did the appendicitis, that I believe the island gave him to stop him from getting off the island ‘ which didn’t work either. His will is just more powerful. Oh and remember what the producers told us about the pilot? That’s right’ Jack was supposed to die’ What if that was the biggest clue of all??? (that might be coincidence, but it does fit nicely)

Anyways, just trying to pick up on what seem to be a lot of clues, which for anyone that has re-watched any seasons after seeing subsequent ones, knows well that they’re spread out everywhere.

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4 thoughts on “Jack’s Tattoos, Course Correction, and Changing the Future

  1. First of all, I apologise as this theory and your other theory got stuck in the moderater queue. I’m unsure why but I only noticed it today, so I’m sorry for only approving them now.

    To anyone who reads this theory: it was written before Season 5 began.

    Secondly, with regards to your post.

    “The only hole I

  2. cbryson419, I definitely believe Jack is ‘key’ to this story. I think the ‘Shepard’ family has an important role to play.

    The clues surrounding Jack are very subtle. I am still very unclear, as to where it is all leading with him.

    Great thoughts!

  3. easily one of the better theories ive heard on here. Dont get me wrong, many old thoughts, but tied together in a perfect way. Nothing here i havent heard of or thought of myself, but you did this perfectly. Excellent post, fully agree with all ideas

  4. I read this post today before watching Episode 4. While I was watching it tonight, I couldn’t help but notice at one point when Sawyer said some great line about “not wanting to” touch Kate, and “what’s done is done.” It goes along perfectly with this as Sawyer is playing the opposite of what Jack is up to, and as you point out, has been up to all along, whether he knows it or not. (I can’t watch it again yet as it’s not online – but I will so I can quote it correctly!)

    I’ve been vehemently anti-Jack and his self-righteous savior complex for awhile now. Even though I know he’s central and will continue to be, especially as we HOPEFULLY learn more about Jacob this season…

    So, Jack’s definitely not my favorite, but your post put some of his issues in a more positive light for me.

    I find myself leaning toward Jack being the tie-breaker in a way for the island-keeper. It’s not Widmore and it’s not Ben, even though they think they are the main players. I think the ultimate demise and undoing of Ben will be him realizing that Jacob is JACK! How great would that be? And it will be Widmore’s undoing because Desmond will have had the major role in making it all happen.

    Anyway, nice one.

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