lockes dad?

im new here so please dont shot me if this has already been asked.
but did anyone else notice that lockes dad, knew what the island was?
when Ben takes locke to see his dad, he says something like ‘dont you know where u are’ or something like that.

so my question is why does he know about the island and does that explain lockes connection with the island?

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6 thoughts on “lockes dad?

  1. I was thinking about this the other day. But maybe he thought he knew where he was. I mean why wouldn’t he just yell it out to try and save his life.

    Maybe Locke and pops have been there at another time together and 4 some reason Locke doesn’t remember and cant be told.

    It did seem an odd comment, except it’s Lost so who knows. In the end,I think dude was just trying his last con.

    I still keep hope alive that he is not Locke’s Father at all.

  2. thanks for writing.
    but i think theres more to it.
    because ben said locke had to kill him, himself why? and i refuse to think that locke brought him there.
    also when his dad spoke to much Ben ordered Tom to shock him. why?

    yh it is lost and there are hidden messages all over.

    lol we can all hope that.

  3. BEN: Tom!

    [Tom tazers Cooper, allowing John to free himself]

    i found the transcript

    BEN: I warned you, John.

    COOPER: Don’t you know, John? Don’t you know where we are?

    [Tom closes the door quickly, keeping Locke outside]

    LOCKE: [To Ben] What did he mean?

  4. ana_lost_fan, this question has bugged me since the episode aired.

    I believe Cooper was trying to insinuate, they must be in hell, but the whole scenario struck me as completely odd. He sure didn’t act like a man, who believed he was in hell.

    I also noted Ben shut him up, and cut him off deliberately. This really stuck out in my mind, Cooper may have been orchestrated what to say by Ben.

    Whatever the true story was, I can honestly say, Locke was being manipulated by Ben. I’m not sure why, but hope we eventually find out. It wouldn’t surprise me if Locke bumps into ‘daddy dearest’ on ‘the island’ again!

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