Memories and Changing the past.

Lets have a conversation. I love this site. Lets all put our heads together and try to figure this one out, cause when I try alone I get nosebleeds.

The people who we have seen interacted with in the past thus far are: Ethan, Desmond, “Original Others: Alpert, Ellie, Widmore), The Frenchies. Now my question is, what is the criteria for whether a person remembers something that occured in the past as a future implanted memory, or since the day it occurred.

With ABSOLUTE certainty, we can say that Desmond remembers things as a “future implanted memory.”

With ABSOLUTE certainty, we can say that Alpert remembers things from the moment they happen.

WIth SOME DEGREE of certainty, we can postulate that Widmore remembers things from the moment they happen.

It doesn’t really matter what Ethan remembers cause he is dead.

Is the reason Desmond’s “memories” come in the future because he is “special” as Faraday said?
Is the reason Alpert (and possibly Widmore) can remember things from the moment they happened because they have an intimate connection to the island?
Finally, why did Desmond only remember what occurred at that “PRECISE MOMENT” in the future? Does it mean that, though the Losties are traveling back in time, the island itself is actually in sync with Desmond’s present Timeline?

These questions are crucial. With the answers to these questions we can begin to speculate more widely, and could greatly influence the direction of a theory. For example, if we assume that everyone except Desmond remembers these “time travel events” from the moment they occur, then maybe you could speculate that Jin meets young Ben, perhaps gives him something, a wedding band or the like, and this is how Ben KNOWS Jin is alive because, he has always known it.

So what do we think?

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2 thoughts on “Memories and Changing the past.

  1. I can only comment on the Desmond part. I think his interaction with Faraday never happened until Faraday made it happen during the recent episodes’ time travels. That’s why Desmond wakes up seeing it as a “memory”, which he finds weird, because until then, he does not remember it happening. Faraday added that memory into Desmond’s head in the past so that future Des can help Faraday and the others by tracking down Faraday’s mother.

  2. I agree with Cappayne- desmond woke up with the memory the precise moment it happened and he didn’t know it before, because it didn’t happen before.

    As for alpert and widmore perhaps they remember right away because nothing has changed but with faraday and desmond something was changed

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