The Island Moving through Time and through water

The Island is obviously jumping through time but is also physically moving.

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4 thoughts on “The Island Moving through Time and through water

  1. I don’t know if this is happening for the sake of using 4 8 15 16 23 42 or if I am reading too into this but if you start at:

    1954 (Jughead)
    1954 + 42 = 1996 (Desmond)
    1996 + 8 = 2004 (815 took off)
    2004 – 16 = 1988 (Rousseau)
    1988 – 15 = 1973 (Dharma)
    1973 + 23 = 1996 (Desmond again)
    1996 + 4 = 2000 (When they crashed?)
    2000 + 8 = 2008 (Ajira Airlines)

    Either this blows your minds or I don’t know what I am talking about

  2. Does it need to be explained? I think it’s one of the aspects of the show (like people not being able to die) that you must accept as the magical characteristics of the island.

  3. I was once decieved by the producers…pesky lying, “no time travel on lost” producers. I was also under the impression the island was moving. But if you want to get technical, using the words “physically moving could simply mean physically changing as it jumps in time, but where did it go? I smell a theory brewing.

  4. Grego, if you’re using 1996 for Desmond as the time he ended up on the island, it was actually 2001 when he ended up there. Same with the crash of 815, that was 2004.

    I like what you did though 🙂

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