Simply an Incredible Episode: More Thoughts on Miles

Wow. Simply, simply wow.

I am sorry if 80 percent of my theories focus on Miles, but I just think hes so intriguging. I really don’t think Lost would just have a guy who “can talk to dead people” without there being a big reason.

The episode sparked a conversation about Miles I wanted to share. If we assume that Faraday and Co. are now stranded in some period in the Lost History in which they may eventually live out the “Dharma Era,” and we assume that Mile’s “on island time” was during his infancy (and perhaps even as Chang’s son), then it reasons that Miles is in extra special danger of having himself a Number 14 bunny incident. What we think is that Miles saw, made eye contact, had some type of interaction with the past version of himself. Nothing too much however. Lets call it the maximum level of exposure one can have to one’s past self without unraveling the universe. What would be the side effects of such an encounter. Though its entirely possible that Miles was just “born” with death talking abilities, wouldn’t it be interesting if his powers were a result of encountering his past self?.

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6 thoughts on “Simply an Incredible Episode: More Thoughts on Miles

  1. shanimal44, I also like the post.

    I was however, under the impression if one came into contact with ‘their prior self’, there would be devastating consequences.

    I really like Miles, and feel he’s been under utilized. Perhaps his skills are yet to shine, and more background will be learned.

  2. I need someone to be funny while Swayer is busy pining over Kate. Not that he hasnt had some good lines, just not the fully sarcastic Sawyer we came to know on Lost. He seems darker now, maybe without Kate…he seems…lost

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