Jack Time Travel from the start?

OK this has probably been disscussed a lot of times before but i just wanted to reopen it from our new perspective in which time travel is very possible.

The very first shot in the first episode of the first season is Jack lying far enough from the plane that he had to run for a while to reach the wreck. Heres what im saying to me there is no way that Jack couldve been flung by himself to the distance he was away from the plane, if you think about it i dont think that is possible at all considering he is completely in one piece, how could he have fallen out the plane and even still be alive let alone not have a scratch.

So this leads me to believe that Jack time travelled to the exact point in time when the plane crashed, He was lying in exactly the same way as when Ben warped to tunisia. Im pretty convinced that we will learn that this was a time travel on jacks part im not sure why or how but im pretty convinced of that. I wanted to know if anyones considered this after the events of season 4 and so far in season 5.

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17 thoughts on “Jack Time Travel from the start?

  1. Jack does have a deep cut in his side that requires stitching by Kate. He also has the Vodka bottles that Cindy gave him on the flight indicating a continuity of events.

    The more likely scenario for time travel is that only his consciousness travels to that period, and then only for a limited time in order to accomplish something specific.

    In other words, if the creators of the show wanted to revisit the scene they use the first shots of the scene, cut in Mathew Fox doing something else and then cut to the long travelling shot of him coming out of the jungle and running to the fuselage.

    From a film-making standpoint this would make sense (and cost little to shoot). We have yet to see the end justification for Jack travelling back. What would he need to go back for?

  2. Thanks for the thoughts Andre. I get that it could be his consciousness that went back in time, but what i cant accept is that Jack flew that far away from the plane with just superficial injuries, furthermore he was, as far as we know the only on who ended up that far from the plane.

    The continuity doesnt add up with vodka bottles etc. But i think if you think about it realistically i dont the creators wouldnt him appear that far away from the plane for nothing and if you did crash in a plane and were thrown that far away you wouldnt still be able to walk, we can say that for definite. The other school of thought could be that he was healed by the properties of the island, which never seems to happen instantly anyway.

    The question is why would he go back?

  3. I have mentioned this theory before with Full circle…

    I agree that it might only be his mind because he does have the vodka off the plane…

    notice also he is wearing the suit that resembles the suit he is wearing now while trying to get back to the island..

    I also agree that it is bizarre that he is far from the crash without justifiable injury.

    …and seriously what is up with the shot of christians shoe in the tree…!

  4. Oh no, not this old chestnut.

    Look, we saw Jack on the plane. He was there. On it. Then it crashed, whereby Jack came out of it and landed in the jungle. It’s not weird that he was far away from it (debris, like Christian’s coffin, or the two passengers strapped to their seats in the lake were much further away), it’s miraculous that he survived.

    But it’s miraculous any of them survived.

    There’s no need for time travel of any kind to be introduced, and it becomes almost beyond sense or logic if it is (just explain what Jack does AFTER all of this and tally that with time travel?).

    And it’s not Christian’s shoe in the tree. In the mobisode ‘So It Begins’, that takes place about a minute before the Pilot episode start, we see Christian standing in the jungle wearing two white shoes.

  5. Good points, lostfan very interesting that hes wearing the same or at least similar suit now, i hadnt noticed that.

    I have no clue why he wouldve gone back but the scene just seems significant in some way. Like i said in the original post the way hes lying down and the way he wakes up is exactly the same as Ben was when he got warped to Tunisia and it seems to have been intentionally done the same way.

    Angelo i know that things were found far from the plane but isnt odd that the guy who becomes leader of the group and quite an important componant of the whole show is the only person alive found far from the plane.

    Another thing that i thought of was the tattoo jack has, cant remember exactly but it was something like’he walks amongst us but he is not one of us’, ive always wondered what the significance of that whole episode was. just thinking

  6. kate was also not near the wreckage, nor were Bernard or the entirre tail section. I dont doubt the time travel, its possible, but i dont think we have evidence yet

  7. An interesting theory, but you’ve missed what I consider to be the biggest piece of evidence for a Jack time traveling theory.

    I present a section of the transcript from the season one episode ‘All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues.’ Ethan has already kidnapped Charlie and Claire. Jack catches up with him and the two scuffle; Ethan knocks him out. Kate later finds the unconscious Jack…

    “JACK: Ethan?

    KATE: What?

    JACK: Ethan was here.

    KATE: You banged your head, Jack.

    JACK: No. He was here.

    KATE: You have to stop. The rain has washed away the trail. Even if he was here — you’ve got — Jack!

    JACK: I’m not letting him do this.

    KATE: Not letting him?

    JACK: Not again.”

    Now what does Jack mean by not again? Time travel anybody?

  8. Unless we see Jack sustain an injury to his side, I don’t see him ending on the ground being a time travel.

    I think it’s more believable to believe a theory I read on this site that says that the losties were frozen for a bit, and debris was planted and maybe Jack was moved their.

  9. Good look on the side injury cappayne, that is something that I have considered and wrote off because they probably werent thinking like that back then…and now I have to think about it again. Ill be watching every freakin episode trying to guess if “this is where hes going to get hurt!” But I will agree with this more than the frozen/planted theory. Too much for me.

  10. I respectfully disagree AC. ‘IT IS’ weird that Jack had few injury’s and landed hundreds of yards from the plane that just cracked into pieces.

    Yeah, We saw jack on the plane,But..AND I hate to DIGRESS, Butwhatif That was one of these items.

    1. A dream.
    3. Smokey
    4. Or worst of all the time travel,Wich includes THE multiverse…WoW.

  11. Wow that was a great find from Damon when Jack says ‘not again’, in fact that whole scene was a bit weird in that Kate didnt believe Ethan was there.
    I think that proves that there was some kind of time travel from the start.

    Another thing i thought of, when jack wakes up he immediately runs in the right direction to get to the crash even though he cant see anything, he knows exactly where to go. When he reaches the beach he looks out as if expecting something to be there and then when its not looks round and low and behold theres a plane wreckage.

    Now if i woke up in a jungle (which i would think because how would i even know its an island) I wouldnt just start running full speed in any direction cos i wouldnt know where i was, i might call out or look for other people in the jungle.

    Jack just seemed a bit to on the ball for me!

  12. I disagree with the whole ‘jack was in on it’ theories, because when he reaches the beach there is an enormous jet engine roaring away, people running round screaming and flames and smoke billowing everywhere so it wouldn’t take much to realise where you’d run to.

  13. this seems very irrelevant as the writers have admtted for the first season, and all of them to a degee up to season 4, they didnt know what direction they were going in, so to dsct the PILOT using theories that we know now is a bit pointless in my opinion.

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