Faraday came up with how to find the island/Miles has been on the island before

Maybe everybody already worked this out and I’m sorry if I’m being repetitive, but I just wanted to know if other people agreed with me.

The first thing that entered my mind when Eloise Hawking was talking about “a brilliant man who found out where the island was going” was that it was totally Daniel. I sort of disregarded it when I remembered it was his mother talking but when I mentioned it to my Dad he told me I was probably right.

It’s just that Faraday seems to be popping up everywhere and those blackboards looked mightily like those ones at Oxford. It seems that anything doing with time and the island has Daniel mixed in with it. How trippy was it when he was there with the Asian guy from the Dharma videos?

I personally think that Daniel Faraday is one of the most intriguing characters on the show (past-wise) other than Miles.

My Dad actually came up with this whole Miles-has-been-on-the-island-before theory. He noticed that the longer someone’s been on the island, the quicker the time jumps take a toll on them.

Charlotte, who spent her childhood on the island, suffered the effects first because she probably spent around 7 or 8 years on the island. I think it’s Juliet whose nose bleed comes next and who has probably spent at least a year on the island. Next, Miles’ nose bleeds (Note: I’m not really sure if Juliet’s or Miles’ nose bleeds first but it’s not really crucial to the point since it started around the same time). His nose bleeds before Sawyer’s who has been on the island for about 2 months. Since Daniel’s nose still hasn’t bled, we must assume that Miles has been on the island before because if he had spent the same amount of time on the island as Daniel, like he lets on, then his nose wouldn’t have bled yet or it would have at least bled after Sawyer’s.

Miles is also really intriguing because think back to that episode (Early Season 4, I think?) when he goes to Walt’s grandmother’s house. He is looking in what we assume to be Walt’s room for a ghost. Who was he looking for? And why did Widmore want a ghost scientist (don’t know the technical term, sorry) on his freighter?

Sorry if you’ve read it somewhere before but I just wanted to get my opinions out there.

P.S.: On an unrelated, completely random note, I think the girl who led Daniel to the hydrogen bomb is Penny’s mother.

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17 and I've been watching Lost since I was in 6th grade. Even back then I was always trying to figure it out. Oh, and Charlie was my favorite character ever, but now Desmond takes the top spot.

10 thoughts on “Faraday came up with how to find the island/Miles has been on the island before

  1. For the P.S. part, it has been pretty much established that the girl (Ellie) who lead Daniel to Jughead is in fact Eloise (notice the similar names)

    As for the rest, something to add is the Asian child we see when Pierre Chang is making a Dharma Orientation video could be Miles, thus accouting for his time on the island. By the way, Miles is the second to experience a nosebleed, after Charlotte and before Juliet.

  2. Oh, that makes sense. I forgot her name but I see how all the facts point to Eloise. I still think she could be Penny’s mother, though. Lost has made a surprising sibling connection before and they could do it again. Perhaps that’s why Widmore took an interest in the woman Daniel hurt? Because Eloise asked him to? Of course, all that could’ve happened to just because they remained allies.

    Thanks for clearing the nosebleed order up. It occured to me the child could be Miles but if his parents had been part of the Dharma Iniative then it seems like he would’ve remembered Charlotte. They seem around the same age. But maybe he did remember her and isn’t letting on.

    If Miles is the Asian baby in the crib, then I wonder how he escaped the mass-murder Ben commited. To me, it seems like his (possible) father was very involved with Dharma and wouldn’t have left. Maybe he did, however, because he has obviously spent less time on the island that Charlotte.

  3. As for Miles’ job in the house off the island in Inglewood, California the woman was Mrs. Gardner, and her grandson was murdered. It is not safe to say that this is Walt’s grandmother’s house. Walt’s grandmother lives in New York.

  4. We were writing at the same time. The reason he does not remember Charlotte is because he also does not remember the island, probably leaving at a very young age, before the Purge and before he could meet and rememeber people.

  5. Hmm, good point. I obviously don’t know as much about Lost as you do, cappayne.

    I still get the vibe that it is Walt’s grandmother though, or someone related to him. No idea who and I could be completely wrong, but it HAS to come back somehow because why else would that little segment be put in the series at all?

  6. To establish Miles, perhaps and his abilities.

    More intriguing however is the framed picture of the boy in the stairwell. It changes from the beginning of the scene to the end. In other words, by activating his dust-buster machine or something, Miles has changed the reality around him. He has changed the kid.

    Are the writers laying pipe to reverse what they were saying about time paradoxes?

  7. Hi hayley, I think this is a great post! It’s well written too!

    I think Miles was born on ‘the island’. I’m not sure who his parents are, but there are some pretty good guesses, out there.

    Apparently, anyone who was born on ‘the island’ is more susceptible to the nosebleeds, initially. So, I think that confirms Miles being born on ‘the island’.

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