Is it possible…

That the Oceanic 815 plane found at the bottom of the ocean was not planted but instead was the future 815 after the O6 change the past?

Just throwing it out there, since no one seemed to ask the O6 how they are all alive when the footage of sunk 815 had all the passengers in it, possibly because there was no footage to compare with yet.

About Lapidus saying that the pilot always wears his ring, maybe events in the new past cause him to not meet his wife, or a break up perhaps.

I can’t remember the instances we see footage of the sunk 815 other than with crying Faraday, but I don’t remember hearing any time frame in that scene.

Just a thought that I hope gets proved wrong or looked more into, because that plane at the bottom of the ocean has bugged me ever since I first saw it.

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6 thoughts on “Is it possible…

  1. The producer-writers of the show have clearly stated that they have had to set ground rules about how they are going to portray time travel.

    They have stated that in the interest of good story telling, and not cheating the audience, they are going to avoid the time paradoxes that you are referring to.

    In other words, if all you have to do is go back in time in order to undo things, it makes everything a lot messier from a story telling point of view. Everything we see happening has happened. Events will not be undone.

    815 crashed. On the island. There were survivors. The Sunda trech 815 is a fake put there by Widmore (claims Tom Friendly in ‘Meet Kevin Johnson’ season 4). It is a fake put there by Ben (claims Widmore in another episode)

    Of course time will tell if maybe Cuse-Lindeloff are lying to protect the show’s end-game. If so I would be sorely disappointed. Everybody dies? What a drag!

    In my version flight 815 lands in LAX and all the tired passengers get off and go on with their lives. But charged by some sense of strangeness.

    Perhaps each of them is an alternate version of the characters we have grown to know.

  2. Naveen Andrews (Sayid) predicted exactly what you don’t want: a boat coming to the island and picking up Vincent, with the corpses of the losties scattered on the beach in the background.

    Thanks for clarifying though, 7!

  3. Have any of the characters been caught reading Ambrose Bierce’s Incident At Owl Creek Bridge?

    In that short story, (*Spoiler*) a man is hanged by some soldiers, escapes and runs away to make his way home. At the moment he arrives home and his wife puts her arms about his neck… He reaches the end of the rope and dies. It was all in his head. The story has been taken up again many times. Someone on this very forum brought up the movie Jacob’s Ladder…

  4. I think the book is called “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”, and yes, remember back to the hatch when Locke is alphabetizing the books on the bookshelf, it is one of the books Locke looks at. Great catch!

  5. And here’s a quote from it:

    “The wood on either side was full of singular noises, among which – once, twice, and again – he distinctly heard whispers in an unknown tongue.”

    (the episode was The Long Con)

  6. An Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge is one of my favorite stories ever. Caught that for sure. Dont think it will play out exactly like that. Although, if they start feeling lightheaded with nose bleeds that could result from fast dropping altitude and cabin pressure, and could also be explined in some way on the show..but how…? ;]

    Yes, my imagination runs away from me sometimes.

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