Hey everyone. This is a question I have about the correlation between the show and the “Lost: Via Domus” video game, and the impacts on the show.

If you are currently playing, or think you might play the game in the future and don’t want the ending ruined through possible discussion, don’t read past this post. Otherwise, let’s get to my question.

So, like any video game, there has to be an ending. The ending to the game is not of main importance to the question, so unless people want to know it, I will hold off posting it for now.

We know that the producers of the show are very secretive about future episodes and information, and that aside from them, only Matthew Fox (actor portraying Jack Shephard) knows the ending of the entire series.

So now factor in a video game released in February of 2008. This is a few seasons in (the game covers 67 days or 3 seasons) and theories about the ending of the show were already created.

Now if the ending of the video game turns out to be the same as the show, many, many fans will feel cheated. I know I would. The ending of the video game is definitely an idea that has been thought of as a possibility for the ending of the show.

Now, for my question: So the makers of this video game know they are making a game based on a show with a plot that is yet to be completed. Are they required to consult the producers of the show to make sure what they include is fine by them? Do they have to ask if the ending is okay? If they do, then it is a lose-lose situation. If the producers of the show had to verify the ending of the video game which proposed (unknowingly) the same ending as the show, and the producers told them to change it, I feel the game producers would be given confidential information about the show’s ending. Vice versa, if the makers of the show give the ‘okay’ on the game’s ending, fans could assume that this is NOT the way the show is going to end.

So, I’m not very educated on copyrights and all that, but to me it seems that the other way they could go about it is if the makers of the game didn’t consult the show producers and therefore the ending of the game could ‘ or could not ‘ be the show’s ending. Still people who played the game would probably feel cheated anyway.

So does anyone know how this works?

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One thought on “Re: Lost Video Game *POSSIBLE GAME SPOILERS*

  1. Not sure how it works but I’m sure the writers/producers of the show would have had a final say in it. I’m guessing they ended it the way they did because they couldn’t find another way to end it… unless, of course, Elliot found his way home much like Michael and Walt, which makes you wonder why they didn’t end it like that.

    Even though the game was a big dissapointment, I thought the ending was intriguing and interesting, but I wouldn’t want this to happen on the show and I doubt it will… if it did it’s a waste of 3 years of telling the rest of the story.

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