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Ok. Ben recruited most of the others right? And this was when the islands time was ‘normal’ and that was in the ‘past’ compared to the outside world right?

So Ben brings these women from the ‘future’ (where they have no children)back to the ‘past’. They fall pregnant in the past but their future selves have no children so this would cause a paradox or whatever correct?
If they have a child that would mean that they would have a child in the future but they don’t, so they die to keep their ‘timeline’ the same.

Is that correct or am very confused?

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  1. We still don’t know why pregnant women die on the island… I don’t think this is it though. I don’t think it would cause a paradox if the women came from the future then had a child in their past. Maybe if one of the children were to run into their mother at some point and convince them not to go to the past… that would be a paradox.

  2. Did Ben recruit the ‘others’? It was Alpert who recruited Juliette, as for Mr Friendly, Danny, that Sheriff woman (season 3) we haven’t seen who recruited them. Could these people be as Richard is and have been on the Island for a very long time?

  3. Ben actually said he was “born” on the island, unless the island is in oregon at the time of his death…look, just dont believe anything Ben has said, thats probably the easiest way to put it :]

  4. Hi ana

    The problem is you cannot trust a word ben says

    The relationship between ben and richard is interesting, ben is the leader (it would seem) but he looks to Richard as if he is an elder of the community. Richard does not appear to be violent or nasty but he has a leader that is. I wonder if Widmore was the leader and he became to powermad and then he was kicked out and ben took control and now he has gone power mad and Locke is in the frame.

  5. It’s beginning to seem like the paradox theory isn’t possible in the Lost theory of time travel. No matter what anyone does they cannot change the future. I’m curious whether a risk of a paradox occurring is ever going to be a real issue on the show. Unless I’m forgetting a scene, or some converation, I don’t remember anyone touching upon this subject. Even if someone dies it seems they are brought back to life to full-fill their destiny. Strange to theorize on a theory of a theory… I would like to time travel forward and see tonights Lost. But even if I were to come back to the present and tell everyone here what happens, everyone would still watch it.

  6. It very well could be a paradox hence why woman die after giving birth. Both can not exist in the past at the same time. Is this the case on LOST? We may soon find out.

  7. The whole ‘creating a paradox’ theory on why women can’t have babies has come up on other Lost theory websites. I believe that it is true – having a baby in the past when you have no baby in the present creates a paradox. BUT, we have yet to see how the paradox applies to the Losties now that the Island is no longer jumping through time. As far as I’m concerned, everyone on the island during the ‘skipping’ should now be considered an Original inhabitant. I wouldn’t be surprised to see one of the Losties get pregnant AND SUCCESSFULLY give birth. Perhaps Juliet and Sawyer?

  8. But Hawking said the island was always moving, “why do you think you were never resued?”.
    This would lead me to believe that it was off its axis that caused the “skipping”.
    The island now, whatever year it is, should be back to the “moving” state, that Hawking described, scince John moved the wheel. And the state it was in when the Losties first crashed.
    This was still an issue with the ‘others’ during the same “moving” state of the island, hence their pregnancy issues.
    It might not be the answer, but I think it makes sense so far.

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