A Much Improved Crash Landing

So flight 316 seems to have done a much better job at delivering people to the island than flight 815 did. The plane looks like it managed to land in pretty much one piece with a much better survival rate.

So this is the purpose behind the runway the Others were building for “the aliens”. The emergency landing of flight 316. I wonder who actually told them to build it.

It could have been just Ben looking out for himself. He was on the plane afterall and I guess making sure there’s a runway to land on is a good way of improving the odds that you’ll survive a plane crash. The question is how the heck did he know he’d need one? If this is the case then Ben has quite a bit of knowledge about the future (his future in particular) which wouldn’t actually surprise me that much given his previous behavior and how he always seems to have a plan (like he knows what’s going to happen next).

Maybe it was Jacob. In that case it looks like maybe Ben is supposed to be back on the island. That kind of makes sense to me as well. Based on what Christian told Locke at the bottom of the well it was supposed to have been Locke who moved the island, not Ben. So Ben wasn’t supposed to leave in the first place.

Anyway, mystery solved (I think). The runway was for flight 316.

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9 thoughts on “A Much Improved Crash Landing

  1. Yeah I think your right Although I cant remember if we saw the actual runway on the last episode. correct me if I am wrong.

    This might also lead to why Juliet said if I told you youd kill me. She said this to a couple people I think Sawyer was one possibly Kate. I think she is the one who said the runway was for Aliens. Whatever is about to go down seems like there is some death and war ahead and maybe Juliet has this further Knowledge along with Ben.

  2. username – Yes, and we don’t even know where SAYID is! I assume he flashed to his own place, alone. 🙁

    I don’t think Ben was in charge of the runway, thus giving him knowledge of the future, as he told Locke he was going to miss him. He would know of Locke’s reincarnation if he knew about 316 landing on the runway.

  3. Let’s not forget that Lapidus was supposed to be piloting 815 and he’s an amazing “crash pilot.” Just like we saw with him salvaging the helicopter from one crash and keeping everyone alive during crash number two. Maybe his crash landing skills are why he was supposed to be piloting 815 in the first place.

  4. I have another proposition on this thought.

    If Sawyer, Jin, Juliet, etc. are on the island in the 70s, that is technically before 2004.

    Wouldn’t it be possible for someone (in a scene/interaction we have yet to see) to reference a plane landing on the island in the future the same way that Daniel tells Ellie in 1954 that in “50 years this island is here and everything is fine…”

    We do have the clue that the reason Alpert was at Locke’s birth was because Locke himself told him. So why couldn’t Juliet tell the Others that they need to build a runway? She’s just the example to prove my point about the whole “changing the future” ideas.

  5. There was a discussion on another site a while ago about the runway and what it was for… it was suggested that it was for flight 815 to land on during another time loop… I have plenty of problems with that idea but what was discovered is that a plane that size couldn’t land on a runway so long it spanned the entire smaller island. It’s just too small. So the smaller plane was able to use the runway to make a safer landing but it probably wasn’t long enough to make a normal landing… therefore, the plane ended up in a tree.

    I’m not completely convinced that Sun and Sayid aren’t in the ’70s. We only know that Frank went off in a boat with a woman. Who knows for sure who it is… they didn’t say he ran off with an angry asian chick… and the fact that Sayid is nowhere to be found makes me think that he did flash to the past…

  6. The problem is that Frank does not know about the runway in any way shape or form as far as we know… Unless Juliet told him knowing he would be piloting 316. I don’t buy it. Maybe Ben maneuvered to place a fully briefed co-pilot on board. That way if Frank ‘flashes’ off the plane there is someone there to land the damn airplane! After all Ben is the one who had the runway built in the first place!

  7. He wouldn’t need to know about the runway ahead of time. If he’s doing an emergency landing he’s trying to find the best place to put it down. The purpose of the runway is to provide a good place. It’s a tiny island! A long, straight strip of cleared land would stick out like a sore thumb from the air.

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