Why Alpert never APPEARS to age

This came to me when watching Widmore talk to John. He says he saw him 17 years ago and John hasn’t aged a day. It seems Widmore was describing the same thing that the audience has been seeing with Alpert since season three.

Alpert’s agelessness is simply due to him being disconnected in time. When we’ve assumed he’s the same age year to year, for him, it’s actually one day after another. Just like it was for John when he saw Widmore four days (17 years for Widmore) after their island encounter.

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Damon Cuse

I got hooked on LOST when I visited my aunt and uncle in Honolulu for New Year's in between seasons one and two. They were big LOST fans because of the filming locale. A week later I had watched the entire first season and was starving for more.

12 thoughts on “Why Alpert never APPEARS to age

  1. however locke wasnr choosing to travel, the island was doing it for him, whereas i think alpert is in control of his travelling. the temple will become very important i think.

  2. i thought about this but theres a scene i think in season 3 when Ben is saying something about birthdays to Richard and he says ‘you do remember birthdays dont you richard?’ This would lean towards Richard being very old as why would he not remember birthdays if he was a relatively young man.

  3. we have been having discussions on this in other theories. your concept is definitely valid. it’s also possible he went back in time at some point just like the 816ers and if you go back in time you seem to have the same physical form as you did in the real time.

  4. I don’t think it’s explained by time travel… that seems really inconvenient for Richard! Lots of travelling around all the time. I think he just isn’t aging. I think John Locke is just like Richard now though. Maybe Richard died for the island and was brought back and resurrected. John seems to have this cool, relaxed attitude about him now that reminds me of Richard.

  5. I think that maybe until Locke, Sawyer and co. began their time travelling, Alpert did as well, but then stopped. Because if he was still travelling, then he would know Locke in 1954, and not seem confused about a guy from the future.

    Also, to correct the original post, it has been 50 years for Widmore. 17 is how old he was when he first met Locke.

  6. To add on, the “remember birthdays line”, as well as Juliet’s “old” line (in response to how old Alpert is) can still be used in response to time travel. Ben could ask if he still remembers birthdays becuase Richard always goes to different years and months. And Juliet saying “old” doesn’t have to mean that Richard is “140” years old, it could mean that Richard has experienced “140” years of time.

    I do think that he HAS to be able to control it though, if he does/did time travel.

  7. I’ve always considered Richard’s ‘immortality’ being a result of being on the island, which IS disconnected from time. I think if you’re on the island long enough, you will also cease to age. Once again, the island’s miraculous powers at work.

  8. eggo, I like that thought. It could be why Widmore (who was there 30 years) and Ben (who has been there a little more than 39 I think) want the island: immortality, ceasing to age. It’s worth fighting for in my opinion, but is it limited to only one person? Why can’t they both chill on the island and not age?

    Is this the secret of the island? Is this never-never land? we have captain hook’s pirate ship on the island, now where is peter pan?

  9. Cappayne –
    Thanks for the fact check. I obviously confused the amount of time that passed since Widmore saw Locke with his age when he saw him.

    Good catch.

  10. If Richard really could travel through time, I think Ben would be trying to take control of that little piece of technology. He’d snag it before you could say, “Leggo my time machine.”

    I don’t know. I think Richard is something else. Something more to do with the island. He seems to have no desire to be the leader or meddle in the affairs of people. He just seems to have the best interests of the island in mind. I think he is old like the smoke monster and the 4-toed statue. I think he’s ageless.

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