Lost, Christianity and the murder of Jeremy Bentham

I’m not one of the people who thinks the show is based completely of Christian lore. However, one must admit that the shows lays on the allusions pretty heavy. The references to CS Lewis, the Christian author (Charlette Staples [CS] Lewis) and The Chronicles of Narnia, a novel where one of the characters represents Christ and His sacrifice (as represented by the Lampost) are enough in and of themselves. Next, add the show’s battle between science and faith and the episode 316. There is a science station underneath a chapel and Ben even explains the story of Thomas and the resurrection.

Anyway, as of now, the show seems to be pointing to Locke as some sort of savior. He must sacrifice his life to save his friends. As far as Christian tradition goes, Christ had to die in order become the savior and a leader of mankind. Christ’s nemesis is Satan. In an effort to prevent Christ from inheriting his throne, Satan has Christ killed. Little does Satan know that by killing Christ, he has actually made it possible for him to fulfill his mission (be resurrected and mankind to be resurrected as well).

Ben is the show’s Satan, Locke’s nemesis. He doesn’t want to let anyone other than him control the island. In order to prevent Locke from inheriting what should be his, Ben kills him. However, in doing so, Ben has actually provided Locke with the means to take his throne on the island. The same way that Satan paved the road to Christ’s throne by killing him, Ben provided Locke with the means to return to the island.

This was just something to come to my mind. Once again, I don’t think the Christian allusions drive the plot, but you have to admit their significance. I have a feeling that Ben will tell Locke he killed him to save him when he wakes up, you know the whole “I always have a plan” thing.

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Damon Cuse

I got hooked on LOST when I visited my aunt and uncle in Honolulu for New Year's in between seasons one and two. They were big LOST fans because of the filming locale. A week later I had watched the entire first season and was starving for more.

9 thoughts on “Lost, Christianity and the murder of Jeremy Bentham

  1. Damon Cuse, I wholeheartedly concur the significance of the Christian significance is definitely there!

    It would be hard to ignore the simplicity of what you present.

    Sometimes, we look to apply a greater meaning. What greater meaning could there be, in what you have so eloquently stated!

    Lovely theory!

  2. Thanks Dabs!
    I can’t wait to hear Ben’s explanation of how he (as usual) was only acting to protect Locke and his friends. Hopefully we get to see it next Wed.!

  3. I don’t see such a huge aspect/event of the show relating to a Religion. Not everyone, maybe even some Christians, would understand the references to Christian history et al. It might be a hint, but I don’t think a religion – being non-universal – can explain a major part of the plot.

    Interesting similarities though.

  4. Cappayne, I agree with you that there is no huge event of the show relating to religion. I just think it’s a running allusion, kind of like that of the show’s relationship with Alice in Wonderland or The Wizard of Oz. There are episodes and times that clearly reference them, but they don’t necessarily solve any mysteries. I think the references to Christianity play a similar role.

  5. No huge event relating to relig…?!?
    Did you see the first two seasons?
    The show practically revolved aruond religion, enough actually, to scare some people away that I knew watched it being it is Disney, they thought it was going to become TOO religious. Much as how the science fiction has scared away some viewers over the last two seaons.
    Cappayne, no knock on you. I love your theories and comments, but whether you want to or not, you cannot deny the religious ties that the show carries.
    I am in no way saying they will explain ANYTHING, but we were at least for a period, seemingly meant to think, that there was more of a religios tie, than a sci-fi tie.
    Jacob, John, Benjamin.
    Ekos story, Science vs faith, the main characters father is named CHRistian!
    We have to at least admit, that religion, specifically catholisism, was a part of Lost, even if in the long run just meant for misdirection.
    As for it possibly just being an allusion, thank you for not saying illusion, yes, its very possible and likely that it is there for that specific purpose.
    Whether it exists as a major plot point, or an allusion in the show, or just mere trickery, it is still a contstant everlasting event that has followed the show for over four seasons, to ignore it, would be to ignore a vital part of Lost.
    Sorry, back to the theory.
    DC, quickly becoming one of my favorite posters here, great theory.
    I actually posted a theory saying that Ben did it because John couldnt commit suicide due to a religious moral relating to suicide (see: Benjamin, Black or White?).
    I think my theory may be the answer to your question, and your theory may be the truth.
    Ben may not be the actual Satan/Devil, but as you said, he is Johns Devil. His manipulator. Practically forcing John to do what he cannot. I see where youre going, and I like it. Allusion or not, dont stray from the path, it will play its role.

  6. Thanks AES!

    Your comment got me thinking about what role Abaddon plays in Locke’s life as well. Abaddon and Ben are almost like Locke’s shoulder devil/angel. Both pulling him in different direction that will lead down entirely different paths, both trying to convince John that theirs is better.

  7. As for Ben, he reminds me more of Judas than Satan. Judas was a very compelling character in early Christianity and like Ben with Locke was responsible for Jesus’s death.

  8. That’s a good point I hadn’t considered username. Ben also fits the traitor bill pretty well after what he did to the Dharma Initiative. Good catch!

  9. Judas went and hung himself after he betrayed Jesus.

    Can we see Ben feeling that kind of remorse?

    Unfortunately, no. Quite doubtful. But it sure would make it interesting if Ben removed himself from the picture all of a sudden, wouldn’t it?!?

    Good comments, AES. And great post DC.

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