Two Jacks in a Pack

I’m posting kind of late in the week, I know, but this is the first chance I’ve got, and will have to steer clear of this site until Monday now, as I am watching from Ireland – d’oh!!

I, like a lot of you it seems, am looking at past episodes and noticing more and more seemingly unimportant scenes that now have a new meaning in light of recent events. I wont get into too many specifics as I am afraid of steering y’all in the wrong direction, but there have been several times in which Locke has said “you’re not supposed to do this”, “this isn’t how its supposed to happen” and other statements in that vein. I know it has also been mentioned previously that Jack seemed to know only too well what to do in the Pilot episode. NMB noted in a comment on a previous post that in the Pilot scene where Jack, Kate and Charlie go to find the cockpit and the pilot is attacked by Smokey Smokerson, Jack goes missing, only to emerge later to say he “dove into the bushes”. I have to admit I found this odd myself – could we have two Jacks here, as well as two Lockes?? Does anyone else remember when Ethan took Claire, Jack pursued him saying “I’m not going to let him do this again“. Again??? Has Jack lived this very scene before?? Are we seeing future Jack intermittently with present Jack? Can the same be said for Locke???

Would love to hear your opinions on same.

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5 thoughts on “Two Jacks in a Pack

  1. There’s definitely something odd about the way Jack “dove into the bushes”. Seems to me that if Smokey were after Jack and Jack jumped into the bushes, Smokey would kill Jack and the bushes! I think Jack is lying there and hopefully we’ll get to learn the truth at some point.

  2. CantonRainier, Great observations! I know we are all missing something in the subtleties of these happenings.

    I haven’t been able to quite place it. I initially thought it had something to do with the ‘looping’ effects.

    There have been several other oddities which have been spoken by other characters as well.

    When Kate injured Juliette’s shoulder, Juliette says something to the effect, “not again”, and that it had happened several times before. I thought this remark was not only odd, but telling.

    I’m sure there are others, but can’t think of them at the moment.

    Great post!

  3. i believe this might have something to do with locke’s secret to walt. also the monster similarly was about to attack locke, and he came out of it ok and shrugged off the encounter… i like it a lot…

  4. jack wanting to go to the cockpit alone is typical of him trying to be the hero and protecting those around him. I believe there is a possibility of a timeloop, but it’s not a necessity to explain things.

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